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Sometimes we, being the human beings that we are, inadvertently place our friends and/or people that we know on a pedestal. This is unfair to the friend, as well as to ourselves. By doing so, the friendship or idealization will inevitably lead to disappointment or failure. There are very few people that can live up to anothers expectations or idealizations. There are even fewer, if given the choice, who would want to be held at/to such a high regard.

To expect anything of a friend that has not been implied, offered or promised is self-serving. Moreover, to become angry, disappointed and utter remarks that malign this person because they have not lived up to your expectations is actually a character flaw on your part...not theirs.

The above is from someone I meet many years ago. I have never meet the breeder that
is mentioned, I have spoken on the phone with him and thru emails, this spring. He has
been ripped by this forum and in the spring by some member of the UDC, for what happened at the Nationals. I just wonder how you, (non-breeders) can even say what you would do, you have never been placed in that position. I for one think this thread should be
closed. This breeder has gone through enough!

I realize that I will be flamed for this post, but it is just my op.... and you don't have to agree,
just try to be kinder to your fellow dog friends...............
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