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Did a fun track today at the park in the pouring rain.
Was an upside down "L" shape, each leg was about 100m. There was a little hill with broken ground on first leg, second leg went a bit around a tree and decided to try something different and go about 2m across a concrete pad and drop the last treats there. There was a gentle wind blowing up the first leg, and across the second (any ideas on how to actually MEASURE wind speed?).

Elsie did really well, had food drops about every 8 steps and she kept her head down, was a bit wide on the corner (would more food fix this? Or shuffle steps?) and a little off the track with the cross wind (how to fix this?? a little wide is acceptable in working trials, but it gets harder with higher winds). Went across the hard surface great, didn't phase her a bit!

Now with a lot of the reading I have done they stress to not feed the dog the night before/day of tracking training... I have never skipped meals before tracking training with Elsie, and I guess this is why she is happy to skip food drops... Would you suggest I skip meals to get her more focused on getting EVERY food drop, and therefore will keep her head down better? I'm not after SchH precision tracking, but I do want her to get around a track losing as few marks as possible!

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