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Thought you folks might be interested in this video of Dusan Majtas tracking with his 10-week-old pup. The video is long (about 30 minutes) and includes the laying of the track, so grab some popcorn, settle in, and take a look.

Portos Black Chabet, Traking work at 10 weeks - YouTube

Dusan was just at our SchH club for a three-day seminar, and the results were nothing short of amazing. We had everything from a 12-week-old pup who had never tracked to a SchH 2 dog. By the third day, a couple of the older puppies at our club, who had, until then, been doing 40- to 50-pace tracks were doing 150 paces with two articles. And this was in very hot and muggy conditions, both in the morning and again in the afternoon.

You'll notice a lot of things, but I'll point out a couple that you may find interesting. The first is the way Dusan lays his tracks and the length of his footsteps. The second is the articles. He doesn't teach them separately. Articles are an integral part of the process and are included almost from the beginning. He uses a sock (what puppy can resist a sock?) and stuffs it with food, and you'll see how he encourages the down.

Food for thought. Enjoy.
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