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I just started crate training jack last night due to he was crying in the kitchen cause his buddy was sleeping in the living room last night. So Jack got to use the crate last night and fell asleep immedietly when i put him in there. and he didnt wake up til about 5:30 when hubby got up, so i also got up and put him out. then he came back in and played for a few min. Then i put him back in the crate with a treat. But he wont go in by his self.. is that cause hes still new to it? I think im gonna go and get him a differnt crate cause the one i have is small (good size for him at the moment) But it has a small door to go into and i dont like that. i got it from a friend so its handy for the moment.
If anyone have any suggestions to help out with the training. it would be great.
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