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Originally Posted by DobiLove
I havnt started crate training for jack and i dont think i will. Hes doing really good at going out side when he has to potty, he even whines at the door to go out. But still does have a few accidents (what you expect for a baby!). He doesnt sleep in a create or our bed due to still being little and not fully house trained. But he does sleep in his little puppy bed. It kinda like a create to him. H goes to it when hes tired and after playing and when he gets hurt (like earlier he decided he wanted to fly off the couch) And took off running to his bed. so i guess that can be considered his crate . he is so far pretty easy to train.
Your a brave person, DobiLove....Crate training is a great tool to have in you bag of tricks. Its so much more than a sleeping place and a potty training tool. Its a great baby sitter when you don't have the time to watch them 100%. Especially when you need to leave them at home alone and don't want them to hurt themselves and not to eat the house. Also use it for traveling, taking to the vet, by yourself can be really intereseting. Keeping them under control. Its also a place they know is safe for them, which they can go to to be alone. And of course, when they need a "time out" because they are running around the house totally out of control, and being a puppy, this is going to happen. They learn that being put in a crate means to settle down. Its a very versatile tool, I could not live without.....Just my 2 cents......
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