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Originally Posted by DoberLu View Post
[LIST][*]He health tests. Claims that hip dysplasia is "literally non-existent in Hoytt Dobes" when it comes down to the breeding (environment after placement excluded, understandable)[*]Has good vet references[*]Trains and titles his dogs, even sells trained dogs. Titles can be seen here. So, he's got a lot of dogs, but they're not just sitting around doing nothing.[*]Does not endorse the white Dobe ("Have I changed my opinion about 'whites' since first taking a stand against them? No! For one should be breeding for improvement not novelty." I think everyone here would back his statement, right?)[*]Has a seven year health guarantee as long as you provide vet documents to show you've taken care of the dog
I would hardly call the occasional OFA hip result "health testing". He doesn't actually say that HE health tests, he says he guarantees them to pass OFA between 24 and 26 mos. BUT he also says that people don't need to have xrays done unless THEY perceive there to be a problem????
If you search the OFA data base for dobes w/ HOYTT in their name there are 35 entries... NOT 35 dogs, as a few have also had CERF testing. For the vast number of dogs he has bred and is breeding that is ridiculous. There is also no way to know if HE owns these dogs - the testing may have been done by people who bought dogs from him. It's easy to say the incidence of hip dysplasia is low in your line if you DON'T test for it.

And what about the all the other health issues? Elbows, CERF, thyroid, cardio, vWD, CAH, etc. Hips are only the tip of the iceberg so to speak.
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