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Originally Posted by DobiLove
I have a question about food. My puppy is on Purinia puppy chow. i think the bag says the first ingredient is ground yellow corn.. someone at petsmart told me to feed our dogs with dog food whose first ingredient is meat as in lamb.. we are feeding our older dogs i think its called Maximum. from walmart the first two ingredients is lamb and rice ( hubby threw the bag away so i dont know right off hand til we go get more ). Sooo.. what i was wondering what is better for dogs.. would it be the dog kibble that starts with ground corn.. or the lamb..? and is there a good puppy kibble that i can get that would have a meat product IF that is the best way to go.
Yeah you can do way better then Purina... Solid Gold is good and has a pup formula I know, as well as you can see if Canidae makes a pup formula. Another good one is Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul. Nutro is another decent food. Any of these are much better for your pup's digestion and well being and do not include fillers such as corn which contain NO nutritional value to your pup.

Check the ingredients, you won't find a "good" food at Walmart, I've looked at the Maximum for cats before just to check the label (yikes). You don't really want to see any corn and grains in the label. Along with labels that may say, meal or by-product. (as primary ingredients anyway.).

Try your local pet store, it may cost more, and it is a personal choice, but it really is worth the money and much better for the animal.

I feed my girl raw, but I feed my other two dogs Chicken soup usually, sometimes I go for the Canidae.

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