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Thanks for the vids! Will be in for some more serious discussion tomorrow when I am rested up - been at a working trial since 7:30am watching tracking! Had winds of 120k + (75 miles) and rain!

Today's tracks...

UD tracks were on flat grassy dairy cow paddocks. 800 metres long with 4 legs and an article at the end, 30 minutes old. First dog was a youngish BC, she had a lot of trouble from the beginning with a nasty crosswind, didn't make it to the first corner. Both of the other dogs managed brilliant tracks, surprised everyone as the conditions were nasty, I could barely stand up! They both had a few marks taken off for casting too wide on the corners, but were otherwise lovely.

I only watched one of the WD tracks... It was up the mountain, so the wind was even worse than on the flat. Track was maybe 1500 metres long, aged 1.5 hours. Went up the side of the hill through broken ground in a paddock occupied by nosy sheep, across gullies and through hedges.... Very intense to watch! Dog found one of two articles, again casting very wide and was about 10 metres off the track due to the wind blasting up the hillside.

Lastly the 3 TD tracks... I think only one dog qualified today.
1st TD track was a free (off-lead) track. 30 minutes old, 600 metres over broken ground with 3 legs.
2nd was hard surface track done on a gravel road... There were little dust tornadoes blowing around where they did the hard surface tracks!!
3rd track is like the WD track, but 3 hours old and with 3 articles... again it was right on top of the hills with ridiculous winds blowing all over.

Was a very cool thing to see, can't wait til Elsie is old enough to partake in working trials... IMO her obedience is about up to the standard needed... Just need to work those tracks!!

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