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What type of Veterinarian do you use and why? (Traditional, holistic), How often do you take your dog to the vet and why? (routine visits, emergency care)

We took Duchess to a traditional vet first...but then switched to holistic when she needed to get spayed and for her next rabies shot. We only take her to the vet for her rabies. We got a titer done so we will not be giving her anymore shots. We have never had an emergency with her so far, hopefully we never will.

Are your dogs on the prescribed vaccination regiment they recommend? Do they get other vaccinations due to your environment surroundings? (Lyme disease, others)

Again, Duchess will only be getting her rabies shot for now on. The only other thing is heartworm...just in case...

What tests do you get done on a regular basis and/or have you established baselines to monitor there health?

She is only turning a year and 10 months now so maybe in the future we will be taking her more often for checkups.

How do you treat wounds/injuries of your dog?(minor injuries like cuts and scraps) Does the vet do it all or do you do some your self? Do you have any type of training in emergency care of animals? Where did you get this training?

When duchess gets a minor scrape from maybe playing outside with coco, we will just dab a tiny bit of peroxide on it with a Q-tip. Not to much b.c peroxide can bleach hair. I only am certified for first aid on humans through a class I took in school.

How much faith do you have in vets? (believe everything they say, take recommendations under consideration)

We did not have any faith in the traditional vet...we buy organic food for ourselves so why not our dogs...then that led us into researching more about holistic remedies or treatment and vetcare. When our lab mix sprung his terrible allergies on us we made the switch to a holistic vet. When Duchess needed to be spayed we were able to be in the same room and then be there for her both when she went under the anesthesia, during the surgury and for when she was waking up from the anesthesia...they say they feel better with you there with them....comforted

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