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What type of Veterinarian do you use and why? (Traditional, holistic), How often do you take your dog to the vet and why? (routine visits, emergency care)

Seeing as I work for one, Ava does see an allopathic vet but she also has a homeopathic vet as well. She goes to the vet quite often but that's mostly so I can walk her on my lunch break. As for going there when she needs something, that's maybe a few times a year.

Are your dogs on the prescribed vaccination regiment they recommend? Do they get other vaccinations due to your environment surroundings? (Lyme disease, others)

Ava had her puppy vaccines and one again at a year old and never again.

What tests do you get done on a regular basis and/or have you established baselines to monitor there health?

I have a CBC, complete chem profile and urinalysis run on Ava once a year(all the animals for that matter) through one of the labs and I also have a thyroid antibody profile run during that time through Dr. Dodds.

How do you treat wounds/injuries of your dog?(minor injuries like cuts and scraps) Does the vet do it all or do you do some your self? Do you have any type of training in emergency care of animals? Where did you get this training?

Anything short of requiring anesthesia, I take care of myself. I do have emergency care training as part of my job. Thankfully, I've never had to use it for my own but it's nice to know it's there.

How much faith do you have in vets? (believe everything they say, take recommendations under consideration)

It depends. I've worked with vets who are awesome at their job and I'd put my complete trust in them, some who fall in the middle and others who I wonder how they made it through vet school. Because of this, I feel it's very important for people to educate themselves on certain matters that pertain to your animal's health so you, along with your vet, can make the best decision for them.
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