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How did you teach your Doberman to not pull on a leash? Any particular methods did you use?

Lexi has been getting increasingly better at not pulling. I often stop when the lead goes tight and she knows to come back to me, most of the time. In a larger environment I will walk in the opposite direction. On the days when she does not want to listen, I simply will not give her enough line to leave my side, she earns her freedom. She used to pull leaning into the leash with her shoulders but doesn't do that at all any more.

At what age did you start to see any improvements? How often do they need reminders?

Roughly between 5 to 7 months.

What type of collar and leash do you use? (prong, harness, flexi, etc)

Regular collar and leash. Sometimes I bring along the gentle leader.

What distractions are the hardest to overcome?

Other dogs.. She is very playful and LOVES other dogs, this is when she begins to pull rather hard.
Also, sometimes certain people she will stop to stare at, other people she will walk by without a care in the world. Not sure why.

Are there any particular situations that you find more difficult to walk in than others? (Large crowds, parks, other dogs around)

Other dogs, without a doubt. I used to let her go up to say hello to them, and recently I started not allowing it until she shows she can calm down.

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