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*My vet is the same vet I have used for most of my dogs and my horse. He is a nutt about corgis so he is great to all my dogs and we often don't even have to pay for the visit. He is a just a larger animal vet who does home visits when needed. he is very no nonscence and if something will cost a ton and not have much effect he will tell you right then. (his place burned down a couple years ago and it sucked going to another vet,the other guy out here is just plain evil)I don;t do regualer check ups because I know jsut as well as the vet if something is wrong wiht one of them(not to sound full of myself).they go in when they get their rabies shot.
*My dogs do not get vaccinations anymore. they are all over five now and I'm more worried about cancer than them catching something. They get rabies still(I think every four years).
*If I notice something wrong I will go take the dogs in but I honestly have not had it happen once with any of my dogs. If I noticed something off I would take them in but so far they are the healthiest dogs I've ever had. (We had a golden mix when I was younger that we took in once a month and my grandparents peis are the same way so it seems like my dogs are the picture of super health)
*If my dogs get a cut or sore I take care of it. I figure if they let me do bandage changes at the hospital why can't I do it on my dog I've always said if they had to be hooked up to fluids I'd bring them home and do it to but I have never had a reason too. I actually had to call the vet yesterday because byron went running past me while I was holding the dremmel and got his eye! I called and he said if it was just a slight scratch to rinse it out untill it healed up,and thank god it already looks healed.
*I have a lot of faith in my vet,but not most others. Any one that reccomends science diet is useless,the ones that just seem like used car salesmen also need avoided and thats all I seem to find if my vet is closed. When my dad had my beagle she got heartworms. He took her infor treatment to the other vet in town and not only did they make her stay there almost a full week and go through four treatments each time,when my step mom said enough and took her to another vet they said she shouldn't have had any worms after the second treatment and that she definately didn't still have them like the first vet still insisted. He is also the idiot that told me byron would suffer if I cropped but he could do weekly or daily ear cleaings for me. Same vet office had my moms exs dog in for grooming and put her under(after he made sure they knew not to,even asked for a certain groomer who knew the dog) and she never woke up. He was gettting her groomed cuz his daughter was coming home and hadn't seen the dog in a long time. It was really sad and I cringe every time I hear people mention the place.

that was a little long

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