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Originally Posted by flaminscotch View Post
Have you considered free feeding? We have done it with all 4 of our dogs, 2 Dobermans, 2GSD.
Honestly, never had a problem, even as a pup. My dogs seem to understand there is always food in the bowl and don't feel the urgency to devour as much as they can, as quickly as possible.

Your pup might not understand the first day. We know Dobermans are exceptionally bright so give him a few days. Keep a small amount of kibble in his bowl as often as you can.
If Jake eats TOO much, it will come up. He will probably just eat til he's full.

We have done it this way for almost 20 years. I can't promise it would work for every dog but it has worked well for ours.
The only time I've ever free fed a dog was when I got Gin. She was a good twenty pounds underweight, and my vet advised to have food in front of her 24/7. Once we got her weight up to where she belonged, we switched to meal feeding. She was never a fast eater, though. She could make 2 cups of food last for 15 minutes.

Lots of times, dogs who are free fed develope weight issues. They can also sometimes develope resourse guarding issues, especially if there is more than one dog in the household that they are "competing" against for said resourses.

As for eating too much, and "just throwing it back up", that would be the good news. The bad news could be that he doesn't give it back, and bloats.
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