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easy stuff

training our Dobe in the crate was fairly easy. I put a fleece blanket in there for her to lay on. then I started throwing her toys in there. the door was always open. never shut the door, at least, not yet. then I started feeding her in the cage. at first, I let he stand outside the cage and just stick her head in the crate to eat. after a few days of this, I made her stand all the way in the crate to eat, again, don't shut the door. once she was comfortable with eating in the cage, I began shutting the door, not locking it, just swinging it shut while she ate. I sat in front of the crate the whole time. when she was finished eating, I opened the door and praised her for what a good job she did. we kept up this routine for about a week, the whole time, I kept her toys in the crate, if she wanted one, she would have to go in to get it, which she did. we slowly worked up to leaving the door closed after she finished eating, again, I was sitting in front of the crate and praising her while the door was closed. kept up this routine until she just started going in the crate by herself. she now prefers to be in the crate. we threw a blanket over the top of it, so it is kind of dark in there. at night, while we are watching tv or doing homework, she is quietly sitting in her cage either sleeping or chewing on something. that would help too, buy a rawhide chew bone and let the dog sit in the Crate to chew on it.

good luck. patience and try and try again....
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