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» Ear Posting Pictures
Okay, I am going to give this a shot......hopefully this will help.
This is how I would do it.... (and I am sure there are many other ways, but this worked for me)
I used colored tape so that you could see them well in pictures, my camera kind of washes out white.
Start with two backtaped tampons (for his ears I would use super or super plus) make sure that they are the correct length for his ear length.
4 pieces of tape about 4 inches long, 2 pieces of tape about 2-3 inches long.
Cut two strips of paper towel about one inch wide, then fold to be about 1 inch by 1 1/4 inch.
I would tape over the paper towel to hold its size, then I would back tape it so that it is sticky on the outside. (again, I only used another color so it was easy to see) Your making a little pillow.
Then you will want to put the backtaped piece of paper towel wherever the pocket is (generally at the base of the ear)
Put the tampon in the ear like normal, pushing it inside the ear far enough to stay, but no so far that you could cause injury to the ear. The tampon WITH the pillow will push the pocket out.
Stretch the ear up onto the tampon and take one of the 4 inch pieces of tape and place it so that the direction you will be taping is toward the head (if your looking at the dog, the ear on the right you would be taping toward the left, and the ear on the left, you would be taping toward the right) You want to make sure that the tape is at the base of the ear, and you want it snug but not tight.
I usually tape the base twice, so you would use your second piece of 4 inch tape to secure the tape at the base.
Then add the shorter piece of tape at the tip and wrap toward the head, just like you did at the base. Again, DO NOT wrap this to tight.
Repeat on the other ear.
At this point you CAN add a brace in the center, but you dont have to. If you do add a brace, I would be sure to make it a semi-stiff brace so that the ears cant tip inward. (like made out of coffee stir straws taped together) What you DONT want is the ears tipping in toward eachother....ever. They should be straight up on the head or even very slightly pointed out.
Hope that helps.
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