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Rocket Dog
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Sleep, My Sweet Boy Rocket

Rocket - My Sweet Boy
B: 8/2004 D: 8/23/2012

Rocket - my dear, Sweet Boy - you are very much loved and we miss you terribly.

When my husband David said we are going to adopt you at 3-yrs old, I had a preconceived idea of Dobermans and boy did you change that. The first time I met you in 2008, I was shocked how big you were – you weighed over 100 pounds, were all legs and muscle, you came over and sniffed me – I was a little afraid of you. But you were gentle and so very handsome. Everyone who met you said that you had the sweetest personality – a good natured dog.

Over the years I became more and more attached to you. We took nice long walks. I found you a winter coat, you looked so handsome in it. I would play ‘tug on the ring’ with you in the yard. Later when you had trouble getting around, we took walks to the mailbox and checked out the garden and yard over the septic. You never barked unless there was a good reason, then your hair would rise up along your spine. You had a very deep bark that warned when the mailman came down the driveway, he carried doggie biscuits - how you liked that!

You loved having your ears scratched to have your head petted – you would nuzzle your head into our hands so we would keep petting you. Your fur was like velvet – so soft.

You would greet us in the morning with ‘Mr. Snowman’ – how you loved him. We gave him to you your first Christmas with us, he got a little tattered, was sewed up a few times, but he was still in good enough shape for you to carry him around. You were so gentle with him.

You loved to suckle blankets – I thought it was cute – how such a big dog would bunch the ‘bankie’ up between your paws and suckle it until you went to sleep.

I remember how you would cock your head to one side and then the other when asked ‘does Rocket want a ….?’ How you loved to eat carrots – we would get you huge carrots. You loved green beans, I would throw them over the garden fence and you would jump to catch and eat them. I always smile when I think of the time I was picking green beans in the garden and you got into the garden and were eating green beans from one side of the bush while I was picking them on the other side of the bush.

You were diagnosed with Wobblers in Fall 2010, you were only 5-yrs old. By Spring 2012, you had trouble getting around, David had to help you down the front stairs. But once down, you could get around OK – but wobbly. The Wobblers was somewhat under control, you were on a very low dose of steroid and we had room to increase it if needed. You loved getting your meds because we would wrap them in cheese or ham and you got an extra treat. You knew when it was time for meds and would go into the kitchen at med time and wait.

The Megaesophogus was really hard to manage. David built you a raised food bowl; we changed your food to IAMS Puppy chow, which made your coat glisten. Tried meds, smaller feedings, mixing yogurt with your food to make it easier to go down. Giving small amount of water. But eventually you had a hard time keeping your food down and kept getting sick during the night.

On Aug. 10, 2012 you were feeling great – ran to the door to go out, were suckling your blanket, wanted you head scratched for hours. You were feeling your old self, my heart was so glad. Then the next morning you fell and hurt your right front elbow, we took you into the Vet make sure it wasn’t broken, they said it looked like a sprain. It got better and then worse, a hole opened up in the elbow, it was hard for you to walk. The next 12 days were hell watching you try to get around and knowing you were in pain. You were puking all night and lost weight. When you breathed you were gurgling, you sounded like you had pneumonia again. Your right rear leg started curling under. You were not interested in your bones. I know you had to have been miserable, but you never complained, whimpered, or let us know you were in pain.

When we made the final decision, I was numb with grief, in pain – I’m crying while writing this. At the time I knew it was time, you were weak and could barely stand. When you were going to sleep that day, I said ‘my sweet boy’ and you turned your head towards me, you knew I was there, you were not alone. Afterwards, I tore myself up with feelings of guilt and ‘what if we tried….’ You were so young. It’s so useless to do that. I know that you were so very sick but wanted to try everything and anything to help you. The Vet did not even offer alternatives, his assistant said she saw you and knew it was time, you were tired, weak, had lost weight, could hardly stand, and did not feel well.

August 23rd was a bright, sunny day when we buried you at home by the woods and garden. We wrapped you in your blue blanket which you had barely suckled the previous six months. I put Mr. Snowman and Mr. Bear with you, also a huge bone we were saving for you, a large carrot, and some fresh green beans with you. We planted a Forsythia bush by you, to give you some shade in the summer and it will be the first thing to flower next Spring.

We both love you and miss you. David says you were one of a kind and he is right. The house feels empty, too quiet; I miss you greeting us with Mr. Snowman in your mouth when we come home. Tasha doesn’t leave my side and misses you too.

Sleep, my Sweet Boy, we brought you home to rest. You can roam the woods to your heart’s content.

We will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.
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Alpha schmalpha
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The greetings are so hard to get over...enjoy your fond memories , sorry for your loss.
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LisaZ (12-14-2012)
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I'm sure your beautiful tribute to Rocket brought tears to the eyes of everyone who has ever suffered the heart-wrenching loss of a beloved dog. I hope your boy is enjoying a long and carefree run with all the wonderful creatures who preceded him across the bridge. And that they can all sleep softly together.
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i am very sorry for your loss and the pain you are going thru
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What a beautiful tribute to your sweet Rocket. Crying as I type this. We never seem to get enough time with our beloved pets do we? Rest in Peace sweet Rocket.

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Prayers & sympathy on your loss
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sweep the leg
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I enjoyed reading about Rocket and am shedding tears with you. I am very sorry for your loss. Rest in peace, sweet boy.
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Hooligan (10-16-2012)
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I am so sorry for the pain you are going through. It was a beautiful tribute to Rocket. RIP Rocket and run forever free
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Hooligan (10-16-2012)
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VegaStar Dobermans
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So so so sorry for your loss. Beautiful tribute. Made me cry thinking about my boy Strider.
Hugs to you.

VegaStar Dobermans
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What a beautiful, heartfelt tribute that also brings tears to my eyes. So very sorry for the loss of you beloved boy. RIP Rocket.

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Hooligan (10-16-2012)
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So sorry for your loss.
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So very, very sorry for your loss. A beautiful tribute to your boy. When you feel up to, would love to see some photos of Rocket. RIP and run free sweet Rocket.

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Lois and Baron

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Never Will Forget You
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This is a beautiful tribute. How lucky he was to have you and how lucky you were to have him. It took me three tries to get through this so worth it to know you loved each other so! My condolences.

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Sincere's so hard when you've battled a chronic illness together. So many mixed emotions.

"I've never been so obsessed (as now) with poop in all my life!"
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flash98 (12-05-2012)
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I tried to holding back my Man tears ... reading through your loving words... but failed, in the end.
- bless YOU, for the RESPECT shown to Rocket (in later period), and he truly knew family LOVED him dearly...without a doubt
I lost my beloved girl 4.5 weeks ago...while not easy, your thread and beautiful writeup to honor an amazing boy...will help soon...thks for sharing.

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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I'm so sorry for your great loss..........hugs from across the miles.
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Sorry for your loss. R.I.P. Rocket

Zoopsie Daisy vom Dobereich

Dillon:b.2/19/09 d.9/28/12 "The best walks in life are always the briefest"
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I don't really know what to say. As I sat reading this heartbreaking tribute to your Rocket, I looked at my Jasmine with tears streaming down my face. You see she too has Wobblers and I know so very well what you went through and all the pain you endured. I am so very very sorry ! It's so hard to accept, how to face and deal with the stages of this disease, even though my girl has had surgery, I see signs that are troubling. My best to you, and hope you find peace in your heart. Rocket is happy, no wobblers now, and you will see him again at that bridge... RIP Rocket.
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Crying alongside you tonight. RIP sweet boy and may you meet your mom at the Bridge someday.
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The good memories are what keep us going. RIP Rocket.
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Rocket knows he was very much loved. May he run wildly and pain free on the other side
of the bridge. when you are up to it, I would love to see some pictures of your sweet guy.


In our hearts forever.

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R.I.P. Rocket. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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I am sorry for your loss. Shedding some tears with you tonight. Run free Rocket!

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Hugs to you I also know the ways of Mega my Jake had it may Rocket RIP.
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So sorry for your loss. Your beautiful tribute to your much loved boy had me in tears. What wonderful dober parents you were to Rocket. My heartfelt sympathies to you both.

He will be waiting for you at the bridge to greet you with Mr Snowman.
RIP Rocket, run wild & pain free forever.

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