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DO NOT even go there.....meds do not work for all dogs to extend life. My own Petey was diagnosed at 3, on meds for 20 months, he died 5 weeks after a litter-mate who was never diagnosed or medicated for DCM. I was told by the first Cardiologist who diagnosed my boy, that he had less then 2 years to live, and they didn't believe in treating with meds, so off I went to two more cardiologists, found another who didn't treat and finally one who did, and despite being on 7 different meds, vitamin therapy, those first two cardiologist were right. My dearly departed dad had a saying: When your number comes up, not a damn thing you can do about it! Your time is YOUR time! He said this to me on a Friday, while having a discussion about a tragic death that I was not handling well, and less then a week later he died suddenly. He was a smart man. Spoil your girl, thats what I did with my other dobe Monty, and he didn't skip a beat after Petey's death. Lots of outings, games of Frisbee and hiking.

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Dobes stole my heart <3
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Originally Posted by ann344 View Post
Thank you everyone so much. For sharing your sad stories and crying for mine. I went back to work today, when I drove up i felt a pit in my stomach. I couldnt even park in my normal parking space because that's where it happened.

I brought Tequila with me to work today for my comfort and hers, she's my 3 year old yellow lab Angels best bud. She is confused and not eating well. I wish I could explain to her why her best buddy is missing.
At Lunch I took her to the river beach across from the clinic, then she got to spend her day in the kennels in the back being spoiled by the girls that I work with.

It was tough being back where Angel died, where my co-workers and I cried over her for an hour..... But it's nice to work somewhere, where the people truly understand this type off loss, and the strength they put in trying to bring her back.

I made it through my day at work but completely broke down when I drove in the driveway and saw Angels grave rather than her and my fiancÚ greeting me.

I keep thinking what if, what if I read more stuf on DCM, what of I got X-rays on her heart years ago.... What if she could have lived longer because of it. I just never gave it a second thought because she was so healthy and saw the vets regularly at work.....

This feels like a nightmare that i should wake up from.

Thanks for sharing each and everyone of your stories I have read them all many times and have cried reading them.

I truly am gratefull for all your support even though you don't know me and never knew Angel.

We made a sign for Angels grave, I have planted most of the bulbs soon I will plant a bunch of wildflower seeds, she deserves a special spot
Take it from me, doing the "what if" is no good .. I did it for months after I lost my girl to an attack from Addison's, and she died at home. She was fine that morning, she started to go downhill during the day, I had an appt in the late afternoon for eye surgery, and I gave her the meds I thought would help her, I kissed her and hugged her tight and told her to hang on til I got back and if she wasnt better we would go to the vet, then I left with my husband, when I got to my appt I found the office closed and we headed home, I tried to figure out why no one was there and was on the phone when I got home and was heading in to check on my baby, my husband went in first and told me she was gone. I screamed at the girl on the phone and hung up on her and cried for 2 days over the loss of my girl. I spent months trying to figure out if I had skipped the appt with the eye dr and taken her to the vet would she have lived? I couldnt get past the fact I left her at home while I went to the appt. My daughter was with her and so was our Nexus but Mysti just felt it time to go, and the vet told me over and over that they probably couldnt have saved her as quick as she declined.

Please dont try to blame yourself for not knowing more, or having thought this could happen to you. no one wants to think that their dog could just die suddenly like that and it will be so hard for you if you try to second guess all you DID do for her. I have since consoled myself that it was simply my girls time, and even though your girl was still so young, it was just her time to go be an angel at the bridge.

I share your grief, your loss and your pain with you, even though its been over a year since i lost my girl. Its hard, and I still think of her every day especially when I see one of my two doing something similar to her. Eventually your pain will dull and you will be able to think back on all the good times you shared, and how special she is to you. I made a beautiful photo album of my girl and I keep it close all the time.
RIP Angel, run free and sleep sweet.

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. - Bernard Williams

R.I.P. Mysti 1/25/02-10/21/10
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So sorry for you. Sadly DCM Sudden dealth or CHF is HUGE in this breed. all of us live this fear everyday. Just know you are not alone n your grief as we all /will experience it someday as long as we own dobermans. They are a truly wonderful breed with that being the downfall.
I hope you can find some peace knowing you loved her and she you for as long as she was here. Again I'm sorry RIP Angel.

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Thank you Luvbirds, starlightdobes & feverone. Thank you I needed that!

I know my fiance has told me me a 1000 times to STOP with the what if's.... Working in a vet clinic I should have known to do more, I keep thinking. But no you are all right it was her time, it was fast and she was with me.
And we gave her the best life, she knew she was loved from the time I picked her up as an 8 week old puppy to the moment she took her last breath.

Thanks everyone you truly have this made this terrible time a little easier. Its amazing how people you dont know can help you out and ease pain.
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Here is a picture of Angel and our little Chi CC. Angel looks like she is a little nervous that the chi is on her back lol!!!! CC was so the boss of her!

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So sorry for your loss.


The reason a dog has so many friends is because he wags his tail instead of his tongue.
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ann344 (04-02-2012)
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I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. Losing a best friend is one of the hardest things in life. My heart goes out to you. Most of us know the pain, you are in good company.

Momma of Little Lucy and Diesel.

Forever missing Minnie Pearl & Max (Maximus Gladiator of Oz) Good Boy Max - Good Girl Minnie
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Many tears being shed for your loss. Bury Angel in your heart and she will forever be close to you.

This damn disease.

RIP Sweet Angel and run free at the Bridge.
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Thank you so much everyone. It's been a week and one day. I was so aware of her dying that I thought about it every second, now I slip and don't think about it sometimes and I find myself thinking oh I better let Angel in or looking over to see her on her couch... What a terrible feeling.

I'm glad I had the support of everyone on here. Thank you again.

And I hope to soon read all of your sad stories on rainbow bridge when I am strong enough to not cry through so hard at them.
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I have just come back on to the forum,having lost my beloved Boysie on February 24th this year,to DCM. I am so sorry to read of your loss, I am still struggling to come to terms with his passing. I promise you we all do the 'what ifs ' I knew for 4 months and got fantastic help and advice from here and another forum that had a cardiologist, even then,with all modern medicine could provide I only had 4 months. You are never prepared and having to make the decision to have him pts was a very lonely one that haunts me. I just want one day with him,to walk in his favourite wood,to chase squirrels and to hug and never let go. I watch videos of him,I even have one of him snoring and for a minute I feel his presense. This forum is the only one I found that really understands what we all go through,as unfortunately so many of us have been there and Dobermen seem to engender a deep passion.
I wish you well Alys
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I am so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet DOBERPUP!

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ann344 (06-10-2012)
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I am so sorry for your loss. It is never easy.
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ann344 (06-10-2012)
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Your post made me cry! What a great way to keep a memory alive with those special action phrases...Thanks for sharing..My boy is in an engraved ZEUS box win a Rainbow Bridge velvet bag. It's nice that the pet cemetaries are providing nice options for our loved pets/family members..
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I'm sorry for your loss Ann.. i have a strange request.. I am trying desperately to find the breeder my dog came from and I've been told it may have been Liberty Dobermans outside of Calgary.. I was wondering if you could email me please at lisa.nielsen@gmail.com
sorry for your loss, Angel looked a lot like my Ava.. perhaps siblings of some sort.... anxious to speak with you...
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Thanks everyone it's been almost 8 months and I still am sad and aren't really able to look at her pictures without crying.... I can't come on this forum and see everyone's pictures and posts yet..... I can't even see a dobie in my vet clinic without having to leave the room.... I know it may sound crazy but I'm start not ready to really part of the normal area of the Doberman forum yet

Thanks again.
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I am very sorry for your loss.

Lost my girl at the very end of June of this year to heart failure and it was so painful. She died in a place she loved, but we were not ready for it (had seen signs all week long that were attributed to something else, an old cancer that had spread-returned)...We had taken her to the vet at the beginning of the week, gotten X-Rays that showed her lymph nodes were huge due to mammary cancer spread. The vet attributed her heavy breathing to this. There is more to it than that but that's the basics. We knew time was getting short but we didn't think she would die at the end of that week, but that's exactly what happened. She started into a fainting spell with the wobbling legs, etc, I went to help her and a minute later she was gone. I tried for 30 minutes to bring her back.

I'm just now getting to where I feel more like normal. I still think about her every day and have bad days still. Don't beat yourself up. The guilt and the "what if's" take over but they do not bring your loved one back. You will feel better in time...but its painfully slow. No one goes into these situations thinking the dog they love is about to die. We just do the best we can.

I'm one of the very fortunate ones to have had a dobie that has lived a long long time yet she still got CHF at the end. She still died suddenly and we were still shocked. I think however long you have them its going to sting terribly.
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OMG I am so sorry for your loss...i dont know what to say except that she was lucky to have such a mom... hugs to you

"The word for female dog is not dogette"
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A dedication to Angel, that left her "paw prints" all over her Mom & Dad's loving heart:
- They are gone from our sight...but never our memory.
- Gone from our hearing...but never our hearts.
- Gone from our touch...but their presence is felt.
- And the love that they gave us, never departs.

So very sorry ann344,
Angel truely had the most wonderful family, a dog could ask for...this she knew.
- 2.5 months ago, I had to say goodbye to our Amy girl...it was the shared love & much support within this DT forum, that helped me cope
- like you, I read & read each & every post daily (memories, it was all I had left, it felt like), and it was comforting that we can internet honor our dobes

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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