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Personal favorite methods to potty train?

What housebreaking techniques and methods have worked best for your Doberman pups? How long did it take your dog(s) to get the hang of it most of the time? What are some tips and no-no's in teaching your pup not to potty indoors?

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The tether method and crate training is my favorite combo. I use the command "go potty". When it's time to go out and potty, it's not play time, I teach them to do it on leash so they don't have a chance to play and so they get used to bring comfortable doing their business attached to a leash(beneficial when traveling, when needing to board them, when they need to stay at a vet clinic, or staying somewhere without a fence). When they eliminate outside, praise them like you found the cure for cancer.
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Originally Posted by ZeldaRules View Post
The tether method and crate training is my favorite combo. I use the command "go potty". When it's time to go out and potty, it's not play time, I teach them to do it on leash so they don't have a chance to play and so they get used to bring comfortable doing their business attached to a leash(beneficial when traveling, when needing to board them, when they need to stay at a vet clinic, or staying somewhere without a fence). When they eliminate outside, praise them like you found the cure for cancer.
This is what i have been doing with my Miley. It seems to have worked only thing is she wont tell me she has to go outside. My dog Hudson know how to whine and go to the backdoor and claw at it. She knows to go to the door but will only sit at it for a minute not even and then will just do her business on the floor
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Outside after naps, meals, play, and every 30-minutes any other time. Keep gated into same room as me; in crate with a chew or safe toy when I can't watch her.

Leash puppy for outside potty/poop breaks so you can mark and reward when they go. Unleash and play with them after they relieve themselves.

It didn't take Fiona long to catch on at all. But it was a battle convincing her the yard was her bathroom in ALL weather conditions. Not just sunny skies and spring flowers. That took until she was about a year old and there were many days resulting in a battle of determination - her needing to pee, refusing to in the rain and sitting down to pout, coming back inside and put in her crate (to prevent her going in the house), crying to go out, sitting in the rain and pouting, coming in and put in her crate, crying to go out...and on and on and on. There was one day forever burned in my memory when it was freezing rain outside and she fought me on it for around 12 hours before finally peeing and pooping outside...after it had stopped raining. *sigh* LOL She is a determined bitch. I will give her that.

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Tether and crate here too- I say "let's go be good puppy" then head out and give the command "hurry up". As soon as they go HUGE praise (love Zelda's cure for cancer analogy!). It took my first Dobe about 3 wks, Remy took a bit longer (around 4 wks). Now at 6 months he will walk up to us and if we ask him "do you need to go be good puppy?" he will run to the door if he needs to go out.

If the weather is bad (rain melts dogs, at least as far as he is concerned) we have to point into the yard and TELL him to go Hurry Up or he will just sit right up against the door and refuse to leave the porch.
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I really like the bell method! It is super helpful! Brandy doesn't have a pee dance or a whine or anything, so I never know unless she rings the bell on the door. It is great! I can be in my room doing homework or something, and then I will hear DINGLE DINGLE DINGLE, and then I run upstairs, because I know she needs to go Or I will hear a THUMP from upstairs, because she knows how to open the door in the kitchen, and it swings open rather violently

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i have never had an issue 'housetraining'.

but to just write down how my pups are 'housetrained', is not so easy.

each pup is different.

I just watch them like a hawk when they are loose in the house, at the first sign they may need to pee or poop, I say, do you have to go pee?, they usually look right at me, I smile, pick em up and out the door to pee or poop, I always say good pee or good poop, whichever fits the occasion.

if they have sarted to pee already, I will just slowly get up and say let's go pee, pick em up and out the door, I will not yell at them or run towards them or god forbid, rub their little wee noses in their pee.

and if the weather is nice i leave a door open for them to go outside in a safe yard to pee, and as soon as they head for the door I say.lets go PEE!

and i do all sorts of other things, just depends on the pup.

some pups give you little warning if they are wanting to pee, they just squat and pee. you have to be alert to their possible need to pee.playing hard, then stop to pee, just get up, need to pee, ate, gotta pee, drank gotta pee,

most pups give you lots of warning if they have to poop.

playing, then stop and run around sniffing, little butt 'protrudes', circling, etc.

NEVER discipline a pup for 'accidents', ignore the bad!

ALWAYS praise your pup for everything they do right, praise the good!

Hugz to all puppies!

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Bell Method! And the puppies love it after they get the hang of it.
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Take outside every 30 minutes (have treats handy to reward going potty outside).

Take outside after eating, napping, and playtimes.

Watch closely for sniffing or circling behaviors, and take outside immediately. Look for other queues, like standing near the door as a sign the puppy needs to go outside.

Start using your potty word to associate going outside and eliminating.

Use a sturdy gate or a long lead to keep the puppy in the same room with you so you can watch it at all times.

Crate the puppy when it cannot be supervised (during the night, while at work, out at the store, etc).

Do not punish accidents since its the owner's fault for not being diligent enough. Always reward good behavior.

Feed at the same times every day to establish a clockwork schedule of elimination. If needing to urinate overnight is a problem, pick up the water a few hours before bedtime.

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I didnt have to worry about Nexus telling me she had to go potty once she learned what was expected of her. She also had Mysti to teach her the ins and outs. so to speak. She will go potty on command, on a leash which is nice for walks, or before entering/after leaving a pet store.

Bella was the one that had a hard time grasping the vocal part of going potty. she would not bark, whine or anything else so we used the bell method. She wasnt too good with the whole going outside to potty thing at first to start with and her not making noise didnt help. She often peed on my back landing, until she discovered what the bell measnt then it was easy from there. Now she will ring the bell when she wants my attention as well as to potty but whenever she rings it it always means a trip outside just to reinforce its true purpose. She will also potty on command on a leash.

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When I had a puppy, I would let him out when I woke up, after naps and before bed. During the day I would watch him like a hawk and as soon as he was looking around, I would ask him if he had to go outside. I had to give him up because my mom didn't want him, but apparently in his new home he did quite fine!
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House breaking 101 :
If you take them out on about a 6 ft leash it helps keep them focused tell them go potty ,hurry up or what ever words you want to use just use the same words each time. Stand in one spot let them go all around you till they find the spot then Praise like it is the greatest thing you ever saw. If they do not go in about 20 minutes go back in and crate them or tie them to you them go back out in about 30 minutes.pups need to go out after naps,playing, eating & drinking 1st thing in the morning last thing at night depending on the age of the pup you may need to take them out at night too. Always use a pet urine enzyme to clean up all traces of urine or feces you can use a black light to find all traces. It takes about 3-6 months of contestant training to house break a pup the more accidents they have the longer it takes. Hang a bell on the door you go out you ring it until the pup gets the idea how to ring it yes sometimes they ring it to go look at a squirrel but its a phase they go though you just have to go though it with them. Do not forget to praise each time they go to reinforce the potty training. If you are consistent you will also have a pup/dog that will go potty on command comes in handy when it rains,snow, is icy, on a trip at night . People will think you are a amazing trainer too. Good Luck with your new baby.
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I will add one more thing to all the other advise given. Train them to use surfaces other than grass, also. We've taken Ilka to Colorado and California, both of which involve going through barren, grassless landscapes. My poor girl was desperate for a patch of grass to pee on. She finally went ahead and peed on the bare dirt, but she wasn't happy.

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