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Lil Dog
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Crate training advice

Phin hates the crate. Our cocker just naturally took to the crate and I just assumed crate training Phin wouldn't be too bad. I stay at home, my mom lives with us. It's not often he needs to be in the crate, but after a week of no potty breaks alone, or without asking my mom to watch him, I need a quick break. I think he has separation anxiety. He is glued to my side 24/7. I love it, don't get me wrong, but I need a shower, and a private one would be great

He loves our cocker, Lola, and she likes him. Should I put them in a large crate together until he gets use to it? Do I just completely ignore his whaling? I feel like a terrible mom when he's crying so loudly. I do understand the importance of him being crate trained though.

Can you offer some suggestions?
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My girl, never-ever liked a crate, and was a flank sucker with some manageable ~OCD / non-destructive SA.
We were very closely attached, and her crate puppy time, was limited to 1 hour/day max., when our son was finishing up highschool.
If my dobe ever stopped crying in a crate, it is because she is trying to escape.
I understand the crate benefits, especially going to a Vet.
- my old girl cried probably 16 straight hours after surgery, second time I made special arrangements...aka no crate
My dogs will never see a kennel either.

All things considered, I barely use a crate, and then it was only for 2.5 months...till total freedom and full previlages, in the house, are normal.
Yea, every dog should like their crate...and it is great when they do. Just not my experience, so I don't beat myself up for it.

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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BeckyG (11-12-2012)
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Mo's Mom
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My 5 month old is crate trained, and it is great. I too work from home, but I still try to get out for a few hours a day, just so he can spend time without me... in his crate.

It is nice to be able to leave the house and not have to worry about Mariano eating anything he shouldn't, messing in the house, destroying anything, or screwing with the cat. He sleeps in his crate at night, and if we wake him up too early, I have to DRAG him out. It is HIS safe place.

It is just nice to have a place you can put the dog when you are not there to watch them every second, and know that he cannot hurt himself, or any of your stuff. It is also a good idea in case your dog ever needs to stay overnight anywhere but home... including the vet.
Mariano screamed at the top of his lungs the first couple times we put him in... thought I was goign to shove a pencil in my ear so I could not hear it anymore. But now, he goes in no prob, and goes right to sleep.

He may fuss a little if he can still hear us in the house, but only for a min or two...

DO NOT GIVE UP! It is so worth it.
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BeckyG (11-12-2012)
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I am definitely keeping an eye on this thread because our boy isn't crate trained. He is 16 months and keeping our fingers crossed to start him in beginning tracking. I have read in several posts that they need to be crated when its not their turn (sure a more technical name). That is our goal between now and January.
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BeckyG (11-12-2012)
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u mad?
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Google "crate games" - I forgot the name attached to them. There are some great (as in successful) games that you can play with your dog that will get them to enjoy their crate.

No dog is at fault for being born into this world.
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BeckyG (11-12-2012)
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Kyrah hated her crate also. Never had one like her. She was a good girl from a very young age and would hop up on the couch and await my return. Never touching anything but bringing my shoe to lay with her. In her crate she would pant, drool and tear up her bedding. I never gave up and tried to keep the training where she wouldnt get all stressed out. Part of that training was going to agility & OB trials. She had to be crated during off times that I was volunteering and her runs. Thus 3yrs later...YAY! I have a crate trained girl! Occasionally she will move her bedding around but not the drooling and panting.

For my terriers Cujo was crate trained from going in the kennel with Tippy, his mother. I dont know how the two of yours get along. I would never put Dexter, my daughters terrier in the kennel with any of mine for a down time that I was not right there and Kyrah would never go in the kennel with Tippy or Cujo but maybe with Dexter for a few minutes at a trial while loading up.

What would I do without them?
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BeckyG (11-12-2012)
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Abbie Normal
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When I got my girl home she was an angel the first night, but the second... all hell broke loose. It was horrible! I have a JRT, Daisey, who loves her kennel. I put the two close together for a few nights. That didn't do much good.
I ended up putting both of them in Quinn's kennel for a few nights. It worked like a charm. They only stayed together for three nights, then I moved Daisey back to her own kennel. Quinn will now sleep in her kennel and stays in it when she is home alone.

I really probably should not have put them in the same kennel, as it could have caused way more problems than it cured. Thankfully it worked out well in my situation. I hope some of the other members will chime in and give you their opinions on that particular subject.

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Don't put him in the crate only when you are leaving. Try to use the crate for positive experiences like leave the door open and put a toy in there or a treat and let him be able to go in and out of it on his own.
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BeckyG (11-12-2012)
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Big Dog
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We learned the hard way with our first dobe not to force the issue. With our second we confined him to the kitchen area only when we were not home with gates. The crate was tied open and had bedding in it so he could go in and out at his leasure. Dobes dont like hard floors so he got used to going in it to lay down on the bedding.
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BeckyG (11-12-2012)
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Originally Posted by PatchworkRobot View Post
Google "crate games" - I forgot the name attached to them. There are some great (as in successful) games that you can play with your dog that will get them to enjoy their crate.
I used Crate Games by Susan Salo with Zac and now he thinks the crate is the best thing ever! I highly recommend this.

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I feed Khaos in his crate as recommended by my breeder. It helps him associate good things with the crate and when I get his bowl ready and put it in there he willingly goes inside.

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BeckyG (11-12-2012)
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Lil Dog
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Thank you all for the advice. I really appreciate it!
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When I brought Rou home he was TERRIBLE in the crate! He would scream and cry and chew the bars!!! The worst was at night when he would not rest (or let me rest) until he was free. Luckily working with barking dogs all day everyday for close to 10 years, this does not phase me (too badly... I slept through it quite well). My neighbors and other family members in the house, however, I'm sure were NOT happy in the slightest to hear screaming from 11pm- 4am.

This went on for the first month- month and a half. TOUGH LOVE is all it takes. I eventually made it into a game and progressively things got... bearable. The theory was that if he realized he wouldn't be stuck in the crate forever, maybe he would take it better. I would play with him and toss toys into the crate for him to retrieve or just chew on them with the crate door open. It seems that once he realized it wasn't a prison sentence he took to it and now walks right in to sleep, or in with a toy to chew. That is his room and he knows it.

If he does something "bad" he runs right into his crate. That is his safe zone. I never put him in it for any negative reason.

But I sure don't miss the screaming puppy days I once had. I have experienced your pain!
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Fin loves his crate but its abit of patience getting him to like it first!
He wouldget sick and poo With stress, so for the first week he slept with us.
Then we gradually put him in the crate, so he would fall asleep with us and id have the crate right beside my bed with my hand thru the bars when i put him back in there.
I also started feeding him in there, threw toys so he would go in their on his own accord.

Kikopup on youtube teaches how to help them enjoy being alone.
Thats what i used. I would leave the door open and put throw a treat in there, wen he first steps into the crate i would click and then put one infrint of him in the crate.
Whenever he wanted to come out he could be by the end of it now he sits in his crate as if to say. Im ready for my treats now! Lol
He also has a kong that i put in there and attach to the crate so he has to sit in there and play with it. Still with the door open but his in there which is what its about,

He has a big playpen that is attached to his crate so he can have his downtime in there and go in his crate when he wants to sleep, while im at work. Only his toys and water bowl is in there its a great tool!
He will now when we are inside but he needs some downtime, we will put him in his exercise pen and he still whines abit at first but ignore!..and hell go straight in his pen, make this noise asif to throw a little sulk and fall asleep

What ever you do, ignore the crying, its attention seeking! If its unbearable i say, "enough!" and walk into the bathroom and close the door quite loudly, and he did for a while keep whining.. To that i then came out and said enough one more time he would shh for a second and then i would get him to sit, id take him out to potty just incase he needed it, and most the time he did just want a little tinkle thats what i found when he was being extra stubborn to shh!

I know how you feel my Fin is a very noisy little fella. He will whine at everything to test me, i just have to ignore it. I googled probably 10 times a day how to i get a puppy to stop whining! But the best answer is ignore! .. Its hard but SO worth it..

Good luck

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Some excellent advice in this thread and I have just one thing to add: make the crate as comfortable as possible.

Jack is the first dog we have crated, and training was a breeze, perhaps because the crate is in our bedroom so that he wasn't separated from us overnight. If we were both going out, he would enter the crate without protest, but it also wasn't a place where he would go voluntarily. During the day, he preferred to nap on our bed, which was fine with us.

But once Jack got beyond the puppy stage and the puffy old comforter that had been the crate bed finally gave up the ghost, I hauled out the large and very thick and very soft bed that we had bought when our previous guy became old and arthritic and placed it in Jack's crate, along with a new comforter (well, new to Jack).

The difference was immediate. Jack went from merely tolerating his crate to loving it, and for naps, he now often chooses the crate over our bed.
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