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Gaining dominance (dog over other dogs)

Not sure if this is the right category but she's only 10 months old.
I have a 6 year old NM beagle and a 10mo old SF Dobe. My beagle (whom i've had all 6 years) was low man on the pole when i had my female lab (lost her last summer). After that, he was man of the house for a couple months while we looked for another puppy and even really until the last month or two with Jazz. Well now, Jazz is increasingly "pushing the point" in their little squabbles. These are usually settled quickly then they love each other again, and aren't truly terrible fights, just dominance issues. Jazz picks on the beagle alot (constantly biting on his neck, she's triple his size) and when he gets tired of it he puts her in her place, only now, she's retaliating and has won a few. We try to divide the attention evenly and do alot wiht them together. They are kenneled together (it's huge) and they are almost always piled on top of each other sleeping with plenty of room left to spread if if they so chose.
I knew when we got her she would end up being dominant, she's the F, it's just how it usually goes. My question is, is this just the phase of Banjo having to realize he's going to be the peon again and Jazz claiming her top spot? I'm hoping so and that it will start to decrease. They have little squabbles nearly every day...never and blood and never more than a few seconds, but some are pretty intense (never over toys or food either). Jazz just annoys him/starts it by nit picking him and sitting/leaning on him or laying over his neck with most of her weight and he's getting older and not as tolerant...bam, squabble time. Now don't get me wrong, they play and otherwise get along great. Just don't want to let this escelate if ya'll think this is not normal. My lab was older and already dominant when she got here with him so this is the first time he's had to fight for his top spot.
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Increase their exercise and mental stimulation. This will ease up some of the pent up energy.

You must stop the squabbles. As soon as you see that 'stare', or you notice the playing getting a little rough, step in and separate them.

Think about doing a bit of crate and rotate, so they can have a break from each other.

Good luck!

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I would NEVER kennel them together. There's a thread on here somewhere about 2 beagles being killed by a dobe they had lived with their whole life. With the size difference it's not worth the risk. Hope you work it out with their issues!
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Stop letting her pick, lay or lean on him. It is not fair that he has to put up with her bullying and that is what she is doing. Stop crating together and dont leave out together when you are not with them. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Increasing exercise is a very good idea, also. A tired dog is a good dog and I suspect more exercise will solve a lot.

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U got some splain' to do
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I'm having the same issue with Maui. She's 10 months also and is showing her dominence over the others (who are much smaller). She has occassionaly drawn blood. I thought maybe she was going through the dreadful dober-teen phase. I am going to start picking up more on the exercise and obedience drills with her. But she is definitely bullying the others. They all avoid her now and don't want anything to do with her. (Sad for her)

Maui Lou, I do, Love you.
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I don't think it's acceptable. Dominant does not mean you get to be a jerk or bully period. The most dominant dog often rules silently not screaming yelling and picking fights.

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She is hurting him. She is annoying him. Do not allow it. Do not kennel them together. You must stop her from bothering him. It is your job to protect the Beagle and secure his place in your family. Eli, my doberman, was very rough with my little dogs and our old australian shepherd. He was just playing but I had to step in and stop it. First I taught him the "leave it" command which in my home means stop what you are doing. I kept him on light line in the house and I made sure he stopped when I said or I made him (after I taught him the leave it command). Even though he knew the command he would stop but then start again so I corrected that. I also taught him a "go to your place" command which also means stop what you are doing and go lie down in your dog bed. Eli was almost 2 before I felt comfortable with him going outside without me there when I let the littles out. I don't leave them alone together when I am not home. He gets along great with them now and he has even learned to lie down and gently mouth play with the mini doxie! This is huge as it is not his style of play. I'm proud of him. The doxie responds then and they wrestle now but Eli is 3 1/2.

You are already mention many squabbles which I personally would never allow to happen. Keep her on a leash or line in the house so you can have control and move her if you need to quickly. No puppy should be allowed to continually nip and bother another dog. If your Beagle can't stop her you need to.
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A lot of what I was thinking has already been stated. I would never, ever crate any of my dogs together; I don't care how well they get along.

I would suggest a lot more exercise and training. There may be a hierarchy in the house with the dogs but at the end of the day you need to be on top. That means stopping the behavior before it happens.. If you watch you can almost always see it coming. These fights over dominance can eventually turn into something else if you do not stop it early. Best of luck..
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