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Question about Doberman acne and bowls

I searched everywhere I could think to see if this had been discussed already with no luck. So here goes...

My breeder explained to me that Dobermans specifically are prone to acne on their chins if they are fed/watered from plastic bowls. Now I'm new to Dobies but am in no way new to dogs or even dogs closely related to Dobes (Weimaraner). This caught me off guard because it seems a bit odd. But she's the Breeder and has been doing this for a very long time.

Normally I'd just say okay and use metal or ceramic bowls. But for some reason my Dobie pup doesn't like to eat or drink from metal bowls. She'll sniff at it and take a couple bites, but will leave the food there and walk off. Then my adult Weims will swoop in and eat it before I catch them and stop them. I'll pour the remaining food into a plastic bowl and she'll eat until she hits the bottom.

Anybody else heard this plastic bowl acne theory? And your recommendations?
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Yes, and yes, it happens. I only use ceramic (I don't like metal).

Plastic can get tiny scratches which harbor bacteria, and Dobermans seem very prone to getting minor flare ups of acne or bacterial infections on the chin, especially when their bowls have bacteria in those small scratches. I've seen it happen with my own dogs. I'd personally recommend ceramic bowls.
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Can't help you w/acne problem. Our 2 Dobes eat out of SST Brake-Fast bowls, separated by baby gates. NO SWOOPING allowed! Never had acne with either.

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Re. Anybody else heard this plastic bowl acne theory? And your recommendations?
^^ The rumor floats around the dog world, for decades / no proof behind it.
Bowl solution, not that simple to Visible Health Problems, breaking out in the forum of chin puss.

Let me explain, my trail & error findings:
All 3 of our last girls had Stainless Water Bowls.
- the 1977 Tanya had bad chin acne, but the Pet Food Industry was only producing garbage / daily poison
- Amy was born in year 2000 & I started to sell Premium kibble, she was pimple free
- current Kelly is pimple free as well
- she eats home cooking meat/veggy stew in morning & 5 star Orijen kibble in evening
Kelly wouldn't eat kibble out of any bowl, she will tip it over.
- she licks her stew off a bamboo dinner plate / kibble off a black rubber car mat

I now believe, acne is NOT a sign of improper feeding bowls...stainless or not, doesn't matter...its more food quality.
The dogs toxins is coming out, in form of chin acne / as liver organ is being over taxed, to purify body.
- the lessened immune system and subsequent pimples is more diet related
Its why our Holistic Vet, home cooks all cat & pet meals.
- as majority of kibble, can cause many health related problems / just like over-vaccinations do

After all - we are what we eat / dogs included...4 to 5 Star kibble products, are best, including treats.

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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We use only ceramic bowls. (Mid-century McCoy. LOL) The food bowl is washed after every meal and the water bowl is washed and the water changed about twice a day.

Portland OR
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I've had 4 Dobes, all have been fed & watered from plastic bowls. No issues with acne with any of them.

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I've always used metal bowls and have still occasionally seen chin pimples - especially on young dogs. Keeping the bowls clean no matter what you use is important.
When they get the chin pimples, simply wash off their chin after eating. I also will use the alcohol wipes (found in the diabetic supplies at any store) on their chin which clears it up quickly.

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If your pup is getting chin acne it may also help to add a touch of apple cider vinegar to her water. I like the organic kind with the "mother". You can wipe her chin with a stridex pad or a solution of heavily diluted plain listerene after meals.
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This is so sweet. I have always had acne on my Dobes chins. And it's so cute, and I'm inclined to pick at it with a tissue just like I used to do to my kids. Never occurred to me to treat it.
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I use stainless steel feed bowls. When Dax was a puppy she would inhale her food so I went and got a slow feeder bowl. That bowl was plastic and she developed chin acne. Changed the bowl back to stainless steel with a small glass bowel upside down inside. It worked. This girl will not drink water from a bowl that is sitting there even though I changed the water several times during the day so I purchased a ceramic water fountain. She loves that bowl. I think it has something to do with the water always circulating however I really don't know. During our weekly spa (at home) when I dermal her nails, clean ears I also wipe down her chin using Alcohol Free Stridex Maximum pads. My past dobies would sometimes get acne on their chin, it usually appeared if they were rubbing around in the dirt.
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I used to have this problem with my Dobes. Was always obsessively washing dishes, wiping chins and applying Hibatane. Switched to SS years ago and it did appear to help. Have now fed raw for a few years and do not have that problem at all.

I had a rescue that came in with chin acne and horrible coat (he literally shed a layer of brown dandruff and it wasn't dirt....he was bathed frequently and rarely outside). He was fed an expensive kibble. I didn't do much other than switch him to a raw diet and brush him and he was gleaming and zit free very quickly.

While I think some lines are predisposed to chin acne I also think diet plays a big part.
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Wow! Thanks guys and gals! I never expected to get so many informative responses. Y'all have definitely given me plenty of information to go through. Thanks! Y'all are awesome!!!
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Originally Posted by coffeehugger View Post
This is so sweet. I have always had acne on my Dobes chins. And it's so cute, and I'm inclined to pick at it with a tissue just like I used to do to my kids. Never occurred to me to treat it.

Um... Hmm...

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No issues with acne, but I use stainless bowls and clean them after each feeding. I also wash their stainless water bowl before refilling it. As mentioned before plastic gets little nicks in it and begins to harbor bacteria, I think I paid just a little over $2 a piece for the metal bowls at wal mart .
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