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Lil Dog
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any ideas for a toy that lasts longer than a couple weeks?

ive gone through soo many toys its crazy. ive had numerous of kong toys and he shreds them or pull the rubber apart.i got moose antlers and deer antlers and he isnt too crazy for it. he loves the squeak toys, the g hates it lol.

ive never had an issue with toys with my rottie lol.

ps diff topic but u suggest yall to look into the barkbox. very good items in the surprise package. ill try to post a pic next one i get.
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BYB Hunter
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Did you try all the diferent levels of kongs? Or just the puppy/small kongs? I think there is a black one that is specially designed for tough chewers.

Brandy couldn't care less for kongs, so I like to get her these really hard rubber squeaky balls that she really has to bite hard in order to have it make it sound.

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We use the black or red kong. He also likes knuckle bones. These are the very thick uncooked kind that come directly from the butcher. And occasionally, I'll let the dobie play with our cat....ok, just kidding.

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Deckard's a destroyer of toys but he has yet to damage his West Paw toys: Guaranteed Tough Zogoflex | West Paw Design

we have a Bumi and a Hurley. we've had them for months, neither have any visible teeth damage and he attacks these things.

I am the sea witch. I am the tide you fear and the turning you can't deny. I am the sound of the waves running over your bones on the beach, little man, and I am not amused at finding you on my doorstep.
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GingerGunlock (12-23-2012)
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Ivan's toys seem to be lasting longer these days. Not sure if I'm buying better toys or if he's just not as destructive.

Ivan also isn't a fan of antlers. I did read somewhere though about giving antlers out that are cut in half, so that the dog can chew on the core/middle. Seeing as how all of Ivan's antlers are whole, maybe this is why he never took to them?

Ivan doesn't immediately destroy his stuffies anymore, but his level 7 Polly Pig Tuffie Toy did last the longest in comparison to the majority of stuffies found at pets stores. I definitely wouldn't get anything lower than a 7.

The Kong Squeezz Ball lasted no time. The ends popped lose pretty quick. The JW Pet iSqueak Bouncing Baseball is still going.

Ivan's Kong Wobbler lasted about half a year. He was pretty quick at figuring out how to get it apart though.

Ivan has a used, partially deflated soccer ball he plays with a lot.

Ivan's flirt pole is made from a horse whip and a Skinneez stuffles toy. I don't let him chew on it, but it's been a year of occasional use/tug and is still going strong. Squeekers don't work or are gone at this point, but he still loves playing with the flirt pole.

West Paw has some toys you might want to look at. They offer a one time free replacement or refund in the first year.

ETA: I use a Gappay tug with Ivan. It's held up very well.

Allegheny Mountain Rescue Group (AMRG)

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Brandy&Melanie (12-09-2012)
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ShutUp an Scratch My Butt
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The jw cuz bear or frog (you want the shapes with NO! limbs) she's been squeaking and nom-ing on it for a year and his head just split between his ears and that was just from use, she's not chewing at it there so I'm still calling it safe.

I've never met a dobe that took to kongs all that well or couldn't shred even the black one, orbee tuff balls and the orka jack are long lasting favorites on the forum and here.

I get chuck it balls not tennis balls (a super tough/hard squeaking dog can still pop them but not a problem with proper supervision)

mabel also could care less for antlers, we buy from venison joes, buffalo knuckles are hugs hit as well as the elk femur. She also loves her nylabones and every few months I'll soak them for a day or so in chicken/beef stock to "reflavor" them. I'll also give her plastic bottles, but gatorade/powerade bottle thickness or tougher or she shreds them fast, she hates to ingest any non food item though so I'm not/don't have to usually worry.

Tuffy stuffys by vip, she's destroyed 7's easy, it's 8 or above and 10 is recommended but that depends on play style, mabels a flinger (like an aligator) and she chews with her molars, some dogs (one we babysat) just puncture stuffies squeezeing to hard

I also buy stuffing free sqeaky toys, if they get shredded it's no big deal since there is no stuffing to be ingested/cleaned up/etc...

We've tried but she doesn't like them, the mini tires, always get the actual tires the other things made of tire but shaped thin or etc. just got chewed apart.

And finally lol she has several jolly balls and a jolly egg in the yard, i've tied a rope to one and she loves! to run around the yard dragging it like a small kid on christmas

That's all I can think of right now, I'm not near the toy bin lol

The Red Devil Diva & Her Shamelessly Obedient Human
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You get a couple weeks out of toys?? Can you recommend them, so I can get them as well? lol
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Anton-Caesar (12-09-2012), GingerGunlock (12-23-2012)
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we've had the tuffy dinosaur for over a year now and aside from one tiny tear in in one leg it held up pretty well. Actually most of the tuffy toys have held up minus a tear on a small part (wing in parrot, ear on pig, etc. etc.). The small tears did not affect the rest of the toys and she hasn't been able to destroy them yet and she plays with them ALL the time. The schum tug her SS got her last year (Pull-toys for dogs • Schum-Tug • Products) is really strong. She plays really hard with that one and tugs with the other dogs all the time and it still is in perfect shape. I've washed it multiple times too and it hasn't weakened the strength at all. Highly reccomend the schum tug.

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Amelia_ (12-15-2012)
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My boy loves his JW Frog so much. The oldest frog has a split in it but that doesn't stop him from still playing with it. The frog has lasted almost a year so I think that is pretty good. He actually still has the first JW bad cuz I bought for him still so it has to be pushing 2.5 years. Not sure what the obsession is with the frog but he prefers that more.

I bought him a level 10 Tuffie and it lasted just shy of a month. Now granted it wasn't one of the level 10 Dinosaurs, which seem to be more $ but it was a 10 and he destroyed it so I am not sure if one of the more expensive Tuffies would be a smart investment for me.

He does like the rubber Chuckit balls too. I don't let him just randomly chew on it though. The ball is strictly for our daily fetch games outside and it has held up great. It is probably going on 2 years now.

Each dog is different and you just have to play around with different toys until you find the one. I just happened to randomly pick up the JW frog at the store and had no clue he would love it so much.

We don't have children because our dogs are allergic to them!
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man, plush toys in my house last no more than a day. even the Tuffies. he immediately starts ripping into it with his front teeth.

he also popped a Cuz, and lost interest when the squeaker stopped squeaking.

I am the sea witch. I am the tide you fear and the turning you can't deny. I am the sound of the waves running over your bones on the beach, little man, and I am not amused at finding you on my doorstep.
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My boys all love the Antlers, nylabones and any kind of natural bones. They cannot have any stuffed toys especially anything with a squeakers as Tango ate one and had an intestinal blockage. My boys don't really have any interest in kongs. They are not interested in working for food! lol

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Dobes Dobles +1
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This subject has been previously discussed (ad nauseum) on DT in so many threads!
So much so, I think there should be a dedicated forum category for Dobie Toys...

Anyhow, here are some previous toy discussion threads:

Cheap, Durable, Dog Tug Toy!

Dober-proof toys

Best toys for Dobe

In my personal experience I have several toys that have sustained "DoberPlay" (a.k.a. destruction) unscathed by our two 2 y/o Dobies:

Spock- 2.7 y/o male, power molar chewer, sucker and shaker
Eva- 2.5 y/o female (a.k.a. "The Shredder")

(Here are some HD video frame shots)

Spock & Eva Tug O' War with Holee Roller

Eva "The Shredder" Working on Holee Roller

Here's my experience of various dog toys Dobies haven't destroyed:

Holee Roller- Probably the best mix of durability and fun appeal (the video of above play is hilarious) These large ones hold up to extensive Dobie to Dobie tug of war and even Eva's chewing attempts!

Tuffee-Toys- NOT indestructable! Eva and Spock will pull stuffing out within 10 minutes if let to chew. However, they looovve them for retrieval- the Alien series ones with the crazy faces!!! So these are only saved for supervised retrieval play with humans...

Cuz (Octopus) Toys- Dobies eventually remove squeakers and Eva removed legs of octopus toys, but this is one of Spocks faaaavorrites! This is his default toy he brings to me (at any hour of day or night) when he wants to play. I also stuff treats in these to keep both occupied for a (short) while.

1" ID Air Hose Toy (Homeade) Cheapest, most durable, and versatile toy. Lasted for 2 years with Spock, but Eva chews ends alarmingly fast to get to treats stuffed inside! I use these hoses as a tug reward, retrieval throw and treat stuffer puzzle.

Nyla-Bones- Spock never really took to them until Eva came around. Eva, loves them and we include one with her when crating. Now, like jealous siblings, we have to give Spock his own Nyla-Bone when Eva is busy with one so he doesn't try to steal it!

Kongs- Hold up very well, except our Dobies don't have much interest unless treats are inside!

Ruffwear Square Ball- A most durable construction toy. Sort of hard to get treats inside of, but Dobies have not damaged at all! (even Eva)

Wish List Toys- PlayPal Scrambler- The Dobies love playing with a deflated soccer ball outside and I think they will love the Scrambler! Of course, I'll have to get two of these!

Ten Doberman Rules
Poke Everything.
It's New? Bark At It.
Moves? Chase It.
Doesn't Move? Smell It.
Liquid? Spill and Dribble It.
Treat or Food? Wolf It Down.
Not Food? Chew It Slowly, Be Quiet & Hide From Human.
A Toy? Shred & Destroy It.
Stuffed? De-Stuff It.
Bites You Back? Wrestle It!
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I have a holee roller with a hard ball inside so it wobbles around and is more fun. I worked really hard to get the ball inside by tying the holee roller to a chair I was sitting on and then stretching until I could pop the ball inside. Exhausting but worth it.

I also have 2 squeaky freakies that have withstood Yoda when the cuz's just fall apart. The cuz's are made with cheap rubber these days.

These are half the price of a cuz. I got mine from a supermarket chain in Oregon called Fred Meyer - never seen them anywhere else.

the boys (rip): Cato, Emerald's Black Onyx, Emerald's Black Quartz
Owned by the girls: Enid, Jill (kelpie) and Lana.
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Lil Dog
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i will surely try all of yall suggestions. i do have or should i say did have the holee roller and he chewed through it. haha
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Steph & Leala
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Leala is also a toy destroyer. Those 'tough' toys last a day max. She loves balls, so I got her a few of the jolly balls. The ones that have the handles were destroyed pretty quick, but the just plain round ones have lasted pretty well. I got her a pink one that is bubblegum flavour! Why on earth they make bubblegum flavoured toys for dogs is beyond me! Hahah oh well. She seems to enjoy it.

Steph and Leala.
Calgary, Alberta
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Oliver was a big strong boy and his holee roller survived. I put the chuck-it ball inside it and he loved working on it. Chuck-it balls are the orange and blue hard rubber (not the tennis type). Lexi destroyed the holee roller, chewed right through it. She love the chuck-it ball. I bought her a tuffy starfish and she wouldn't have anything to do with it. I make her stuffy toys with no stuffing (I stuff it with the same material and sew it to the outside). She is much more destructive than he was. I don't buy her antlers or any hard bones, she has scrapped her gums and bleeds (vWD+). I buy rubber bones at petco and she hasn't (knock on wood) destroyed them yet.

Oliver RIP
With enough thrust, pigs fly just fine.
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