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New Illinois Member and New here now

Hi, I'm new to your site (used it to find a great breeder, thanks to all who helped me). I'm from Illinois, I brought my new puppy home Saturday from Ohio. Her name is Harley, and she's 11 weeks old. Her ears get reposted at the Vets tomorrow.

Since this is my first Doberman, I've been reading a lot of your threads for training, biting, crating, etc, and I've watched some videos too, and read other articles on the internet. I figured the more information, the better. My breeder also gave me some great tips, and I can call her anytime.

Any suggestions for what to do, change, or do differently, please let me know, since this is my first Doberman puppy, I know you've all been there/done this, so you'll have some great advice. And if I'm doing something wrong, let me know too, so I can correct it. I don't want to harm her personality, development in any way.

I have a trainer scheduled for our first session this Thursday; puppy/beginner obedience classes don't' start here till later January, and I feel I need to begin sooner than that. And I don't want to do training the wrong way since I've read bad habits take a lot longer to undo versus training a good habit from the beginning. The trainer is a CGC evaluator for the AKC, so she should help get me off to a great start.

My little gal, Harley, is so smart (as I'm sure all Dobermans are), but since this is my first Doberman, it was rather amazing. Like she already knows how to wait when I open her crate, to attach her leash, before coming out of the crate. Sometimes, it feels like she's just looking at me, and waiting for me to tell her something to do, lol. But I don't know what to tell her yet (that's where the trainer will help). We play fetch, she brings it back and drops it (most of the time) for me to toss again. Of course, I always have a second one hidden, as I've learned if I'm not fast enough tossing it, my arm becomes a new chew toy, lol.

I read a lot of thread talking about the "little shark". Now I understand! Thank goodness, it's the time for long sleeves, or people may wonder what happened to my arms. While she's getting much better as letting go when I either yell "ouch" or redirect to a toy, or simple remove myself from her as a playmate, when she gets a bite, it's still a little sore. But she's learning. Like I said, when I said "ouch", she lets go and looks at me, like "Im sorry".... of course that only lasts for a second till she sees my other arm, lol. It's a phase that I willing signed up for, and I know it won't last. She does have a soft mouth in that she takes my treats softly from my hands (no bitting). I've got tons of toys, so I can always have one within reach to redirect her too. A couple of times, she got so wound up, so I just put her in her crate (didn't raise my voice), just said time to kennel up, and gave her a treat when I put her in. She fell asleep with in a couple minutes.

I take her on a leash in our fenced in back yard, so I can get her to go in the same "potty spot", then I release her off the leash and let her run in the yard. I'm outside with her the whole time. I don't' want her eating/chewing anything that could hurt her, and it lets me reward her with lots of praise and cookies when she comes to me. We go for short walks in the neighborhood (after potty time first in the backyard). So far, she's lasted between 5-15 mins. It is cold here, so even with her little jacket, I don't want her getting too cold.

We play several times throughout the day too, each one lasting between half hour and hour long, then I let her take a nap again. I have a couple weeks off right now so it's all puppy time till then.

That's all for now. Feel free to give me more suggestions too. RIght now, since she's asleep in her crate, I'm going to go running now. One day, after her growth plates are closed, harley will get to run with me too, I can't wait.

I've attached a couple pictures; it's really hard to capture her on a cell phone, lol.
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sounds like you are having a good time.

id just work the basics as much as possible (sit, stay, come) without overdoing it and boring her, just 10 mins of training then let her have some fun then you will go into class with all the distractions and it will develop from there.

There is loads of good training basics vids on youtube that can give you a good headstart, i cant remember her name right now but there is one lady that quite a lot of people recommend to look at videos from for training, im sure someone will know who i mean and post her up!
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Welcome from Florida! Nice pics. My husband and I just kept the bandaid box out when Jackson was that age. Landshark is right!! Congrats on your new family member and for starting training right away. I'll look forward to future photos, hint hint
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Congrats on the cute little girl. Lot's of great info on DT with knowledable people. Can't wait to see more pictures of Harley as she grows up.
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Hi and welcome to the forum. Adorable puppy.

*DT Forum Etiquette: Please Read Before Posting*

Lois and Baron

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Thanks! Yep, arms are a little sore. Daughters said the same thing, but we love her. She's asleep on my youngest lap again.

Yes, starting training will be good. She already knows to wait when I open the crate door, and doesn't charge out; she waits till I have her leash on. I take her outside to potty with the leash on, to get her to go in the same area of the backyard. After she's gone, then I take her leash off, and we run around the backyard. I say we, because I still stay outside with her.

When do you work on training? Meaning after a nap, or eating? When's the best window of attention span? I'm not sure when or how to do more with her? I guess, I'll learn more from the trainer this week too. I'm planning on working with her a couple times a month, since there are no beginner obedience classes till later in January, around here.

She sits really well, even in the middle of trying to chew on me, lol, but then she goes right back to ready to chew on my arm or a toy I give her. I'm not sure how to go about "down". The trainer will help a lot. I read articles and watched some videos, but I do better with "hands on" training to help correct ME while I'm working with Harley. I do have bag of cookies and try to give her one every time she looks at me when I say her name, when she sits, when she comes to me (like in the back yard), to lure her on a walk down the street (so I don't have to carry a 20 pound puppy home, and I don't want to pull on her leash/collar), to lure her to follow me, etc... anything I think is positive, I try to reward her. I don't want everything she hears to be negative stuff like "No, Mine, off, ouch, etc".

Her potty training it going ok, so far. I take her out after playing, eating, sleeping. I also take her out about 10/11pm each night, and then again about 330am, when I hear her whine a little. Her crate is next to my bed. She goes, and then I put her back in her crate, and we both sleep a couple more hours till 630/7am. Just like having a baby again. lol.

I attached another picture. SHe's so cute, prancing in her coat. I bought 3 sizes (50% off) since she's going to grow so fast, to get her through the winter.
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Thumbs up

I like to do my training with banes dog food right before I feed him his lunch and dinner. He's way more motivated hungry and it doesn't mess up with his poop schedule.
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Ears reposted today. Since she had a few days without them, she wouldn't stop trying to get them out, so she ended up with the lovely cone for a few days, lol. Tomorrow, we meet with the trainer for her (and mine) first obedience lessons. Oh, and we live in the midwest and just got blasted with snow and wind, and Harley did not want to go outside for potty. Me either. I had to carry her out! haha , thank goodness she's only 23 pounds right now
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Welcome to DT from Kansas. She's a living doll. So cute.
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The one thing I'd caution is to get her used to your normal routine asap. I think you posted you have a few weeks off. Make sure she is comfortable with your normal routine (i.e. I'd leave like going to work, etc. but not for as long ) so she can adapt well when you go back to work.

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Welcome to DT and hello from Texas! Harley is a cute little girl, thanks for the photos.
You will find lots of tips on this forum.

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