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5 month old eating table and walls

Well Haven Mae has really grown since my last post. We made it thru the worms and not eating and health issues. We ended up getting her ears cropped at eartrim.com (absolutely amazing). My friend comes and runs her twice a day and then we do it again when we get home. The issue is that she has started eating the table and walls. Why? She is not crate trained so that is a regret we have. She does have pica and we've been to the vet numerous times for objects. Is she not getting enough enough exercise? I mean when she comes in from the creek she lays on the floor exhausted each time. Any ideas?

She also has this play biting thing that is getting out of control. She bites and nips as in playing but when you tell her no she will get mad and raise her lips and snap at you letting you know she is pissed. At the moment she is showing dominance over the household. She growls when she is laying down and anyone makes a sound. She whines at the least absence is we leave the room. She is spoiled I admit it but it's getting to be out of control when we must sit holding our plates above our heads because if not she will drive you nuts. We do put her out back but she is tearing the door up now. She ate the weather stripping off yesterday. Obedience training is next on the list soon as her last ear wrap comes off next week.

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First, it's not too late to crate train - check out Susan Garrett's "Crate Games" if you need help with that.

Second, you should NOT be running a baby puppy - very bad for the joints! She's way to young for structured running like that.

The word dominance is so overused and incorrectly used - you will be much better served if you toss it aside. Dominance is dogs is very fluid - it really just means which dog has priority access to a resource at any given time. It is not terribly useful for training nor for understanding behavior, and if you look at your pup as "dominant" you'll really misread a lot of things and miss out on a lot of training opportunities.

What appropriate chew things does she have? Does she have an x-pen that she can be in where she can be safely contained and given appropriate chews? What type of training have you done at all with her? With this pup, I'd start working on some really basic skills with really rewarding her for doing what I want...it sounds like she may have heard a lot of what you DON'T want (no don't do that) but hasn't actually been shown what you DO want. Training puppies really works well when you teach them things by showing them what you want and rewarding the behavior - giving them a "paycheck", so to speak. Dogs do what works. By that I mean that the more something has been rewarded, the more a dog will do it. For example, my dogs get rewarded a LOT for sitting - it's a polite behavior that I like. So my 17 month old girl...any time she wants something from me...say, I have a piece of steak sitting on my plate...she will sit as nicely as she can. Because that's her most rewarded behavior, so that's the thing she's going to try first to see if this might work to earn her some steak.

Start looking for things you can reward that your puppy is doing that you like. See your puppy lying calming? Say "yes!" and give a little treat. It can even be a piece of her kibble - just take a little portion out of her meals. Is she sitting? "Yes!" and again reward. If she's biting and getting too worked up in play, she needs a time out. Don't tell her "no" - it doesn't really convey and information to her. Simply escort her to a puppy safe place (if it's not a crate, you need a puppy safe room) and give her a couple of minutes time out to calm back down. Don't get emotional, yell, etc. That just works them up more and it doesn't help. Removing yourself from the fun play works a lot better - oh, I bit mom and that means the fun play ended. I'd better not do that again!

I highly recommend a good, positive reinforcement trainer to work with you - I think a good puppy class would do wonders. Certified Dog Trainer Directory - CCPDT

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Everything MeadowCat said!
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My computer is being a pill and is giving me a black background and dark green text which is nearly impossible to read so this is probably ull of typos.

Everything Meadowcat said is a big ditto. Crate train your puppy--you can't so it any sooner so do it now. O figure out a place to set up an x-pen so she can't climb out of it or knock it down. Personally I recommend crate training. And before you keep reading bear in mind when I say crate her for various bad behavior--these are short term corrections--miutes--not hours.

My puppies do not hang out by themselves until the are well over a year--some have been two and one was four. Basically I don't loet thm out of my sight--if it takes leasihing them to me I do that--so if I'm not there or someon else isn't there to watch them they are crated or in a small puppy proofed room (I once rented a house that had an unfiniushed laundry room--cement floor with a center drain--the puppy was in that room if I was at work or went to the store.

Puppies,, not just Dobe puppies but all puppies don't magiically train themselves--so you have to have congtrol of them to train them. So if you weren't there when she started chewing on the table or on the walls what's that message? It's selve rewarding behavior.

About biting--crate tran her--the minute she puts a tooth on you--crate her. Give her no attention for the moning and graoning. Keep a short leash on her and if she growls at people for touching her when lying diown take her by the leash and crate her. What have you been doing when she does this. Some behaviors just aren't acceptable to me and al too many people get to thinking some of these behaviors are cute i a puppy but don't consider how very unattractive they are in adult dogs.

Sounds like she has way to much time on her own and that you aren't--as Meadowcat said--rewarding the good behaviors while correcting the bad ones.

Amd tjhe puppy doesn't have to be out of posts to go to obedience classes--I've had some lon show crops on some of my dogs which ended up with them in posts until they were 18 months. One ofmy dos was nearly a finished champion and had both his RN and RA before he wasot of pots--he went to the shows in posts and I took them down just before he went to the show area (Post are prohiibited on the show grounds. But you can certainly go to classes with your puppy in posts and a good traner will be a big help in modifying some of her behavior.

And it's worth remiembering that whill puppies need exercise--what wears them out doesn't keep them worn out--their rate or recuperation is pretty amazing and training is a good way to wear them out--often more effective than physical exercise alone.

Again I'll apologize for the typing--it's stuff like this that makes me want to throw the comupter out the window!!!

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