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Okay, this one should answer any and all questions and discussions from above. Other than liability insurance, business insurance, permits, and loans, here is my business plan.

"Business Plan for Dog Daycare Center:
Rates and services:
DAYCARE: Day care is open from 6am to 7-pm. Drop off is 6am-7pm, pick up is 6pm-7pm. You may pick up your pooch anywhere in between, but after 7pm you will be charged extra for overnight boarding. Please call prior to pick up of drop off, so we know what to expect and have your dog ready to go.
Single dog all-day fee: $25. Under 4 hour stay: $7per hour.
Additional dog fees: Second dog is $15 additional dollars to the first dog ($25). If three or more dogs are brought in from the same family, it is $10 per additional dog. Any stay under 4 hours will be charged $7 a dog, per hour.
Packages: A ten day ticket for one dog is $215, for two dogs is $350, three dogs is $425, four dogs is $500, and five dogs is $550. So far, we only offer 10-day package rates. We do, however, have a 5-dog family limit.
OVERNIGHT BOARDING FOR DAYCARE CLIENTS ONLY: If you are unable to pick up your dog(s), we do offer overnight boarding. From 7pm-7am are the overnight boarding times. It will be $45 for this time. Starting at 7:30 will be official daycare time, and standard daycare rates apply. Daycare clients ONLY.
BOARDING: To my daycare clients ONLY, I will offer boarding for no more than 5 days. Boarding will be $65/day, with $25 for each additional dog. We are staffed 24/7, and will send updates via phone call or webcam whenever requested.
GROOMING: We will have a trained groomer staffed during the week. We offer bathing, basic shaving/trimming, nail filling/clipping, and brushing. Depending on your dog’s size will determine prices. Grooming is additional. If a dog is dirty from playing, or soils itself during the day, bathing is on us. Daycare clients ONLY.
Nail dremeling/clipping: $10 per dog
Brushing: Long coated breeds will be $10-$20 depending on the size of your dog. Short coated breeds will be $5-$15.
Shaving/Trimming: These rates have yet to be determined.
Bathing: These rates have yet to be determined.
Full package of all of the above: To be determined.
PUPPY SOCIALIZATION: This is a basic, drop-in hour for any puppy under 20 weeks. Requirements for this social: puppies must be started on their parvo/distemper shot, and must have their bordetella vaccination. This class will give pointers on basic obedience, as well as time for the puppies to play and greet. You do not have to be a daycare client for this service. The times run from 7:30-8:30pm and are $15 per pup. Drop ins are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights!

~Protocol and policies; how we do things:
*We are only open Monday 6am, through Saturday 6am. We are closed the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday.
Before beginning daycare, your dog(s) must be temperament tested. This will happen for an entire day of day care, and will be $35 for this initial day. Your dog will then be placed in a group depending on his/her personality. There are four groups; one for puppies, one for medium-large active dogs, one for medium-large less active dogs, and a group for small dogs. There will be no more than 10 dogs a group. Unfortunately, I will not have more than 45 dogs a day. Schedules are very important here, and your time with us must be predetermined. **We WILL NOT accept any people or dog-aggressive dogs!**
Regarding intact animals: any male over 12 months must be neutered; females over 8 months must be spayed. Here at ____ we wish not to have to deal with intact animals, but show or competition dogs will be accepted – as long as they are actively competing or showing. Regarding breeds of dogs: As an owner of Dobermans, our CEO, Amanda Graham, has no breed restrictions. We are aware, however, of same-sex aggression issues in certain breeds. We have separate groups for a reason, and wish only the safety and well-being of the dogs.
Regarding feeding: If you wish for us to feed your dog during their stay, you must provide us with the dog’s diet and feeding requests. During individual rest and break time will be when your dog will be fed. Medicines and any special feeding schedules can be tweaked to you and your dog’s needs. There will be an additional $5 for feeding (per dog) and another $5 for administration of medication.
Regarding toys: Toys from home are allowed, but only during individual time. Toys can be the cause of spats or jealous, and we only with to allow toys that we feel are safe for big groups.
Regarding off-time: Dogs will either be crated or kenneled for at least an hour a day. This time is for dogs to rest, to prevent over-stimulation. If your dog has a problem with being crated, kennels are available. Multiple dog families may also be kenneled rather than separately crated.
As far as grooming goes: our groomer will be with us 3 days a week. She will be working during individual or nap time during the morning/afternoon. What distinguishes a dog getting dirty on us? Rolling (for whatever reason) in bodily fluid, mass amounts of dirt, or soiling oneself will be taken care of by us. Otherwise, standard grooming rates apply – and will only happen if owner specifies beforehand.
<<Injuries: dogs can, and will hurt themselves. We strive to make your dogs experience with us comfortable, fun, and safe. But accidents can and will happen. We have a vet 15 minutes away, as well and an emergency vet on-call at all times. (insert name of business) is not liable for any injuries during daycare and boarding hours. (add disclaimer/legal stuff) >>
From 6-7am will be typical drop-off hours. Dogs will be placed in their group(s) inside. At 8am, dog groups will start going outside for free time play. Our yard is divided into two sections – so two groups are able to have free-time. While two groups are outside, two groups inside will be doing interactive activities, whether that be a mind activity (group training games), or physical activity (such as group fetch). At 9am, the groups will switch from indoor to outdoor. At 10am, there will be an hour break for each dog. Dogs will be separated or crated to relax. At 11, dogs will be taken out one-by-one for potty breaks and individual time. This will run until about 1-2pm. At 2pm, we will start groups again, rotating indoor or outdoor. At 4pm we will have another nap/break session for an hour. From 5pm to 6-7pm will either be individual time, or group time, depending on the group dynamic. Also between this time, dogs will typically be going home. If you are late (after 7pm), if not otherwise specified, you WILL be charged for overnight boarding. We do have night staff that watches over the dogs, take the outside, etc. – they will happily help check your dog out, but you WILL be charged if you did not call two hours before daycare ends to specify your delay. No exceptions."
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Sinister, kudos to you for having a dream, and for putting so much thought and effort so far into it.

Most everything has already been covered by other posters, but two huge things bear repeating:

Your employees--and your skills at managing them--are going to be your biggest task, hands down. There is HUGE turnover, and it sometimes seems impossible to find that right, talented individual, with the great work ethic, that also is willing to work super hard for crap wages (no pun intended).

You have got to go work, from the ground up, in dog daycare. I cannot fathom thinking you want to start an entire business based on this, when you've not ever done it.

You may end up freaking hating it. You may end up freaking loving it.

Either way, you will gain vital information that you will need if you proceed, in order to hire and retain decent employees.

I firmly believe every boss needs to have a thorough understanding of each and every task in their business--by having had to do those tasks themselves.

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Originally Posted by RedFawnRising View Post
I firmly believe every boss needs to have a thorough understanding of each and every task in their business--by having had to do those tasks themselves.
Absolutely. This is so important!

I've worked with kennel managers that had zero experience in dog daycare. One firmly believed that all dogs can get along and be peaceful. She did not believe in separating groups or total supervision! She would put dogs out in play yards together and walk off!! Another one was a stress/nut case and freaked out when dogs played and wrestled together. I had to assure her so many times that I knew what I was doing, I'm highly experienced, and I can safely supervise and control packs of daycare dogs. She wanted daycare for clients but didn't want any dogs to play with each other!

At the kennel I was short staffed, I had to always borrow kennel techs to assist me in daycare. One lead kennel tech with absolutely no prior dog care industry experience before being hired actually got testy with me over the radio and marched into my play yard and cussed me out because he didn't understand why I needed at least 2 other people in daycare with me. He thought all I did was just stand around with my thumb up my butt.

This is why competent and knowledgable/experienced team members are SO vital to a successful daycare business.
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Originally Posted by RedFawnRising View Post
You have got to go work, from the ground up, in dog daycare. I cannot fathom thinking you want to start an entire business based on this, when you've not ever done it.

You may end up freaking hating it. You may end up freaking loving it.

Either way, you will gain vital information that you will need if you proceed, in order to hire and retain decent employees.

I firmly believe every boss needs to have a thorough understanding of each and every task in their business--by having had to do those tasks themselves.
Everything that has been suggested has been great but this bears repeating a couple of times.

No dog is at fault for being born into this world.
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You might want to go to the Colorado Department of Agriculture Website and click on the PACFA link. I don't know how much information is on that website, but Colorado requires facilities to be lisc. and inspected. They should have a link to pick up rules, regulations and requirements for such facilities. Groomers have to be lisc. too. The last time I delved into this, it was $350.00 per year for the lisc.
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