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Steph & Leala
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Unhappy Serious injury

So I feel like I need to share, because it has been quite the week!

Monday morning I was playing with my sister's new puppy and Leala, and (my first mistake) wearing slippery socks on our slippery floor, one thing led to another and I ended up twisted over my knee in a heap on the floor. Leala also landed on top of me. Now I have a very high pain tolerance and when I couldn't stand up I knew something was wrong. My boyfriend Jamie took one look at the bulge sticking out of my knee and took me straight to the hospital. After many x-rays and calls to a specialist they realized that my fibula (the smaller bone below your knee) was popped out of the socket and the bone was bent in a green state fracture. So they put me partially under and literally shoved it back into place. I am now in a zimmer (like a foam/had cast) from the top of my thigh to my ankle. And crutches.

The first night they didn't give me ANY pain meds and I was in such agony, so back to the hospital and 2 hours later I got a prescription for T3's. That has been helping with the pain, but makes me so sick to my stomach. So I am broken, and unable to eat.

And poor Leala is so confused! She hates my crutches, and can't understand why mommy cant play ball, or go for walks. Or why she can't sleep on my legs at night on the bed. Or jump on my lap on the couch. It is all very stressful for her. Lol here I am worried about her and I am the injured one!

Just wanted to share! I can't drive, or even put my own pants on! I am bored silly chained to my desk instead of working normally, and we have a heavy snowfall warning in effect and I am on crutches!

Hope you can all help me keep my spirits up!

Steph and Leala.
Calgary, Alberta
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Oh my goodness, that sounds terrible!! And very painful! What a bummer. I hope you have a smooth recover and the pain gets better. Sending healing thoughts to you.

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That SUPER sucks. And you Calgarian's have such lovely storms too LOL

If you haven't already, you need to start reading Hyperbole and a Half. Start with this one about her dog:
Hyperbole and a Half: Dog

Then as you slowly get sucked in, read the rest of them.. they are hilarious

After that.. I'm not too sure. If I think of anything else to do, I'll post
I hope you heal fast!!
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Nub Enthusiast
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I cannot take either T3s or Vicodin. They both make me vomit - which generally doesn't help pain. I haven't had any trouble getting other pain meds prescribed. Maybe if you call your PCP, he/she'll prescribe something else.

I hope your pain subsides quickly, and I hope your recovery is equally as fast! In the meantime, here's something cute:

NATURE | Animal Odd Couples | Kate and Pip | PBS - YouTube

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Got mutt?
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Don't know if this will help, but it's from my "It Could Be Worse" file: "You're not in traction."

Maybe try a different pain med? I took T3 years ago, and it didn't really do much, except make my head float (if you can figure out what I mean). In more recent years, I've taken hydrocodone for dentalwork, and it really helps. I'm mostly unconsious, but at least I'm not in pain.

As for Leala, maybe you and she could play fetch inside?

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Why is the rum gone?
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I broke my tib and fib last year. I also can't take Vicodin, so my doctor prescribed Oxycotin and morphine. The morphine was for after surgery, I basically obliterated the end of the tibia and snapped the fib in half further up the leg. The oxy and morphine doped me out and made me lose my appetite, but at least it didn't make me sick. I found ginger anything- ginger ale, ginger chews, etc- helped settle my stomach with the meds. Keeping you in my thoughts for a speedy recovery!
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Holier Than Now
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I broke my left leg twice this past year, although I didn't do any spectacular poppy-outtie things like you did. Just sounds like so much not-fun.

Pain meds, of any kind, make me puke from my toes up to my nose. I'd rather be in hideous pain.

But, when I do have to take something, I insist on them giving me an Rx for Zofran too. I have to eat at least a few crackers or a piece of dry toast or something, take the Zofran, then wait at least half an hour before taking anything for pain.

Maybe you can get that and feel better and be able to eat something.

As for entertaining your girl, see if you can get Kyra Sundance's 101 Dog Tricks, and start making your way thru the book. Lots of those don't require you to dance and skip around, and you'll keep her mentally engaged and happy.

I love that you're worrying about your dog, in the midst of your own rehab. I'm the same way. Dog life must go on!

My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today~Richard Adams

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Sorry to hear what happened to you. With crutches in snow, no way! It's too dangerous to walk. I remember the story of my husband when he was a kid he broke his leg and fell down many times on icy road with crutches to get to school.
If you don't need to go out, that'd be better. I know that'll be boring though.
Online shopping and DTing will kill your time Of course they'll be beneficial to you too, I mean DT!
As for Leala, delegate ball play with your BF. Do you have any treat puzzles for dogs?

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Ice is your best friend helps with pain too there are so many pain medications keep trying to get one that does not make you sick. Also keeping it elevated will help keeps the swelling down too. As far as dog s and crutches they know when you have a big boo boo they are usually understanding. Always anytime you break a bone you need pain medications that hospital is negligent for not giving you pain medications.Rays & Hugs to you broken bones hurt.
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Steph & Leala
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Thanks so much everyone! I am hoping I heal quickly. Leala is playing soccer in a foot of snow in the back yard with my boyfriend lol. Quite fun I am assuming. I am planning to take it easy and hope to hell I don't end up ass over teakettle in a snow drift!

Steph and Leala.
Calgary, Alberta
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sadder but wiser girl
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Hi - I'm so sorry to hear this - but you'll heal quickly! Many people are either allergic to or intolerant of codeine. I can't take it. If you alert your doc to the fact that it is making you sick to your stomach, he can prescribe any number of other options that will help without making you nauseous, crampy, etc.

I had a green/spiral fracture of my left tibia when I was about 25 - was playing frisbee and landed just wrong. But they didn't put me in any casr because I also have a high pain threshold, and didn't go to have it xrayed until about 2 months later, when it wasn't feeling better. At that point, the doc said it was already past the point of trying to "fix"it, and I should just take it easy for a couple of months - so I bought a 3 month bus pass and travelled all over the US, visiting friends and relatives and sightseeing and hiking ... haha - I was what docs and nurses now call "non-compliant"!

When I blew out my left knee in '99, I was walking down some stone steps in a garden in November - covered in leaves, rainy, dark... and, like you, all of a sudden I was in a heap, and my left knee was history! Had to have it rebuilt - he said I'd need a new knee by 2010... so far, his work is holding strong. All the docs, therapists and nurse practitioners all recommended taking glucosamine/chondroitin/msm to help heal the knee, grow/strengthen the cartilage, and reduce swelling. I think it helped a lot.

Take care! Healing vibes to you!

their pawprints in our hearts never fade
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So sorry to hear about your fall and rather painful sounding injury! I know the feeling of being sent home from A&E without pain meds! I was in a car crash 2 1/2 years ago and I fractured my sternum! I was in agony and I got sent home with sweet FA for the pain! I went to the doctors the next day and asked for pain meds without codeine in as like others have mentioned it made me feel horrendous! I was prescribed them for a torn ligament in my thumb and I just suffered the pain rather then feel so poop all the time! I found paracetamol helped to take the edge off though! Some pain med is better than nothing! Anyway the doctor gave me naproxen and diazepam! I was to scared to take the diazepam but the naproxen certainly did the trick I felt spaced and pain free! Maybe see if you can get something else to help with the pain? Hope your injury heals up soon!

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