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I hope that you guys don't mind that I come on here and post. My old account was banned around 3 years ago, but i want to pay my respects to Cheryl.

I only every spoke to Cheryl online, but she was one of the most helpful people I had spoken too.

She had a wealth of knowledge and helped me out a lot in my decisions.

She has touched many people and I for one will miss her tremendously.

RIP Cheryl, Connor, Razzle and Stella. from Lynsay in the UK.
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I just wanted you all to know that all of your wonderful comments have been forwarded to Gary, Cheryl's husband and to her family. I am sure knowing that she touched so many lives will be a big comfort.

Thank you all, the wonderful DobermanTalk community!

Here is a post I saw on a DPCA list, just FYI for those interested:

In Memory of Cheryl Gates

Team Fundraising Goal: $5,000.00

The Doberman community lost a wonderful friend and breed advocate when Cheryl Gates passed away in a tragic house fire on September 2, 2012.

Those who knew Cheryl knew of her staunch support for canine health research. She had stated on the Doberman Talk forum that she regularly made donations to the AKC Canine Health Foundation to support Doberman health research.

Let's all join together and support a cause that was close to Cheryl's heart. Every little bit helps.

Please designate that your donation goes to Doberman-related research by clicking on the "Choose a Designation Type" field and selecting "Breed," then choosing "Doberman Pinscher" under "Choose a Designee."

Here is the link to the site:
AKC Canine Health Foundation:

Elaine Hopper
Starlaine Dobermans & Whippets
AKC Breeder of Merit

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Cheryl was a dear friend. I always enjoyed every minute I spent with her. This is all so sad. My heart goes out to Gary.

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I saw this post originally when we were on vacation. I didn't know Cheryl personally but enjoyed her posts and her valuable contributions to DT. I smiled at the way she tagged herself "Sea Hag". I read about her plans to attend the Nationals this year and next (when it would be closer to her home) and it made me sad that I'll never have a chance to see her at the Nationals.

Prayers to her family. RIP Murreydobe, Connor, Stella and Razzle.
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I don't know why I've waited so long to post my condolences. Perhaps I wanted the knot in my throat to go away, or perhaps I just kept hoping that somehow, someway, this wasn't true. Anyway...

Cheryl - while I didn't know you, I enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your passion through your words. Thank you for being such an amazing woman. May you rest in peace and find comfort being with all of those who have gone before you.
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Such devastating news. Cheryl was such a wonderful person. She was so helpful when my Tycoon was going through his health problems. Just reading all her messages and crying....
God bless you Cheryl!!! Rest in peace my friend!

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I have waited a very long time to post as well. Really because everything I feel has already been said.

Murreydobe, it makes me so sad every time I think about the loss of you and your dogs. You were a wonderful resource and advocate for the breed. You were not afraid to stand up for what you believed in, whether it was popular or not. You were truly someone to look up to. Unfortunately I never got to meet you, but it sounds as if there were a bunch of lucky ones that got the opportunity. RIP Cheryl. You are missed.

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Oh, wow... I really hate to bump this and open recent wounds but....

I have rarely visited this board lately but I was just reading another thread, liking away as usual (including Cheryl's!) when I saw a post saying someone missed her. I thought perhaps she had simply vacated this board, but my paranoia led me to do a thread search... My doG, look what I missed. So, so sorry to hear this. Very heartbreaking and I am truly at a loss for words.

As it's been said, the Doberman world has truly lost a great campaigner for the breed.

RIP Cheryl.... sorry for everyone's loss, and especially my condolences to all of her real-life friends. I can only imagine how much harder this hurts for you all.
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I haven't been on much due to computer issues, but when I open a good thread, I keep looking for Cheryl's input :-( Thank you for the link for the fundraising efforts, I will make an donation. I've "known" Cheryl from way back in the AOL board days, when she was CHMurrey. Sending more hugs to her family and friends.

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Has anyone heard how Cheryl's husband is doing? Is he still in the hospital? My thoughts are with him.
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Originally Posted by BenVera View Post
Has anyone heard how Cheryl's husband is doing? Is he still in the hospital? My thoughts are with him.
I wondered how her husband is doing too and did they ever find out what caused such a distructive fire?

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Good Gracious, Gracie!
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I am not able to find the original fire report I had accessed shortly after the tragic event, but it had indicated the "electrical" that you see on this report was on/in the patio.

I do not know how her husband may be doing. I just can't imagine.

It should be good to be Dog.
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I didn't know Cheryl that well when this was posted... but through searches, I've come across so many threads that she'd posted to, including a post she made to Jaina's thread a few days after I brought J home. She'd posted up asking about who J's parents were right before this happened. I sometimes worry if she ever saw my response, even if that sounds silly.

I feel like I've gotten to know her as more of her responses to threads crop up in my results. I feel the gravity of this loss each time, and with the recent link to the report, I kind of feel kicked in the gut - she lived just outside of where my parents live, in Riverside.

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I know I am late, but this is so devastating. It feels like I was messaging her only last week about the new puppy; she was so incredibly knowledgeable and a friend to us all My prayers go out to her husband and family...I hope he is recovering well

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Oh my god, I just saw this thread. I was away from the forum when this was originally posted.

I just can't believe it. This is so tragic, I just can't express words.

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