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A day in the life...helper girl Flirt

We can bring dogs to work. It isn't official and I'm relatively new so I've been waiting to bring Miss Flirt in with me. A coworker brings 2 small poodles and I didn't want to freak him out. I got brave today and brought her. She was into her kong full speed, the poodles turned the corner, poked the baby gate, it almost fell (it was leaning) and what does she do..the DOBE BARK BARK BARK...thankfully only I had a heart attack. Leftover "PTSD" from aggressive previous dobe.

Actually the bark made 4 guys come down to see her. And as one said, good thing I didn't do anything dumb and mean like CROP HER EARS He was trying to be nice and I did show him they were actually cropped.


Finally relaxing BUT watching the door.

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I want to bring my dog to work

Miss Flirt looked like she was having a good time Maybe happy to be away from crazy puppy, and have mom to herself

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I would love to bring Elka to work!

I tell my boss once in awhile how much she'd be able to help (sniffing newspapers/magazines so nobody steals them, carrying DVD's, getting bags from people, kicking out people on cell phones). Her rebuttal most lately was "well, you'd have to take her out to go to the bathroom" (which is miles up from giving me a certain look and saying "Oh, Jen.")

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Great pictures! I get to bring my boys to work also. they love getting to go.

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I love your pictures.........when we worked in a big office I took Devon with me many times . She always loved it and I had toys for her in my desk...
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Lucky! I wish I could bring Nala to work !

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Great that you can take her to work. Nice pictures!

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We have an office dog (Chinese Shar-pei, my boss' dog), but I would definitely trade for Flirt! I do love having an office dog though, great for stress relief and perfect excuse to take a break and walk along the canal!
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That's great she gets to go! Looks like she enjoyed it.

On a side note I never thought of PTSD as a after affect of a aggressive dog or attack/situation. Makes good sense though. I've seen lifetime dog people have a attack and take years to recovery. Always having lingering uneasiness. Thank you for that explanation.

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It isn't usual for companies in the UK to allow dogs to go into work with their humans.

However, I once worked for a security company who did wages runs to other businesses. In other words they had large amounts of money laid out in the upstairs room which was counted and bagged for delivery to this or that company for payment to their staff.

One particular month we had nigh on a million pounds up there, I was terrified as I was alone in the office and it was on an industrial estate which was less than stellar regards its reputation regards being a safe environ to work.

So I took my GSD/Collie into to work with me, he would sit under my desk or just behind me next to the radiator and sleep however, if someone came he would sit up, and let me know.

Well one day in walked a man with a crash helmet on his head and he went bonkers. Absolutely bonkers.

Now the way you entered into the premises was through a double door. On the first door there was a sign, it read, 'For entrance, press buzzer and look up at camera'. He didnt do that. Somehow he got through the door, into the lobby between the 2 doors and passed the second door which again you were asked to press a buzzer and look into the camera (so we could be sure the occupant of the lobby was alone) before they were let in. But again he had gotten past the door (which was locked) and walked in with a full face helmet obscuring his identity.
Now the rules were, if I was in the office and anyone and I mean anyone came in, un/invited/announced I was to press the panic button.

So I did.
Whilst at the same time I legged it with my dog upstairs (stairway was in my office) slamming the security door behind me.

All hell broke loose.

The police arrived within minutes and found the guy in the office, shouting down a phone to someone whilst I am stuck upstairs with nigh on a million pounds in cash which I bundled into the safe so it couldnt be taken if the man somehow got upstairs to the counting room.

When the boss arrived, my dog wouldnt let him in the room with me, (or the money) and he started shouting his head off, about me having him there.

Luckily for me the guy who had arrived was in fact a representative of the parent security company and said if it hadnt been for the dog the money could well have been stolen. The sight of the dogs gnashing teeth had halted him just enough in his tracks to allow me, his owner, to escape.

How did the guy get through the double doors? I haven't a clue. What I do know is that my old boy saved me, (it so easily could have been for real) as well as the money.

I left shortly afterwards when a raid happened on one of the vans carrying the wages to its destination and I was in the office listening to the guys screams as they were being beaten by a baseball bat wielding thug.

Security be damned, it wasnt safe.

Lovely pics by the way. And way to go Flirt, you tell them Poodles what to do with themselves, fancy sticking their noses through your babygate. Damn cheek.
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Great that you can bring her with you. At my former part time job, I used to bring Dax and then Baron in once in a while if needed. I worked for an auctioneer and Baron loved being there. Lots and lots of different smells. When I go back to visit, he can't wait to get out of the car.

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Originally Posted by Adara View Post
Finally relaxing BUT watching the door.

Great you could take Flirt to work! I wish I could do that with ours. Love the pictures, especially the last one showing your "ever vigilant" Dobie!

Our Spock sleeps like that, never really closing his eyes completely, keeping watch on everything, making sure all of his humans have an escort to the bathroom 24/7 !! (I've tried sneaking by with no luck)

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Vader goes to work with me sometimes. He loves it - I usually take his crate with me but not always. We have an auto recycling facility and I am usually asked if he is the "junkyard dog" . . . which I usually respond that "junkyard" is not longer the pc term and, no he is an agility/obedience dog. But we do have attack feral cats! I need to capture & get them spayed/neutered before we end up with a million cats!
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Richter has permission to come to work with me. We're waiting until he's a little better at settling in his crate

by Shanoa Delta, on Flickr

Richter & Sypha
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Isn't it awesome to be able to bring dogs to work? I don't bring my Dobes often because the space I have for them here at work is kind of small for them, but I bring the puppy every day and it's great. Breaks up the day nicely. :-)

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Lucky Flirt! I have been warned that my dog is not welcome at work... CEO has a little "designer dog" and she has told me it is not a place that my dog is welcome. So she goes to daycare nearby instead.
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I would LOVE to spend a day at work with Flirt!
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Being able to bring your dog to work is a major plus for the job. Mine LOVE to come...all I have to say is "work" and they are at the front door waiting to get to the car lol. It is also a great stress relief for me. Nothing better than being able to love on your dog any time during the day when you start to get overwhelmed; it always helps me!

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