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You can't kill the metal
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Kong obsession!!!

anyone else deal with this on a daily basis?

"You're home! Yay! Here's my Kong!"

"You're going to the bathroom? I'll bring the Kong!"

"Where are you going? Just let me get the Kong first!"

"I know you're busy on the computer so I'll just slip the Kong on your lap and lift up your arm with my head"

"I've been following you around the house for 30 minutes, this Kong doesn't fill itself you know!"

"Fine, aparantly I've gotten enough treats today...here's my ball...wait, I changed my mind...here's my bone"

Most times it's funny, other times I want to chuck the Kong in the garbage!

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u mad?
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Originally Posted by Dave_L View Post
"I know you're busy on the computer so I'll just slip the Kong on your lap and lift up your arm with my head
This one, lol!
Especially this week since it's exam week.

No dog is at fault for being born into this world.
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Steph & Leala
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Haha that is so Leala. She has a 'wobbly' kong that dispenses treats, and you can't imagine the racket if it gets stuck under the table. You would think we were being attacked by an army!

Steph and Leala.
Calgary, Alberta
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AlyssaN (12-12-2012)
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Big Pup
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Yes Kaydee does this with any toy she has I find it funny. She will pace around my coffee table until I start playing toss with her

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The Kong is under the couch, a crisis of epic proportions. (Cue the high-pitched and really annoying barking.)
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Absolutely!! We have multiple Kongs of different colors/styles and they are a major favorite with our guy. Our prior Dobe had zero interest in them, and my Rott was 100% obsessed. Go figure.
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Mine definitely drops it in my lap with every expectation of REFILL!

She also stares at the refridgerator, where the chew bones and the "good toys" like her tugs and the flirt pole are stored.

Then she'll flounce to her toybox if the previous attempts didn't get her the stuff she really wanted and pull out a plastic chew bone or a ball.
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"Oh, you're on the couch, busy on the laptop? Allow me to quickly grab the kong and wiggle upside down on your lap."
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spocksdad (12-12-2012)
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The top of my boys wobbler looks like 73 mice attacked it all at once after someone told them there was cheese and peanut butter underneath the top.

I especially like it when he brings me the kong...while I'm pooping (tmi? )

and I'm like...dude, you see me sitting here pooping, I'll fill it when I'm done.

Every single time, I get the look..."Beyotch...I don't care what you're doing, get up and fill my kong punk!"

Freakin' dog, I love him!!

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Originally Posted by Hooligan View Post

The Kong is under the couch, a crisis of epic proportions. (Cue the high-pitched and really annoying barking.)
THIS. replace Kong with ball... and thats everyday (several times).

DANCE MONKEY!!! NOW!!! and everytime i fetch the ball... someone is well trained around here.
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This was a pretty common site when Dakota was a pup lol

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Dobes Dobles +1
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Originally Posted by Dave_L View Post
anyone else deal with this on a daily basis?
You betcha- just substitute "Cuz Squeaky Octopus" for the "Kong" in your scenarios for our Spock. Eva doesn't do this and is more laid back. Could this be a sign of "Dober-OCD?

Ten Doberman Rules
Poke Everything.
It's New? Bark At It.
Moves? Chase It.
Doesn't Move? Smell It.
Liquid? Spill and Dribble It.
Treat or Food? Wolf It Down.
Not Food? Chew It Slowly, Be Quiet & Hide From Human.
A Toy? Shred & Destroy It.
Stuffed? De-Stuff It.
Bites You Back? Wrestle It!
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BYB Hunter
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Wow, really?? I am so jealous! Brandy couldn't care less about the kong! I have tried everything: Freezing it, stuffing with peanut butter, kibbles, treats, ect.) but she is more fond of completely ignoring it!

"Whenever I hear somebody talk about a horse being stupid, I figure it's a sure sign that the animal has somehow outfoxed them."
- Tom Dorrance

RIP Grandma Lois; the Doberman world will never be the same..

Doberman Club of Canada:
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I actually put the Kongs and the Monster Mouth away for.....it's going on two weeks now. Through the month of November (NaNoWriMo for me), I would feed Elka in the Kong, or in the Monster, either her meal or a few treats with a schmear of peanut butter, to keep her out of my face/hair/lap so I could get anything done. So then Princess decided that she didn't really want to eat out of her bowl anymore. Time to nip that in the bud!

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really cute and very true
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Dobes stole my heart <3
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our Kong is too big for them to carry around and they only get it once in a while. Nexus is the one who carts her bones around trying to give them to you .. ie; wiggly butt and bone shoved in face upon waking each morning, bone in mouth butt wiggling when I am n the bathroom, bone in mouth butt wiggling whenever someone comes in the house/in the room.

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. - Bernard Williams

R.I.P. Mysti 1/25/02-10/21/10
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Cleo is no longer allowed her Kong in the house. We have the extra large black one and she slings it around so hard that it hits the ceiling. After she nearly took out the big screen TV we banned the Kong inside the house. She does however have a habit of picking up any toy or really random item and deposit it in our laps. Kind of like she is saying, "This is mine and this is mine and this mine and this is mine too."

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