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Mystery of the hole in wall

For weeks, an indention appeared in the wall at the end of the stairs. My staircase is designed in two sections with a 180 degree turn and landing at the halfway point.

I had recently given away a child's bunkbed and blamed it on the movers...even yelling at my husband for not watching them closely.

Then - it started to grow. I blamed the kids...were they banging it with their toys? The stick horses looked mighty suspicious.

As the "slight indentions" grew to a full blown hole, I caught the culprit in action. My doberdude literally flies down the stairs at full speed, often cannot make the tight turn, and body slams into the sheetrock.

Oh jeez... I would love to repair it...but first need to figure out ways to prevent the Dober Flying in the house. The landing is not very large although maybe a small piece of furniture would do the trick. Ugh...sharing as I know others can laugh and commiserate.
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Lol, My dobes more or less seem to fly down the stairs. I make them wait or go first so they don't knock me down. Not sure what to do for your problem though. Sorry!
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Hah...I was blaming our housemate for taking the loveseat apart (pulling the slipcover aside and moving the cushions all over). Turns out it was Elka

Maybe you just want to put something akin to crib bumpers there? Padded walls could be du rigeur in Doberman households.

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Got mutt?
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Maybe just put up some wainscotting on the stairwell? Add style and durability.

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Padding. You know it is the only way. LOL!
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Well, duh, that is the Tokyo Drift way of making the turn on the stairs, for Dobermans.

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thats awesome
riko likes to jump up in his room and try to paw his door open to use leverage he puts his other paw on the thin drywall and hes gotten so big he has now put a hole in the wall -_-
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I have three smaller depressions like that in my walls from when Eli and his sister played in the house. I made the mistake of allowing it not realizing it was like letting two battering rams loose. We fixed the largest and the other two are still there, dents...geesh!
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After you fix the hole, a sheet of plexiglass might fix it. It'll look kinda funky, but would be easy and cheap and you could remove it when your pupper slows down (I'm sure they do eventually)
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My 6 month old boy LOVES to slide on my hardwood floors. He runs across my kitchen into the living room and doesn't even try stopping. He just drops to his stomach while turning so his butt hits my front door. He jumps back up and runs to the kitchen, repeating the process into my kitchen wall. At first me and my husband were concerned he would get hurt or maybe he couldn't control his feet on the floor. Nope, we have learned he loves this game. I'm so afraid for my Sheetrock and the front door.

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Too funny!

What about some kind of non-skit runner rug or the like to help with traction at the turn?


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Dobe body slaming into sheetrock...that is a funny story...even funnier the whole family got

I have done permanent drywall repairs...this is the method, I use:
- cut out damage with a utility knife, 4 straight sides
- using scrap 1/2 to 3/4" plywood, screw the wood backer behind the hole, leaving a lip
- cut the sheetrock repair piece in the appropiate hole size
- using 1-5/8 long coarse thread drywall screws, affix the sheetrock to the plywood backer
- coat groove with sheetrock 90 (strong powder mixed with water, no shrinkage either)
- top coat with white premixed drywall mud & sand surface with 120 grit block (2x)
- prime & paint

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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