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Not a Story about a doberman. Hope you don't mind:]
But i wanted to share anyways, I was sleeping in the living room and our living room side door was unlocked. My husky Athena was fast asleep with me. At this time my little brother was on his was home from his first day at work ( he got a job a sonic). Well he came in through the back door with a hat on smelling like fast food (must have masked his smell) and Athena bounced off the couch and charged at him howling and growling knocking him back out the door then she stood there guarding the door till he took his hat off then she was like ohhhhhhh and starting wagging her tail and giving him kisses as to say she was sorry.

Huskies are not supposed to have a protective bone in them lol.
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Lasker (Our sweet-natured, 3.5 yr. old male Doberman) hasn't had an opportunity to protect myself or my lovely wife..yet. Our now deceased Airedale Terrier chased a late night prowler off our property after he'd apparantly snuck too close to my wife as she was smoking a cigarette in our front court yard!
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Originally Posted by Wylde View Post
Ok, here is another one about my RIP girl. Although its not a protection type, but kinda unbelievable. Thank goodness I had my nephew there as a witness or everyone would have called "bullshit".

Ok my RIP girl was extremely smart, knew well over 75 verbal commands as well as silent hand signals. But I usually told her what to do, usually never do things on her own.

So my nephew and I were rafting down the local river in tubes along with Tia ( in her lifevest of course ) we were about 3 miles from our camp and decided to pull out in a sandy area to do some swimming. We had tied our rafts together earlier so we wouldnt get separated. I jump out first and tell my nephew to pull up the rafts far up on the bank so they wouldnt float away. ( yeah stupid me ) Well, Tia crawled up the 6 foot bank and ran to play in the tall grass. Soon my nephew joined me and we were diving. A couple mins later we both came up for air and I turned around and lo and behold, here are both of our rafts, tied together floating down the river about 50 ft away. I said, oh no ! My nephew turned to look, about that time Tia launched herself off the embankment and swam like heck to the rafts, she grabbed the rope tying them together, turned around and started swimming, upstream against the current. Both my nephew and I looked at each other, mouths open, turned to watch as my 65 lb dog hauled 2 large rubber rafts upstream agains a fair current. And instead of coming to me ( like when retrieving a toy ) she took the rafts back over to the sandy beach area and proceeded to growl and tug the rope to get the rafts onto land. My nephew said, Ummm how did she know to do that, you didnt say anything?? I said, yeah and you better thank your lucky stars she did, because 3 miles is a long way to walk to camp.

Later that night I was telling his mother over the phone and she did call Bullshit on the story and her son got on the phone, and swore oh my gawd ma, you should have seen it ! No joke, neatest thing I ever saw !

Aww man, I miss her... RIP Tia, 13 yrs old, my heart dog
That story is so sad and so happy at the same time.
I had a Dog that was that in tune with me, her name was Pickle the Pig
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Krewe hasn't had the chance to save me yet, but if we are out walking and he hears our two female min pins barking,as they always do. He will drag me home as fast as he can to go save his girlfriends, whom have never needed his assistance yet. I may add that even though the min pins couldn't "save" me they seem to be overly protective of everyone they know.
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Amazing stories. Amazing breed. I can't get enough of these feel-good stories. Thank you for all of the input.

Truborn Legend's "Maverik", CGC, Born July 4th, 2012
IG: maveydamuffin
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I wrote my story in similar topic already...
But reminded me one evening. We were living in the second store of teh apartment building. That evening Kora was very unsettled. She was walking back and forth, growling and finally started to bark. I thought she needs to go pee so I let her go on the stairs. She run like a storm to the basement doors and started to bark there. I heard a noise there (it was 11 pm and rather no other tenants was there) so I opened the door. Well, all I remember was just a humen scream from a neighbors basement and rumor something was falling down there. And Kora 's barking.
Minute later she came back with piece of clothing. We found out a thief was there but escaped thru the window. Apparently he tried to steal neighbors parts of motocycles and other gear he was working on.
Neighbors were very grateful. It was just amazing us that she heard something strange for her thru fist store apartment, in the basement!
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On our retirement home reno, I have several trades people that have visited the job site.
One guy stops in occasionally, to chat to my carpenter over old business.
He walks in with a frown on his face, never says hi to me either, just high on himself...walks through the house, not even a knock, on the door.
Finally, I had enough with his "pompous attidute" and said to my carpenter:
- when he drops in, work stops, "if he can't smile, and shake my hand"...he will be trespassing on my property - you talk to him or will I ??

^^^^ Well he was spoken to, loud & clear, and we gave the business man a 180 degree additude adjustment...LOL...and with help from Amy.
Old girl, must of knew Dad was ticked off, a week later the business man pulls into my driveway...and gets out of his car.
Amy resting on the cement porch, runs up to him & stops him dead in his tracks, in the driveway...very serious barking and hackles up...she frooze him.
I call Amy off, and make the guy pet her and say "Amy LOVE, LOVE"...over & over...several times.
I used the dobe, to make a guy show some respect, on my property...and he does now.
- I laugh my head off, when I see his car driving up the drive now
He greets Amy with about 3 LOVE/LOVES with ear rubs now and than gives this Dad a big smile, warm hello and a firm hand shake.

Amy put this one person in his place, (sensing my earlier dislike, for the man) while all the other workers can come & go freely.
The electrician even brought his daughter to help last week, and Amy walks right in the house with her, and gets all sucked up.
Dobes are so good, at reading people...and usually a valid reason, why they may not like one in particular.

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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I don't currently have a story of heroism with my 10 month old boy, but I truely believe if its ever necessary my boy will definately jump into action and do what is necessary to keep us safe and sound.
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In the past couple of weeks I've been protected from a flock of wild turkeys, 5 kittens, 1 deer & invisible dragons.

Does that count?
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Our Dobie girl Tiffany was as sweet as could be her entire life -- however, when she was around 6 months old and big for her age, we moved into our first house. There had been a lot of push-in home invasions by people saying they were from the power company. One evening, while my husband was out, our doorbell rang, and I went to the door with Tiffany. There was a man there saying that he was with the power company and wanted to come in to take the meter reading. I thought it was awfully late for them to be doing readings, and I looked around and did not see a company vehicle parked anywhere in sight. When I asked him where his truck was, he said that they park in one location and then make calls to many houses in an area. I told him ok, he could come in, but he better be who he said he was, because all it would take was the wrong look from me, and the dog would rip him to shreds... now I don't whether Tiffany sensed my nervousness or whether there was really something wrong with this guy, but Tiffany suddenly jumped at the stormdoor, and started barking and acting ferocious. As the guy literally ran and jumped down our front stairs, he yelled, "Never mind! Call in your reading!!" To this day I don't know if it was really our electric company or not, but either way, it was pretty damn funny!

Another incident... We had taken Tiffany to the park so we could play frisbee in the meadow. I would NEVER let her off-leash, so we tied a clothesline to her 20 foot training lead, knowing that we could always grab the rope if she took off unexpectedly. We did this all the time... Well, there was a young couple walking nearby, and being playful with each other. The girl kept walking, but the guy quickly dropped behind her. Suddenly, he grabbed her from behind -- well Tiffany's hair raised into a line that ran from her head down to her tail! She took off like a flash, huffing and puffing through her jowles and snarling, both ears standing straight up (she routinely pushed one ear down -- she just liked it that way, LOL)... until she saw the guy spin the girl around and start kissing her. Tiffany came to a complete halt... stared at them until she knew the girl was safe, and then came trotting back like, "Look Mama! I was going to help her!" LOL... I praised her up and down!!

RIP Tiffany -- you will never leave our hearts...

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Diesel has protected me on a few occasions or at least alerted me.

Most people know I have had my fair share of dumb people living around me and Diesel for the most part is pretty tolerant of them unless they put off a bad vibe or actually are doing something to cause me to panic.

First time was when we were at home. I live on the ground level of an apartment complex (bad idea) Diesel and I had just gotten home from playing with his sister and I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready. All of the sudden Diesel is barking, growling and hair standing up from the top of his neck all the way down his back and doing things I have never seen him do. He was jumping at the door and kept running back and forth between the door and me. I was shocked because I had no idea what was going on. Diesel always let's me know when someone passes by the house but never like this. I tried to go see what was happening and Diesel all but knocked me over to keep me away from the door. I finally told him "show me" and he let me come over but only with him in front of me with his butt pressed against my legs. This whole time he is still barking, spit flying, growling and I notice this guy is standing outside staring at me. I was completely freaked out because I had a similar thing happen when I was very young and the guy actually broke into my house with me in it! I told the guy to leave or I was calling the cops meanwhile I made the motion as if I was going to open the door to let Diesel out (I wasn't actually going to because I didn't know what this guy would do) and he booked it the second he realized I was going to let my big Doberman out. Honestly if I was him I would've run the second I heard Diesel go nuts and try to break through the glass door. I was so proud of Diesel and praised him.

Second time, I was walking Diesel in the dark recently because that's the only time it's not freakishly hot out to walk. The path really isn't lighted well but it's right next to a main road so I figured no one would try anything because people could see. Well we came across this really strange guy who was making me really nervous. I was trying to lose him on the walk to see if he was following us and he was. Diesel gets very close to me when he sense something is wrong and watches in the direction he feels is threatening. Diesel was pretty much walking backwards and then stopped. This guy was getting really close to us. Diesel let out a low growl, hackles up, and the guy made some noise at us and Diesel let out one bark and the guy ran faster then I'd ever seen anyone run haha Later I found out this guy had been following young women on the path so thank goodness I had Diesel with me.

He's had a few other times as well but these were the big ones. I fully trust Diesel when it comes to who to like and who not to. If he doesn't like someone then I don't like that person I have no doubt in my mind Diesel would protect me in a heartbeat if something serious were to happen. No one gets to his mama if he doesn't okay it and I love him for that especially late at night. I'm a small girl. I only weigh 110lbs so someone could easily take me down but when I have him with me I don't have a worry in the world. Most people turn away from us haha

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Hello! I cannot say I had one of my dogs defend me. I am lucky because I look like a Grizzly bear and no one ever mess with me. But the people close to me know I am only a big teddy bear. Kind of like a Hell’s Angel, but without the tattoos. However, I pity the fool who would dare touch one of my dogs. I am thinking of making a sign saying: Never mind the Doberman, but beware of owner….

Now for the current subject…Many years ago (mid 80’s), I owned a little motel. By the time my male Doberman reached about 6 months of age, sometimes he was growling for no apparent reasons, when a customer walked in the lobby. The next day after the customer left the motel I would find a lot of damage in the room. The price of the repairs was much more than the price of the room for 1 night. After a while I notice that this was happening for each time I rented a room to a customer my dog did not like.

After that every time my dog was acting up when a customer walked in the lobby, I refused to rent him a room, telling him that all the rooms were already reserved. Since then, I did not have any more damage in my motel rooms.

Greetings from Arya

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Stella tried to look out for my health many times. She would always worry about my cholesterol and calorie intake, as she would always try to eat my pizza or other assorted take out food before i could. she once saved me certain cardiac arrest by eating a whole frozen pizza i was letting cool on the table. I know she was looking out for my health because she would never eat my salads when left unattended, although she did try to lick the ranch dressing off of them.

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I have to say Rush has saved me from the unwanted sales person trying to sell one thing or another. He will normally make it to the door before me and just stand there looking out the window next to front door. If the sales person doesn't turn and walk away I will open the door and listen for a bit. Once I say I am not interested and they continue to try and push their product Rush will then come to my side and poke his head out the door this will normally send the sales person along his/her way.
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You all know my goober, sweetie-Si guy therapy dog Silas. Well, he didn't save my life or protect me, but he did show me that he actually might if the need arose (and thankfully I haven't had one of those events!)

We were re-homing our pet parrot. After a long search and a lot of screening, we had the chosen guy come over to take Otis home with him. Anyway, I had Silas outside because I wasn't sure how he felt about dogs. After some discussion, it turns out he had two staffies at home, so I decided to let Silas in to meet the guy after bragging shamelessly about how he was a therapy dog and kids read aloud to him every week! Well, it turns out that Phillip went to go grab some random Otis supplies, and I let Silas in ahead of me. He bolted into the living room, saw this strange guy standing there without us anywhere to be found, and came to a stop. I heard him stop and start growling deeply, at which point I ran into the room to see him standing there, growling, staring at the guy at about a body length away. The guy just froze - I called Si back, apologizing, but was utterly shocked and at the same time pleasantly surprised at his reaction.

I don't expect a dog to protect me, but warn me. I'd say in my mind that was an ideal reaction. I don't think that he'd actually bite someone - maybe if someone were hurting me? But for most situations I don't think it's necessary and in fact it's more dangerous for the dog.

I hope to never experience a "real" situation to test him.


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I know there was a recent incident on Long Island. The family owned a Doberman, and one night the dog started barking/snarling because it heard something outside. When they opened the door to see what the noise was, their Dobie shot out the door and attacked someone that was armed and was already in the process of breaking in through a window or something! Unfortunately, the dog got shot, I think in the mouth, but was expected to be ok. That dog's bravery and sacrifice saved his family!
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My last Doberman named Gabriel never barked, there were only 2 incidents where he did. The first was when myself, Brother, Dad, and Mom were all sleeping. I was abruptly woken up by a strange barking, I was only ever used to hearing my Black Lab/GSD mix barking. I then heard my mix barking, I got up and checked the living room where they were and turned on the lights. My dad followed and we opened the door and it turned out that someone was attempting to crow bar open our door.

Second incident my Mom walked into the bathroom with her Halloween costume, it was a male biker outfit with a mask. When she walked out with the costume on Gabriel was laying down and once he saw her with the costume he got up faster than lightening and charged my mom with full one barking and growling. Mom mom backed up and quickly took off her mask. Both times we praised heavily for protecting us

Not a Dobe but my first Dog I grew up with was my Moms, a Black Lab/GSD and her name was Shadow. My Mom didn't know how to swim and she fell into the water and Shadow went in after and pulled her back to shore.

There was another time while we were out at fishing camp in Alaska and there was an adolescent brown bear outside our cabin, about the size of an adult black bear and she ran it off and by biting the bear in the buttock.

While playing outside I was never to leave without my dogs because they warned me of brown bears before I ever got to close to them. My dogs would warn me and I would walk in the opposite direction.

Again with Shadow I was probably 7-8 and there was a next door neighbor kid was really being aggressive with his bullying and I sicked Shadow on him not really thinking she would do it. She took off circling him and barking. He started crying, I was shocked and immediately called he back.

I could go on and on lol with dog stories of how the protected me but I wont, the post is already long enough.

Eva & "Odin" Ravensown My Way or the Highway

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
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Keegan the Serial Kisser

Our boy Keegan who is known at the agility trials as "the serial kisser," definitely protected the doberdad one night at a trial. Keegan never barks at anyone at the trials, he has been going with us since he was a small puppy and knows what is expected and what is normal. We were at a trial at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center (very nice facility out in the countryside with no neerby neighborhoods), parked in the RV parking area. The doberdad was walking him at about midnight when three very tall older teenagers/young men appeared out of nowhere. Definitely not exhibitors. Keegan plunged to the end of the flexi and did his best Cujo impersonation. The doberdad feared that he would snap the leash, he was that fierce. The boys quickly disappeared just as they had come. We suspect that they were casing the place with no good intensions. Good boy Keegan! We have a very different take on who he really is now.
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Not quite the same caliber, but...

Thor as my service dog normally goes with me everywhere. However he no longer accompanies me to the dentist. A few years ago I went for a checkup and as soon as the dentist came in and sat down Thor climbed into my lap, put his head on my chest and just stared at the dentist. No growling or showing teeth, just calmly stared at him. Since Thor's mouth was only about 10 inches away from my dentist I used the opportunity to have him look at Thor's teeth. I opened his mouth and then asked him if a dark spot I saw on one of the back molars was a cavity. Thor had no problem with the dentist poking in his teeth.

However, I thought it best to leave Thor at home for any dental appts. after that, as I really would like my dentist to have a steady hand when drilling.
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my crew has saved me from eating a lot of sandwiches...but i learn to eat the sandwich first and then clean up...
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Forgive me for resurrecting an old thread but I loved reading your stories. I have one that's a little bit different. I had a regular house-sitting client out in the country...a couple of horses, a cat and a gorgeous male dobie named Kaiser. He and I hit it off from the first moment we met, so much so that the first night in the house, I was sleeping in the guest room, and he'd gone to bed in the master bedroom, in his bed with his cookie for bed-time, per instructions. Sometime after midnight I woke up to hear a strange sound..when I turned on the light, the sound stopped. I listened for a wihle, then went back to sleep. A while later, I woke up to the strange sound again but this time when I turned on the light I saw Kaiser in the act of dragging his bed into my bedroom lol. Sorry, got sidetracked! ANYhow...one time, the owners were expected back the next day and I woke up at 3am to the sound of voices on the stairs (the inside stairs, from living room). Kaiser didn't even wake up. It was the owners, back early, BUT, they'd arrived by cab (so not a familiar vehicle) pulling in to their gravel driveway. He was NOT a watchdog! lol
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Rou gets protective and tries to be intimidating and growl at people and other dogs walking towards us on trails... once they get close enough and I explain to them he is harmless, he wiggles his nub and shows exactly how harmless he really is. Even if he is young, he tries his hardest to warn others... at least I try to tell myself this. He has calmed down recently, but did it again today.

He thinks his puppy bark is scary. My boyfriend witnessed him pee himself over a friend coming out from the bushes near my house he was so scared/protective. He said it was funny, but my poor boy
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I may have posted this before, but last summer my husband had Dexter (a rescue) Doberman on a leash walking down the road by the lake, while I had Khaleesi (both her dam and sire were/are SCH titled) on a leash. A teenage boy came up the hill from the lake. No reaction from the dogs. Behind him, his grandpa, who was as mean looking as they come.

He was scowling at my husband and I and at my dogs and he looked really rough. Dexter pretty much ignored him. Meanwhile little 1 year old Khaleesi immediately halted and all her back hair on her neck & spine went straight up. She started growling with extra spit around her mouth. I patted her and basically said, "Yes, I see him." and kept walking. She walked with me, but the whole way up the hill back to my uncle's house she kept her head facing backwards while she walked forward. The old man did stop in his tracks and continued glaring at us, his grandson just got in the truck and ignored all this.

But I am sure that had the older man even walked towards us, we would've had an issue.
I'm taking her to SCH training, which she loves. But I"m aware she is very wary. She even growled at a huge crow that flew near me once.

I love that about her, but I have to make sure she's not compromised. She is very stranger friendly if I "Ok" them to her. She's my 3rd Dobe, and by far, my most protective.

Delmira Arya Khaleesi Dragon Queen
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My first Dobe Kaiser showed how protective he could be when he first meet my mother.
She had always talked to him on the phone, so he could get accustomed to her voice, I don't have children so that's the best it gets for grandDobeKids.
I never thought this out well.
When we picked her up from the airport I said when we get home be quiet and sit on the couch and ill bring him in on the leash as she was nervous of large dogs.
Bad mistake. DOH
When I walked into the living room with him, he bolted once he seen a quiet stranger sitting on the couch and lunged into the air., teeth snapping. Luckily I pulled back on the leash.
By the next night she was laying beside him on the couch all cuddled up and she kept saying "I can't believe how viscious he is, if I didn't see it with my own eyes"
He warmed up to her real quick once he heard her voice as he had heard it on the phone for a couple of years.

Nubis (Anubis), 3 times a charm.
RIP (Kaiser & Lady)
My comments are from Lessons Learned and the School of Hard Knocks.

••••I give you thanks, not because you are right or wrong, but for your participation because without opinions, we will never learn••••

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My husband had a female dobe back in the 80's, long before we were married. He said she would walk the house at night checking on everyone, then sleep on the floor beside his daughter's bed. One night he heard some barking and glass breaking. She had lunged at a man that was coming in through an unlocked window in his daughter's room. In doing so, she broke the glass. She held the man down long enough for police to arrive. Come to find out, he had previously been charged for raping a child. He went back to prison.

She is the reason we recently added a dobe to our family. My first, and I adore him!
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