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Snapping teeth, while playing?!

I've noticed, with age, Logan is doing it more when he gets super excited with play ...
He'll start to snap his teeth together!
I can hear his teeth snap-snapping!

His lips kinda curl, and he makes these weird snapping sounds!
He does this at the dog park, but did it to be the other night while we were playing rough ..

I know it's just play, but good god, it's FUNNY!!
(Especially knowing what a huge sucky-baby he is, and it makes him look quite scary!!)

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?!

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LOL, its funny to hear and see, Both of my GSDs do it when we work with a toy or tug, and I know alot of sport dogs that do it as well. Its usually an indication of the dog being in high prey or fight drive.

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aquaholic (02-05-2009)
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sure do know what you're talking about...My last Dobe Katie and I would snap at eachother....LOL!
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aquaholic (02-05-2009)
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Gracie does that all the time. We laugh at her all the time for it.

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aquaholic (02-05-2009)
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Deacon, from our singleton litter in 2004, does that all of the time.

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aquaholic (02-05-2009), GingerGunlock (01-24-2013)
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I am not sure about snapping there teeth together. But for a good two weeks Louie has picked up a habit of moving his jaw up and down and his cheeks start to quiver. lol. it's so funny. He does this when he is super excited. Maybe it's the same thing, i don't know.

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aquaholic (02-05-2009)
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Our old girl dose it when she wants treats and has a different snapping noise for different treats. Of course it works for her and has for 11 years.
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Hogan does it when he's really excited... usually when we're on the way to training and when we first get there. And every time he sees his favorite Grandma ;-)

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My girl does it.


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Lil Dog
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Tonka snaps his teeth also. I keep waiting for one 2 break
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Brings back memories of my girl Daisy. She snapped her teeth when excited. Most dogs would bark but instead she would snap. My othe two Dobes wouldn't do it. She had another habit that was cute, she would groan when really relaxed. If you groaned back she would usually groan back. The first time it happened my wife jumped up and said Daisy growled at me. It was a groan after listening to it.
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Red does the classic mouth slap. He does it during play, but also when he is anticipating a treat, and when he is frustrated about something. He's done it since he was a puppy.

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SonoPixie (01-25-2013)
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Ripley does it every time I ask him if he wants to go to the park. Ley lays down in front of me immediately and slaps his teeth together a couple times. That's about the only time he does it.

Originally Posted by Caelestis View Post
No, I haven't posted or read the threads, I came back for you. They can all bow down to you now.....roflmao!!!! You are the King baybee!! You are the King!  582
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My old dobe, Liesl, used to do that. It was another way in which she "spoke". She popped her jaws to indicate excitement.

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Daemon does this too, Personally I love it, lol. If I tell him speak sometimes he will start off snapping his teeth real loud before letting out a monster bark.

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Lil Pup
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my dobie snaps her teeth when wanting to go outside. It is pretty funny!
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Venus's dad
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Snapping teeth, while playing?!

Mine snaps her teeth when we play . When I stop playing shell just look at me and whine then she snap her teeth in front of my face lol. It's the funniest

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Penny snaps her teeth when she is playing also very verbal
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Semper Fidelis
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My boy does this all the time... I call it "shark-face"

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LOL SNAPPING TEETH...daily I lightly play slap my puppies mouth, with a used sock, to stir her up.
Also, I will bait her mouth with the end of my finger poke, and pull it quickly back, before the dober shark jaws clamp down.
- part of our soft bite/muzzle training...he-he...and at 20 weeks old, Kelly won't hurt her Dad (anymore), all is good

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)
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A rescue I spend ALOT of time with did that every time he saw me. Then stand between my legs and try to pick me up while siting. I miss that dog.

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Beaumont67 (01-24-2013)
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Yep, we have it too, we call it 'crocodile snaps'.

Toby does it when he is trying to tell me something and because I am such a dimwhit human I fail to understand.
He also does it when he is playing, usually following it with a high pitch yelpy bark that hurts your ears if you are too close.
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Deck used to pop his jaw at me if i'd correct him with a loud HEY. i actually have video of it on my phone...i'll see if i can upload it later.
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Beaumont67 (01-24-2013)
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Got mutt?
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Ilka (not a Dobe) does it, usually when I have her bedtime treat in my hand.

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Rouleaux has done this once or twice, but he would much rather bring me one of his many stuffed toys and buck around like a crazy bull.

I hope Kpal4978 comes across this thread. Her boy does this. It is pretty cool to watch
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