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Lil Pup
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How often do you bathe/shower your dogs? And what do you use (besides water)? Any good tips on keeping your dogs clean? Thanks!
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Only when say one rolls on dead salmon DISGUSTING!! If we aren't doing conformation they get a bath a few times a year with a basic light shampoo. The last time I bathed my Dobe she was skunked so 3 months ago I think. She stays clean. If she gets a bit dirty at the river from sand, she goes in the river which helps.

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I bathe about once a month now. I use various dog shampoos, Double K, Green Groom, Earth Bath, an exfoliating Sulphur we use at work if he has allergies, furminator conditioner if he's shedding a lot.
In the summer/spring I have to bathe more often because of allergies

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u mad?
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I bathe my doberman maybe twice a year unless, for some reason, he gets himself into something very gross/dirty.

My other dog is a whole different story but that's because she likes to jump in the pool and then dirt and then the pool again and then dirt again.

As for what I use, I use a moisturizing/anti-dandruff dog shampoo (PetHead) and conditioner (also PetHead). With the conditioner I put it on, rub it in, and then leave it for about 5 minutes before rubbing it in some more and then rinsing.

I've found, however, that my dog is at his shiniest when he hasn't had a bath in a while. A good diet and weekly/bi-weekly grooming with a curry comb or zoom groom keeps my boy looking great.

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I bathe before a show and not otherwise unless someone gets skunked, or otherwise gets funky. I use whatever shampoo is in the dispenser at the dog wash/oil change. Last time Wheeler had a bath was in August, I think and Lola got a bath before the Nationals.

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Missing my beautiful girl
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I'm doing research and learning now for when I get my pup next December. I know that you have to expose a pup to bathing so they don't act a fool once they're grown. But I also know that Dobes don't need constant bathing. So my question is this....Do you think it would not be detrimental to the skin if I "bathed" him/her with only water? Just to get him/her used to the feel of the shower and water. I'm thinking if I don't use soap, it should be ok and lets the pup get used to the bathing process. Whatd'ya'll think?


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I take Bacchus to the car wash. They have a separate little facility that is heated and air conditioned. The tub is elevated and he walks the steps into it. It's stainless steel. They have different shampoos, conditioners, rinsing and a blow dryer. He's not thrilled but just because he hates water doesn't mean he can go bathless.
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Found out if you use a people bath pouf you use less shampoo also it is easier to rinse the shampoo out if you use a quart of clear vinegar with water it also helps get all the shampoo out.
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Toorc the Dork
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I haven't needed to bathe Toorc with the exception of the initial day that I brought him home. We have gone to the beach several times since he received his final shots and I still haven't needed to. I will rinse him off quickly when we come home though. I feel gross after stepping into the ocean I'm sure he does too lol
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Bathed Amy 2x in 11.7 years...due to meeting a skunk (at night) that looked to much like a black stray cat (to chase).
- with her diet, dobe never had canine BO...and she didn't like getting dirty much...always walked around mud and water puddles...he-he

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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Koa has had two baths in his life (he's 2.5), both times just from getting nasty dirty (ie poop). He doesn't like it much, but when I say "stay" he doesn't have much of an option

From his diet his coat looks great and he always has a nice smell. So unless he gets into something I just spare us both the trouble!

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If I'm showing before each show. Otherwise every two to three months. I use nova pearls shampoo. A drop in a pitcher of water pour it over and lightly run my hands around. Using very mild water the hotter the more dandruff I see. Then apple cider vinegar in a pitcher of water dumped over them. Blow dry on cool setting knocks off all dead hairs and wipe off with a microfiber cloth.

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New to puppies
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We washed Griffin this weekend, his first bath, because he got stinky after a bout of diarrhea. And because my husband really wanted to give him a rooibos tea rinse
We sponged him with soapy water on the lawn, sponged that off, then poured the rooibos tea rinse over him, let him have a shake and quick gallop and then towel dried him. Had small biltong (jerky) treats for when he was standing nicely and to redirect him when he tried moving away or started to shut down.
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Boats 'N Dobes
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Rams has a natural "odor" but does not smell if that makes sense. His odor changed a couple times after we first got him when we were switching foods.

Although his body smells fine after weeks with no bath, his feet and legs smell terrible. He is not the most hygenic when it comes to urinating and to be honest he is quite messy and careless where he points his stream. It usually ends up on the back of his feet.

soooo, he gets his legs washed every few days and is usually bathed monthly as needed.

In the summer he spends a lot of time in the water and always smells like the lake. It always reminds me of the weekends previous adventures and he seems to get bathed less frequently unless he finds a dead fish...
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