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Lil Pup
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Please help me my dogs smells

hello, I have a 10 month ago red dobermen , I've had him since he was 4 months ago, for the past 4 months now , I've notice a foul smell that won't seem to go away. its almost smells like dirty ears but the smell is coming from his fur. before i would be giving him a bath every sunday .. but the smell is so bad i have to wash him every two days even all his bedding and toys. his noses always smells like poo no matter if i wash it the smell comes right back. i have token my dogs to vet for this problem and even they were surprise with the way he smells but still they couldn't give me a reason why he smells.. just maybe well it could be this or that .. kind of things .. they gave him penicillin for two weeks and when he was on it i notice a little bit of difference and also a special kind of dog food to help with coat and also shampoo .. but nothing is working i have just giving him a bath at 3pm and its only 11pm and he is starting to smell again! i don't know what to do ... its very frustrating i almost want to give him up because i don't know what to do anymore.. and he smells so much i won't let run around the house because he makes anything smell he lays on .. i know its not his fault but i really don't know what to do ... i really love him he's a really beautiful dog and he's part of the family but he stinks I've seem to tried just about everything and if maybe someone on this site had the same problem as me and has resolved it please help me and my dog
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His nose smells like poo?

Maybe after you give him a bath he goes outside and rolls in the first smelly thing he finds; some dogs do that. I think bathing him every 2 days is excessive and likely stripping his coat of natural oils. Have you considered changing his diet?

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What do you feed him (including treats and extras)? Is there anything else about him that seems out of the norm? How are his coat and skin? Any itching or flakiness or bumps? Does he frequently clean his back end? As odd (any maybe offensive LOL!) as it sounds, have you ever carefully sniffed him all over to see if there are better and worse parts of him?
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Eschew Prolixity
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Did the vet check his anal glands?
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Lil Pup
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He's eating royal canin*with duck. He's doctor to me that would help with everything . Other then that he was on blue buffalo. Treats he doesn't get no treats .

And he has never rolled around In dirt or grass. The only time hes out side is for walks or to use the washroom .

I've ask the lady at petsmart for any ideas as well and she told ask ur vet to squeeze my dogs anal glands because dogs bum always seems because he always let's out liquid poo when's he's playing
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I bet your vet sells that dog food...:wink: There are certainly better foods to try for possible allergies.

Let us know how it goes with the anal glands. That can be a stinky problem.
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If your dog is having liquid poop being exuded when he plays that is ABNORMAL and it really sounds more like an anal sac problem than anything else to me.

Are his stools solid? or are they always soft and runny?

Bathing every two days is waaaay too often and you can cause skin problems which can make a dog smell--staph infections can make a dog stink. Dogs licking their anus because of full or infected anal sacs can have bad breath because of that. I can't imagine what would make a dogs nose smell like poop.

My recommendation would be to take your dog to a vet dermatologist and get to the bottom of the cause of his odor. Sometimes going to a specialist is the fastest way to identify a problem.
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I tried some duck "treats' on M one time and when I opened the bag, I couldn't stand the smell so they went in the trash. Maybe a different protein source. Royal Canin is not on my choice of pet foods neither is science diet and they are both sold by vets. All that glitters is not gold. The vet I work with and I have had "discussions" on these dog foods and I have used both for specific problems with M and neither one helped her problems. She's been on Natures Variety Prairie Formula for a long time, but just in the last 2 weeks, she has been turning her nose up at it. I feed the Yorkie Fromm and M is always trying to snarf hers up so I am in the process of switching M to Fromm. We'll see how this goes. On the anal gland issue, expressing them might help alot. But if you don't know how to do it, please let a vet or a tech express them.
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If your dog is having liquid poop being exuded when he plays that is ABNORMAL
Yes, ABNORMAL....did you tell your Vet about the runny poop coming out when he plays? It may not be THE reason he smells bad, but part of a whole problem (like anal glands, what he eats, yeast...could all play a part). Go to a different Vet and get a different viewpoint. His oder is stemming from something, and sometimes two, three, or four heads are better than one....because it's stemming from somthing, it can be just have to dig into the mystery further.


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Might spray him with a mixture of water and Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar mix it up spray of course keep it away from their eyes, let it dry on them. They ony smell like vinegar for a few minutes it would be better than bathing him every 2 days which would strip the natural oils of the coat. It is much cheaper in the long run to take them to a Dermatologist than running back & forth to the vet when the dog still has the same problem I also would change foods.Good luck
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Ziggy was stinking pretty bad for awhile and I eventually had to just change his food. That seems to have almost entirely fixed the problem. I hated switching his food because he has a majorly sensitive stomach and almost everything gives him the runs. Luckily this new food I put him on seems okay so far.

I think extreme stinkiness is usually a food problem but I'd take him to a dermatologist just to get their opinion.

Ziggy - born 6/6/09
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If your dog leaks poop when he plays, go to the vet. "leaking" of any kind is not normal, and typically not healthy.

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Horrible dog smell is pretty common with dogs that are on lower quality foods I have noticed.
I smell it all the time at work, as soon as the water hits the dog, I can tell they feed him cheap food. I call it "cheap dog food stink". Royal Canin qualifies as one of those stinky foods. And no amount of washing will get rid of it.

And you should be bathing him 4 times a month MAX, less would be better.

He could have any one of numerous skin conditions that would make him smell.
By liquid poo do you mean his anal glands are always expressing on their own, randomly? I have heard of this happen, where the dog cant control his anal glands, and that would definitely explain why he always stinks, you should take him to a different vet.

And switch to a natural mild hypoallergenic shampoo with no scent. If he has a skin issue, shampoo can make it worse.

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also try using only natural fibres for his bedding...synthetic fibres augment the stink really quickly.

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noses smells like poop , smell

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