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Sea Hag
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I've had one live to be two months short of being 13-she was still able to AWE the younger dogs with her ability to party. I lost another at age 7. The other dobermans have all been somewhere between those ages at time of death.

I'd certainly consider any doberman over age 10 to be on borrowed time, I think the study Mary referenced is pretty accurate about average lifespan.
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Sorry to hear about your dog. That's always heartbreaking...

Originally Posted by feverone View Post
Yep I know someone who has had 8 dobes and only one lived to 9 1/2.. when they hit 7 she starts to worry of when the shoes gonna drop.so sad really but she continues to have them and accepts it because she loves them so much dispite the health problems. And all these dogs she has owned have all been from differant breeders and bloodlines.
Yes... that's about me too. I have never had a Doberman older than 9.
They are awesome dogs and I am going to continue with the breed.

I live each day with my Doberman as if it's our last one. A celebration of life, not a mourning of death...

"A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than
his owner can express with his tongue in hours"

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My old girl (avatar pic - she was just shy of 13 in that pic) I put to sleep 2 1/2 yrs ago at age 14 1/2. My old boy was put to sleep a year ago at 8 1/2 yr (wobbler's).
My current dobes are all young (12mos, 15mos and 3 1/2 yrs) so hopefully they'll be around for a while.

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Originally Posted by Gressa View Post
I am interested in hearing from some of you with long lived Dobies. I just love dobermans. I am heartbroken as I just received confirmation that my beautiful doberman has lymphoma. She turned 5 years old just last week. My family had a doberman when I was a kid that also died of lymphoma at age 7.

I hope to have another dobie in the future but am not sure I can take the emotional toll if they often die young. Please give some good news and convince me another dobie will be mine someday
First of all, let me say that I'm sorry to hear that your girl has lymphoma. Hopefully she has the type that responds to treatment, and you'll have a couple of quality years left.

I know lots of people that have had Dobermans that lived to double-digits - in fact, most of my friends have had at least one Doberman that lived to be 12 or so.

I'm probably totally jinxing myself, but my first 4 Dobermans have lived to be at least 12 & 1/2, and two of these are still alive at about 13 & 1/2. I knew that my luck was bound to run out, and I did lose one of my girls last month at just over 9 to suspected brain cancer:-( I really hope that's it not the start of a downward trend ...

I really can't explain why I've been so lucky, but I'm guessing that it is mainly due to genetics - I don't know anything about my rescue girl's background, but all of my other older dogs had at least one parent that lived to be at 12 or older. So did the one I just lost, so it's not a perfect system, but it can't hurt.

I hope you don't give up on the breed.

~Laura in MN

Tower's Raven Beauty, CGC "Portia"
09/23/93 ~ 02/26/06

"Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really."
~Agnes Sligh Turnbull
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I am very sorry to hear about the diagnosis of lymphoma. And with two in a row.
This hits close to home. I recently lost a Dobe boy who I loved so very much, he was only 5 years of age. He was diagnosed very shortly after he turned 5 with breed related illnesses, we did all we could and hoped so bad we could fix him and have him back, but it wasn't meant to be. It did hurt so bad, still does. I think of him often. His parents are still living as are all siblings. We got very unlucky. I know of some people with Chihuahua's, one of the longest lived breeds, who also got unlucky with the genetic roll of the dice. And some got very lucky. You just never know.

But only you can decide if you feel a Doberman would be a great match for you for the future. Search your heart. It is always a gamble. All life is. It isn't fair. No dog (regardless of breed) is promised tomorrow, you have to really just cherish what you get when it comes to dogs. As for me, I just can't cherish life properly without a Dobe or two. But everyone is different, that is why there are so many breeds.

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities ~JK Rowling
Life's challenges are not suppose to paralyze you, they are suppose to help you discover who you are ~Bernice Reagon

Happy to share my life with Dobermans
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I lost my beloved red boy Rocky a month short of his 10th birthday-Sudden Death.
We just don't have them long enough.
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I have one who is 12 - limps a bit. I have lost them usually around 9 to 11.

the boys (rip): Cato, Emerald's Black Onyx, Emerald's Black Quartz
Owned by the girls: Enid, Jill (kelpie) and Lana.
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I'm on my 4th dobe.. I don't include my fosters b/c I adopt them out.

Never had 1 live past 9

DCM, cancer..
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First off, I am so, so very sorry to hear your girl has Lymphoma. Cancer is such a devastating, tragic disease. It's so hard to lose a dog at any age, nevermind one so young. One of my Rottweilers ended up with Lymphoma as well and died shortly after she turned 5 years old. Another of my dogs, Tango (Toller/Border Collie mix), died suddenly as well at 4 years old. Her cause was a sudden and very painful paralysis. Both losses were incredibly hard to take... they were both just so young, and so sudden.

As for longevity of Dobes, my first Doberman lived to be just about 11 years old. We only had him for 4 years, as he was a rescue that we adopted, but I am very grateful that he entered our lives and am glad that we were able to give him the best years he'd likely ever known. Cancer of the spleen and stomach took him in the end.

My current two Dobermans are 2.5 years and 1 year old. I hope to have them around for a long time, but there have been two (maybe 3 now) sudden DCM deaths in the line (aunt and uncle) within the past little while, and I am very afraid that I am going to lose both of them young. I hope not... I really, really hope not.

I know an almost 16 year old Doberman, though. Her sisters all made it to around 14, which is a good long life for a Dobe, but this girl is still around. So that gives me some hope. I've known a few Dobes to make it to about 12 as well, which is also a pretty good age.

Journey - Oracle Twist of Fate TreeStarr
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[And Keira, gone but never forgotten: 2007-2014]
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Lil Pup
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Had a Blue female that lived to just a few weeks shy of 13 years. Im amazed and credit my wifes tenacity on taking care of them. She had blue dobe disease along with copper storage. When we brought her home as a pup she had worms. She did not come from as reputable of a breeder as our two newest did but we were able to keep her alive and pain free as possible for 12+ years.
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My first doberman lived to be 14 1/2. I waited 12 years before getting another doberman because of the heartache I went through. Reflecting back, I shouldn't have waited so long.

I hope to God to be this lucky with Sabrina even though, statistically, I know the harsh reality.
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I lost one at 5 - DCM, one at almost 9, others still alive *knock on wood*.
There is a special thread for honoring passed away dogs on a big Russian doberman forum and I always read it because it gives me a better understanding of which lines have what. And eventhough owners don't always post the cause of death, it's still quite beneficial.
Well, from my observation, I hardly ever see any of the 10+. Most of them pass either young or around 8-9.

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about little puppies." -- Gene Hill
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Taz was 10 and Liz 10 1/2.

RIP My Taz and Liz,until we meet again..
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Thank you for your posts. I am considering purchasing a dobbie as a family companion. I grew up with dobbermans as far back as the late 50's and early 60's. I owned my first dobberman as a young adult in the early 70's. He was a great dog and lived to be 13 yrs old. It's been decades since I've owned one. I know the breed has had significant problems over the past several decades. That's the reason I've stayed away from owning one. The dobbermans today do not even look like the dobbermans I grew up with in the 60's. I'm very concerned about getting one. Finding a responsible breeder is challenging in the Atlanta or anywhere in the country for that matter. I love dobbermans always have. I've reading some of the research and literature on doberman health. Purchasing one seems like a shot in the dark (particularly with the cost factor of purchase price, health care and irresponsible breeders). If anyone can help me find a responsible breeder in the Atlanta, Ga area I would appreciate it. Thanks guys.
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This is such a sad thread for me. As much as I love Major, and the breed, I don't think I'll ever own another Doberman after him. He's 3 1/2 years old now and fit as a fiddle but I can't imagine life without him. I can't imagine losing him and I think he is the last dog I'll ever own, or who I'll be owned by.

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My first dobe Eddie was pts at 10 with heart problems (not DCM). Amber, my seond dobe died at 14 1/2, her back legs gave out on her & she was pts June last year. Homer my third dobe has DCM/CHF,he is 7.

All 3 of my babies came to me through doberman rescue & when Homer goes I shall be looking for no.4. I just can't imagine my life without a dobe in it. The joy these dogs bring to my life outweighs the grief of losing one.

Better to have loved & lost than never to have loved at all.
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Garth lived to 11.5 yrs old. In the last few months his back legs were prone to giving out. We gave him meds to combat his discomfort. When the day came that I knew he was suffering, I made the hardest decision of my life. He died in my arms.
He had a wonderful, wonderful life, full of love. He passed away with dignity.

Chaos, our red female is now 9.5 and runs & plays like a machine. She had Cancer last year, lost her leg & shoulder, but it hasn't slowed her down. She is very fit, still saucy, and enjoys life to the fullest. Our vet felt she would have several years left. Thank goodness, as her Cancer wore me out too.

My girlfriend's male lived to 14. He was on meds for incontinence for about 6 months but happy and comfortable (and LOVED) until he passed.

All these dogs came from the same Canadian breeder.
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My first FM dobe (born 1977) died of cancer at 9.5 y/o.

Current FM dobe Amy is 11.4 y/o (now) and her back legs get stiff and she needs a ramp to get into my 4x4 truck (using ramp for 2 years now).
- she is not liking the step climb to the second floor at bedtime recently or jumping up on the bed much (so we help her)
Otherwise, she is doing OK, in the senior years.

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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I agree that their lives are no way long enough. I have had some good luck though. Longest lived I had was Dancer 13 1/2. She had DCM (on meds for just over 5 years) and lymphoma. She want through Wisconsin-Madison protocol for her cancer. She did great! Cancer was in remission, but her heart just gave out. The others were, Dasher just over 10 (cancer), Prancer 11 1/2 (DCM) and Comet only 8 (DCM).

Best of luck with your dobe!


In our hearts forever.

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I've got a brother and sister who will turn 8 in May 2013, they are both healthy and I'm surprised to hear that the life expectancy is so short, both have never had any health issues up to now and look like they are in their prime now!
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I lost Rex earlier this year, he was nearly 12.
He was certainly showing his age. He did not have the same spring in his step as he did when he was younger. I noticed after he turned 9 that he was starting to slow down. He wasn't able to go on long walks with me like he used to.

Rex died due to torsed stomach.

I have always been told that a Dobie will live to no longer than 10 years. Obviously that isn't quite true. But it is a decent planning age and something to aim for and prepare for. Although losing Rex was devastating.
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Lost my first boy at 10 to DCM ,first girl 12 to old age and it's problems and my last boy at just 5 to DCM ,said never again! Am now waiting on my new boy,due on December 1st. Just can't live without one! But forever would be the only right life span.
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Big Pup
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Dogs Name: Arrow-found 5/1997 to 9/28/2012; Remmington (Adopted thru my vet) & Sasha (Dobe Rescue of N. TX)
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Dogs Age: Arrow lived ~16yrs, Remy 2yrs, Sasha 9 months
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After reading this thread I now realize how lucky I was, my first Doberman, Arrow (named after the movie The Point, because he made me complete) lived to be almost 16 year. I found him at about 5-9 months old so it is hard to know exactly his age.
I put him to sleep 9/28/2012, he suffered from sever arthritis in his hips, loss of blader and bowls. I believe he was eating his own poo because he was embarised.
He had two TPLO surgeries after blowing out his ACL's at about 9 years and again at 10 years. About 6 month before the end he got "old dog disease", which I nursed him thru.
No mater how much pain he was in, he always met me at the door, waging his tail.
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VegaStar Dobermans
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I'm sad to see how many people lost their dogs to lymphoma.
I lost my Strider to lymphoma at age 7. Is it the most common cancer for dobermans?
I have a female who just turned 12.....she's slowing down.....but still perky at times. ha

VegaStar Dobermans
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My First Dobe lived to 13.5 years dying from cancer. My second died at 6 with DCM. My current Dobe will be 11 in two weeks. By rights he should have died at 7.5 when he suffered a disc rupture in his neck and was quadraplegic for a day before having surgery. He never recovered 100% but can walk and run a bit although drags his front paws and nuckles them under frequently.
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