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Gas and Pain

For over a month now my 6 yr old boy Reichen has been having episodes of screaming pain with an unknown cause. He also has had a distended belly that is full of air. He doesn't seem to pass gas or poop as often either.

I had xrays done on his belly and it showed a large amount of gas in his intestines. I have heard of dogs that scream in pain from excess gas and I think I am going to try and rule that out at least.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to help a dog pass gas and reduce their gas?

He is fed a raw diet and this is not bloat or torsion.
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Peaches had this and was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease after a biopsy was performed. Find out foods that cause him more gas than others and eliminate it. With Peaches turkey causes gas but nothing that hurts her (hurts my nose more). Could be a possible intersuption (not sure if I spelled that right) where the intestine telescopes over and can pinch off. Something is bad wrong though if the dog is screaming out in pain and you need to go back to the vet. If it is IBD I would suggest adding some probiotics and enzymes to his diet every meal.
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Poor baby. I know you can give Gas X to dogs (the vets I worked for did it all the time) but I don't remember the doseage....sorry. Maybe someone else knows?

I hope you find out whats causing this and he gets better.
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My first reaction is to check out foods that he is allergic to. I would get a 2nd opinion if you don't thnk your current vet is helping - there should be some way to stop your boy from being in such pain. That is horrible. I would also try to find an holistic vet.

I heard a claim today that some digestive issues have a neurological basis. Unsubstantiated and I won't go into that statement any further but I also won't dismiss it.

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When humans have gas after surgery we always walked them up and down in the halls at the hospital.When horses get colic you walk them maybe walking would help?. I also think you should get a second opinion Dogs rarely scream out in pain or show pain due to the instinct of they ancestors the wolf.I hope you can find out the problem soon for your boys sake.Hugs and get well soon.
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the other thing I would be worried about it back pain. It's very common for neck or back pain to be intermittent.

If it is indeed a GI issue, I would keep a log of all the foods he's getting and when his episodes are so you can attempt to see if there is any correlation. And thereby eliminate the foods that seem to make it worse.
I would also strongly recommend further diagnostics, such as barium or it may even come to abdominal exploratory w/ biopsies. A partial obstruction -- an object that is stuck, but still lets food pass; or an old perforation from a migrating FB would be other potential problems I'd want to rule out.

A barium series will let you evaluate motility, look for any anatomical abnormalities, ulcers, irritation, FBs, tumors, etc.

Good luck w/ your boy

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wow... lexx gets bad gas, but definitely never screams about it.

I'd definitely follow reddobes advice and get more tests completed

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Sorry I kept it a little short there I had just got home from the vet and now I just got back from dropping him off this morning. They're going to do some xrays on his neck today.

I have taken him to three vets now. He's been on a few prescriptions at this point and I have started acupuncture with him.

Well here's a list of the sort of ideas that have been brought up.
thyroid is out of whack (had a t4 done not to long ago and it was normal but did not do a full panel)
soft tissue injury
pinched nerve in his back that maybe affecting the gi tract
neck injury (I also found a lump between his shoulder blades monday but unsure if it is just an old dog lump or something that is actually the cause)

Anyway I like the idea of walking him for the gas that was brought up, I have been limiting his exercise so that is something I haven't tried yet.

He was of course screaming again this morning (he very rarely screams before this) but of course every time I have taken him to the vet they would contort him and stretch to try and find where its hurting but he has never said a thing.

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So sorry your boy is in pain - I can only imagine how helpless and frustrated you must feel.

I wanted to tell you my story because there may be similarities. My new dobergirl arrived last September. After months of reading, researching and speaking to trusted raw feeders, I jumped into raw feeding as soon as she arrived at 12 weeks old. I began initially with the puppy raw feeding recommendations on the Leerburg website, then gradually transitioned to prey model diet. It was all human grade food and I must say she never really seemed "into" it like I hear other owners talk about. She would often just stand there and look at the food for a while as if to say, "is this the best you've got for me?" before she resigned herself to eating. I felt slightly guilty, but was convinced I was doing the right thing. I persevered hoping she'd adapt and learn to enjoy that way of eating. Then she started skipping meals more and more frequently which caused me concern because she was still young enough that fasting wasn't advised.

This past January, she simply stopped eating and pooing. After 3 days I took her in for testing fearing she had an obstruction. Thankfully, no obstruction was found but she was full of an enormous amount of gas - so much that the vets were quite shocked. But luckily these vets are progressive and didn't discourage raw feeding. However they but did relate some choice stories about bone obstructions and other war stories. I followed their recommendations and put her on white rice and plain boiled chicken meat.

To my shock, my pup acted like it was the finest canine cuisine known on the planet. She licked her bowl clean and returned to lick it again 3 more times. Within 48 hours, her GI system was back to normal and she was exuberant - dancing around as I prepared her meals and racing to the bowl.
I had to give raw feeding a hard look and concluded that it just wasn't right for her, and poor girl, she had been trying to tell me all along. No doubt she was experiencing discomfort from gas all this time. I transitioned her to The Honest Kitchen Force formula (raw human grade food dehydrated at low temp), which I add on an alternating basis raw meat, green tripe, triple organ blend, fish oil and Vit E. She has a zest for eating that she NEVER showed for raw. She has ZERO dobergas and perfect poos and has never skipped a meal since. And I learned my lesson........Raw may not be best for every dog. I think it's imperative to keep an open mind and really pay attention to your pup's responses to the choices we make and impose on them.

Best wishes for a speedy resolution to your pup's issue!
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I think it's imperative to keep an open mind and really pay attention to your pup's responses to the choices we make and impose on them.

So very true !!!!!
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"pinched nerve in his back that maybe affecting the gi tract"

Did your Vet Manipulate the head and neck or do any in office reflex tests for possible CVI?

Look into charcoal tablets to help with the intestinal gas.

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