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Are bully sticks ok?

Please help me put this question to bed so my wife stops buying our dog these bully sticks. IMO, they serve absolutely no nutritional value or any other value in any way whatsoever. IMO opinion they actually add substantial and unacceptable potential risk to the GI tract and/or can lead to a potential trip to the vet once he stops pooping given the nasty leather chewy thing caught in his stomach (i.e a scarfed down, chewed up too quickly "bully stick"). Happened once to us already with the rookie "raw hide" mistake. I know there's a difference but why even take the risk, right? Why do some people insist on feeding their animals items which serve NO positive value whatsoever? What say you on these so called "bully sticks"? Please just reply back saying "no to bully sticks" so I can show my wife this thread and end of story. Thank you in advance.
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I've never actually used them... but I think there are quite a few folks on here that do. I personally only stick to soup bones, just my preferance. I don't really like anything a dog can chew down.

I'm sure some more folks will chime in
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Take my Dobe, please!
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Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting.

Have you asked your vet his/her opinion? Have you asked your dog's breeder (if you are in contact with them)? What about contacting an emergency vet clinic to ask if they see a lot of problems in dogs from consuming bully sticks?

If I were in this situation, that's where I would start, because the opinions of qualified/experienced professionals would carry more weight with my spouse than the anonymous postings of strangers on an Internet forum--of which I am one.

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I don't give my dogs bully sticks often, because they don't last very long for their's a cost/benefit thing to me. But I do pass them out now and then...usually on show weekends I'll buy one of the three foot long ones for the dog that's traveling with me.
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I've personally never had a problem with giving them, but I agree with Murreydobe that they're expensive for the amount of chew time you get out of them. I prefer to give soup bones simply because they last longer and are cheaper. However, to your point about "positive value" as far as nutrition goes, I don't see that soup bones have much nutritional value either, but I give them because they satisfy my girl's urge to chew.

Your dog needs something to chew on to satisfy that urge. What do you prefer instead of bully sticks?

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I buy bully sticks for my dogs all the time, the 12" multi-packs from Costco (12 for about $ 18). My dogs love them. They do not last very long, so in that regard soup bones are much better, but they also wear the teeth down more. I have been feeding bully sticks for 10 years now and no one has ever had a problem, but I have heard other stories, too.

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Bully sticks are pretty much the only chewie that I give my dogs other than big beef marrow bones. They are expensive but my dogs really really love them. I save them for special occassions. The cheaper ones stink really bad - so I try to spring for the more expensive ones - Red Barn is a brand that seems pretty good.

From what I understand, they are fully digestible unlike rawhide - never had a problem with them.

Mary Jo Ansel

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This is the only thing that I will let my doberman chew. I have asked my vet and he said they were much safer than giving him an actual rawhide, pig ears, etc... They are expensive I get the longest one they have at Petco/Petsmart and they are about 15.00 per stick - sometimes 12.99 on sale. They are made from parts of a bull penis so they stick to high heaven but he enjoys chewing on this. I do throw it away when it gets short -- so I do monitor him closely when he is chewing on his stick.
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Bully sticks are cool, the braided Moo sticks smell better.
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I use to give them to Jasmine, like others have said they are expensive for the short time that they last. It's not always about nutritional value. A good chew helps keep the teeth clean, exercise there jaws, can relieve stress, and it's just a very natural thing for dogs to do. I give Jasmine a large raw knuckle type bone once or twice a week.

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Sorry, but I say yes to bully sticks!

Also, a big yes to beef marrow bones (stick them in the freezer for teething puppies, or heavy chewers and they last much longer)
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I give bully sticks occasionally (when they are on sale!), but I agree they are expensive and don't last very long. I also agree with Okie about not just being about the nutritional value of a chew, but about actually chewing something to satisfy that portion of a dog's need. One of the reasons I like them is they are carpet-friendly. There aren't too many dog chews that don't make your carpet nasty. I would give my dog more of them if they weren't so expensive.

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Yes on Bully Sticks. Like some others that have posted, my two get marrow bones more than any other treat.
When I go out West to visit the family, I can get the Costco Bully Sticks which are quite the value. So when I go, I do fly home with a lot of Bull Penis...LOL!

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I give bully stick - he has a few that he hasn't finished laying around. I get them at costco when they have them. I don't do marrow bones because they aren't carpet friendly and with the heat here Vader doesn't hang out outside. Plus if they are left outside we end up with ants.
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I give bully sticks as well
I agree they can be kind of spendy.

I get them from Oregon Pet Supply at local Western Washington - Northwest Oregon Agility Trials.

They have very reasonable prices on them and they are Doberman owners!

I have also heard that they are a source of protein and taurine. Taurine is believed by many to be essential in heart health.

Sue L
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I say yes to bully sticks to. They are digestible. I don't give raw hides because they make our boy vomit. I've been giving bully sticks for years and have never had a problem. I always supervise them while chewing though and take them away when they are about 3 to 4 inches long.
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The dogs loooove Bully sticks here - it's one of the only types of chews I give them.

My fiance hates them though, he can't stand the sight of the dogs chewing on bull penises. I've actually met quite a few guys that are uncomfortable with bully sticks. Wonder why...

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My dogs like them but they stink so bad!!!
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Originally Posted by pacatac View Post
My dogs like them but they stink so bad!!!
You can get odor free ones as well. When I buy them at Petsmart I never know what I am getting, but you can buy odor free ones online and I am sure some stores carry them.
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A few people have mentioned they buy their bully sticks at Costco. I've only seen the 12 pack of rawhide at the Costco near me. I'll have to check Sam's when I visit my Mom. I actually give Sabrina rawhide once in a while. I prefer to give her the dried sweet potatoes though, Sam's Yams Big Boyz (no relation to Sam's Wholesale Clubs), but she gobbles them up so fast.
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I am know to throw rawhide bones away when I go to peoples houses I hate them so bad having a bad experience with one right in front of my face under complete supervision so will beg people to never give them to their dogs even under the strictest supervision. Bully stiks I'll do. I've never really seen one swell and they look to me like they will pass if need be but still watch carefully and throw away when I feel uncomfortable. They are expensive though like mentioned before so maybe if it bothers you tell your wife that they can be saved for special occasions and stick with the soup/marrows for more recreational chewing. My house looks like a butcher factory with bones of different sizes and shapes all over. The meat doesn't last long but the bones stick around. More bang for the buck.
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Yes, I use them and get them from a club member who has good prices on them. Outside of raw bones they are the only chew I use.

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Aidyn loved bully sticks, but I would only let him have one in the linoleum dining room attached to our kitchen. Easier clean up and smell containment. He did however get all the cow femur and knuckle bones he could ever desire. Ox Heart was given outside on the patio on warm days as a special treat Usually, I would toss it once it defrosted to the point of looking like a deflated soccer ball.

Best part about bones, you can get them free from most butchers. Some butchers will take a small donation to put towards a local shelter or similar charity.

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OP- I can understand your concern... but in a way you sort of sound like the type of parent that never gives your kid a cupcake or ice cream .. .that has no nutritional value... but kids need to be kids once in a while and dogs need to be dogs.

I give Wyatt bully sticks- but stopped because he just didnt care for them. He is allowed a long pressed and rolled rawhide only because he just likes to fling it about and he NEVER eats its... that thing is so hard he's never so much as taken the corner off of one... it looks like a tightly rolled up newspaper.

Wyatts all time preferred chewie is the femur bone from a cow. I'm lucky enough to get them raw for 1.00 .... it lasts him a while...

His second preferred chewie is a house slipper. (yes i got them just for him...) he lubs them.
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My girl LOVES her Bully Sticks!!

I've been ordering them online for a while - can recommend the good service, prices and relatively odor free product. I believe they're a healthy treat and her teeth look terrific. I firmly believe that a dog's gotta chew - LOL! She gets them frequently and I'd rather have it be something beneficial but a the same time not too hard on the teeth. When you buy in bulk (50 count of 12" sticks) the price is less than $2.35 each.

Ordered the deer antler on a whim thinking it's be longer lasting - NOT advised! Soooo hard she really doesn't get any chewing satisfaction, and it's a serious hazard if you step on a prong, esp barefoot.....not to mention risk to my walls and her mouth when she trots around with it protruding from her mouth. That went in the trash pretty quick -LOL! : Bully Sticks 50 ct.
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