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Lil Pup
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Puppy Wanted!

I have always wanted a dog, I've never had one but I interact with many because of my family and friends. My sisters fiance has a doberman and he's had her for 5 years, after seeing the Doberman I fell in love. I have been looking everywhere for a great dog breed and I finally found the perfect dog for me. We have a big back yard with trees and grass (no pool ), and I am very active and have a lot of time on my hands to share with my own dog. I am 21 years old and the youngest one in the household. My father was born and raised on a farm since before we moved to southern california and he has worked with all kinds of animals (he wants to help me).

Since the moment I realized that a Doberman was for me, I set my sights to finding a puppy to add to my family. My only problems were that they are so expensive to purchase, I know that taking care of a dog (especially a Doberman) costs a lot of money so instead of putting all my money in buying the dog I can instead put it all into taking caring of the dog.

I want to know if anyone can sell me a Doberman for a great price and still have it be healthy. I prefer someone specialized in breeding if that is possible. If nobody knows where I can buy a puppy from then it would be a lot of help if you gave me advice on buying Dobermans.

I live in Los Angeles California.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message!!
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u mad?
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Rescues get puppies.

No dog is at fault for being born into this world.
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Puppy Wanted!

Yes, please consider looking at rescues...

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Welcome to the forum

Breeding a litter cost a lot of money, and the prices reflect that. There is the obvious costs, such as health testing, showing, stud fees, vet fees, whelping boxes ect, but all the hidden costs such as increased electricity, heating ect not including all the breeders time and experience. Those costs need to be covered, else they would not be able to carry on their hard work!

Rescue would be definitely an option; they do get puppies in and would save you the initial purchase price normally in return for a smaller donation which helps lots of other dogs too.

Alternatively, sometimes breeders get older puppies/dogs back due to the owners having a chance of circumstances (divorce, bankruptcy ect) so you could ask around if breeders now of any dogs from their breeding needing new homes.

Dobermanns are very expensive dogs to own; there are some health issues which can arise even when you tip the odds in your favour by purchasing a well bred dog. If you any afford to pay $$$ on vet fees outright, I'd really recommend getting some insurance quotes before you buy. My insurance is about $145 a month or two dobes.

Best of luck with your search

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you should look for a young rescue!
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Welcome to DT.

Your heart is in the right place, but before just jumping into wanting/getting a puppy you should research the breed first (tv does not count). Maybe visit a REPUTABLE breeder in your area, meet there dogs and get to know the breed better and learn about them from someone who pretty much knows all...

Your father helping you is great, but be forewarned that parents can take advantage of situations (not to say this will happen to you, but are you sure it is the correct support?). The price of a doberman puppy - again, from a REPUTABLE breeder usually reflects the quality, time, effort, etc. a breeder puts into a litter. Not to mention medical fees on their part for vaccination, initial exam, tail docks, dew claw removal and ear cropping <-- a REAL REPUTABLE breeder will do this prior to pup leaving and going home with you. Not to mention medical expenses on your part - puppy booster exams, vaccines, medication, heartworm/flea and tick meds, food!!! (you want to feed something better than in the grocery store IMHO), spay/neuter costs, blood screens, potential x-rays, injuries, etc. You need to take everything into account. Any dog is going to be costly given you put think about every possible outcome, but doberman are not cheap to own.

Also, if you haven't already please review every aspect of :

DPCA.org <-- the Doberman Pinscher Club of America website. A wealth of knowledge.

A doberman is not just a dog. This is why we love the breed.

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ShutUp an Scratch My Butt
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Reputable breeders - for new folks

Is this a reputable breeder’s site? Red flags to watch out for on a website!

Whats it cost to breed?

Good, quality, healthy puppies are not and will not be cheap, many of us have saved up for months or years to afford our dogs initial purchase price.
If you can't save that up to start with then look at rescues, they get puppies as well, and at a substantially lower cost. Buying from any other breeder who is offering you a lower price (and sometimes even asking as much as good breeders charge) is only going to cost you more in the long run healthwise if not temperamentally as well.

Have you ever spent the day at a show? seeing dobes work/play/and overall be themselves?
If not I highly suggest getting out and meeting the breed, they are highly active and need lots of mental stimulation, and they are also a very clingy breed.

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I think for you, something to recognize is that there are breeders out there looking to make money off of dogs, and there are breeders that actually want to improve the breed overall. You need to purchase from the second type, one who does extensive health testing (not just a check up at the vet), one that titles and dedicates their life to the breed, not just looking to make more puppies and more money from the innocent dogs.
Or another option is to rescue a doberman. Either way, please do lots of research on the breed and being a dog owner in general.

Friendship is not about who you have known the longest... its about who came into your life, and never left your side.
Ammo & Cadence
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Doberman Rescue, L.A.
is a rescue not to far from you. Just looking at some of the dogs they have I think they would have something you would love. Puppy are not all they are made up to be. Getting a dog with alittle age on it can make life so much easier. Trust me you are not missing much if anything with a rescue. They will love you just as much as a puppy. Dobermans are not the easiest dog to try to get an apartment or town home with. Most places will not let you have them.

Their is alot of stuff you will have to give up if you get a pet. Like after work you need to go home and spend some time with the dog. You can just leave for a weekend without planning for someone to take care of your dog. Your parents are helping you but they will not be helping you for the dogs whole life. Just some stuff to think about.
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Puppy Wanted!

You probably want to get a male if you plan on it spending time with your sisters fiance's female Doberman. Many years ago I rescued a wonderful dobergirl from a rescue in Filmore when I lived in So CA. I just checked out their website and they have some younger ones. Many have some issues that may be best for someone more Doberman experienced, but this guy looks cool, providing you don't have cats.


13 months is still a pup!

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Big Dog
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Puppy Wanted!

Wow Payton from the LA dobe rescue is a stunning dog! What a looker!

I agree with others please look into a rescue. I was like you wayy back when and bought a Doberman puppy for $400 her "breeders" we're just breeding their male and female pets. She was amazing and I loved her very much. But she died of Occult DCM at 7 yrs old. That was back in 2004. I still have not gotten a another Doberman. I'm not in a position to get another dobe yet, but I will someday and you can bet that both site and dame will have all messes saru health checks because I've learned by my mistake, which was buying the first cheap puppy I could afford.

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RIP Micah I'll see you again at the bridge.
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Big Dog
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Dogs Age: 7 (DCM took her)
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Puppy Wanted!

Yikes, I can spell! I don't like the app, where is the edit feature!

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RIP Micah I'll see you again at the bridge.
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