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Lil Pup
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Beware of Kings Ransom

I know a lot has been posted on this site about Kings Ransom and the numerous dogs that have been rescued or euthanized from this breeder. This next week I will unfortunately have to humanely euthanize my 4-yr old Dobe that I purchased from Kings Ransom due to aggression issues. Our boy really has been a great dog to us and we obviously see a different side of him that most people do not see; he's loving, friendly, gentle, full of energy and VERY needy. Sadly, with his unpredictable temperament where he may react in an aggressive way when he becomes uncertain or afraid, it has been very difficult to truly do much more than manage his environment and prevent problems by removing him so that visitors can be safe. There is just no reliable "fix" or "cure" for this since you cannot expose him to every conceivable situation to "teach" him that it is safe. There will always be a new situation, new person, new item that he hasn't been exposed to and will resurrect the fear.

I'm writing this with the hope that others who are looking to buy a Dobe will read this and stay as far away as possible from from Kings Ransom Dobermans. It's really sad how many people they have deceived like myself. I truly wish I would have done more research 4 years ago to know what I know now. Please pass this on if you live in the Minnesota area and know of someone looking for Doberman pup.
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I am so sorry this is happening.

May your dog find the peace he so rightly deserves when he passes over the Bridge and you find solace in knowing you have done what is right for your boy.
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u mad?
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I am so sorry that you are having to make such a difficult decision (though I think it may be the right one). Welcome to the forum and THANK YOU for taking the time to educate others.

No dog is at fault for being born into this world.
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Chicagodobe.....I just hate to read posts like this one and I'm so sorry for your situation. But, I'm wondering....could you be a bit more specific about your dog's aggression issues? When do you see them? How are they displayed? Thanks!

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I am so sorry you are going through this, it is one of the hardest decisions you have to make. Just know that you will be releasing him from the fear and problems he struggles with in this life. He will be at peace finally.

I don't know how much Juneau's and Von's stories are on DT but I figured I would post them, as they are both from Kings Ransom.

I have had two different dogs from Kings Ransom living in my house over the years. The first was our own dog. She was one of the sweetest dogs and great ambassador for the breed, but conformationally wasn't that great. Right from the get go we had problems with KR, we got the run around when it came to her papers, when we eventually got them they had a different breeders name on them. Later I realized her DOB was different from her Bill of Sale and Registration papers, which one is right I don't know, but she came home between 5-6 weeks. Juneau was a wonderful dog and I wouldn't change a thing, she taught us so much over the years.

She lived till just short of 10 when she passed away from Cardio after 2+ years on meds. I regularly see KR at shows, and the response I got when they learned she passed away was "I'm sorry." with as little emotion as someone could show. Juneau achieved a lot in agility, and in twisted way I am glad she isn't listed with them as her breeder, the world works in funny ways.

The second dog from KR who lived at my house was Von. Von's story doesn't have the happy ending like Juneau's. Von was sold to a family who couldn't handle him. As he became harder to control he was boarded/kenneled more often. The boarding only made his issues worse, it just started an awful cycle he couldn't get out of. Von was turned over to the Doberman Rescue of MN (where many KR dogs have ended up). He was an extremely reactive dog who was borderline fear aggressive with extreme OCD behaviors. Even in his first foster home he would run an imaginary kennel run in their living room, back and forth, back and forth. His first foster family made amazing progress with him, he started to interact with people and not retreat into his own world.

Von came to live with us for awhile as a foster. He made lots of progress at our house, but ultimately his reactivity and OCD was going to get him and/or the cat's hurt. After 18+ months in foster care Von was adopted out to a couple. Sadly Von started to back slide and he ended up being euthanized due to his behavior and aggression issues. Even with the best upbringing and strict management Von would never have been a normal dog, he was on Prozac which helped but he needed a quite life with minimal change and a lot of stability in the household. Rest in Peace Von.

The sick and twisted thing is that even though KR knows that Von ended up in rescue, yet they still use his first owners "testimonial" on their website. How many people realize when reading it, that the dog ended up being givien up by it's owners later and ultimately ended up euthanized.

Von and your boy will be in Peace, I am so sorry you are having to through this. I have a sneaky suspicion that Von and your boy are closely related (potentially the same sire), if not littermates. They sound to be around the same age. If you wan't feel free to PM who your boy's parents are (if you know them).

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Lil Pup
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My boy started showing aggression signs a few years ago. He would become very aggressive towards strangers who would approach us on walks, lunging and barking at people. He snapped at one of my neighbors who tried to pet him. We also could not take him to our local kennel because he became aggressive towards the owner when he tried to take his leash off. The biggest issues were in our home where we just couldn't let him come near guests out of fear of his unpredictable behavior. He is just a very territorial dog but more afraid than anything.
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I am so sorry that you are going through this. It is an awful decision to have to make but it definitely sounds as if you are making it out of love and concern. Thank you for sharing your story so that perhaps one more potential puppy buyer out there will be made aware of the breeding practices of King's Ransom.
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Holier Than Now
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I am sorry for the very sad and very hard thing that you have to do for your boy.

My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today~Richard Adams

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Thank you for sharing your story, and I'm so very sorry for you and yours. May he rest peacefully and never again feel fear.

"Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man." - Arthur Schopenhauer
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I am so sorry for what you and your family are going through. I would like to thank you though for doing what is best for him. It is not easy but you are doing the right thing. It isn't fair to your boy or other families for him to be passed from home to home. He could hurt someone or end up chained in a back yard lonely and scared. I've been where you are and it sucks harder than anything I have ever done but in the end I know my boy is free from his demons and he was loved to his last breath.

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