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"reputable breeded" MijnSchatjeDobermans puppy for sale

***link edited***

6 Month Old Fawn Male Doberman

I have for sale my doberman puppy. He has had all his shots and is good for one for year. He has had his ears cropped, tail docked and dew claws removed. I have already put about 1000 just on vet visits. He weighs about 55 pounds right now. His dad was 95 pounds and his mom was pretty big too. She was blue and he was fawn. I bought him from a reputable breeded (mijn schatje dobermans which you can google). The only thing that he does not have is that he is not neutered. As of right now, i have until 9 months to decide wether i want to do full registration (extra 100 dollars) or get him neutered. If you were to purchase this dog, you will need to sign the breeder's sales contract which you can find on her web page. It is nothing crazy, it just makes sure that the dog will be taken care of. The reason im selling is because I can no longer have him since my living arrangements have changed. He is a great dog and has a great temperament. Serious inquiries only!! He will not go to an apartment, only a house. I paid 700 for him but with all his shots and ears cropped and all, you will save a ton of money versus buying a puppy only 3 months younger than him. He is also house broken and an inside dog. Also, he is on holistic food, puppy vitamins, fish oil and melatonin supplements and eats 1 raw egg every day. As with all dilute colors (fawn, blue) they need extra to keep their coats shiny. If you can not continue this, do not buy the dog!

I was going to say that someone might want to go ahead and alert Michaelene Geesaman of MijnSchatjeDobermans AKC Doberman Pinschers, MijnSchatjeDobermans Raise & Rescue. Cream/White,Blue,Black,Fawn,Red. - MijnSchatjedobermans but according to her "AKC.Doberman Sales Contract", but "16 covers this:
AKC.Doberman Sales Contract

Sales Contract For MijnSchatjeDobermans

Contract for sale of Doberman puppy from Michaelene Parks Geesaman or Dalene May Parks or Amy Lee Whitlock or Jessie Lee Whitlock to ______________________________________

On this _____________day of ____________I come into this agreement on one Doberman puppy. Sex_____ Color ______________DOB __________ Purchase price ____________Full or Limited
Parents _____________________________________and _____________________________________
that it will be raised inside my home as a family member. No outside facilities, tied to a dog house, kennel, barn, shed, or garage. Kennels that are attached to your home with an in -out door are acceptable as long as dog is brought in home after dark and weather is suitable. If you are miserable with the weather then so is your dog. Be it hot or cold.

1. I agree that all vet work with records will be kept up to date. The dog will be kept on heart worm preventative year round. Flea drops will be provided as needed. Food and water will be provided at all times. I will allow no one to tease or torment this dog ever. This includes children. This dog will not be sold to ,leased, given away or housed in any pet shop, research lab or similar facility. This dog will not be used as a breeder in a puppy mill situation.

2. I agree that if I purchase a male puppy I will not use him for breeding till at least 1 year of age. As to give him time to mature.

3. If I purchase a female with full registration she shall not be Bred until her second heat . She shall be vWD tested prior to breeding. And then only once a year. You may not breed with each Heat cycle as it is hard on the females. And can end up killing them. Your Doberman puppy will grow until he/she is 3 years of age. To breed the female before she is at least 1 ˝ years old stunts her growth. And even at that age can stop them from attaining there full size. All my pups are monitored through AKC. And any infraction can be considered a breach of contract. Each breach of contract fee is $500.00

4. In the event you find yourself in a situation that this puppy would have to go to a shelter ,dog pound or SPCA facility or any other place for any reason said puppy is to be returned to Seller along with there papers signed back over to breeder. If possible a home will be found for them. If not the puppy/dog will remain in a safe home with the seller for it‘s remaining days. No money shall be refunded.

5. In breeding the females. They are to be bred no more than once per year. No exceptions.
And they are to be bred to AKC dogs only. If it is found that said females have been bred to CKC or non registered dogs that will be considered breach of contract. And the fee will be $500.00 for each pup found to be registered with C.K.C. or any other organization.

6.Males at stud. The male should be vWd tested prior to use for breeding. If you plan on standing your male at Stud it must be with AKC females only. Females must also have a negative brucellosis test within 2-4 days of breeding with said male. This is to protect your puppy from contracting brucellosis disease from the female which is transmitted through sex and can cause your dog to become sterile. Males should be tested between breeding's. Just to be safe.

7. There will be no inbreeding of said puppy. There will be a $500 penalty for each puppy born from an inbreeding.

8. If by chance something happens to the owner the puppy/dog he/she is to be returned to the seller with his/her papers, unless an immediate family member wish’s to take the dog. Breeder must be notified of change of ownership.
And contract signed by the party taking possession of the dog.

9. No pup purchased from me shall be registered with CKC or any other dog registration except AKC. Unless requested and approved by Michaelene .There will be a $500 per pup penalty for each pup registered with any other registry than AKC.

10.In the event that you sell said dog you must copy this contract and the new owner must sign said contract and abide by the contract rules. A copy of said contract is to be sent to me within 1 week of date of sale. If this is not done it is considered a breach of Contract and a fee of $500 imposed

11.Under no circumstances is the puppy/dog to be sold to a kennel, or someone that would put it in a pen or on a chain.

12. I agree that if this dog is found by a veterinarian, dog warden, humane society or breeder to be in a abusive, starved, on a chain ,penned or neglectful situation or in breach of contract, the dog will be unconditionally surrendered to breeder at no expense to breeder. Dog will be made available within 24 hours, along with AKC papers signed off. Dog is not to be put down without breeders consent except in case of an emergency and breeder is unavailable. If dog is put down, it must be done by a veterinarian and copies of vet records sent to breeder. If court proceedings must be undertaken it will be in the state in which the puppy was sold.

13: Spay Neuter-If you purchase a pup on limited registration you will receive a Photo copy of his Registration Papers & it is agreed that (If you have a female dog, it is recommended to let it pass through one heat cycle before having her spayed. The hormone symphony that accompanies heat affects all of your pet's body, not just its reproductive tract. If you have a male neuter him between 18 & 24 months.)

Proof of such must be sent to me . Upon sending me signed documentation from the vet with address & phone # ,that said puppy has been spayed or neutered I will send you the hard copy of his registration papers. (Said documentation must be received by me no later than the puppies 2nd birthday so as to register him before he is 2 year old.

14. If puppy is sold as a pet and not for breeding then no fault or defect is considered if both testicles do not drop.

15.All puppies are monitored thru AKC. All litters registered from my females will be monitored. This contract will follow said puppy till death. And must be passed from current owner to new owner. If potential new owner cannot sign contract then pup must be returned to breeder with papers signed and turned back over.

16. Reselling or transfer of puppy. If you find yourself in a situation that you must part with your puppy, the party buying said puppy must agree to our Sales contract. One must be signed and sent to us within 1 week of transfer. The same goes for transferring the puppy without selling. IE: giving the puppy away.

17. All White pups (Cream/White) sold full registration for breeding must be Coat color tested Prior to final sale ( I test at 4 weeks of age thru Vet Nostics labs in PA) Buyer pays for testing. $75. vWD test must also be done $65. The vWD test can be done by buyer after sale but Hard Copy of AKC papers will be held till proof of testing has been provided. Upon submitting copies of the test to Michaelene the hard copy of the AKC Registration shall be provided to the buyer. Buyer will be provided a copy of the registration papers till proof is submitted. This must be done by 6 months of age If by the time the puppy is 1 year old this has not been done puppy will be classified as Limited with the AKC.

18.Any puppy or dog brought back to re-home or care for if buyer gets in a tight will be at $15.00 per day boarding if owner wants to keep the dog. Dogs will be vet checked and verified as to being current & brought up to date on any thing needed as to shots, worming, heart-worm, etc. And charges applied to bill on said puppy or dog to be paid for in full before pup/dog can be picked up. If pup/Dog is left over 2 weeks with no contact it will be considered abandoned. Unless prior arrangements have been made at time of drop off.
Boarding Contract will be done on dogs boarded. No exceptions. If needed 1 of several Foster Homes will be used to board the puppy/dog until picked up or placed in a new home. (Typically this is done with males)

19.You agree that you are 18 years of age or older at time of purchase

20. You acknowledge that you have researched the Doberman Pinscher breed and are prepared to spend the necessary funds on proper health care and training.

21. All deposits are non-refundable and may be used for up to 6 months.

22.All puppies remain the personal property of MijnSchatje Dobermans until the contract is finalized, payments are made in full and the puppy is in your possession. MijnSchatje Dobermans reserves the right not to sell a puppy to anyone and for any reason at any time. (This includes but is not limited to the following reasons: we wish to retain the puppy for our breeding program, we have found a home that we feel is more suitable for a specific puppy or new information regarding your application. Please note that this policy applies even if you have made a deposit. If for any reason we decide not to complete the transaction, we will refund your deposit.

23.At the time you purchase your puppy you will be given a contract which details the breeder's warranties, restrictions and/or policies & A Health Guarantee. You must agree to and sign the document before the transaction is considered finalized. A copy of the contract & Health guarantee is on our Website for you to review in advance of your purchase.
Upon purchase of one of our pups you are requested to print out a copy of the Sales contract and Health guarantee for your records to be kept with your puppies paperwork.

24. I understand that the puppy will be monitored for life. I understand that at any time Michaelene or an appointed representative may drop by to check on said pup. I will provide documentation of shots, heart worm tests, treatments etc. as needed or requested. If it is found that the puppy is not up to date or in a bad situation the puppy will be surrendered forthwith. If the matter has to go to court all fee's incurred by MijnSchatje Dobermans will be paid by the puppy buyer. Court will be held in the county said puppy was sold in.

25.If we are placing a rescue with you the same applies as if it were our pup with the exceptions that the rescue will be monitored for the first 60 days on a weekly basis. We ask that you email or call with an update on how the dog is doing weekly. If at the end of the 60 days the dog is doing well and has adjusted to the family setting then the monitoring weekly will end. And we will do periodic checkups to see how the dog is doing in your home.

26.We have the right to do drop in inspections at any time without notice of our arrival. And if at the time of inspection we find that the dog is not being cared for as it should be we can and will pull the dog for breach of contract.

27. If at any time you find that there is a problem with the rescue and you can not continue to care for it the dog is to be returned to Michaelene immediately.

I certify that I have read the above and agree to the terms of the contract..

Date ____________________________



Puppy sold on Neuter contract. Puppy will be Spayed/ Neutered at 6-10 months of age. Vet paperwork sent to Michaelene Geesaman within a week of surgery.. Failure to neuter will result in a $500 penalty.

Buyer: _____________________________________

Geesaman, Michaelene. "MijnSchatjedobermans." AKC Doberman Pinschers, MijnSchatjeDobermans Raise & Rescue. Cream/White,Blue,Black,Fawn,Red. -. Http://mijnschatjedobermans.wetpaint.com/. Web. 15 Apr. 2012.

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The amount of spelling and grammatical errors in this contract make my head spin.

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Too bad they don't adhere to the last sentence of clause number one. Seems rather hypocritical, don't you think?
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Do we really want to give this person who's dumping their puppy extra hits on their ad? (Don't the mods usually end up removing links such as this one?)

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FML i hate people..
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Astra, please do not post links to active sales ads for puppies. That is not allowed on DT.

by Shanoa Delta, on Flickr

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Rest in Peace and Run Free at the Bridge

Selene II MijnSchatje Sunshine Moon

MijnSchatje Maximum Kimber Rose

Sweet Dar-Keela Dream

Yogi's Sweet Sasha Blue

Apparently back in June of this past year all four of these dogs died after getting trapped in the back of a vehicle on a hot summers day on their owners property. This information was posted on facebook but has since been deleted. My heart is just broken for these poor dogs and their tragic deaths.

I do not know any other details other than comments that I have read on the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement facebook page that have been made by their owner Michaelene Geesaman on 8/05/12.

"I lost 4 of my children in June. And I cry every day. I miss them so much.. My Babies are the love of my life. I figured I would be gone before them and always worried if they would be ok without me now I am without them and sometimes I just don't feel I am ok without them. Hard to sleep as I miss them being cuddled around me as we all slept together in the bed. When I wake up there not there nosing me and giving me morning sugars...So my day starts out crying and my nights end crying... I miss my Angels so much..."

"Michaelene Geesaman
It hurts more because it was my fault. Even tho an accident, it should not have happened. And to hurt one of my babies upsets me but to loose 4 has been just devastating. And I am not dealing with it well. I love them so much.."

"Michaelene Geesaman
Thank you al for the prayers and healing thoughtsl. Loosing a baby to a disease or old age I have learned to handle over my years. But I have never lost a baby let alone several to something that I have done or not done. And tho the heat got to me also I should have made sure they were safe first. NAME REMOVED your analagy is very apprapo, I can be going along ok and the pain just wash's over me and I feel like I am drowning.I don't make it thru a day without breaking down and crying. I would have traded place's with them in a heart beat that is how much I love my babies. They are my life, and I guess I am not dealing with it well. And so many people do not understand how much I love my babies and how this effects me. It really gets me when I am told they were just dogs and you have others. I may have others and I love them all dearly. These are my children. And it is like loosing a child to me. (And I have been down that road too...) Forgiving myself is the hard part. How do I forgive myself for hurting my babies. I know old age catch's up to us and I keep thinking was it because I am getting old and things are slipping... Did this happen for a reason? Did god need them for something more important? Did I loose them because I have done something wrong? I just don't understand why......So many years and hundreds of times we have done the same thing and never did I forget to double check and make sure they were safe. Why now?? I rescue babies and make sure there loved and find them good homes. I try to do good things for the ones that people dump because they deserve love. So why did I have to loose my babies. I ask God to help me understand. But I don't find an answer....
Sunday at 21:59 "

Disclaimer- this is not defamation of character of Michaelene Geesaman or her kennel nor is it libelous. The above information came from posts that Michaelene Geesaman made on facebook. These are not false statements nor am I trying to cause her or her kennel to suffer any harm.
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I think this breeder has been discussed before. They breed whites. I do not remember the name though, might have been changed or might be just because its a weird name. Dunno.

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