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  1. The Heat Blues....
  2. training my new dobe pup!
  3. dry kibble only?
  4. Questions, preparing for new puppy!
  5. Deworming aftermath
  6. Small bumps on puppies back
  7. I finally have my new puppy! :)
  8. New puppy pictures
  9. Maya loves to run
  10. New puppies !!! What age to leave mom???
  11. Heat and an attitude problem
  12. Any tricks for crate training?
  13. Worried about my puppy's legs
  14. Best age puppy to get
  15. 14 month old puppy being naughty HELP!
  16. 16 wk old puppy peeing in his bed. why?
  17. First Time Dobe Owner
  18. How rough does your pup play?
  19. I cant get him house trained
  20. Gunther Ear Crop Pre-Op Picture
  21. Why hasnt she gone through a heat cycle yet?
  22. Too cute not to share...PICS!!
  23. Puppy Food?
  24. How often do you feed your pups?
  25. The graduate...
  26. how to exercise ur puppy when taking ti on a long walk isnt an option.
  27. New pup! :D
  28. Mr Cooper! Our 10 week old pup!
  29. crying when seperated?
  30. Help with ear posting please
  31. Growing up fast
  32. Post Your Puppy's weight progress!
  33. Few Pics of Lexi
  34. few pic of Titos :D
  35. Puppy socialization progress
  36. Barking at a 10 mth baby
  37. Dilemma
  38. does anyone feed their dogs scraps' from the table?
  39. Sit on the Dog exercise/The Long Down issues
  40. First post! Picture of our 5 month old pup, Sith!
  41. Rehoming Terrier
  42. "Knuckling Over"
  43. Blitz update
  44. Update on Ivy!
  45. Somebody thinks he's a big boy now! WOOF!!!
  46. Embarrassing question
  47. Daily Doberpup Hilarity!
  48. New puppy in the hood
  49. biting
  50. Just Finished Posting?
  51. My new pup
  52. Big boy grumpy at new puppy
  53. Long lanky gait
  54. Reina's Snowy Playdate!
  55. Smart dobie but shy outside
  56. Boarding kennel for the first time
  57. Caden 13 and 14 weeks old Photodump
  58. Head shaking and scaring me, help
  59. White bumps on nose??Help
  60. Why?
  61. Possible Puppy to Adopt
  62. New Member/Puppy Talk
  63. How long can I keep a 9 week old puppy outside in freezing weather potty training.
  64. Undersized puppy and digestion issues
  65. Blitz is in rescue
  66. Beau is One Year Old!!!
  67. Problem walking my dog
  68. Anyone have issues potty training in home with Stairs?
  69. Can you guys help me?
  70. Puppy Obedience :)
  71. Puppy Pix of Millie
  72. Am I just spoiled? My boy still doesn't bite or chew!
  73. 15 wk pup had diarrhea since 8 wks
  74. My handsome boy
  75. Wellness Wet foods?
  76. Can't find the answer...white spot on head follwing removal of the cup?
  77. More aggression?
  78. Maya - 3 months old
  79. puppy bullying my friends dog?
  80. anyone have a good place to order Orijen online?
  81. A few pictures of Stella
  82. Random snaps and aggression at 7 months
  83. Puppy doing her business just when im not looking !
  84. puppys weight
  85. Puppy teeth
  86. Bad diarrhoea
  87. How long to leave a puppy alone?
  88. Is it stress??
  89. Paw's pad problem??
  90. Have had my Laska for a week and could not be happier:-)
  91. Peeing while in crate
  92. At what age did u start fish oil ?
  93. Morgan Is getting her ears done
  94. Alien Puppy? Dog sleeps with eyes open LOL
  95. Stuffy blocked nose help
  96. Our puppy came home today !
  97. Need puppy search help!
  98. Pacifier?
  99. When you know it's going to fail...
  100. Why is he still hungry???
  101. 12 months or 48 weeks
  102. Worried about skinny puppy
  103. Do pups get ingrown whiskers?
  104. Bloody teething....
  105. Pheromone Spray??
  106. Cotton "posts" not staying in ears...any tricks?
  107. Puppy Jumping up at 12 weeks
  108. No carsickness = joy!
  109. Introducing: Caden vom Hexenzauber
  110. Am I too old to get a puppy?
  111. Shipping puppies
  112. Over Excited Pup
  113. Update on Blitz
  114. Old topic new delimma
  115. Gunther Picture!
  116. Winsten Cole - Blue Dobie questions
  117. How many of you had a puppy well socialized when you brought them home?
  118. nesting instinct?
  119. Getting my first dobe this weekend!
  120. You buy them a toy...
  121. need help with food
  122. Dry dog food for Doberman puppy
  123. puppy tantrums
  124. New puppy and big puppy rough play
  125. Do you need to feed a doberman puppy large breed puppy food?
  126. 5 month old pup constantly barking at wife
  127. Would this be 'over socialization'?
  128. Romeo is thriving at obedience..
  129. How many cups a day are you feeding your puppy?
  130. we are adding a dobie to our family on Feb 7th!
  131. Belle at 6 months
  132. She's on thin Ice
  133. Soooo...
  134. when to start training after being shipped?
  135. First post, new puppy
  136. Getting too friendly with a large chew toy??
  137. Liberty Update - 17 weeks
  138. Too laid back?
  139. Testicles not decending
  140. Possibly getting a doberman
  141. Help! My handsome boy still needs a "real" name! (photo dump too)
  142. Training Help Needed!
  143. Peeing inside out of spite?
  144. anyone around LosGatos/Campbell Ca know a good trainer?
  145. Updated pictures 3/4 months old!
  146. This puppy is NOT normal! Help!
  147. Update on Liberty
  148. UPDATE: 14 Week Old Lexus/Lexi!
  149. Gosh he is so handsome!
  150. Hip dysplasia screening?
  151. Leaving puppy in crate during the day.
  152. 1st Doberman HELP !
  153. PLZ HELP What to feed our new pupp?
  154. Bone help/advice for 6-month old puppy?
  155. Urgent feeding advice needed friends
  156. Relapse in hosebreaking
  157. Europe Doberman von Jahrestal (Thoughts)
  158. Gatlin growing up
  159. Pictures out in today's sunshine
  160. Kate the Great
  161. Aesa-More Info From Vet
  162. Just arrived - First night in cage?? Endless pee surpises
  163. First trip to the vet with Otto
  164. Walking on the leash
  165. Zeus is almost one!
  166. Harley, the demon humper!!
  167. Getting marley to only toilet on garden grass?
  168. my 15 week old puppy keeps biting my 4 year old help!! son
  169. Dry Skin
  170. Please flag!
  171. bearing teeth
  172. 9 mo old picky eater!
  173. Dead baby mouse/rat in Harley's water
  174. 4 mo nonsocialized puppy mill rescue
  175. Wondering if he is older than 6 months?
  176. Taking my dog to work?
  177. 10 week old FJ !
  178. Doberman Trainer in Houston/Spring TX Area?
  179. toilet training problems with 5 month old
  180. Hands in food bowl
  181. Introducing Mayweather to the Family
  182. puppy diet
  183. How old/big before rollerblade/snowskate pulling?
  184. Puppies!
  185. Puppy to Adult
  186. urgent advise needed .
  187. Love This Boy ~Picture~
  188. Help! 3 month old Dobie freaks out when confided to crate or the kitchen!
  189. She made me cry
  190. Excited to pick our girl up!
  191. Ohio Croppers
  192. My boy is 4 months old today!!!
  193. Here's Lexus!!
  194. People don't think he's a dobe??
  195. Blue-eyed Dobe mix?
  196. Good trainer/class in toronto?
  197. nemesis and triton pictures
  198. new puppy!
  199. White spot on dobie chest?
  200. Meet Morgan our new baby
  201. First time doberman owner
  202. Getting a puppy that has a fawn mother? Is this okay? Can I register?
  203. Biting?
  204. Dog park fun
  205. Dobie is not coming when we call him by his name?
  206. Fun Little Video
  207. Obsessed with food!!!
  208. Purchasing my puppy and ear cropping
  209. Possessed puppy!
  210. Bean bag, bad idea?
  211. Ear question
  212. Updated Pictures Of Cabela!!
  213. Fur changing
  214. Thoughts on when to spay?
  215. Bad Nipping
  216. 12/19/09
  217. 4 month old - where to start?
  218. Is Insurance worth it?
  219. Is my dobie on the small side?
  220. Help! Puppy Attacking!
  221. Big Dobermans!
  222. Scar or Scab
  223. Crates?
  224. I've been BAMBOOZLED by a naughty little elf!
  225. Compare these 2 puppies. Spot the Difference?
  226. missing foot pads
  227. walking on a lead what age to start?
  228. stand offish puppy
  229. transitioning out of the crate at night?
  230. food question (again...)
  231. Talking about dobbie protection...!
  232. Best chew toys for young puppies? Recipes for kongs?
  233. Reina's Pictures with Santa!
  234. night time crate/toilet train??
  235. Female vs Male ?
  236. Long trip by car and train (one country to another) advice?
  237. cost of shipping from Virginia to Oregon
  238. When can they pick up a scent?
  239. Public reactions to your Doberman?
  240. greeting new dogs = squealing, tucked nub, and submissive urination
  241. Liberty Update
  242. HELP! 6month Dobeboy needs socialization!
  243. Watch it, Santa!
  244. 7 month old new bad habit - Running to people
  245. Old vs new
  246. Roscoe's First Snow Experience
  247. Possible Ringworm??? HELP
  248. Oz's newest velcro trick
  249. Kenya's first time on the beach...(pics)
  250. Vet for ear cropping in Central Florida