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  1. any suggestions on how to get him to stop eating grass?
  2. Ready for Breathe Rite??
  3. How long til hair grows back?
  4. Post popping out of ear
  5. Normal Fold?
  6. 8 wk pic of the new kid
  7. in search for a puppy update
  8. Here is Sapphire (Sarafina)
  9. Updated Pics of Porsha
  10. Breathe Rite Strips
  11. Drooling in the car
  12. Let's Play Ball! -puppy pix
  13. I'm so proud of my puppy!
  14. Whining in the morning?
  15. Bump resembeling a pimple on Rudy's head after doggie daycare..what is this!?
  16. insanely persistant diarrhea
  17. Lump under rib cage?
  18. Please vote for my hiker Gino on FB
  19. Puppy Ear trimming
  20. A weekend visit
  21. Posting - A few questions - 1st time owner
  22. Is this amount of swelling OK after ear crop
  23. Rocko summer fun..
  24. The better to hear you with my dear...
  25. Nail grinder recommendations
  26. Doberman Trainer in Houston
  27. Paw Pad Scrape
  28. Help! Need advice without judgement :)
  29. 4 1/2 month old dobe...he won't let me have a life!!
  30. 7 weeks old, new pics of the "rain" litter
  31. Need some advise about parvo please!!
  32. Puppy Callouses??
  33. Posting
  34. Questions about puppies and exercise/play
  35. Sadies limping...need advice.....
  36. I think we may need a "re-crop" and not sure what to do.
  37. On pins and needles
  38. Puppy gone BAD!!!!
  39. Raindance Genesis of Marquis at 5.5 months
  40. Bridging Important?
  41. Puppy biting me- help
  42. First stacked photo of Dobereich's Asha :)
  43. Need some help ...
  44. Dresden shows off his new tags.
  45. Need advice on nervous/aggressive Doberman
  46. Indy
  47. Neutering
  48. Crate training help needed
  49. becoming very untrustworthy lately, very frustrated...
  50. When Does a Puppy Stop Being a Puppy
  51. Doberman Puppy Search
  52. "My First Whole Chicken Breast"
  53. Need help finding a breeder with puppies in Southern California
  54. Fetch! Sit! Down!
  55. AHHH how do I choose
  56. Help* I am new to DT!
  57. Did someone say puppy of the month photo?
  58. Copper playing some good ol baseball
  59. Puppy constantly teasing Basset Hound
  60. Why does she act this way?
  61. More pics!! (cont'd)
  62. What happened.....
  63. Help us find a puppy
  64. Our New Puppy Copper! Looks Amazing!!
  65. Puppy - Removing bandages for the 1st time
  66. Thinking of getting Enzo Neutered but have a question...
  67. Surgical glue removal
  68. As an owner, would you want to know?
  69. My future pup is in here somewhere : )
  70. He's a STAR!....well almost ;) (Rowan update--with pics)
  71. Cher is getting a brother
  72. Can't hold it in any longer...
  73. i think my dogs gone crazy
  74. Feedback on Orijen Puppy Food?
  75. Runny Stools
  76. Asha is not a baby anymore (pics). Do Dobergirls mature faster?
  77. 6 Months Already! (New Pics of Sawyer!)
  78. Help! Need Posting Ideas!
  79. Ear Posting trouble, We are both miserable
  80. Ear flopping suddenly after 2 months, Help!
  81. Moose is getting big!!!
  82. To bridge or not to bridge (ear posting question)
  83. puppy develpoment
  84. Whats the problem
  85. Kansa's Dual Sired Litter At 3 Months
  86. Ever feel like your puppy is laughing at you?
  87. Teaching a puppy the art of stacking
  88. Stinky puppy!!
  89. weight issue ??
  90. I'm tired of my dog
  91. How far can they run?
  92. Puppy Limping
  93. At what time can I switch how much I feed?
  94. neutering question...?
  95. Need opinions and help PLEASE!!!
  96. how is my dobe going to change now that hes not going to be a "puppy"anymore?
  97. How do you know if your Doby is german bloodline?
  98. Been a while. Sadies 7 mths now. Couple questions. Pics
  99. I meet the puppies in a couple of weeks
  100. ear posting - 2nd opinion please!
  101. New video of my "rescue dog"
  102. Deaf puppy? or unmotivated?
  103. Warning Cuteness over load!!! New Zora X Storm puppy Pictures!
  104. first stacked pics, not great but they are learning!
  105. Opinions and Suggestions Please.
  106. Naavi & Haari Pictures!!
  107. DROOL (pic)
  108. Arwgh! My dog ate a gopher
  109. Post ear crop question
  110. Could Someone Tell Us What This Is
  111. Baby Kyanne @ 5 months
  112. Introducting ROCCO!!!
  113. Enzo is acting very strange..
  114. Doesn't like water?
  115. Rhapsody has a 5 month old boy available...
  116. Housebreaking Methods
  117. Pictures of our boy Connor. Almost 8 weeks
  118. I made an extremely tough decision today!
  119. Baby Ava ~ 14 weeks
  120. Our New Baby Girl (pictures)
  121. no cup?
  122. Dr. Staples Ear Cropping
  123. Feeding new puppy. What to feed?
  124. shock collars
  125. a month old now
  126. waiting for my "Prince Charming"
  127. Puppy Food Question
  128. What age for running with Dobie?
  129. be concerned or not?
  130. why doesnt my puppy have any hair??
  131. Dakota sees a bee
  132. Testing: New to Forum
  133. Puppy and rifle
  134. Ear Posting dilemma
  135. Need recommendation for Vet for Ear Cropping in Virginia
  136. Ear Crop Styles
  137. Stryker and Pippin
  138. weight issue? Or not?
  139. Warning: Proud New DoberMama! Photo Heavy!
  140. What is going on here?!?!
  141. Chewing Tail?!?!?!
  142. Hera dragon slaying, new collar and update. :)
  143. Adding a Doberman
  144. Soon to be New Dobe Owner
  145. First time dobe owner
  146. Treat aggressive
  147. Update on Hitomi Jade
  148. Back on the Puppy porch =-)
  149. Next 8 weeks can't get here fast enough >_<
  150. Puppy Scares Easily
  151. Rocko Beach & Training!
  152. Registered Name, need some help
  153. Rabies Shot
  154. Dresden's First Strut!
  155. She's here!!!!!!!
  156. Rico keeps chewing his cast! HELP!
  157. Dobereich's Asha is 4 months old (pics heavy)
  158. Pippin has arrived!!!
  159. Is this normal for a docked tail???
  160. I has a new girlie!
  161. Loose stool from bully stick
  162. please, need some advice... puppy and older dog...
  163. Puppy Preschool
  164. Good Trainer
  165. New Home for Romeo?
  166. I think he is saying...
  167. Help with Litter theme names??
  168. and it was like BOOM... (pics)
  169. Can you help?
  170. Introducing ...
  171. How do you train your dog to 'go out' to a distance...
  172. How do they measure up, weight wise?
  173. 3 weeks old, a few pictures
  174. Doberman Puppies Eating EVERYTHING
  175. hmm... smart puppy.
  176. New Puppy 9 wks
  177. Oscar 6 months (Pictures inside)
  178. Is this something to be concered about or trying to find pack order?
  179. Photos of my new dobe and older dobes!
  180. Update on my puppy situation
  181. Biting docked tail
  182. Our new baby Mia, and our big baby Brewtie
  183. New Storm X Zora puppy pictures.
  184. breathe right strips?
  185. Meet Patton
  186. Our New Baby Girl
  187. Ear cropping advice?
  188. Potty training help PLEASE
  189. Hmm, great coat or great stool?
  190. Ear Cropping Info
  191. Litter of Doberman Mixes
  192. Kuranda Dog Bed - Advice Needed
  193. Stress diarrhea?
  194. Odd Spay Results
  195. Picture time!! :D
  196. Training/Playdate Pic
  197. Update With Elly Von.
  198. Help with puppy paws!
  199. Puppy at 6 months
  200. Welcoming Our new baby
  201. Do you feed your puppy can food?
  202. Some Photos of Bones
  203. Training Day 1 :)
  204. How rude!
  205. Need some advice!!
  206. styles of ear cropping
  207. retained canines
  208. Happy Birthday Maiya (photos of her 1st year)
  209. another question about ear cropping/ posting
  210. Introducing Archie
  211. Meet Gatehouse Regina Dela Divano (Reji) 10 weeks 2 days
  212. Blue Crew 7 weeks old
  213. Finally got her...meet Jasmine
  214. Sawyer @ 5 months & 50lbs! (New Photos!)
  215. Orijen food intake
  216. Rowan had his first puppy class...
  217. 3 month olds confusing behavior. Please help
  218. How to sleep comfortably on the couch
  219. Pippin @ 6 weeks
  220. Incredible "G" litter at 8 weeks
  221. help with new puppy!
  222. 5 Mo. old Puppy aggression?
  223. holding the ball
  224. question about multivitamins / supplements for puppies...
  225. Help! Need a Vet that does ear crops in Albuquerque
  226. First trip to the doggie beach (Photodump)
  227. Trying to housebreak 4 month old pup - Crying/Whining when separated from other pup
  228. post or no post...
  229. Enjoying the fruits of your labor
  230. How to tell if he's potty trained?
  231. Ear crop comparison. Am I being to picky?
  232. Prong Collar for 4 month old puppy
  233. I need help finding a breeder in NE area
  234. Protectiveness in Puppies
  235. It's Official: Foxfire's Wizard By Trade!
  236. 6 month pup switching kibble need advice?
  237. One week on Orijen...
  238. Happy 1st Birthday Elke!
  239. Kinesiology tape and ear posting
  240. Ear Question
  241. Dog just chewed up my remote...
  242. New Doberman Horrors
  243. Tips on claiming space?
  244. Uggggh
  245. Do you really need the "bridge" & for how long?
  246. Ear Crop Question
  247. House Training and Shift Work. Help!
  248. Incredible G litter at 7 weeks
  249. Brought home a hitchhiker from Illinois...
  250. follow-up pics at 9.1 weeks....