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  8. Wilow Run
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  12. Lyndobe Dobermans
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  14. Von spellen kennels in germany
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  16. So who is Larry McNealy??
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  19. Von Dade Dobermans
  20. In Search Of...
  21. When to support a "new" breeder?
  22. Charts--different kinds of breeders, flow chart should I breed my dog?
  23. Looking for reputable breeder in NorthEast
  24. Larry Jay Kye?
  25. Larry Ray From Houston
  26. Wynwood Dobes/Jackie Spratt as a breeder?
  27. Recommended Breeders in the Midwest
  28. Buying Internationally
  29. Breeder recommendations needed
  30. Breeder ideas
  31. puppies in Houston
  32. Breeder in WNC
  33. Working title breeders in Michigan?
  34. Should I be worried??
  35. Need help finding reputable breeder in U.S.
  36. Breeders in Texas
  37. Breeder info
  38. Local puppies, need some guidance
  39. Potential Good Breeder?
  40. Puppy Foundation
  41. Kennel betelges
  42. Doberland puppies?
  43. Question
  44. I know I should know better...
  45. Questionable pairing health wise?
  46. Thoughts on CA Breeder
  47. Altobello - health test question
  48. Questionable Breeding Practice???
  49. Anyone get a puppy from foxfire dobermans?
  50. breeder question
  51. What to Ask A Breeder
  52. has anyone bought a puppy from a missouri breeder, destiny doberman
  53. Marvel Dobermans
  54. Litter Announcement!
  55. Dobermann Kingdom kennel-breeder or puppy mill?
  56. Researching breeders
  57. Glen Rose, Texas Breeder
  58. GF and I want a Dobe so bad, please help!
  59. Alfa von Sentinel
  60. Fever haus
  61. Controversial Breedings- opinions?
  62. IPO or CH breeder as service dog?
  63. Bruda - are they still considered reputable?
  64. Breeders who perform DNA testing
  65. Reputable breeder German line dobs in New England
  66. I need some advices
  67. Breeders
  68. Has anyone ever heard of Black Steel Kennel?
  69. Looking for breeder in northeast ohio
  70. Northern California Reputable Breeders
  71. Breeding Dobermans
  72. Esteem Dobermans?
  73. Looking for a breeder in North Carolina
  74. Adlercrest or Bell'Lavoro
  75. Upcoming Spring Litters? VA or NC
  76. European Breeders
  77. Reputable Breeders in the U.K.
  78. Reputable breeders in VA or NC
  79. And the Frustrations continue! (semi-vent)
  80. Looking for a reputable breeder
  81. Baptist Ridge Dobes/TN - anyone got a review?
  82. IPO vs Ch breedings??
  83. Trevor Miller? What do you know about this breeder?
  84. How do I know for sure?!
  85. Betelges kennels
  86. Search for Good Breeder allowing Natural Ears w/in 8hrs of Chicago
  87. BIG thank you Sheliandobe
  88. This is how butt hurt people try to retaliate....
  89. Help please help me!
  90. been accused of being irresponsible
  91. spring breeding anyone?? looking for puppy!
  92. Familydobes
  93. UDC Ch. Is it as good as AKC Ch?
  94. Breeders near Florida who sell Dobies with natural ears
  95. Dobie as my Service Dog
  96. Neutered male behavior with female in heat?
  97. Recommendation for Legendale Dobermans
  98. Found a couple breeders. Good/Bad?
  99. How to become a Reputable Dog Breeder
  100. Looking for Quality Breeder
  101. Looking for a reputable breeder
  102. Is breeder's proposal all right?
  103. Breeder in Florida?
  104. Can I get your thoughts on breeder contracts and ethics?
  105. Trinity Dobermans in VA?
  106. Looking for reputable breeder in/around Nebraska
  107. looking for advice--possible fraud on AKC pedigree
  108. Tennessee Doberman breeder?
  109. Misty Fitzpatrick?
  110. Breeding White Dobermans...
  111. Blue Doberman Breeders~
  112. Adobe-Colorado
  113. To all the californians out there only
  114. Favourite Schutzhund Breeder??
  115. Looking for rep Dobie breeder - Schutzhund
  116. Breeders in Nicaragua?
  117. Is this doberman or not?
  118. Fabert Dobermans - (& other Québec/Eastern Ontario breeders!)
  119. Bad Breeder in Madoc ON
  120. European with American Dobe???
  121. Breeder question :)
  122. Opinion on Strikerfire Dobermans?
  123. The Doberman ca
  124. Service Dog Breeder?
  125. I have not yet found one
  126. How about this breeder
  127. Need advice on breeders: Canada
  128. Want a family dobe that is good around tons of kids
  129. Canadian Kennel Club
  130. looking for decent breeder or puppy in PA
  131. Breeder in Pa
  132. AAJ Dobermans in San Tan Valley AZ
  133. SmithK9 refund problem - Rain Storm Dobermans
  134. Anyone heard of this breeder. WILDWIND
  135. What breeder in Houston area?
  136. Dobermans of Rich-Lie? Good breeder?
  137. Buying a Doberman should i trust this breeder?
  138. Absolute Dobermans?
  139. Garjan Dobermans
  140. Trying to find a good breeder
  141. Houston area breeders?
  142. Looking for a breeder who is expecting/has red's
  143. San Diego but Willing to Travel
  144. Puppy search advice
  145. Know anything?
  146. Georgia European breeders?
  147. 7 Things You Didn't Know About Puppy Mills
  148. Breeder help, please.
  149. Doberman puppy search.
  150. Natural Rearing
  151. Genoese Dobermans in IL?
  152. The Back of the German Shepherd Dog, evolution, structure & function
  153. Article: Are you a dog breeder, or are you just breeding dogs?
  154. Breeder Ashley Osborne
  155. After losing my best friend to DCM, I'm finally looking again.
  156. European pedigree
  157. Breeders in NC?
  158. Breeder Recommendations?
  159. Protection Doberman
  160. Breeder in PA?
  161. Looking for an undocked puppy
  162. Does she look purebred?
  163. Older Pups Available
  164. Caleb Dobermans?
  165. Fleas on Puppies
  166. Looking for A Good Doberman in Michigan, Found a breeder but looks a little sketch
  167. Anyone know any good breeders currently looking to place a show bitch?
  168. Euro show lines vs. Working lines
  169. Doberman Breeders in SC/NC?
  170. How do you "title" a dog?
  171. Looking for breeder in Fl
  172. BlackDiamond, Von Dade, or Foxfire...?
  173. Crestline Dobermans
  174. Anyone know anything about Dobermanempire
  175. Please Help Me find a REPUTABLE Euro Breeder!
  176. US v. European: any actual research?
  177. Advice on a good breeder in Europe
  178. Good Breeders in Tucson, AZ?
  179. Advice for a newbie?
  180. Jolene of Friendship Doberman??
  181. how to become a good breeder
  182. breeders around oklahoma
  183. Advice to potential new breeder
  184. Scouting for my new puppy
  185. Breeders in Florida
  186. Lex luthor kennels
  187. Looking for Info about New York Dobermans
  188. Did i come off as arrogant and thoughtless?
  189. I need to find a good breeder.
  190. importing dogs cost
  191. Anyone heard of Douglass Dobermanns
  192. Dr Sam Grant - Kaywood Dobermans
  193. Breeding Question
  194. Nika is pregnant
  195. Interesting Planned Breeding
  196. Anyone use the ovulation pads?
  197. Puppies confirmed!
  198. Need an opinion on a litter I am considering
  199. Breeder
  200. Well, that didnt end well........
  201. Reputable Doberman Breeders
  202. "Gladiator"...About to buy our second dobie
  203. A couple of random questions for you guys!
  204. "I" litter Di Ravallese pups?
  205. breeders in pa/ny
  206. Breeder Search - Ontario
  207. Breeder recommendation : )
  208. breeder near el paso texas?
  209. Rreputable Breeder Referral - Memphis area???
  210. Reputable Breeders In Northeast/New England area
  211. Help me please! I need a dobe!
  212. Question for Past and Present Breeders
  213. Virginia Breeders?
  214. Looking for breeder
  215. Litter Letter Assignment
  216. Betelges Doberman
  217. Natural Litters
  218. Ear Cropping; good or bad?
  219. Multiple Breed Breeders?
  220. Any breeder in MA(Boston area)?
  221. Hypothetical Breeding Scenario
  222. Breeder photos
  223. Breeders in Singapore
  224. Please, advice on a breeder
  225. Breeder In Alaska
  226. Pedigree Software with database
  227. Uncropped puppy search
  228. Looking for a good breeder.
  229. Breeders in Indiana/Ohio
  230. Co-owning questions
  231. Breeders in Mississippi Area
  232. Dobies By Dullea in Mass
  233. Trouble with A Breeder
  234. Has anyone heard from Sheilah Hanlon, AKA: mastermind (Garshangan Kennels) lately?
  235. Breeder's OH, IN, KY - new to all this!
  236. Food For Thought
  237. Well, finally doing breeder research!
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  239. European Dobermans from Devil Inside Kennel?
  240. Texas Euro Dobermans
  241. Service Dogs and Breeder info
  242. Regretting agreeing to show
  243. Anyone know anything about Biere haus
  244. The perfect Dobe
  245. Breeder Question
  246. Anyone know anything about this breeder?
  247. New to Dobermans - Ontario
  248. Thoughts on Betelges Kennel?
  249. Akc Breeder to Breeder Symposium - Great Resource
  250. Looking