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  15. Sunshine State Doberman
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  17. Beware: Tina Aston Tia's Dobermans in Maine
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  19. Breeder info
  20. Looking For A Puppy
  21. Deposits
  22. Looking for my first Dobe
  23. looking for breeder
  24. Looking for Reputable Breeder
  25. When good breeders go bad
  26. Irongate Dobe Owners
  27. Skeptical
  28. Looking for advice
  29. RM Dobermans in Ontario Canada
  30. Looking for a European breeder in Ontario
  31. Day Hill Dobermans
  32. Looking for reputable breeder in WA, ID, OR
  33. Winmar
  34. Repro Vet
  35. Searching for the perfect pup
  36. link to a terrible situation
  37. reputable breeder NH or Ma
  38. Interesting Day
  39. Breeder Opinions, looking for help
  40. Still searching...
  41. Prob already know the answer to this one..
  42. Anyone hear ever heard of Kevlar Dobermans before?
  43. Looking for a good Breeder in Maryland Area
  44. Bad Breeder Report
  45. Abuse
  46. breeder recommendations in WI
  47. 1st time Doberman owner looking
  48. Checklist for healthy dobe pup
  49. Opinions, very frank
  50. AVOID Altobello Dobermans Serbia
  51. Looking for a Doberman in Hawaii.
  52. Oklahoma
  53. Reputable breeder with summer pups in SW Ontario, CAN?
  54. Doberman Breeder in Tampa
  55. Looking for a reputable breeder in VA, MD, PA area
  56. need breeder info
  57. Kennel Club and Microchipping
  58. MagisDobermans
  59. Magic Dobermans
  60. Looking for a reputable breeder in Colorado or surrounding states (or a great rescue)
  61. Time to mate?
  62. Looking for Reputable Breeder: I am in Ohio
  63. Breeders in Florida Georgia or SC
  64. Looking for reputable breeders
  65. Help! ISO of our first Dobe.
  66. Las Vegas, NV
  67. Doberman Breeders in NC
  68. Found This On Facebook
  69. I'm ready to get a new bud!
  70. Puppy Mill and BYB, over used term?
  71. In need of breeder Hershey PA
  72. Swift run Doberman reviews
  73. NJ Bill will affect some breeders here
  74. Florida breeders
  75. Looking for Doberman Colorado Springs
  76. Bad ear crop; recourse?
  77. Georgia Dobermans
  78. Windsor Dobermans
  79. Mary Bond-Meyer/MBM Doberman Pinschers
  80. Black/Rust w/ Black/Tan
  81. What would you do?
  82. Looking for a breeder in Santa cruz/San Francisco bay area
  83. Reputable European Doberman breeder who docks..
  84. Looking for quality breeder in Midwest
  85. Musing
  86. Looking for a Doberman to add to our family in Texas
  87. Casually Searching For Black/Rust Stud
  88. In search of a gladiator Doberman pinscher
  89. Breeder Discussion Topic
  90. NorCal Breeders?
  91. Thoughts?
  92. Sieger lines or german lines for ipo?
  93. Do you have European breeder recommendations who don't dock?
  94. Irinland kennels
  95. NJ breeder
  96. Looking for Dobe breeder
  97. Breeder question (UK)
  98. Blitzkrieger
  99. Looking to breed my blue female san diego
  100. Betelges
  101. Looking for a working female
  102. Breeders in southern states
  103. Dabney dobermans
  104. Question about DCM and breeding
  105. Any experience with these 2 breeders?
  106. Post Names
  107. Beware of Lake Placid, Florida, Breeder Happy Dobermans
  108. Trustina Guiliams???
  109. Treasure Seeker Dobermans
  110. Blu j' s dobermans
  111. Lester Cannon?
  112. Looking for a male pup in OK
  113. Recommend me a breeder for a male puppy docked
  114. European VS American? (Underneath the surface)
  115. Searching for a FireFox pup equivalent or descendant in New England
  116. How Good Are Our Breeds Today ... Really?
  117. Yes I do want a pet not a show dog
  118. Hensons Doberman Pinscher Reviews
  119. Family Dobes / Simply The Best European Dobermans / Effectively Trained k9s Update
  120. Looking for pup
  121. Minnesota Doberman Breeders?
  122. Bestanera Doberman Kennel is a con artist
  123. What "working tests" are required for UK breeders? Also, thoughts on Aritaur? :)
  124. Registered Breeder Ameer Barbara, Toronto,Ontario?
  125. Pups are here!
  126. Where to get a Dobe in Oklahoma or Toronto??
  127. Foxfire or Irongate?
  128. Breeder Help/advice
  129. Upcoming Litter Announcement
  130. West Coast Dobermans?
  131. Touchy Subject...
  132. I like House of Hoytt
  133. Looking for Puppy in New Jersey Area
  134. Reputable European Breeders in the USA
  135. Has anyone heard or recieved a puppy from
  136. Breeder near Utah
  137. Puppy
  138. Looking for a Breeder
  139. Ohio breeders for a good family doberman
  140. Looking for a good breeder in or near Colorado…
  141. Thought provoking paper
  142. Finding a euro dobe breeder in Texas
  143. Looking for a companion doberman in Florida
  144. In search of a Doberman
  145. Litter Announcement
  146. My Birthing Log
  147. I'm from the UK looking for the best breeder in Europe
  148. prima dobermans ?
  149. Looking for a breeder in western canada
  150. Litter Announcement
  151. Breeder in Africa?
  152. Looking for Midwest breeder
  153. Why do you guys knock BYBs?
  154. Litter announcement
  155. ISO Doberman Puppies without cropped tail or ears
  156. Pedigree Question on Litter
  157. Would you purchase a pup if...
  158. New & Doing Dobbie Research :)
  159. Questions about a particuliar breeder?
  160. Doberman Breeder in Texas
  161. The search continues, looking for a puppy.
  162. Anyone familiar with AKJ Dobes in LA?
  163. Looking for a good breeder on the east coast!
  164. Looking for breeder near southwestern PA
  165. Breeder Help/Advice Needed
  166. Breeder does he sound reputable?
  167. Looking for a breeder questions.
  168. Doberman Puppies in Virginia
  169. Looking for a great breeder near Upstate SC
  170. Reputable Breeder(s) In Australia?
  171. Breeder in Quebec?
  172. Dishonest and Possibly Fraudulent Breeder
  173. Ro Mays Dobermans
  174. Midwest Breeder Recs?
  175. Breeding Problems- Puppy Deaths
  176. Looking for reputable breeder in Hawaii
  177. Breeders in Georgia or Southeast
  178. Breeders in Western Canada
  179. Beware of Dade Dobermann
  180. Thinking about a new puppy next year .
  181. Help !! Breeders of texas
  182. Hartland Dobermans Michigan?
  183. Looking for a Breeder that was in Morris MN 2001
  184. Del Lettorio International kennel Snohomish Washington
  185. Sun Country Doberman?
  186. Breeder
  187. question about posting links to breeder websites
  188. registration help
  189. Protocol for contacting breeders?
  190. Help! Looking for working european doberman
  191. Looking for reputable doberman breeders around Rochester, NY
  192. Nervous about ear cropping !
  193. Looking for working Dobe breeders near GA
  194. ** please help ** looking for a breeder in vancouver, bc
  195. My little rant on some breeders
  196. Looking for breeder suggestions PNW/West
  197. Tamras Dobermans
  198. Looking for a Breeder in PA
  199. Dobieden horrible breeders
  200. Royal Majestic dobermans
  201. Finding a breeder
  202. West Coast Dobermans?
  203. Tired but still searching for a pup../😁
  204. New AKC breeders program
  205. Looking for a reputable breeder
  206. Looking for a Dobie from reputable breeder - California
  207. Looking for euro perfect pup
  208. Vonmadoc dobermans in Georgia?
  209. Looking for a Dobe
  210. Florida Breeders
  211. Registered name prefixes?
  212. smack-dab or bruda?
  213. Doberman Digest feature article ADAMAS
  214. Working people, input?
  215. Quality Breeder in MN,WI, IA area?
  216. Gray's Dobermans
  217. Help with a Litter Theme :-)
  218. Question about Co-ownership contract with the Breeder
  219. Temperament and Health
  220. Interesting
  221. Breeder Selection? VWD Carriers=bad? SouthEast
  222. looking for show breeder
  223. Chicagoland breeders?
  224. What to do? Puppy Paperwork
  225. Dobman breeders in Hawaii
  226. Are AllBlackDobermans reputable breeders?
  227. Reputable breeders in US that ship puppies to the UK
  228. Reputable breeder with Dobes who excel in obedience and doesn't dock?
  229. Looking for a good boy
  230. Looking for a Euro Dobe
  231. 75 dollar re-homing fee to ensure a good home.
  232. Cropping Advice
  233. Trying to find breeder in Cave Creek, AZ
  234. Breeders in NYS
  235. Opinions on Starlaine?
  236. "Bred by"
  237. Breeder in NC. Possible BYB?
  238. Krimsom Dobermans
  239. Any feedback on True Heart Dobermans?
  240. Shipping to Vietnam
  241. Questions about Breeder shipping pup - U.S.
  242. Looking for a reputable breeder in the midwest
  243. reputable breeders
  244. Recommendations for breeder in NY
  245. Buying advice needed. Looking for a well adjusted dobie. I have been in contack with
  246. Any New Buyers from Briarwood Dobermans Experiencing puppy Health Issues
  247. Looking for a top shelf breeder
  248. Red flag??
  249. Robertoa Zorzi - Del Littorio Kennel
  250. Is she pregnant?? Im confused! :(