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  24. general training question
  25. Dumb question about feeding.
  26. Aggressive with strangers
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  28. Consequences for misbehaviour
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  30. Barking in the car
  31. New Behavior - Fear
  32. The end for shock collars?
  33. misbehaving like an angry teen? opinions/suggestions needed.
  34. Excitement Pee & "Backtalk"
  35. Crate training question
  36. Miracles do happen
  37. Night time growling
  38. Obedience next step?
  39. Aggression
  40. Newly adopted doberman, need some advice
  41. Those that Kill but Won’t Correct
  42. need some tips - aggression
  43. Window watcher
  44. Pet Smart Obedience Training
  45. Help Needed with Separation Anxiety
  46. Guide Dogs had increase success from 50 to 60-85% when switching to positive methods
  47. Bitting/New Dobie Owner
  48. advice
  49. Vibrate/shock training collar. have to say I like it!
  50. 3yr Old Ankle Biter
  51. Puppy training, obedience in Ocala, FL?
  52. Commands in areas of high distraction
  53. New Rescue: Aggressive behavior
  54. Rescue Dobie - Please advise on training and behavior
  55. Adjustment period before training?
  56. Seeking advice
  57. obedience and guard training book suggestions
  58. playing way too rough
  59. That dang doorbell
  60. Advice on attention seeking behavior
  61. Luther very strong on the leash...
  62. In love, in love, in love!!
  63. Help! I've got a runner!
  64. Duke vs. Baby
  65. First dog gonna be dobie (help is appreciated)
  66. First Concern
  67. Training My Own PSD
  68. Need Some Input Please
  69. Dog trainer what do you think about this one
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  71. Obedience training in indianapolis
  72. Behaviorist/ trainer for puppy
  73. 1-year-old Chewing EVERYTHING!!
  74. Too large a body for his puppy brain
  75. Doberteen Concerns
  76. Strange behavior...rather disturbing
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  78. Sudden lack of recall.
  79. Educate me: same-sex aggression
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  82. Positive Reinforcement Training is Not About Cookies
  83. 2 Yr Male Won't Listen to Wife When I'm Not Around
  84. LAT game
  85. Is this "Springer Rage"?
  86. Teaching a Dog to share
  87. Help???
  88. My 16 week old Dobie male has started to become"testy". I expected this, but...
  89. Training in Mill Creek WA area needed
  90. My dog won't pee anywhere else but at home!
  91. Advice On a Crate
  92. Vocal aggression? ** Video included **
  93. Why Is My Boy Destroying My Kitchen?
  94. Pup barks at strange behaving people
  95. Difficult Female Dobie! Could use some advice for training
  96. Best collar for dobies?
  97. Pup anxiety help.
  98. Coloring books and crayons
  99. Help in deciding if I should adopt a 2yr old intact male?
  100. Looking for a good Dobe trainer in Atlanta Georgia area
  101. Most domestic dogs prefer food vs praise
  102. Eva goes crazy over the laser pointer is this normal?
  103. Double Question: Vocal & Hand Signals: How do I transition? / HOW DO I TEACH HEEL!?!?
  104. Pup will not move-then growled
  105. dobie on a rampage
  106. Very fustrated with destructive dobie
  107. Dominance theories
  108. Trainers in Texas
  109. Separation anxiety
  110. Spot training
  111. Sensitive Subject But I really Need Input
  112. Reverting Back To Puppyhood??
  113. Can Dobie's swim/ or be trained to swim?
  114. What does DT think of Cesar Millan methods?
  115. Help with long line/end of line training
  116. Canine body language-a much bigger picture!
  117. Crate problems
  118. Rembrandt, 1, diagnosed with dominance aggression
  119. How does this happen?
  120. Schutzhund Alberta Canada
  121. other ways of waving?
  122. Looking for local mentor near Chattanooga
  123. 'Screaming' Doberman
  124. Aggression towards other family dog, likely provoked by resource guarding
  125. In Need Of A Trainer
  126. Runs away/Pees in house 6-7yrs old
  127. Loose Leash Win!
  128. What makes the Gentle Lead work?
  129. New Dobie owner curious about how to train out dog bite concerns
  130. WCGSSC response to Schutzhund viability and the use of Remote Collars
  131. Pooping in cage
  132. Puppy starting to show signs of aggression and being territorial
  133. Growling...
  134. My most proud "training" moment
  135. Advice on new puppy in April.
  136. Barking
  137. Help! My doberman is scared of our oven!
  138. Extremely fearful doberman
  139. Socializing to Kids
  140. Reactive dog + new dog = ?
  141. Getting rid of gentle leader?
  142. HELP. Dobe goes nuts in back yard
  143. Help me train my dog please..
  144. Games/Trick Training Ideas?
  145. Leaving Dobe In Yard
  146. Socialization
  147. Adopting a Doberman X Rottweiler Rescue
  148. Help!! Almost 2 yr old close to giving up
  149. Face Nipping & Puppy Hard Headedness!
  150. Playing tug
  151. Pawing at Door to Go Out
  152. Problems with housebreaking and crate training
  153. Meeting New Dogs
  154. Cold Weather
  155. Misbehaving and BAD on lead (
  156. Puppy licking and nose bumping my niece.
  157. HELP!!! Separation anxiety and alpha postioning?!?
  158. Meeting Strange Dogs
  159. Iowa working dog trials...
  160. Advice needed!
  161. Kris and prong collar
  162. She found the fish...
  163. New trick help
  164. Obedience classes or home training? (and what age)
  165. Bloody Toilet Training - Nothing Works !
  166. Separation Anxiety guidance please?
  167. Recommended amount of time daily for training?
  168. My dobe is growling at my children
  169. Building confidence [Help?]
  170. Will this dog ever stop peeing
  171. Help with toilet training
  172. Stubborn Doberman
  173. Training Treat Aggression
  174. Help with 7 month old dobie!
  175. Help dealing with a NEEDY dog
  176. My puppy is attacking me! Help!
  177. Issues with recall - Freedom motivated dog ;)
  178. Train to stay in yard
  179. Rob Cary pet resort training programs
  180. help needed desperately
  181. Unexpected Resource Guarding Aggression from 2 year old Doberman
  182. Loves Small Dogs, Afraid of Big Dogs
  183. Ideas for socializing
  184. Partner wants to use choker I DONT
  185. Affraid of the Rain
  186. Marc Goldberg dog trainer? Chicago
  187. she doesn't like my daughter's beagle
  188. Ideas for winter blues?
  189. 19 month dobie soils the lounge
  190. Trainer in So Cal
  191. New dog, has issues..can they be fixed?
  192. Help is my dog aggressive or just over protective?
  193. Dog Socialization Advice (Bigger Dog Issue)
  194. Overly protective at night and barks at kids from afar
  195. Doberman Training Recommendations Hampton Roads - Please!
  196. Go right or Left.
  197. Food aggression
  198. Sit means sit dog training classes
  199. This dog is going to make me shoot myself, help please
  200. Nervous barking
  201. Need a little advice.
  202. My dobe is psychic :)
  203. serious problem with my Doberman
  204. The Importance of Socializing and Training
  205. Training Updates
  206. Taking my dog to a Santa Paws event!
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  209. Dobie specific trainers in Northern Ma/Southern NH?
  210. Dog gets hyper before bed time
  211. GPS Collars Anyone?
  212. Pees from excitement before I can get her outside...
  213. Big dog - little dog interaction
  214. If I bought a doberman puppy how would I address my mom's maybe aggressive dog?
  215. Dobie Yorkie Interaction
  216. She won't come!!!
  217. obedience and protection training in Snohomish county WA?
  218. Food aggression
  219. Kris & Obedience
  220. 5 month old female obedience problem
  221. Trainers in San Francisco
  222. Central Florida Trainer
  223. Nervous towards strangers
  224. Rehomed Doberman socialisation issues
  225. Puppy training near DFW, TX
  226. No pull harness-opinions
  227. My Dog Can't Read Body Language
  228. Constantly searching for food
  229. Nose Work!
  230. Jumping wont stop
  231. indoor activities for puppies
  232. Few lurking issues with adopted Dobe
  233. Jumping on the sliding glass door
  234. Socalization advice needed please!
  235. Unreliable Recall *SIGH*
  236. Training a Singleton
  237. Lunging ahead on walks
  238. Teenager backsliding on house training
  239. Toilet in her basket!
  240. Traning In Los Angeles,CA
  241. A Ton of Training Resources!
  242. "Go Pee" Advice Please
  243. Calming a young boy!
  244. Help my Dobie's a jumper
  245. skittish doberman 1 year 4 months help!?
  246. Daycare and Leash Reactivity?
  247. Amazing Dog Training Man-- Eric Letendre
  248. Digging
  249. Pointing!
  250. Marking in Inappropriate Places