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  1. Request for a Favor
  2. So tired! Microchip
  3. Elsa the Therapy Pitbull.
  4. Ilka's thyroid results
  5. Do YOU have a Dog Alarm Clock?
  6. Interesting mix
  7. Vintage poultry booklets
  8. Spring has Sprung! (snakes)
  9. The Truth About Cats and Dobes
  10. My kids think I'm weird...
  11. Horses: Post 'Em if you Got 'Em
  12. Back from the vet with bad news.
  13. Pi is retarded
  14. Stop "Dog Meat Festival"
  15. Bucket list for terminal dog.......
  16. "A Designer Dog Maker Regrets His Creation" (Canine Corner blog post)
  17. Puppy Boot Camp
  18. Childproofing.
  19. Introducing...
  20. A Story regarding a dog attack this past sunday very sad
  21. Leo's first title!
  22. Meet our temporary visitor
  23. A cautionary tale . . .
  24. The Kids' new toys. +chicks
  25. Egg Suckin' Hound.
  26. Dog Aggression
  27. Sheldon the Scent Detection GP says hello :)
  28. Promised I'd come back! (+snakey pictures)
  29. Cruciate brace - Canada?
  30. Goat head shots. :)
  31. they didn't come accross a DOBE
  32. Pearl.
  33. Bob Jr.
  34. Why does chance have a problem with anal glands ?
  35. Fear Biter Foster Girl
  36. It just keeps getting better
  37. What do you think?
  38. Maryland guy shoots neighbors pit mix then posts on FB w/dog's body
  39. Mobile pet shop
  40. Springfield, MA Working Group Specialty 2 wks ago *parvo alert*
  41. Vaccine associated sarcoma in cats
  42. Genetically Modified foodstuffs
  43. Pet Rock
  44. Three years in the making...
  45. Master Hunter Training
  46. Training Treat - Picky Eater
  47. DNA test oddities
  48. Excited to be pet sitting
  49. How could she do it?
  50. Crating a dog that isn't mine. Thoughts?
  51. Guess the breed.
  52. Killer Dogs...(Graphic images of dogs doing their jobs)
  53. The koala-cat
  54. Couldn't they have just thrown a blanket on it or something?
  55. One of those months...
  56. Lucky is going to the vet...
  57. Anyone with cattle experience?
  58. Have you ever had a cat that had feline herpes?
  59. Rats? Yes, rats!
  60. Twice a year breeding?
  61. Missing GSD in N.C.
  62. Meet Mizar!
  63. You know those "Seen it on Pintrest" Fail memes? Here's my ear posting one...
  64. The Functional Dog
  65. My Easter peeps are here
  66. Is this ringworm? ohhh bother
  67. Killer Pitbull
  68. Designer dogs aren't immune to health issues.
  69. Heart Attack
  70. Pearl and Charlie get into a big scrap.....
  71. Charlie's Kid.
  72. OMG you guys.....
  73. Walter update! *photo dump*
  74. Whose feather is this?
  75. We did it, our first title Rally Novice Pictures and update...
  76. Fear of men..
  77. ATTS Temperament Test
  78. It is true: they respond to emotions as we do
  79. Goat Counterpoise
  80. CDA in a 10 month old pit
  81. 'Foster' puppy weird gait
  82. Marigold the Sharpei update
  83. Advice on Citronella Bark Collars?
  84. I obviously don't know my breeds :)
  85. Envy made her "debut" with her handler and almost took the breed!
  86. My Mixbreed keeps getting humped at the dog park! Help!
  87. Shelter dog activist attacks my sis!!
  88. Duck pond problem.
  89. River-ing with reckless abandon
  90. Some days I'm a complete idiot
  91. Houston Dog Trainer Recommendations?
  92. Issues with going in the backyard
  93. My Female Might Be Pregnant!
  94. Zoo's are meant to protect, right?
  95. Why is there no regulation?
  96. Pow
  97. Ban puppy mill dogs from pet stores in Chicago
  98. Got to Love Little Leo!
  99. It's funny but I have to have sympathy for postal workers!
  100. More backyard birds and other stuff
  101. Killer Whales hunting off Nanaimo.
  102. Anyone know a good pet sitter/boarder? Chicago
  103. Puppy bowl
  104. GSD was thrown out of 5th floor window to death
  105. Uneducated Pet Owners
  106. Looking for a home
  107. Amazing behind the scenes look!
  108. 2 year old BM looking for a forever home
  109. Epileptic cat? Advice please...
  110. May the Force be With You
  111. Hard To Imagine
  112. look what I found
  113. I'm a bad dog person
  114. My Bengal Cat
  115. Anyone have experience with Malamutes?
  116. Reputable Corgi breeders and rescues?
  117. Training Soft Dog
  118. Happy second birthday, Leo
  119. Resources/advice for owner taking on singleton puppy
  120. Harness?
  121. Ivan & Maiya
  122. Kitties
  123. Goldfish
  124. "Pretty but can they hunt"
  125. Quetzal Wishes You a Belated Happy New Year
  126. Goats, a Pearl and a Chuck.
  127. Walter White! I gotcha!
  128. My other passion: sugar gliders
  129. Sasha housebreaking
  130. Elsie photos, as promised!
  131. I was promised Elsie pics if I post Rattie pics...soo here goes.
  132. Happy 1st Birthday, Odie!
  133. Couch-hogging Catahoula
  134. My kitties
  135. Drooly and Beau
  136. Draw me like one of your french girls...
  137. For Those Members w/Vet & Medical Exp
  138. Has anyone boarded before?
  139. Getting a new addition to the family...
  140. Just popping in to wish you & your pups all a happy new year
  141. Cockatoo Helps Dog Countersurf
  142. One more thing
  143. Pet Insurance
  144. My son wants a ferret
  145. Pi's rehab
  146. Slow motion Basset Hound galloping
  147. Dog's excretory behavior explained by SCIENCE!
  148. Animal PSYCHIC?
  149. Please share.... And please keep him in your prayers... He is too loving...plea
  150. Fearful dog advice?
  151. Got Kittens!
  152. Prednisolone... sigh
  153. essential oil gergelim and baru safe for a dog?
  154. This Little Man changed our lives...
  155. Cute?
  156. Shar Pei update
  157. Cat Safety Collar Suggestions
  158. Maiya's Christmas
  159. Early Present For This Dog....Life
  160. I would never own a ______
  161. "Stink, Stank, Stunk"
  162. Newest foster for IDR + Sake
  163. "Artsy" Envy
  164. Look what I did now...
  165. Have a Great Dane or Weimaraner?
  166. Backyard visitor
  167. A presence in the tree
  168. Happy 4th birthday, Ilka!
  169. Took the Vizslas hunting
  170. Seeing double?
  171. Meet the Coywolf on PBS
  172. Any reccomendations for a Dental Vet in N IL?
  173. Well darn
  174. How do you give a Cockerel/Chicken medication?
  175. Envy #6 Owner Handled Vizsla!
  176. Zoey wishing you a Merry Christmas
  177. need thoughts on Leo, the "problem Rottweiler"
  178. I finally found it
  179. Need more vibes for Pi
  180. Merry Christmas from Sebastian...
  181. Despicable
  182. Long time no see! I'm feeling guilty...
  183. Barnyard Photos, No Dobe Photos! lol
  184. Guinea Pig Scent Detection
  185. WI dairy cow cruelty (horrific) & Di giorno pizza
  186. Shar pei from pet shop
  187. Coursing photos!
  188. It's been a long time. Basset lady update
  189. Okay so he is not perfect...
  190. Poor Andy, foster update
  191. Help locating breeders please
  192. Quetzal sings the song of his people
  193. Horses and Ticks
  194. It's Santa Claws!!
  195. Snow Spitz (mix)
  196. War Cry of Desert Rain Frog
  197. The duo goes select today
  198. raptor destroys Thanksgiving holidays
  199. Any other Border Collie owners out there?
  201. Envy's turn for BEST OF BREED
  202. Guess the breed!
  203. We think Odie IS a Chinook
  204. Justice For Puppy Doe
  205. Cute Shelter Dog Video (Parody of Royals)
  206. Little pit mix in urgent need of rescue: Chicago area
  207. Poor Dog
  208. Got to play show dog with a Havoc daughter today
  209. This is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!
  210. New Champion!!!!! (Loki has finished)
  211. Seizure?
  212. Update 2013
  213. Pug owner Kills Pitbull with knife
  214. 41 ways!
  215. Joy Sessions
  216. Dog found in IL tornado debris after 30 hours
  217. Unlikely Animal Friends: Orangutan and Hound
  218. OK guys a little help...
  219. BRTs
  220. Questions for people who foster
  221. Our Ch Picture
  222. Service Dog and Owner vs Airline
  223. Drew Another Horsie :)
  224. Interesting Article
  225. Had a bad scare today....
  226. Psst...
  227. Pick a dog breed for a paleolithic lifestyle.
  228. Mercy the Pitbull saves owner........
  229. "Bark Box?"
  230. Caeruleus Great Danes - Anyone have experience with them?
  231. Trying not to judge
  232. Some updated pics of Envy
  233. Happy Birthday Marine Corps!
  234. Snakey Updates (LOTS of pictures)
  235. Odie the Generic Brown (?yellow) Dog - update
  236. I think
  237. the morning sun!
  238. New GCH for Havoc puppy
  239. I hate mice
  240. SuperPod of Dolphins off the BC coast....
  241. this one is for a bit of laugh..
  242. And the verdict is in...
  243. 22 Grand Champio points in two weekends
  244. Zoey in the leaves
  245. Rott breeders in/around TX?
  246. The Judeasaurus Rex
  247. Happy Halloween from our new Senior Rescue!
  248. Eternal weight issues (and a splash of doberman-goodness)
  249. Reputable Great Dane breeders?
  250. Potty Training issues