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  1. Poor Boy...
  2. Quick Update On Everyone
  3. Clifford came to Visit
  4. The growling dream
  5. Favourite Schutzhund Breeder??
  6. Double-decker dobies!
  7. Help: I hate my dog
  8. How many have recycled cribs to use as doggie beds?
  9. Full Moon for one year ***Photo Heavy***
  10. Smashing through window
  11. Q in action
  12. How to handle a greiving female.
  13. Doberman facial expressions
  14. I finally heard her bark.
  15. Dobermans and Human Allergies
  16. I now know how to say "WTF" in Doberman....
  17. Hot days in the River
  18. Happy 13th Birthday!!!!!!!
  19. Naughty Stories...
  20. Doggie Toys...
  21. Lexi UPDATE
  22. What is your doberman's daily routine?
  23. Have you ever heard of a Canis Panther??
  24. Adult female biting wits end.
  25. I guess I DID promise an update...
  26. Which do you prefer Males or Females?
  27. We climbed a mountain :D
  28. Such a lovely summer walk pics
  29. Anyone heard of Yellow ribbon on a leash campaign?
  30. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar July Winner!
  31. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar July Winner - Look Here for Next Month's Theme!
  32. Just a Few Fun Photos
  33. Jealousy do your Dobes get jealous with your other dogs or vice versa?
  34. Help!!!
  35. Blitzkrieger puppy
  36. Videos of Mishka and her Football obsession
  37. Who Do I report this to
  38. Beautiful Doberman
  39. Jaina had her spay today + got her Barkbox yesterday (huge photo dump)
  40. To meddle, or not to meddle...
  41. Day Hike With The Fam and Sushi 18 weeks old :)
  42. Puppy cam
  43. Meanwhile back at the burn scar--
  44. OH. MY. GOODNESS. The screaming is unbelievable!
  45. Will this work? Digging...
  46. Group Photo
  47. What an inspirational, happy-ending doberman story!
  48. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar July Top 10 - Vote Now!
  49. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar July Top 10 - Vote Now!
  50. Homeowners Ins, the AKC, and Dobe
  51. Mishka photo dump
  52. Cato update, life update!
  53. Doberteens
  54. Is she Pure?
  55. Electronic Doggy Door?
  56. New dobe to love....
  57. Videos of Cosmo Von Bayern (del Pais Baviera) bitework
  58. Aura's Iron Man, almost 6 months old
  59. Happy 2nd Birthday, Richter
  60. From puppy to adult
  61. Indy's new cool coat
  62. Our new boy Guney
  63. Stark photos, as requested!
  64. Insurance???
  65. Best Fundraiser Idea!
  66. Horrible diagnosis: Ligneous Conjunctivitis
  67. She's kissing a dog! LOL
  68. Photo from newspaper article
  69. Faster than a speeding bullet....Your picture next.....
  70. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar July Entries - Favorite EPAD Shot
  71. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar July Entries - Favorite EPAD Shot
  72. Just checkin' in--it's been a while! (Pics inside)
  73. insect repellent for dogs?
  74. Fireworks Petition: Michigan
  75. Do Euro Dobes have a shorter life span?
  76. It was hot today (pics)
  77. SFVDPC - July 3rd specialty show - photo dump III
  78. SFVDPC July 3rd specialty show - photo dump II
  79. SFVDPC July 3rd specialty show - photo dump
  80. Summer days for Ev
  81. Wanted Watch Dog
  82. Sharing is Caring (...not)
  83. At what age do Doberman's calm down at?
  84. An inviting dog walk--a contented dog... (pics)
  85. Egon is 16 weeks today! (pics!)
  86. So what's different about Dobermans?
  87. How was the 4th for everyone?
  88. Almost two
  89. My sweet boy was missing
  90. Patriotic Ears
  91. Indy is 6 today
  92. Grizzly Photo Dump!
  93. question about two male dogs.
  94. The dangers of coffee grinds
  95. Happy Belated Birthday WCharger! Photo Heavy:)
  96. does anyone give their dogs dried tendon?
  97. Does Your Dog Get Freaked Out Over Fireworks? Here’s What You Should Do...
  98. Cool dog sweaters- and for a good cause!
  99. Does anyone sing to their dogs?
  100. We need a special DORK thread (pics)
  101. Trying to track info on a dog from my Childhood
  102. Whiskey turns 3!
  103. A few recent pics
  104. American Dobermans
  105. Male or female??? Help
  106. Clifford the big red dog
  107. What will happen to the dogs?
  108. Tank turns 3
  109. Star Wars Day with Dobermans (photo dump)
  110. How Spoiled Florida Dobermans Spend Hot Summer Days!
  111. Splish, Splash, Summer! *photos*
  112. Baron's New Summer "Bling" Coat
  113. Gino and Asha met adorable Daisy
  114. Good grief Sydney aka Walks on Lily Pads
  115. Charlie, on the dock........
  116. About to be a first time foster
  117. Lake time with my 5 1/2 month old :-)
  118. Advice for potential owner please!
  119. How Well Can Children Interpret a Dog's Emotional State?
  120. Finally Capri moving, but not blurry (pics)
  121. Tan vs. Rust
  122. Getting a doberman or mini australian shepherd first?
  123. DoberAlarmClock
  124. She finally won the old man over :)
  125. Fresh Venison
  126. Well, that's that
  127. Definitely different, aren't they? (pics)
  128. Natures Farmacy "Dogzimes Complete"
  129. Doberman getting owned by kitten
  130. A day in the life of Tank
  131. New Dobermann Book!
  132. Melon head
  133. Unusual dog aggression?
  134. Anya and my son Gabriel <3 Maryland
  135. Starting my search...
  136. I saw my first 14 year old male
  137. Our girl is a Canine Good Neighbour!
  138. Not Quite Ready for Prime Time--July--Favorite EPAD shot
  139. Leaving Dobie uncrated inside home while away.
  140. A visiting boy named Junior
  141. Preparing For A Doberman
  142. Doberman puppy and rain?
  143. Signs you may have a Euro Doberman
  144. For the love of WINE!
  145. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar June Winner
  146. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar June Winner - Look Here Next Month's Theme!
  147. Dobermans... athletic and energetic...wait what?
  148. Doberman nap time...
  149. Lovely day to try on some collars! (Pictures)
  150. Tank swimming
  151. Michonne on our walk
  152. New Coat! (Pictures)
  153. large sized pet sofa/bed/furniture
  154. Chuck and his little girl.
  155. Need more WAE entries for June 21st in MN!
  156. Happy Dobie Dad's Day!
  157. Cutie and the Beast
  158. Photogenic Diesel!
  159. Damn cancer!
  160. Romeo is growing up....
  161. Looking for a dobie
  162. Silly dogs in the garden (photo dump)
  163. Dobeteens
  164. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar June Top 10 - Vote Now!
  165. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar June Top 10 - Vote Now!
  166. Gus's smile
  167. Family and Your pups! Pics!
  168. I Really Hate Thunderstorms!
  169. The Doberman shuffle
  170. Eye color changes with behavior
  171. Trying to fund Zeno's Sugery
  172. Mister visits with us.
  173. Female needs to lose weight...
  174. Obstruction :(
  175. My Doberbeavers or Unleashed Energy
  176. Male or Female Show prospect?
  177. Was Mika trying to protect me?
  178. A little worried
  179. prospective puppy buyer
  180. Attention Doberman breeders and lovers!
  181. Dealing with after effects of a dog attack.
  182. Argh.
  183. Jesus is watching you.
  184. Not Quite Ready for Prime Time--June--Best Action Shot
  185. 4am wakeup howls
  186. Warm weather photos
  187. Cross Border Breed Specific Rescue
  188. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar June Entries - Best Action Shot!
  189. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar June Entries - Best Action Shot!
  190. Would this hurt my chances?
  191. Mine! Resource guarding Q's for my visit
  192. thunder storm help
  193. A nice day in June (Pic heavy)
  194. AIAD 2014 (31 May-1 June) full results
  195. Huckleberry's visit to Petco yesterday.
  196. It's cooling down here
  197. Ear cropping advice...?
  198. Boating Trip
  199. How spoiled are they?
  200. "Your doberman is so tiny!"
  201. DT Strange, But True....
  202. My goodness, how adorable are these photos?
  203. I saw another Doberman movie..
  204. Jump Chuck! Jump!
  205. Prime in the city
  206. It's the TOBERMAN! photodump :)
  207. You have heard of the "Dog paddle", but...
  208. Tamora/Atlas update
  209. Breathe right strips
  210. A few questions for you folks :)
  211. Dirty Job'S Mike Rowe does Animal Rendering Today
  212. He makes me so proud!
  213. Just how bad is it with an intact male..?
  214. Growling for attention
  215. Big helper
  216. Missing pupps - need your advice
  217. IDC 2014 (IPO) World Championship results
  218. Just a couple of Richter photos
  219. Evan all grown up
  220. Draven, Titan and Sinister
  221. My boy!
  222. Dislike of motorcycles
  223. Proud Mommy Moments!!!
  224. For the low, low price of $3600...
  225. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar May Winner - Look Here for Next Month's Theme!
  226. What Keon did today !
  227. Tank and trail rides.
  228. Makes me SOO Angry!! Terrace Dobermans
  229. Dobie in Yuma AZ needs new home
  230. Charlie.
  231. Are 2 dobes better than one?
  232. Coastal Dobe
  233. Doberman puppy face wrinkles
  234. Boat... and our sea Dobe
  235. 2 Dobermans, a GSD and a Dalmatian
  236. If Your Dog Could Text, He Would Probably Send You Messages Like These
  237. my dog growled at me...
  238. Muzzles....I am angry!
  239. Today at Pets Mart I lost It
  240. Holy Checking In, Batman?
  241. Is it a doberman?
  242. Best, easy-to-clean bed?
  243. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar May Top 10-Vote Now!
  244. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar May Top 10 - Vote Now!
  245. Elka V is 5!
  246. Dremel is the Devil
  247. Miniature Doberman Pinscher?
  248. Ran into glass door.
  249. Afraid of wind?
  250. Doberman home alone will putting her in my room. Be ok?