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  1. Tips to Introduce New Kitty to Dobe
  2. Photobomb of Ashra etc.
  3. Do I love him only for his looks?
  4. Stunned
  5. I am a Doberman
  6. Thank you Mabarker!
  7. Creed and I have MOVED!
  8. Smiling Dobermans!
  9. The Dapper Dober
  10. Update DobeQuest
  11. In need of your prayers.
  12. DPCA fundraising auction for rescues
  13. Happy Birthday Ivan!
  14. Essential equipment
  15. Genetic Divergence between Euro and American dobes
  16. Doberman Gang Remake
  17. The Tender (movie)
  18. Rough coated doberman
  19. Announcement: 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar June Winner
  20. 2016 Doberman Calendar June Winner - Look Here for Next Month's Theme!
  21. When to get a 2nd Doberman?
  22. Temporary Dog Trade
  23. Soon to be owner of two males with a twist so I have questions.
  24. A day on the river
  25. How do you get your dogs used to water(swimming)?
  26. One upping Dad
  27. Exploring in the mountains photo dump...
  28. Fashion!
  29. Different dober kissing styles.
  30. Poor Richter...forced to model
  31. Curious...
  32. Some Advice
  33. Announcement: 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar June Top 10 - Vote Here Now!
  34. 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar June Top 10 - Vote Here Now!
  35. Dobie size?????
  36. missed out on macro calendar entry!
  37. Collars- 2" or 3"?
  38. It's Complicated ... Chapter 2
  39. Huge photo dump of my best girl
  40. I love this dog!
  41. Names?
  42. Question about a big change for my Doberman
  43. Dobe + Kittehs!
  44. Late To The Party Again
  45. how rough is too rough?
  46. No one told me Dobies had hooves..
  47. Dogs walk together for years start fighting
  48. The Great Doberman Debate
  49. Is there a temperament/personal difference between American and Euro Dobermans?
  50. Is her chest too big?
  51. Nightwatch At Macy's - 1954 pictures & article
  52. Searching for a Melanistic Black Dobe
  53. Heavy panting, drinks water, immediately throws up
  54. The Rare Selfie
  55. Any tips for a picky eater?
  56. Announcement: 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar June Entries - Macro Dobes!
  57. 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar June Entries - Macro Dobes!
  58. First Birthday
  59. Figured it was time to post a pic
  60. Is there anything that Chuck cannot do?
  61. Yard Time Indeed
  62. Japanese Legislation Gives New Meaning To “Till Death Do Us Part”
  63. Doberman vs. GSD - Exercise needs
  64. Airline travel with a doberman
  65. Help Support Hand Me Down Dobes Event
  66. Should I get him a custom chair?!
  67. Stolen Doberman-Please share
  68. Max at the mountains today (photos)
  69. Indestructible crate pads?
  70. need help before something bad happens
  71. We are Dober-sitting
  72. Apartments in St. Louis, MO that will take a dobie
  73. Moving to a village for Chee
  74. Male Struggling to stand up on hind legs
  75. Kris sleeping
  76. When should I get a 2nd dog?
  77. What does is mean by "trying to take control"
  78. Just a little photo shoot
  79. resource guarding owner at dog park?
  80. Watering Fountain
  81. Grooming DISASTER- should I skip tomorrow's show?
  82. My Favorite Model
  83. Jealousy, guarding or something else?
  84. Who are the rockstar breeders these days?
  85. Finding an adult Doberman
  86. Announcement: 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar May Winner
  87. 2016 Doberman Calendar May Winner - Look Here for Next Month's Theme!
  88. so at 15 Months
  89. Long Weekend Photos
  90. What Mix Is My Puppy?
  91. Photo Compilation
  92. Question about entering photos in the calendar contest...
  93. When to give up on conformation?
  94. Dog Food Brand Commercial Casting Call in Toronto, Ontario
  95. Dobermans and Sweet Memory Gardens
  96. Announcement: 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar May Top 10 - Vote Here Now!
  97. 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar May Top 10 - Vote Here Now!
  98. Summer fun
  99. In which Richter is whipped by a 5 month old puppy girl...(photo heavy)
  100. Khaleesi Dock Diving 2015 Photos (So Far)
  101. I Just Realized
  102. What to do when you're bored:
  103. Eddie's new favourite spot!
  104. Boiling mad at neighbour
  105. Fattening up my boy!
  106. Layla.
  107. The Ugly Photo Shoot
  108. growling is misunderstood behaviour
  109. male dominance?
  110. Tail or no tail?
  111. Have you met my Personal Protection Dog?
  112. Doberpain!!
  113. Epidemic of Police shooting of 50,000 dogs in USA
  114. Pippa turned ONE today!!
  115. Wondering what the biggest (healthy) Doberman you've encountered is?
  116. Are you OK?
  117. Doberman with cats
  118. The picture I REALLY wanted to post in the Outdoor Dobe Calendar Contest
  119. Dpca
  120. Help! Which picture for Outside Dobe?
  121. Announcement: 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar May Entries - Dobes Outside!
  122. 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar May Entries - Dobes Outside!
  123. Can I vent a little.....Flea and heartworm preventative
  124. Neighbor threw food in my yard
  125. Rex Photodump
  126. Another sad, sad story
  127. Photodump of Sybilla
  128. our dogs fight
  129. Dobe for a Manhattanite?
  130. 8yr old bites a toddler
  131. Leaving home.
  132. AWOL book series
  133. Spring Pictures
  134. This dog...
  135. The gang is well!
  136. What the...
  137. Doberman or Dobermann ??
  138. Eating/Chewing sticks, twigs, branches!
  139. Kris met her first little puppy
  140. It has been a while...
  141. Gus got a new sister..(pics!)
  142. The thaw is here (Kip pics)
  143. Slash 7 month pics!!!
  144. Buddy's birthday
  145. Someone is getting a sister.
  146. I'm sorry but
  147. Hard day at the office
  148. A morning walk (pics)
  149. seriously people... (rant and smile pic)
  150. MCWDC Up coming trial date
  151. He leads a hard life...
  152. Winter snow vs. Spring snow (Kira & Kor)
  153. A quick update
  154. First roller-blade!
  155. Sgt Ron Packard - NorCal Police trained his pet doberman to be his k9 partner
  156. Shona
  157. Welcome Home
  158. Male vs Female...why do you choose
  159. The Modern-Day Fairy Tale: The Myth of Reach and Drive
  160. Our new addition
  161. Ratting?
  162. Dog Tags
  163. Black/ Red: who here had had both?
  164. How Do We Get the Stink Off?!
  165. Why should I test my dog for heart problems?
  166. Catch up! And why are some people such jerks?
  167. Everlasting Treat Fire Plug
  168. Happy third birthday, Jaina!
  169. Evan is doing well :D
  170. I do not know if anyone remembers me... but i am back
  171. Kind of a Cute Picture of Dixie at 7 years old
  172. It's raining, I'm all done with yard work,
  173. Announcement: 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar April Winner
  174. 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar April Winner - Look Here for Next Month's Theme!
  175. Just Some Fun in the Sun
  176. Who is your dream dog?
  177. Is this reasonable?
  178. Top 5 things you've said to your dobe today - REMIX
  179. Dobermann facts
  180. I have to dog shame my doberman
  181. Cries when playing with squeaky toy
  182. Heartworm preventative...which one?
  183. Okay this is funny... but stolen photos?
  184. New pictures of the crew
  185. Announcement: 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar April Top 10 - Vote Here Now!
  186. 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar April Top 10 - Vote Here Now!
  187. Another Dobe worthy collar!
  188. Dobe push-ups (video)
  189. Dober-cow
  190. Creed's First Birthday
  191. Can anyone recommend a grooming table?
  192. A Happy's been 5 years.
  193. Anyone know where I would be able to get this statue??
  194. Indy's new jammies
  195. can 2 'mostly intact' females live together?
  196. Dog collars
  197. I need to find a halo
  198. (A slight hijack) from the male/male aggression thread
  199. Doberman, pharaoh hound, and rescue oh my
  200. Family Portrait?
  201. Happy 11th Birthday, Moe
  202. I have a unique rescue girl. Need protective clothing advice.
  203. Announcement: 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar April Entries - Best Silly Dobe Photo!
  204. 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar April Entries - Best Silly Dobe Photo!
  205. Happy Easter!
  206. Odin and his new garden **pics**
  207. size and build
  208. Gentle leader help!
  209. Anyone know of a good App for keeping ...
  210. Until you tell me you are tired of pictures...
  211. For your viewing pleasure (Viewer beware racy pix)
  212. March 31, 2015 Central PA Snow!
  213. Chuck has a new job!
  214. New Addition
  215. New definitions--A dog's guide to healthy living
  216. Family trip to Incredible dobermans (with picture)
  217. male on male agression
  218. How hot is to hot ?
  219. Happy 9th. Birthday to my Q litter!
  220. ~~swoon~~
  221. Doberman mix health
  222. Squirrel patrol...
  223. Look what we have here...
  224. Friday Funny: How to ID a Doberman
  225. Talking about memory....
  226. im hurtin real bad...
  227. Does anyone regret cropping their dogs ears?
  228. Car Anxiety/Fear/Excitement/Etc?
  229. Fun day at the park
  230. Skijoring with Chase
  231. Tank (picture dump)
  232. It's all in how you train them....
  233. Mango update (mango is bad)
  234. Mika attacked by another dog!
  235. Playing with my new lens
  236. A Bit of Brandy
  237. Spring Photo Dump!
  238. Sleepy Doberman
  239. My Doberman patrol killing iguanas
  240. This Country Requires You to Care for Your Pet Until Death
  241. Give the dog a bone...
  242. Happy 1st Birthday, Mocha!
  243. Rehoming and caring for dam after a litter
  244. Capri is finally stitch-less and staple-free!!!!
  245. Announcement: 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar March Winner
  246. 2016 Dobermantalk Calendar March Winner - Look Here for Next Month's Theme!
  247. Doberman Digest Magazine...
  248. A search finally complete.
  249. Jedi Mind Tricks
  250. What's been happening around here...