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  1. Reactive dogs and Rescues
  2. Fun Video
  3. Happy Birthday Bella!
  4. Gino is 5 years old today!
  5. Look at Rudy! Ha Ha!
  6. Made me think of Dobermantalk
  7. OCD genes in Dobermans
  8. Craigslist Ad
  9. Chocolate Doberman?
  10. Three day snow storm = Fun time!
  11. Water
  12. Some Envy Photos
  13. few Q Standing there
  14. Just Some Photos...
  15. Mocha and I are off to talk about where to get a dog!
  16. This is how we play
  17. Need a little help from my friends
  18. Tracing Saul's "breeder" tattoo?
  19. First Snow!
  20. What would you do if you were in my shoes?
  21. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar February Top 10 - Vote Now!
  22. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar February Top 10 - Vote Now!
  23. Rudy sleeping upside down next to me!
  24. Wanna be my Dobertine?
  25. bored w food?
  26. Organic Oscar Aloe Vera Shampoo And Conditioner Giveaway
  27. For those Medically Inclined Members - Saul's Med History
  28. a boy and his dog--and a paper shredder
  29. Valentines Day Love
  30. Another use for copious amounts of snow :D
  31. More Saul pics
  32. Leia's First "Real" Snow!
  33. Andi brown's oil blend for dogs
  34. Ice Cuts?
  35. My doberman needs a friend!
  36. Another storm, more snow pics!
  37. Help friends female Dobie has bite my dobie three times
  38. owner of frozen dog arrested
  39. Coocoo doggy
  40. Visiting possible breeder next week
  41. New Rescue - Vet Scheduled but Welcome Opinions Pls
  42. Playdate failed
  43. shivering while sleeping...kinda
  44. full grown female headsize?
  45. WT Metal or Trans-K9 Vehicle Crates?
  46. Total rant that I'm sure you've heard before!!!!
  47. Dobie Toons!
  48. Doberman Overate!!
  49. Dog Park behaviour
  50. Jinx Update
  51. Doberman @ Westminster Detects Breast CA
  52. shedding
  53. Help, Advice Needed- Potty training a 9 month old
  54. I told him it was a bad idea!
  55. Heavy snow in 78 years
  56. Pano or knuckling??
  57. Cute video!
  58. Neutering a puppy!
  59. tail docking in uk
  60. Can anyone answer me this??
  61. when to neuter/ controlling bowe
  62. i think i saw her first smile!
  63. Dobermans can tell time!
  64. God grant me the serenity....
  65. New Group Photo (and snow!)
  66. why can't she behave out of her cage??
  67. Doberman quirks
  68. Lots of snow pics!!
  69. Cali turned 4 yesterday
  70. Carmello Doberman?
  71. Ivan & Maiya Pics
  72. DobeSnowmaggedon
  73. Unsolicited advice from strangers while training?
  74. Whistle monitor
  75. 6 Week Old puppies...
  76. I want a doberman ... now what?
  77. Another Great Day at the Dog Park
  78. Which entry for calendar.....
  79. Not Quite Ready for the Prime Time 2015 Calendar--February--Cuddly Dobes
  80. Siri-photos
  81. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar February Entries - Cuddly Dobes
  82. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar February Entries - Cuddly Dobes
  83. Doberman related news story
  84. Dog liability policy separate from homeowners ins
  85. Troy, The Miracle Dog--Wonderful Story
  86. Dobe vs. Catfish
  87. Best most effective Nail Grinder
  88. Congrats Fitzmar!!
  89. 1 Year Birthday :)
  90. Good vet in Seattle?
  91. Like a dog with a bone...
  92. Red Doberman service dog
  93. snow day
  94. Rudy and Dixie
  95. Meet Eva
  96. Media using Dobermans
  97. Too cute not to share
  98. RIP Maxim di Altobello
  99. Loki says hi!
  100. a few Ethan pics, it's been a while
  101. excessive salivation
  102. Pictures: PJs, running, and Skidooing.
  103. Luca with a pic
  104. the laws...I am frustarted!!!
  105. whats your dobermans favorite toys...
  106. Doberman Intelligence
  107. Ear Posting... Need HELP!!!!
  108. Fun Day in the Snow!
  109. Anyone seen Shannon Johnstone project? *Graphic images*
  110. Question on health and looking
  111. Ontario Senior in Urgent Need
  112. Helper Elza
  113. Greater Mid Ontario Doberman Fanciers Club - If you are from Ontario....look us up!
  114. No - that's not how you use dental floss
  115. Fall In Love With Our Furever Love Valentine’s Day Contest
  116. How does your Dobe "ask for something"?
  117. Dobe Love
  118. flying with my dobe
  119. Snow!
  120. Seen the Super Bowl Doberhuahua Ad by Audi yet?
  121. Cuddly Dobes
  122. Saturday hiking at Roosevelt State Park in Pine Mountain, Ga
  123. Finally!! Super excited to share!
  124. Please help !
  125. Soter and Coco go to Vancouver
  126. Neutering behaviors?
  127. Microchip information change question
  128. Lincoln Turned 1 Today!
  129. Sketches of some beautiful male heads i like (past & present)
  130. Winterizing my dogs
  131. Normal? - fur like a cat
  132. Little Miss Sticky Tongue
  133. Ideas to keep your dog busy by himself for a couple of hours?
  134. reposting after a month out of posts = depression and fear?
  135. Jaina met another Foxfire girl! (photo dump)
  136. Dog Shows
  137. Is this normal or should I look into it further?
  138. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar January Winner!
  139. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar January Winner - Look Here for Next Month's Theme!
  140. Sunny Day. Pictures!
  141. Guardian or Comoanion?
  142. Video of Mishka with Toy recognition
  143. looking for large type family doberman
  144. "The Doberman Gang somehow didn't win Best Picture in 1972"...
  145. Venus's favorite spot on a cold winters night. That's -30c here in montreal ton
  146. Who wants a few Richter and Sonora pictures?
  147. Dobereich's Nymph Asha - BIG 3!
  148. Pretty Proud
  149. Mishka always amazes me.....what does yours do
  150. Just because....
  151. Charger's new home!! (with pics)
  152. Thought I'd share one of my favorite picture of Venus
  153. RobinB - gone
  154. Whining in the car?
  155. Venus
  156. Happier times
  157. Update on Miracle?
  158. Doberman Play Style?
  159. I need a third dog!
  160. Went on a trail run this morning, stopped for a photo shoot...
  161. "You should put a muzzle on your dog if you are going to have her out"
  162. Rogues bed of choice... What's your kids?
  163. My Babies Hiller Klan
  164. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar January Top 10 - Vote Now!
  165. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar January Top 10 - Vote Now!
  166. How short are your doberman's nails?
  167. Ramp for Brandy
  168. Our dobe is driving us insane!
  169. Looking a nice leather custom collar
  170. Male Doberman with female Vizsla or Weim
  171. Boots?
  172. Lexi loves bath time...
  173. Doesn't wiggle his tail when happy..???
  174. Help please!!!!
  175. URGG- Craigslist Ads please flag!
  176. Leash Walking Nightmare! Any ideas?
  177. Looking for Crate Covers. Any Suggestions?
  178. So Animal Services came to my door today...
  179. Thoughts on my guy's conformation?
  180. 2014 UDC Nationals in CA
  181. Baby on its way and 2 Dobes in the House
  182. How do you explain....
  183. Pet Peeves
  184. Anyone see the Yahoo article 7 breeds that don't deserve sterotype
  185. Name Changing
  186. Well filled in under the eyes?
  187. Surrendering my Dobes. Best place/advice. Minneapolis.
  188. Some people really do need to train their dog...
  189. Plastic or metal?
  190. Wanted to share some pictures of my Doberman what do you think?
  191. Guess The Picture
  192. OMG my friend says I talk too much about my dog
  193. And The Winner Of The Merrick Dog Food For A Year Contest Is…
  194. Building confidence
  195. Which dog door to buy?
  196. Not Quite Ready for the Prime Time 2015 Calendar--January
  197. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar January Entries
  198. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar January Entries - Dobes in Jammies, Coats, Whatever!
  199. Some pics of my boy
  200. Introducing a new family member
  201. 10 things your dog wants to tell you
  202. Apartment life
  203. pants for bitch in season
  204. Dog Bite and Greeting Guests
  205. Pretty Snow-Man
  206. Website Needed for Collars
  207. Naming Conventions...
  208. Is this dog clothes?
  209. Bavarienburg Dobes / Hiller
  210. two sick humans and snow means Ripley's driving us nuts.
  211. My baby is finally back home!
  212. Insurance Questions..
  213. Cato is a Nintendo Dog.
  214. Xerxes turned 1 year old today!
  215. Doberman friendly Christmas gifts.
  216. Eli has a problem with his
  217. Pics of Otto in his new coat!
  218. Attorney representing Doberman Bite Victims
  219. My Velcro dog's Velcro dog
  220. Some older pics of Markus & Hera w/Malinois
  221. Jaina just wants to remind you that Dobes are not just the SMARTEST...
  222. Pointing dobermans
  223. Eating Issues
  224. Might steal a Doberman~ Legal, right?
  225. Socialization begins
  226. Relaxing after the Holidays-photos
  227. Wishing everyone a Happy ,Healthy & Prosperous 2014
  228. Nearly one year on
  229. What the HECK??
  230. Not so Merry Boo Boo
  231. Video - goofy mishka ear rubs
  232. What is it about Dobes??
  233. So DARN tired of People
  234. MOAR SNOW! *pictures*
  235. Car journeys - where to take him?
  236. Look what I got for christmas...
  237. American vs European doberman
  238. Life as Gemma Sees it (GoPro Dobie Cam!)
  239. Wow!
  240. Happy 1st Birthday Boon! (photos)
  241. Belated B-Day
  242. Looking at puppy today - questions before I go
  243. Today, I love my doberman!
  244. Richter had a fun!
  245. Christmas Snood
  246. No Pull Harness for Brandy
  247. How to teach a doberman to swim
  248. Traveling with your Dobe over the holidays
  249. Today, I hate my doberman
  250. help for my first doberman