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  1. Might steal a Doberman~ Legal, right?
  2. Socialization begins
  3. Relaxing after the Holidays-photos
  4. Wishing everyone a Happy ,Healthy & Prosperous 2014
  5. Nearly one year on
  6. What the HECK??
  7. Not so Merry Boo Boo
  8. Video - goofy mishka ear rubs
  9. What is it about Dobes??
  10. So DARN tired of People
  11. MOAR SNOW! *pictures*
  12. Car journeys - where to take him?
  13. Look what I got for christmas...
  14. American vs European doberman
  15. Life as Gemma Sees it (GoPro Dobie Cam!)
  16. Wow!
  17. Happy 1st Birthday Boon! (photos)
  18. Belated B-Day
  19. Looking at puppy today - questions before I go
  20. Today, I love my doberman!
  21. Richter had a fun!
  22. Christmas Snood
  23. No Pull Harness for Brandy
  24. How to teach a doberman to swim
  25. Traveling with your Dobe over the holidays
  26. Today, I hate my doberman
  27. help for my first doberman
  28. Are you done with this? Xmas is over…….(pics)
  29. Has anyone used a labratory to test toy safety?
  30. Summer coat
  31. Protect your Dobermann. Or have you ever have to protect your baby?
  32. Choosing a puppy, do it in person or just let the breeder choose one?
  33. Saw this poem, thought to share...
  34. Thinking of Doberman
  35. Dan xmas raffle
  36. Some Christmas Videos and Pics
  37. Need a Diet/Exercise Plan for an Overweight Dobe!
  38. male or female first
  39. Merry Christmas from Kate and me
  40. Housebreaking
  41. Happy Christmas from Vader & Zannah
  42. Best $2 spent at Goodwill...
  43. Happy Holidays DT
  44. * Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays *
  45. Happy Howlidays!
  46. Doberman Old Spice Commercial....yep, you read right.
  47. Merry Christmas from Gino and Asha
  48. 14 Months Old = Age of Destructive Tendencies?
  49. Boys, bitch pinup pictures
  50. Kip and Capri--PICTURES!
  51. I am so sexy and I know it
  52. Today, I brought my favorite coworker to work.
  53. dogs with santa
  54. What's your favorite color doberman & why?
  55. Do people really own dobermans for looks?
  56. Merry Christmas from Blue Deuce & Athena Kiara!
  57. Is my girl American or Euro?
  58. Bad ear crop?
  59. Merry Christmas From Saph!
  60. Siri-Christmas Photos
  61. dobermans getting lost in lots of snow!!
  62. Some snow pics and updates!
  63. Rogue pictures :)
  64. Eight is Great! Happy Birthday Brandy!
  65. Toys that are Doberman Proof?
  66. Happy Birthday Devon
  67. Baron and Santa
  68. muddy back yard
  69. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar Winners (All Months)
  70. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar December Winner!
  71. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar December Winner-Look Here for Next Month's Theme!
  72. Puppy dropped off at Surrey vet close to death, covered in mange....
  73. Advice with Introducing Doberman to Farm Setting
  74. Beautiful pure bred Doberman needs a loving home
  75. It's days like these I miss having 2 dobies
  76. One dog or get a second
  77. Envy's Christmas Photos
  78. Water after exercising?
  79. Never too old!!!!
  80. Hoodie
  81. Doberman Art
  82. Help! My two year old beautiful female is attacking my other dogs. How can I s
  83. My one regret...
  84. Finally got our papers! (updated pics of Loki too)
  85. What is Boon "saying"? (+ photos)
  86. 3ft of snow! Pictures
  87. Too funny! wouldn't this be great on a dobie
  88. Mason's Christmas pic
  89. Best Dobie Toys?
  90. The Great Doberman Talk Xmas Card Exchange Fiasco- A True Story
  91. Is there a Doberman for me
  92. What size coat does your adult dog wear?
  93. Eli not loving the reindeer comparison...
  94. Some Dixie and Rudy Pictures
  95. adopting a doberman
  96. Advice needed ASAP
  97. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar December Top 10-Vote Now!
  98. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar December Top 10 - Vote Now!
  99. Want to raise a Doberman
  100. Trainer fees
  101. Doberman Cross?
  102. Gems holiday photo shoot
  103. Ready and safety for long trip
  104. same sex aggression? 2 year old male
  105. I can't believe my baby is already ONE!
  106. Three feet of snow in 24 hrs!!!
  107. We repeat these every night recently
  108. Christmas spirit
  109. FB groups/pages rant
  110. HELP! 10 steps forward, 2 back
  111. Snow Day! Pictures
  112. Brinks update
  113. Fun in the snow pictures (Thor, Cleo and Khaos)
  114. Soter's New Trick - So Cute!
  115. Christmas Hat Party
  116. Roxy & Dexter - New Fleece pics
  117. Just for fun ...
  118. Scent Games for Freezing Temps
  119. Is yogurt with thickener safe?
  120. Artificial turf question
  121. Very thankful for my Dobermann
  122. Christmas collars
  123. False pregnancy after spaying?!
  124. Conformations Vid 1904-2008
  125. My Dobe taken from me...need help!
  126. Snowy weather fun day photos.
  127. Is a Doberman the right dog for me?
  128. Not Quite Ready for the Prime Time 2015 Calendar--Holiday Dobes--December
  129. Technically, we got snow in the DC area, so its video time, dobe style...
  130. How to stop the wailing & crying when in a crate?
  131. My Dog Can Actually Bark!
  132. HELP PLEASE!! my doby bit my neighbor!!!
  133. 2014 UDC Nationals - there has been a major change
  134. Doberman dust??
  135. Dobe boots / shoes anyone?
  136. -32*C (-26*F)!! What do you do with your Dobe in the cold?
  137. want to get a dobe not sure if my lifestyle are perfect for dobe
  138. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar December Entries - Holiday Dobes
  139. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar December Entries - Holiday Dobes
  140. Happy Birthday Aspen!
  141. Help to find Porscha!
  142. What are the best things about having a doberman!?
  143. dressing the dogs up with Xmas in mind
  144. Rescue
  145. Pics of your dobies!
  146. Snowstorm!
  147. First Vacation with UNO
  148. USDA Animal Care Creates Online Process for Submitting Animal Welfare Concerns
  149. Need a red nose!
  150. Rudy sleeping on me again
  151. Slideshow of doberman emotions.....serious and goofy!
  152. Update plus a question
  153. Thanks Meadowcat!
  154. Cyber Monday Sales?
  155. Baron is 12 today
  156. Happy Holidays from Bruce!
  157. Roxy's Photo Op
  158. "I will END YOU."
  159. I think she's hungry...
  160. Couple of Kaiser photos i took today
  161. What do you guys do when you go on vacation?
  162. Dobergifs
  163. Look whose two!
  164. Never Ever Mess With Dogs – Payback is a Bitch!
  165. Am I reading into things, or do dobermans pout?
  166. Happy News!
  167. can you spot a poorly bred dobe?
  168. Learning the ropes
  169. Win A Year’s Supply Of Merrick Dog Food
  170. 2 Hints You Have an Awesome Relationship with Your Dog
  171. Introducing a 1 year old female to a 10 months old baby
  172. Rudy and Dixie
  173. Happy 5th Birthday, Shanoa!
  174. What happens when you mix a 16 year old boy with a doberman?
  175. Help finding a new home
  176. Outdated I believe
  177. Drawing of Caesar from 30 years ago
  178. Raw turkey parts
  179. Happy Thanksgiving from Luca with pics
  180. Please Help!!
  181. You Just Never Know-
  182. Question about body language!
  183. Good Radio station?
  184. Impersonate your Dobe!!!!!!!
  185. Any other troublemakers out there?!
  186. A Good Coat?
  187. Canis Maximus
  188. Mad. Sad. and Frustrated
  189. Toby pics, yay!
  190. Sudden aggression?
  191. Domina's Snow Adventures
  192. What Do You Do With Your Dog When You Have A Lot Of Guests?
  193. Pictures! Chase and horse
  194. They think she isn't a dobe!
  195. Thank you Louis
  196. Photodump
  197. photo updates
  198. Happy 7th Birthday My Sweet Baron
  199. Homeowners Insurance
  200. You have got to be joking (rant)
  201. Training class with aggressive dog
  202. What's your daily routine with your Doberman?
  203. Microchip has migrated
  204. Food and VERY bad gas question.
  205. Do You Think Your Dog Is Unpredictable?
  206. Zoey turned 1
  207. Lost Privileges
  208. Standards have changed
  209. Overweight or just normal puppy fat?
  210. Adult or puppy for first time Doberman owner?
  211. Gonna try this again..
  212. We had a Snow Day!
  213. First-ever animal abuser registry
  214. A House Freedom Brag!
  215. The special breed, the Doberman
  216. Double Sucklers (pics)
  217. "Teacup" Great Dane = black doberman cross?
  218. Question for the board....
  219. when does bitch in heat start affecting males?
  220. My 2yr old dobe and his Crate
  221. Dog park deadly virus
  222. Expected weight gain of Doberman after 1 year
  223. Doberballs! Sleeping Dobes!
  224. Kennel Registration Question
  225. Tornados in Midwest
  226. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar Theme Suggestions
  227. New Puppy wondering opinions on his color
  228. Conception Rate in Dobes
  229. Help Rescues by using Amazon Smile
  230. Diapers?
  231. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar November Winner!
  232. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar November Winner!
  233. Frisbee Pictures - Study Breaks With Delilah Are Paying Off
  234. Joker Pictures
  235. Chaos Has Found Me...
  236. Some pics of Mishka
  237. Please share your experiences
  238. Poppy got MeadowCat treatment
  239. velcro extreme
  240. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (pics)
  241. Should you leash your dog? A flowchart to help you decide
  242. 6 weeks and potty-training, do they work much?
  243. Doberman Animal Impressions
  244. Random photos of my Dobes
  245. Some photos of my kids
  246. Dog transport from Toronto to edmonton or calgary
  247. Going to bed
  248. A Feel Good Video
  249. Life with dobermans
  250. need help please