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  1. Are all snakes dangerous to dogs?
  2. The Only Time It's Acceptable To Sleep With Someone Other Than Your Spouse
  3. Mabel's 4th Birthday!
  4. Retractable tie out stake...
  5. Dobermans and rain...
  6. Kennel Cover Help
  7. Gus's smile :D
  8. Dober kisses
  9. My dobie at the end of the rainbow!
  10. Question about long ears
  11. Blue Doberman.
  12. Few Videos from Mishka and update
  13. New to the family
  14. Got some pics of Lady at the farm.
  15. Adding a second dog
  16. Dobie Decor
  17. stamina
  18. New training jacket
  19. What's the Average Monthly Cost of Owning a Doberman?
  20. Steve and Cairo are going to IDC WM representing the USA!
  21. Outdoor dog bed?
  22. Bit of a silly question....
  23. It's been an interesting few weeks.
  24. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar April Winner!
  25. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar April Winner - Look Here for Next Month's Theme!
  26. Is this crate big enough?
  27. So now I know, he doesn't like bathing!
  28. Achilles 16 wk photos
  29. Spring Pics of some of my crew
  30. Capri learns how to get me off DT forum--NEW video!
  31. We have arrived
  32. Rescue Recommendations
  33. Jealous Dog is Jealous!
  34. Fiona turns 5!
  35. Shipping Dogs
  36. Capri the Bubble Slayer (video)
  37. Spring Pics
  38. Crack Of Dawn The Rooster Howls
  39. Easter Weekend Fun
  40. #IfMyDogWasHuman
  41. Yay the snow is melting! Puppy playtime!
  42. Funny descript
  43. Counting blessings: What do you especially love about your dobe's personality?
  44. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar April Top 10 - Vote Now!
  45. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar April Top 10 - Vote Now!
  46. Sucker for geeky technology!
  47. Self Control: Level Expert
  48. Need a Vet in Melbourne, Australia
  49. April Snowstorm
  50. DT Internet Sleuths
  51. Happy 5th Birthday Coco!!
  52. Collar sizes?
  53. Happy 9th, Griffin!
  54. Trying to find a place to rent....
  55. My Dobie's teenage years?
  56. Landlord suddenly claims we can no longer have a doberman!
  57. Thomas J. Jones?
  58. Butchers bones
  59. A few pics of Mishka over the last week as she is recovering
  60. Proud moments at the dog park
  61. Im back! Fostering, housing, etc
  62. advice please
  63. 2 Blue Boys. :)
  64. Need advice on crate size and options
  65. blast from my past..........
  66. A poem for my dobie
  67. What calendar photo to pic?
  68. Neuter and Hiking Photos
  69. Happy Gotcha Day Huckleberry!!!!
  70. Dog Park
  71. Looking for answers!
  72. Charlie....reflecting...........on Pearl lake.
  73. Chuck's got Chicks!
  74. I wish my dogs would figure out
  75. Mabel Update
  76. Discrimination against Gunther
  77. Not Quite Ready for the Prime Time 2015 Calendar--April
  78. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar April Entries-Smiling Dobes(Best Happy Face)
  79. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar April Entries - Smiling Dobes (Best Happy Face)
  80. Bentleys 1st Birthday!
  81. Collapsed ear
  82. Estrogen vs Testosterone, what are you? :-)
  83. It's been a LONG LONG day and MOM has been on the computer TOO much!
  84. Khaleesi's Crazy Dock Diving Photos
  85. Dog voyce
  86. Pawsome Neato Spring Cleaning Contest
  87. Yelping as if in pain
  88. Understanding something. Help
  89. Happy Birthday Coco and Jinx!
  90. Chargers Zoomies and Deer Hunting! (Pics)
  91. The Surprising Economics Of Purchasing A Purebred Puppy
  92. Dobbie vs GSD please help
  93. Any tips/advice greatly appreciated
  94. 5 months already!
  95. New Parker Pictures
  96. MCWDC SPRING FLING May 24th and 25th
  97. I can not do without
  98. April blizzard
  99. just Chuck photos again.
  100. Happy 10th Birthday Moe & Paris
  101. Stella's belated birthday
  102. The Gus That Can Sit On A Quarter
  103. von Simhause Arena dogs
  104. Growled at another dog when being chased continuously?
  105. Ticks
  106. Muddy to looking clean in no time w/out a bath!
  107. Loki's first conformation show
  108. Ready for mud season!!
  109. Rubbing Freedom Harness - Ideas?
  110. Wife not working from home anymore
  111. April Fool's Day snow!
  112. Thoughts
  113. Colorado Springs--Home Again says lost doberman
  114. Odd but interesting
  115. I'm so Lucky
  116. Elza goes wild (video)
  117. New Photos
  118. 8 mo old, rollerblading?
  119. Protection overdrive!
  120. You know those dogs who are so smartů..
  121. Does your dobe purr?
  122. Something Funny
  123. Just a simple question, black and tan
  124. Let's play with Chuck's Head. :)
  125. My dog's 2nd birthday yesterday!
  126. Happy 7th Birthday
  127. Is your dog left or right pawed?
  128. Destructive behavior
  129. Opinion on longer docked tail trend?
  130. Bonding With Just One Person
  131. LeeLoo and her new jammies
  132. My friend wants to get a doberman but doesn't have a fenced in yard
  133. Chuck's new head shot!
  134. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar March Winner!
  135. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar March Winner - Look Here for Next Month's Theme!
  136. Protective leather harness, worth it or not??
  137. Does your Dobie only listen to you ??
  138. Core conditioning
  139. Monday morning chuckle..compliments of the Dober.
  140. Dogs friends inside, fight outside
  141. Only steals doberman stuffed animals
  142. Doberman vs Boston Terrier
  143. Soft crate/kennel for travel?
  144. He's secure in his manhood
  145. Few pics to share
  146. My Girl Katana-from the past
  147. Thing 1 and Thing 2
  148. Eva has been real gassy the last couple of days
  149. co-owner contracts
  150. Dobes and New Babies
  151. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar March Top 10 - Vote Now!
  152. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar March Top 10 - Vote Now!
  153. Two dogs, two ways to solve a problem--video
  154. Have You Hugged Your Doberman(s) Today?
  155. Doberman Female - Should she be spayed
  156. Cut Paw Pad
  157. Setting up a bad situation...
  158. Not Quite Ready for the Prime Time 2015 Calendar--March
  159. Question about laser pointer
  160. Oversea's breeder
  161. For the doberman obsessed...Woman
  162. How do y'all measure your Dobe?
  163. Does your doberman have certain games only you can play?
  164. New bone aggression!?
  165. Who started or when did "Show Cropping" start?
  166. Spring? What Spring? We got 50cm of more snow! *pics*
  167. Gratuitous picture thread
  168. Ready for April Showers
  169. Happy 1st birthday echo!!
  170. Just a little brag...
  171. dremel 3000 or which dremel to buy?
  172. Mick's new custom Karma Collar and matching leash
  173. The Florida Doberman Bowl!!!
  174. Forever dog
  175. Charger and his Goat Girl
  176. Meet Belle's new bestie
  177. DT Christmas Card Scrapbook
  178. Spring photos of Aspen
  179. Why is it dobermans (Chloe) will carry
  180. Sentry Stop That
  181. Advice needed, cross home socializing
  182. How did your dog get his/her name?
  183. timberview
  184. HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY LUCY!!*photo dump*
  185. Pics of Mishka's news Ella's Lead collar
  186. Batman lovers
  187. Happy 4th Birthday Pula! (a little late)
  188. Cross stitching ears
  189. Tank being silly
  190. Happy 2nd Birthday Jasmine!!!!
  191. How about a couple of Shanoa/Richter pictures?
  192. Announcement: 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar March Entries-Sleepy/Sleeping Dobes!
  193. 2015 Dobermantalk Calendar March Entries - Sleepy/Sleeping Dobes!
  194. I'm curious and would like your input!
  195. Calhoun County Animal Center - Doberman found
  196. What does a Doberman and Guinea Pig taste like?
  197. For Virginia, MD & DC Raw Feeders - Where do you go?
  198. How to defend your dog in case of an attack
  199. Some Saul pics 3/11/14
  200. Mika's dislike of skateboards and motorcycles
  201. Sometimes No Matter How Close An Eye....
  202. Huckleberry has been in a strange mood
  203. March snow zoomies
  204. No wonder he hates the camera
  205. Please vote for Troy daily
  206. Earthquakes and your Doberman
  207. The Recent Adventures Of Gus (pic heavy)
  208. My husband made this
  209. Thoughts plse
  210. I Surrender!
  211. "Once I Ate a Pie"
  212. Male on male aggression
  213. EVA keeps nudging people what does that mean?
  214. Weight question
  215. Shame On The Mirror For Entertaining This Rubbish.
  216. Linebreeding, DCM questions.
  217. Some pics of me and my girl at Crufts
  218. just wondering how many of your dobes do this too?
  219. What unusual treat does your Dobe love?
  220. Doberman puppy age
  221. Dober-generated injuries?
  222. Over excited when sees other dogs, bites me
  223. Yellow dog project
  224. Any doberman puppy in central Florida?
  225. New puppy arriving this Saturday!!
  226. Indy's new jammies
  227. Adding a second dog to the pack
  228. Doberman show
  229. The Smokie and Bandit Love Story (cont.)
  230. Hera and Megatron pictures!
  231. Cropping hassle
  232. my new Favorite Chuckie head shot.......
  233. Do you take your dog(s) to the dog park?
  234. Best Toy
  235. Rocky, Jewels, Juno Update & Pictures!
  236. Worried! I go back to work tomorrow!
  237. Rough play and an older girl?
  238. 3 month old Dobe help
  239. Another of Rudy! Then Dixie looking at Rudy!
  240. Vote for Troy Hero Dog Awards
  241. Good thoughts for Zipper, please
  242. Lucy is Stylish at work today!!
  243. Troy competes for Hero Dog
  244. Saul Update - 2/28/14
  245. Gus's new buddy
  246. My baby girl has looked after me...
  247. Pictures of Daisy from San Diego
  248. Khaza the flying wonder dog <3 /photodump
  249. Mishka's new collar
  250. Elza turned 5 yrs old