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  1. Anyone is the Seattle area looking for a doberman?
  2. Stormhaus - a new leaf?
  3. Dobermans Make Studying IMPOSSIBLE!!
  4. puppy vs rescue dog
  5. Am I just really lucky when it comes to sleeping times?
  6. Wanna see Diesel in Macro?
  7. Mr. Guilty
  8. Doberpotamus
  9. Journey's New Toy
  10. Cupcake needs a forever home - Toronto
  11. Doberman puppy and big doberman
  12. Why yes I do mind if you have to muzzle my PUPPY
  13. it never stops... Chew Cam!! more pics
  14. how tall is the average dobie
  15. No fence = No dog?
  16. The nut turns 4 today!
  17. Video of my boys "listening and waiting"
  18. Dobermans and small breeds.....can they live together?
  19. A couple of videos, we are getting somewhere!
  20. You still there Dad?
  21. Need reassurances... First day out...
  22. Kingston ate a chicken ... Yea, the whole thing!
  23. Great new for Josie!
  24. Something to share from J Bar S Dobermans
  25. Zacs weekend out (pictures)
  26. Jagó 6 years old today!
  27. Sunday evening Quincy
  28. Elsa and Her New Friend
  29. Question about AKC registration
  30. our "Play" calendar photo shoot....
  31. Tons From Today
  32. Choas Pic Dump
  33. utra fast shutter - caught the action :)
  34. Jayne, Airborne.
  35. Sunday Morning in Pacific Northwest...
  36. One Year Old - Ear Taping Question
  37. Another reason not to buy from Greeder
  38. Reading results
  39. Vinae Photodump Last 6 Months
  40. Snake Proofing
  41. What's your dog's favorite word?
  42. Happy FOURTH Birthday Nina!
  43. A big thank you
  44. is now up PLEASE help us in collecting information.
  45. Czar
  46. More snow photos of Ace
  47. Is someone in Colorado missing their boy?
  48. Tail bumps and dock repair/correction
  49. Red male Dobe on "Telenovela"
  50. Polly want a jute suit?
  51. Just FYI - Childrens book with Dobe
  52. dog food tax deductable
  53. So anxious
  54. flea stuff k9 advantix 11 problem??
  55. Cindy
  56. Me and my buddies.
  57. New Collars! Yay!
  58. Cute Photo
  59. Calendar Help... Please
  60. Calendar Picture? YES, AGAIN (hey, I found other pictures)
  61. Help or any ideas
  62. Photo dump of my favorite senior!
  63. "Through a Dog's Ear" - CDs to calm dogs
  64. Does anyone else have to push and punch...
  65. Its snowing again!!!
  66. New Company Canine Customs
  67. You know your dog is a Doberman if...
  68. Pinschers
  69. Out for a walk
  70. airplane mode
  71. Funny Nosework Alert
  72. finally got my doberman
  73. Has your Dobe ever 'turned' anyone....
  74. Playing with Photoshop!!
  75. Here's a quick tip.
  76. basket muzzle
  77. Recovering!!
  78. Happy 5th. To the last Doberman by DarKev!!
  79. Lost dobie in Oregon
  80. our first title!
  81. Hiiii DT
  82. A few Dillon Pics-Part 2
  83. Which Picture for the Calendar?
  84. Greeting people who come to the house vs. greetings outside the home
  85. 2012 Dobermantalk Calendar - March Entries (Dobes at Play)
  86. Trip to Mt Baldy
  87. Flyball Dobermans Anyone?
  88. How do you know your dog loves you
  89. DRU fundraiser
  90. It's been a little while... Pictures!
  91. Mum WAKE UP!
  92. It's NOT true!!!! Our Dobes are safe!!!
  93. A Weekend in the Woods (Finn photos)
  94. Oh, DT, I have to confess
  95. The snow is melting! (New Shanoa pictures)
  96. Which collar would you recommend, now
  97. Reb's Birthday Video
  98. Jade and the Red boy
  99. Furious about a local bill!!!!
  100. My Current IDR+ Fosters - Alli & Ned
  101. She Broke My Lense!!...(photodump)
  102. Guilty!
  103. I miss my sleep please help!
  104. Quincy checking in.... (some pics)
  105. The Doberman. An expensive breed to own?
  106. Jo's new collar and flair
  107. Dog Parks allowing unaltered or not...
  108. How big is your dobe!?
  109. DobeQuest
  110. Sleeping Beauties!
  111. 5 week old dobie puppy
  112. Tali headshot
  113. some recent pics of my babies
  114. Opinion on changing flavors with TOTW
  115. Doberman behavior ?
  116. Criminal Minds - Doberman
  117. Dog Needs A Ride
  118. Bike Jogger
  119. Doggie Life Vests
  120. A possible pot of gold, and other photos.
  121. 2 year old peeing in house suddenly
  122. Crate in car troubles
  123. question about size
  124. Yay Spring! (pics)
  125. One Dirty Snow Pile Left
  126. Dog Park Dangers
  127. Why didn't anyone tell me I had to socialize my dog to...
  128. Happy St. Patty's Day
  129. It feels good to sponsor :)
  130. Unbelievable
  131. pictures of the guys!
  132. Siberian Husky and Doberman Mix
  133. Monster Pics
  134. Is he just weird or fairly normal?
  135. I Feel Like Im Getting Rid of Snoop
  136. Dogie blood donor?
  137. shes not leaving without her dog
  138. Help pllllleaseeeee!
  139. Is it Spring yet?(Lots of Pics)
  140. What does this mean?
  141. Dobies and Kitties!
  142. Recommend a bait bag to me, please
  143. pitbull problems??
  144. Newest addition, Bella!
  145. Pula New Collars from Dogs-Art
  146. Nova and her new collar
  147. Most awesome shots!! (warning lots of pics)
  148. LV dobe gang pic
  149. First time Doberman owners
  150. Please recommend a seat cover/hammock
  151. Lost doberman!!!!!!!!
  152. Clicker training fail video! LOL the big goofball
  153. Bully Stick Quandry
  154. War Dogs of the Pacific
  155. Virginia folks please help!!!
  156. A few Dillon Pics
  157. Knowbody likes oscar
  158. Diesels 1st trip to the dog park (pics)
  159. Congrats to the 2012 February Calendar Winner!
  160. Why is it? Walking in heel position
  161. Yes, JUST ONE
  162. Who ARE these people I live with?
  163. Last Snowfall Hopefully
  164. Our Nature Preserve Adventure
  165. Happy 2 year Anniversary Charlotte!
  166. Cinnia from bloat scare to super dog!
  167. Evil Cat
  168. At what age did your dog start bulking up?
  169. Can't leave her alone for a moment...
  170. you're gonna love this!
  171. Slushy Saphire Photodump
  172. Springtime Allicyn!
  173. what are some good healthy dog treats?
  174. Cash at full tilt!! And a few other pics.
  175. Prepackaged Raw Dog Food
  176. Your dobermans full name ( registered names)
  177. Nina slays a squirt gun dragon
  178. Nina snowball fetchin' n poopy skillz (testing 3,2,1,)
  179. Pula is spayed.
  180. Parading
  181. Havi and Heidi's B day card to Dad
  182. Yesterday there wasn't a snowflake on the ground and it almost hit 50
  183. Aries knocked out
  184. I'm not stupid Mom! lol
  185. Basket Bingo-Delaware Valley Doberman Pinscher Assistance Inc
  186. Doberman Book
  187. poor guy looks so sad
  188. Doberman Fighting
  189. Kibble?, Raw?, Or A little of Both???
  190. Announcement: 2012 Dobermantalk Calendar February top 10 vote now!
  191. Story of a Dog (1945)
  192. Pinnacle Pet Food...
  193. Looking for a female puppy
  194. All Back Doberman ?
  195. nervous and unsure around new people and most men
  196. New addition
  197. Ear pocket/ implant?
  198. Dog Cot
  199. Photo's... (alot of 'em)
  200. Josie, Kaiser, and Wyatt photoshoot
  201. Driving Miss Daisy
  202. Orvis beds
  203. 2012 Dobermantalk Calendar February top 10 vote now!
  204. Excuses & Facts for Breeding
  205. Gentle Leader- Opinions?
  206. 20000 suggestions for the next dog name thread
  207. Fostering?
  208. Thoughts on rehoming a dog?
  209. New and Hi from Colorado
  210. Moving with a Doberman....
  211. Dobes with retrievers or pointers?
  212. Are Dobermans considered " a vicious breed"?
  213. Skiddish
  214. It's tough times when you're saving for a house
  215. That was NOT a growl...
  216. Barbed Kashi
  217. OMG! It's really been 2 years
  218. Photos of the dynamic duo
  219. Monster Headshot
  220. Jayne says, "Happy birthday Zarah and Vader!"
  221. Pros or Cons to buying Martingale over 1" wide?
  222. Does your dog kickstart?
  223. Isys & Ronin playing
  224. My Pledge to Dogs- PLEASE SHARE and SIGN
  225. Could we be more relaxed?
  226. Puppies aren't the only ones that play!!!
  227. A goodbye and a thank you to the whole forum
  228. Food problems
  229. Memorable training trip + hugo 2nd birthday
  230. Sedated eyes
  231. When dremelling the nails?
  232. Does your dobe swim?
  233. Possible new addition?
  234. Please tell me...
  235. Updated photo's of the family. (many photo's)
  236. Oh look Dad a Cow
  237. Felt so bad this morning...
  238. Yes, she CAN!!!
  239. Chicago Dobe
  240. Waiting on our new arrival......
  241. This Hoobly Add Makes Me Angry
  242. Cool story! Doberman saved by dolphins
  243. Sunny Day - Open Field
  244. WARNING...dobe snuggles = health hazard!!!!
  245. New Camera!
  246. Annika adds an ear to her collection
  247. Therapy Dog question
  248. Garbage cans...harbingers of the end times?
  249. I broke down and bought new coats !!!!
  250. Thought I'd share