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  1. Shanoa has a new brother!!!!!
  2. Celebration at the Park/photo dump
  3. Josie
  4. need some opinions
  5. Happy First Birthday, Liberty!!!! (Photos inside)
  6. New pic of the Black & Tan Crew
  7. Ok, so now am I an official doberman owner?
  8. Magic and Dragons!
  9. What we do on a rainy day
  10. Just rescued this Dobergirl plus an update on Max
  11. Walkydog + Hyperactive doberteen =
  12. Dog House
  13. Video: Pula playing with bubbles. at 14.5 months
  14. ACA Registered Means What????
  15. Old versions of the Doberman standard?
  16. Doberman PJ's Pattern
  17. A few pics.
  18. Has anyone tried...
  19. 2012 Dobermantalk Calendar May Entries (Special Dobes)
  20. Pace, pace, pace...SIT DOWN!
  21. King Dobermans
  22. Elke and the Huskies
  23. The Cowboy and Calamity Jayne (...and a BONUS!)
  24. The hills are alive, with the sound of Moosic
  25. Question about tails....
  26. Happy 18th Birthday Natasha!!!
  27. Therapy Dogs: TDI vs Delta Society
  28. Happy birthday to my senior sisters
  29. Dobes on Beds!
  30. It never ends...........Video
  31. Austen Turns 1! (Picture and Video)
  32. Doberfest 2011 in Ohio
  33. Happy Birthday, Tali! (picture heavy)
  34. I had to laugh!
  35. Today's BY Nosework Video
  36. She takes over the bed!!
  37. How Storm and I spent Mother's Day
  38. I can't believe it took 2+ years to figure out my dog
  39. Dobes while in college?
  40. Aggressiveness
  41. Doberman In need of Help
  42. Dawn Honaker
  43. Doberman Wood Carving
  44. Would it be okay to adopt a Doberman?
  45. Axl wants a new home...
  46. Getting 11 month Dobie into car
  47. So proud of Deuce,so proud
  48. Happy 13th birthday Indi
  49. Back yard a NASCAR track...
  50. American vs. Euro temperments
  51. 2012 Dobermantalk Calendar April Winner (Look here for next month's theme)
  52. My BEST shot..!!
  53. Happy Belated Birthday Cash!!
  54. Does Kilo Quailify as a dragon slayer?
  55. Sensei 'Cinco de Mayo' - 2 Today!! (Lots of pics)
  56. My male is not dealing with stressers, help please
  57. Lookit my babies play together!!!
  58. I heard a ruccus
  59. I made a clay Gus!
  60. Max's First B-Day!
  61. He likes the pool and is learning. pics...
  62. Breeder or Adoption?
  63. Fetch
  64. Contingency Planning: What happens to your dobe (and other pets) if you die?
  65. My Plum tree and my Stormy!
  66. Therapy Dog class starts next week!
  67. Riding in Trucks?
  68. Stupid dog owners
  69. how do i get my dobe to get in that show dog stance, where his butt is low??
  70. Who else does this?
  71. Protective Instinct
  72. Happy 5th birthday!
  73. Midwest European Dobermans
  74. New news and a fun adventure in photos!
  75. Singing Doberman
  76. Pics of Oliver
  77. More Pics of Axel.
  78. Gassy Puppy?
  79. More Niz photos! (sorry!)
  80. Gus at the beach!
  81. Rescuing Diesel...
  82. Deuce and his toothpick
  83. Shockingly Surprised
  84. I am not sure what to do
  85. heavy dutie toys!!!!!?>???????????
  86. Multi Ball Fun Game
  87. Max....Our Adopted Doberman
  88. Texas (central): 5-mo red male C/D, AKC
  89. Amore loves his new (very dirty) frisbe and Baron greets others...
  90. What irritates your dobes?
  91. new camera
  92. Zero Tolerance
  93. Free to good home...
  94. The Diva Attends the Royal Wedding
  95. A picture from today
  96. New Aria videos (foster dog)
  97. Stormy + Daffodils = ?
  98. Any good chew toys/balls that wont break?
  99. Tell me how you REALLY feel...
  100. Eli confirms it, there is a gopher living in the unfinished pool *video*
  101. I should change his blog to Mr. Jerkface... + PHOTOS!
  102. River Pic Dump
  103. Anyone in Modesto, Ca missing a red boy?
  104. Widow Looking for Protective Companion
  105. Group pic of the Black & Tan Crew
  106. sawdust as dog food
  107. Got my girl's VwD test results back today!
  108. Missing my boy already!
  109. Newish photos of Jade,Jonesy, and even me
  110. Few pics over Easter
  111. Help me find a harness for biking
  112. It's going to be a long three days...rain
  113. absolutely perplexed
  114. What's your favorite way to bond with your dog?
  115. New color strain- zebra striped
  116. Does anyone know who this doberman was?
  117. Dog pile
  118. Snoop Dogg (rapper) picks a Doberman to change into
  119. Announcement: 2012 Dobermantalk Calendar April Top 10 vote now
  120. 2012 Dobermantalk Calendar April Top 10 Vote now!
  121. Just a few of Rocket from this weekend
  122. Where does your dog ride in the car?
  123. Aggression or female dobe disciplining unruly puppy???
  124. personality changes after the "fix"
  125. Elke's Snow Adventure (photos)
  126. NN or N...just wondering.
  127. Close Call... need advice
  128. Zillah turns 6 today!
  129. Help needed
  130. Let's talk angles
  131. Spring Pictures!
  132. ....and.... moooore Quincy!!!
  133. Happy Easter from the Incredible Gang!
  134. ATTN Tampa : Doberman in Pet Store
  135. New dobe feels threatened by one member of the family
  136. Is this toy ready for the garbage yet?
  137. Boarding Recommendations?
  138. Overly bonded?
  139. Quick Hello from Quincy
  140. just witnessed a doberman bite a child
  141. Texas: AKC red male 5 m.o.
  142. Ladies and Gentleman, we have some front!
  143. Proud of my girl
  144. Why can't other people see our Doberman's like we do?
  145. Sirens...
  146. Happy 12th Birthday Logan!
  147. Strange/funny game
  148. Feeding time habits
  149. Chews
  150. RIP Dawn Honaker
  151. Small Baron Brag
  152. We have all four colors!!!!!
  153. Tamora is 5
  154. Atlas is 2
  155. New member in the Black & Tan crew
  156. The Red Apples Turn 2!
  157. Long low growl...
  158. Cinnia and the Poppy Police
  159. Enzo got into a staring contest with a squirrel today.
  160. Doberman weight question (for statistics class)
  161. I did wonder how long it would be before this happened
  162. Well thats one way to meet the new neighbours! lol
  163. Dobes turning on owners?
  164. Park photo dump
  165. Puppy Shows Aggression
  166. A video! And a picture.
  167. New foster arriving tomorrow - could use some advice
  168. Cher and her "sisters" enjoying spring
  169. Bad Little Girl!
  170. JAX has a new Backpack!
  171. Outdated breed restrictions
  172. American vs Euro/south american
  173. Please vote for Dreizehn! Trying to win a Collar Mania collar!
  174. Speaking of stockings...
  175. Flyball Demo / Benefit
  176. Delta's New Yard
  177. Um, pretty sure my dog is trying to mount me...
  178. Wrestling with your dog?
  179. Favorite collar websites
  180. Breed History
  181. Petey & Monty
  182. Your dobe.... and a cat
  183. Breeder or Rescue
  184. a day in the life
  185. Buddy non - reactive at the stores
  186. Researching, Researching
  187. Help with Calender decision..
  188. SHE SWIMS!... sort of.
  189. Non-Riley Photos from Today
  190. New IDR+ Foster, Riley
  191. Pandora has been found!!!!!!!!
  192. Plants that won't hurt my puppy
  193. berlins feeling about the puppy...
  194. Rocko Puppy Picture Poll
  195. King Dobermans in Europe ?
  196. New Collars...yes, really
  197. Bundle of Joy
  198. Who feeds/has fed Nature's Domain (Costco food)?
  199. (Pictures) Bonnie and Clyde
  200. 2012 Dobermantalk Calendar April Entries (Doberman Puppies)
  201. Starting 2 Bark & Growl
  202. PICTURES--some old (last fall), some new (still waiting for springs here)
  203. Crazy turn of events
  204. Crafts for Canines- All Money towards SND!!!
  205. Every vote gets IDR $1 Please cast your vote
  206. She made herself a doggy door.
  207. 1/2 good news
  208. Lost- Lake Tapps, Washington State
  209. Has spring sprung??
  210. Happy 6th, Griffin!
  211. need to vent and brag a little-shelter dog
  212. Adopting a 2yr old Doberman?
  213. What do you call it when..
  214. Urine question
  215. Lawn getting destroyed!!!
  216. Why, oh, why, did I have Kenya spayed?!?
  217. Is there any truth in this?
  218. Doberman Jewelry??
  219. Happy Birthday Zeus!!!
  220. What if she catches a rabbit?
  221. First Heat Cycle... and vacation plans situation
  222. Ignorance! Grrrrrr
  223. Which is the "real" alarm...?
  224. Suede is a typical woman...(picture heavy)
  225. Our Fantastic Weekend ***huge photo-dump***
  226. muzzle issues
  227. Where do you keep your dog's Kennel??
  228. Lost my girl at 10, share your healing process.
  229. Alert the presses....Prime SWAM!
  230. Stormy Weather
  231. The Ever Handsome Niz (photos!)
  232. Found a tick!
  233. Continue to leave Miss Dakota out?? Thoughts appreciated
  234. Any National Geographic or Documentaries on Dobermans??
  235. Where to vacation with Dobe? (no hiking)
  236. Need help regarding my yard.
  237. vader @ Beach
  238. Enzo diving for dinner
  239. Happy Easter everyone!
  240. comments on a possible adoption
  241. blue or black?
  242. Another lost dobe - Orangeville Ontario
  243. Is there a way to look up title or points?
  244. Reggie's TDI
  245. Jayne Stacked
  246. Bella/Jackson Photo Dump
  247. rufus is one!
  248. Monster Photos
  249. Most recent pic of Gino Gomez?
  250. My lovely missy moo is 5 today !!