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  1. 3 Dobes, 1 Sofa
  2. Anyone in the Edmonton AB area?
  3. sleeepy head
  4. Help! Just saw my dobie eat a poop! YUCK.
  5. Urgent question re t-shirts
  6. Here, here...Dragon Slayers
  7. Good sale on coats
  8. you guessed it... quincy pics
  9. I wish you could literally knock some sense into some people
  10. Allicyn
  11. Reasons to adopt a rescue.. (if you're hesitating)
  12. dobie alarm clock
  13. Have you ever needed a break away from your kids ( Dobies)
  14. Need help with ear posting ??
  15. Blizzard!!!! (2 pics)
  16. Just thought I would share some new photos
  17. 2 Dobes - fightening
  18. getting a second doberman - need input please
  20. translation from dobe please?
  21. Good girl!!
  22. outdoor games
  23. help with my picky eater
  24. 2012 Dobermantalk Calendar December top 10 vote now!
  25. getting groomed "doberman" style!!!
  26. So proud of Shanoa today
  27. Stuck under the table
  28. More Dobes in Snow
  29. Bella at 8 Mos
  30. Pictures of the girls!
  31. Following the video theme....this cracks me up everytime..
  32. Dobie does NOT want mom to go to work!!
  33. Daughter donated to DRU-again!
  34. Our Stacking Day
  35. Cassius, Naavi, and a brief appearance by Boulder
  36. off to the woods... yes more pics
  37. Beautiful Dobe duet
  38. Tali & Fiona
  39. Doberman popularity on the rise again
  40. Sleepy puppy
  41. New Vegas pics (also Willy)
  42. Rambo
  43. More adorable Louie photos!
  44. HELP ME DT!!!! (pics)
  45. Stolen dobermann!!
  46. Crazy stuff you do for your dog
  47. Having a Field Day..
  48. Anyone know this dog? Supposedly AKC pointed male on Kijiji.
  49. A Rescuers Creed
  50. Which do you like better?
  51. Kudos to
  52. Cirque du Chien -- Niz update & serious photodump
  53. StateLine Dog Park
  54. Getting a new rescue Dobie
  55. For Astra - Jordan pics
  56. Need help finding an apartment
  57. We are set up for Reading to Rover program!
  58. Average Cost of Doberman Startup
  59. doberman puppy?
  60. Snow Bunnies
  61. Real Life Scenario - Suggestions on how I should handle
  62. I HOPE it was an accident!
  63. Let’s talk about nails…
  64. Dobies Toe Nail
  65. nEed INFo
  66. Dog argument
  67. Is this a Good Sex Combo?
  68. Pics Requested PLS !!
  69. Male Dobe, male dog aggression
  70. Males metabolizing testosterone
  71. Ear Cartilage?
  72. When picking a Dobe...?
  73. What did I do wrong?
  74. Day in the Snow (Lots of Pictures)
  75. Raw/Allergy Update and Thnx
  76. New (negative) Behavior..Question
  77. Herm Sprenger Prong Collar w/ Buckle???
  78. Going over Spencers pedigree
  79. What Doberman's get up to when you're not home - VIDEO!!!
  80. Anakin's New Collar :)
  81. Onyx says hi!
  82. The Doberman Tale
  83. Someone plz explain
  84. its Havi's Adoptaversary !!!
  85. Ch Kaywood's Clear Nite Conquest (Quest)
  86. Question about a Dobie roommate
  87. How many Saltines are too many?
  88. Louie Louie!
  89. Prince Guinness and Lady Elaine - a true picture story
  90. And you think you pay a lot for dobe's in the US!
  91. Male vs. female...
  92. Lost a great family member today
  93. Let's take a walk.... pictorial
  94. V Pics @ Coronado Island
  95. Spike peeing in the house
  96. Second Doberman ??
  97. Gotta love my Doberman "PINCHER"
  98. The second dog - pros and cons?
  99. Lost Dobermans in Oregon
  100. I do not need another dobe I do not need another dobe...
  101. Happy 1st Birthday Guinness! (lots-o-pics)
  102. Boarding and Vacinations
  103. Ahhhhh.....Skunk!
  104. therapy dogs
  105. 2012 Dobermantalk Calendar - December Entries (Holiday Dobes and Secret Santa photos)
  106. Looking for puppy
  107. Facebook.
  108. Introducing a new Nightflight family member ;-)
  109. It's cold outside...let's take some pictures!
  110. What are your dog's highest value rewards?
  111. Doberman Information
  112. Are we there yet?
  113. The Three Little Girls
  114. Unregistered Pups???
  115. How to keep your tug safe :)
  116. Missing Dogs
  117. Isabella dobbie
  118. cant believe missy will be....
  119. Doberman Service Dog
  120. Homeowner's insurance
  121. New Josie info from Megan.
  122. Quincy saying hi (and help me)... pics
  123. Anyone's dobe ever had "snow nose"?
  124. Yay Collars!
  125. Dr Koster dog Monty on animal planet
  126. Pet Communicator
  127. Am/Can Ch Highland Satan's Image
  128. Blades birthday bash!!!
  129. Is Gino The Right Weight? How much do you feed your dog?
  130. Tango's in love!!!
  131. Moaning competition. And the winner is.....
  132. Snow fun! Dance, Ripley and a bit of Keira.
  133. Birthday Dinner Ideas?
  134. Dog Flippers
  135. NYC Passes Anti-Dog Chaining Law
  136. Snowbermans!
  137. Dobe or Boxer?? Those w/both, please chime in!
  138. House trained : Just started having accidents
  139. Afternoon off school!
  140. A great BIG Thank you !!!
  141. There is a 7 year old Doberman on Craigslist
  142. How much does your adult Doberman sleep?
  143. Royal Bell, show or work?
  144. "Forgetting" House-Training During Doberteens?
  145. to couch or not to couch that is the question
  146. The nub is so funny
  147. Some people. A comment made on my youtube video
  148. buster cube ???
  149. Help Please trying to find an Adult Doberman
  150. Curious
  151. Not Good!
  152. I need more Doberman people to move to Iowa, stat.
  153. Dilemma -Need some Advice
  154. Collar Mania
  155. Need harness for bike riding
  156. Happy 1st Birthday Indiana
  157. Announcement: Illinois Doberman Rescue "Miracle"
  158. What kind of crate does your Doberman have?
  159. It's funny how they just "know"
  160. male or female dobe?
  161. SPikes..yikes
  162. Are dogs really color blind?
  163. Skin Problems - Please Help
  164. unlikely behaviors that make a rescue owner very happy
  165. When to switch?
  166. BSL Saginaw MI
  167. Facebook Photo contest. I need your vote. Ends Jan 25th
  168. The Paranoia
  169. Finn showed 'em
  170. Suddenly coming on command is out the window
  171. new dobie owner here and need help
  172. Purring?
  173. Please vote for Prime! Last 2 days of contest!
  174. A few new pics of Mako
  175. BC weather!!!!
  176. For members with Reds w/ thinner coats
  177. potty inside help?!?
  178. MINNESOTA Rabies Rule ALERT
  179. A Diesel picture for you!
  180. Urgent help needed!
  181. birthday party ideas
  182. Gino's snow adventures and extreme temperature changes
  183. Good Breeders & Show Homes
  184. Seek N Treat $10 toy at CVS
  185. Dobe's in PJ's = ADORABLE!
  186. Puppy name?
  187. New to board and new to doberman ownership
  188. Unpleasant pet store visit
  189. Jonesy and Luciano meet (Xtra Large photo dump)
  190. Driving new pup home
  191. DRU in NH is having a Cookie SHortage
  192. Problem of nighttime exercise solved...toy recomended...
  193. Oh Woe is Finn!
  194. Mid-Morning Nap
  195. Prime's opinion on BSL
  196. Bella Day Trips to San Francisco on a Sunny Day!!
  197. Not sure where else to ask about dog food??
  198. Ever walked into the house and thought
  199. Exercising with your Dog
  200. What would your Doberman do if a stranger entered the house, and you weren't there?
  201. Putting weight on
  202. Tell me it ain't so!! LOL
  203. Can anyone 'talk' dog? heehee
  204. does my dobie have to be akc registered to get a title?
  205. Three on a Twin Bed
  206. Please sign everyone!
  207. A funny video of Isabell and her trick
  208. How do you handle stupid dog owners?
  209. How many dogs... is too many dogs?
  210. Raw pork
  211. Dog beach *some impressions in pictures*
  212. Bad reputation?
  213. Today is a very sad day....
  214. Dog + Bone = Euphoria (post your pictures).
  215. Serious Problem- Please Help
  216. Spring cleaning drama cont........
  217. Happy approx. adoption day Gracie!
  218. Calming Pheromone Collars
  219. Are you your Doberman's "mom/dad"?
  220. Feet : What age are they done growing
  221. Fun in the Snow!
  222. Calling all male dobe owners
  223. Military to ban Dobermans in Army housing!
  224. SpongeBob, we hardly knew ye
  225. my dog locked me out of the house in the snow.
  226. Goosing!
  227. Any Suggestions would be great..
  228. Work Pictures (cute puppers!)
  229. Birthday Rituals
  230. Multitasking - Fun things to do :)
  231. Dogs and thunder storms
  232. Prayers and healing thoughts needed for IDR orphan (warning: contains graphic image)
  233. My brave little Beanster - video
  234. Another Jammie Thread
  235. dreary sky, Quincy says hi (pics)
  236. They listen for the sound of munching
  237. Spring cleaning with a Dobe! Uugh!
  238. Growl/air snap when startled awake
  239. One dobe, two dobe?
  240. Collars from Andrea!
  241. Winter Hiking Gear for Dobes & Dogs
  242. Best mail order price for dog food??
  243. Another Elly Inspired Masterpiece - Thank you, Elly
  244. More fun in the snow (photos)
  245. Indoor Doberman games
  246. Morning Exercise!
  247. Will not keep Snood on ???
  248. The Zen Doberman Goes to School
  249. Been on a diet
  250. Kano's Birthday Pajamas!