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  1. more pics, Quincy, and Quincy's magic act
  2. Rudy Outside
  3. Happy Birthday Gunner!!! 7 years young
  4. Ch. Magis N Fabert Magical Storm's......7th.!
  5. Just in time for Football season (photo dump)
  6. Blade pictures..and others
  7. Quincy pics
  8. This years garden pictures...warning many pics.
  9. How early is too early to bring a pup home
  10. Diamond and Magnum (photos)
  11. does anyone use a slip lead
  12. Quincy warming up for Dobes at play calendar - pics
  13. Sad Nika story
  14. spayed female
  15. Why does he growl at me?
  16. how old?
  17. Dixie Resting on my Bed
  18. The cutest picture ever !!
  19. My new work-out partner.
  20. Multiple Dog Household
  21. Vote for Liv
  22. Celebrating Gino’s growth and maturity (hiking pics)
  23. No Kill Shelter
  24. Life Jacket recommendations please!
  25. raw food websites?
  26. Separation Anxiety?
  27. I love her.. but
  28. 2011 Dobermantalk Calendar August Winner! (look for next month's theme)
  29. Just another weekend
  30. Hemp Collars?
  31. Dpca
  32. back after 10 years!
  33. Its Here!!!
  34. For those of you that have Facebook... please join this group!
  35. Buddy & Stormie grand dog playing
  36. Cinnia and her new Red Doberman Vampire Friend
  37. Hello Again!!
  38. Kyrah misses me
  39. Ronin and Kaylee
  40. Monster's Giant Rawhide Bone
  41. Poor pitiful Rogan
  42. Toy Suggestions for Heavy Chewer
  43. Breeder not sending AKC papers
  44. [Rant]
  45. 1915 Online Book of Breeds - Awesome
  46. Sweater?
  47. Just Want To Vent (Attacking Dogs)
  48. Shanoa and the new kittens - major progress!
  49. Introducing new dobs to eachother
  50. Duke's new job at the pawn shop
  51. Advice on Vacationing With Your Doberman.
  52. Looks so sweet... O how she has us fooled
  53. I Love My Doberdude BUT...
  54. New Yahoo! Commercial with Doberman
  55. Some pictures
  56. Wanted to share....
  57. OMG so cute.. The mini Vixie.. 9 inch collar !!!
  58. It's NOT albino, It's Cream... lol
  59. Does your Dobie
  60. Uh-Oh...Ziva's in BIG Trouble
  61. How much does your dobie weigh
  62. And now the matching Leash !!!! or lead for the ukers LOL
  63. Ripley brag (and pictures)
  64. Fiona broke my finger last night...
  65. Fear of thunder??
  66. Does your doberman suck too!?!?
  67. The odd couple *photo dump*
  68. Gypsy and Donko photodump!
  69. byb and puppy mills ?
  70. Photos from feild trip LOTS
  71. Bad News About Comet...
  72. Need some advise please.
  73. Doberman - excellent video for the breed newbies!
  74. Found breeding history of adopted Dobie - doesn't look good
  75. Help us get doberman featured.
  76. Sharing our morning walk
  77. Introducing: Chili (& unannounced company too!)
  78. Cats and the DoorBell 'Let Me Out' Method.
  79. Antiobiotics and ear stance connection?
  80. Announcement: 2011 Dobermantalk Calendar August top 10 vote now!
  81. 2011 Dobermantalk Calendar August top 10 vote now!
  82. Doberman Stencil
  83. Darcy Got Spayed Today
  84. New Addition
  85. Need leash recommendations - specific needs
  86. My Utter Frustration...
  87. A person selling home security systems stopped buy today.
  88. K-9 Ballistics - "Gear that's built to last"
  89. IABCA Show Los Angeles
  90. Stabbed! a hair
  91. Moving Picture
  92. Random Pictures.. Enjoy!
  93. Night and the Scary Chicken
  94. Question about Rescues & placement
  95. Ramseys and his pug toy
  96. Our wonderfully disastrous weekend..
  97. Ever had this happen?
  98. Highly Reactive to passers by - Hoping to apply CU principles to help address
  99. More Naavi Pictures!!!
  100. Just snapped this pic - Arkus
  101. We need help bad...
  102. Sasha's very first Modeling Session!
  103. Sweet pics. of Cash & Jasmine
  104. Does your Dobe face the door?
  105. Peeper discharge...will it ever go away?
  106. Quincy's Killer Instinct!!!
  107. 30 minutes left alone = TOTAL DESTRUCTION
  108. Fiona at the park
  109. DT saved our dog's life
  110. Where did my baby go???
  111. Can't believe the sun's out!!! Yeay!!
  112. Havoc at the lake
  113. Do you ever get this question?
  114. Whaaaat????
  115. Red vs. Black?
  116. Update on "bad breeder"
  117. New Photos, Hurrah.
  118. Her LadyShip Goes to the Vet
  119. Apparently she hunts...
  120. Update on Smarty Jones (aka Jonesy)
  121. Canned by Homeowner's Insurance
  122. Baby due in 6 weeks: How do I prepare my Dobe???
  123. VIDEO: Oh Athena, how you make me laugh some times with your dog speak....
  124. The grass is green (and high) *pics*
  125. OK what the Heck is a doodleman ?????
  126. the ghost rider !!!
  127. Has anyone ever considered creating a fan page on FB for DT?
  128. Bye For Now...But I'll Be Back
  129. Most Endearing Trait
  130. We are going to the beach!
  131. I think one is going to have to go......
  132. Our last trip up to camp! Pic heavy***
  133. Kip was adopted...
  134. Real Housewives of DC
  135. Nika's bringing sexy back!
  136. Best Family Picture Ever!
  137. I always miss the good stuff!
  138. Naavi Pictures
  139. Pet food recall.
  140. What do you do with your dogs when they have diarrhea?
  141. Quick Update
  142. People wanting touch up photos
  143. Nature's most beautiful art
  144. Drinking to much water?
  145. Oh, somebody please adopt this boy
  146. Keeping your Dobe in your yard.
  147. Normal Doberman behavior?...
  148. Crates, Used or abused??
  149. Dobermans Seized in Goldendale WA
  150. Starting a list of APARTMENTS that are dobe friendly listed by state in here:
  151. Apparently Liberty has been taking tips from Sizzle's Kaylee! *Pics inside*
  152. Is Doberman the right dog for me?
  153. Does your Dober know your name?
  154. Want to break into my house? Sure, go ahead.....
  155. Home Depot/Pet Friendly
  156. stiffies
  157. Lola Limited: Secret Powers Training Collar
  158. Lucy is 12 months old today!
  159. Roxy's present - Yikes
  160. "How Could You?"
  161. My 2000th post
  162. Does anyones Dobe like swimming?
  163. Anxiety Wrap - Anyone used this?
  164. Help with slight aggression problem.
  165. Seeking advice for Dobermans on boats
  166. More of that Monster...
  167. 2011 Dobermantalk Calendar - August Entries (Black & White or Sepia Doberman Photos)
  168. Aggression Who's The Final Winner?
  169. Momma's Boy?
  170. I just knew they were up to something when it got really quiet!
  171. Some people shouldn't own dobermans - local
  172. Losing my Doberman
  173. Question about Doberman markings
  174. 48 Dogs seized in Goldendale, WA - help needed
  175. Male Vs. Female + Other Dogs
  176. Brownie update
  177. Happy Birthday Nariko! *Photo Heavy*
  178. Happy Birthday Nariko!
  179. One nipple larger than others
  180. Preparing for a big outing
  181. Bedtime Routine
  182. ubelievable didnt realize what a bad breeder really was!!
  183. Running out of ideas...
  184. I love Dobermans, but I never post. Here is the reason why.
  185. Boys and Girls - Dominate - Tricks
  186. Fear of H2O
  187. Santa Cruzzz'n with Jozzzzzy (photo dump)
  188. Meet "Vinny"
  189. Manhole covers and intersections
  190. hiding from your dog while you eat a snack, only to find.....
  191. Running with your dobe?
  192. Paw Pads
  193. Do you believe in hitting your dogs?
  194. will not move with a leash on
  195. Demon info ONLY! (please)
  196. Hard poop and then soft poop
  197. Name Pronunciation
  198. Monster - 11 months [pic heavy]
  199. Me and Quinn had a lazy day.
  200. My fawn boy
  201. Noisy Ellie!
  202. Female Dobe in Charlotte, NC shelter
  203. Expensive=(
  204. Toy Questions
  205. Do you think she is all doberman?
  206. Safety
  207. Shanoa finally figured out the doggy pool is fun
  208. Think i need a custom basket !!
  209. Tango in the Adirondack Mountains
  210. Lizard leather.. the new ZEN collar !!
  211. Everyday is PETEY day!
  212. For those who thinking of buying from a less than stellar breeder
  213. Any Regrets??
  214. How long?
  215. Nika update 7/27
  216. Jordan passed his TDI and non-dobe chat, proud of my mom (realted to)
  217. I really did buy a dog today
  218. Permission to use your dogs picture
  219. Elsa 18.5 months old! PICTURES!
  220. Proud moment!
  221. Is every doberman a stalker?
  222. help with getting dobie to be easy with small dog
  223. Fairweather dog-walkers
  224. Jumping Fence-Any Suggestions?
  225. Swimming *Pictures* at the River
  226. Miesha killed her hedgehog....
  227. The busy never ends....
  228. Who said dobermans can't swim?
  229. Split from welcome thread - questions
  230. Happy 2nd Birthday Amore and Baron :)
  231. Can you say determined???
  232. Buddy scared us all
  233. Lizard leather is a GO !!!!!
  234. Doberman and German Pinscher
  235. dominance
  236. Beach Trip.. But where to go?
  237. Clingy-ness
  238. Look at the size of this doberman's tonuge
  239. My first "lolwutdidyousay?" Doberman comment..
  240. discrimination of Dobermans
  241. How far can you run your dog?
  242. Few random questions
  243. Had a Rough Day :(
  244. Pictures from the July 2010 Vancouver Doberman Meet and Greet
  245. Is your Doberman a Working Breed?
  246. *** a little day trip ***
  247. What is the demeanor of your Doberman indoors??
  248. Dobequest State issues?
  249. My son found a new horsey
  250. I sure do love Dobermans