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  1. Is it the weekend yet?
  2. American vs. European
  3. european vs american
  4. Hades goes to Ft. Lauderdale!
  5. 1st time seeing Cali go after someone...WOW
  6. You probably won't recognize Jackson
  7. Mocha at the farm
  8. Does your doberman use a dog bed?
  9. Neutered male breeding with unaltered female.
  10. Tomorrow is...
  11. A visit with Tuxedojack & Dobe Gifts
  12. So....Barb and I spent a night last week with a GSD.....
  13. My handsom Luca-pics
  14. It's been forever! Odin wants to say hello.
  15. Separation Anxiety
  16. People pushing white Dobes
  17. Elza fun day- Part 2
  18. Elza fun day- Part 2
  19. Elza had a fun day - Part 1
  20. kisses?
  21. Thank goodness for Hades
  22. Meet Cain!
  23. How to stop a possible dog fight??
  24. My dog walks himself! I am no longer necessary :D
  25. Dobe needs transport
  26. Recent Gunner pics
  27. Rocky our 1st Adopted Doberman is Home!
  28. Dobes really are the perfect breed....
  29. Brandy's First Taste of Raw!
  30. Blitz turns one!
  31. Good morning DT! I have some super adorable sleepy Dozer pics and a Video *Cute*
  32. Not what you call a party animal.
  33. Trying to find a painting or drawing of a doberman
  34. Cage sizes for a Full Grown Doberman/ Doberman Height?
  35. Silly Doibie Mix says - I trade toy for water? *Pics*
  36. Jasmine Updates and Pics
  37. Just checking in
  38. Kaylee vs. Poison
  39. Sign of Aggression in Rescue Doberman
  40. Finding an apartment with a doberman
  41. Holter Vest Practice
  42. Drunk Hades
  43. That moment when you know the dog is not where you think he/she is...
  44. Yeah, more photos...I can't stop
  45. Convincing unfit owners not to get a Dobie puppy
  46. Normal Play? Anything normal???
  47. Mum, mum are you okay? Don't worry mum, I'm here!
  48. Fleece dog toys
  49. Dober-Mom... I tried to help!!
  50. Put him in his kennel or socialize?
  51. waco animal control
  52. More Female dobe owners?
  53. Help Skye win 500.00 for homeless Dobermans
  54. Horrible cough / gagging and throwing up
  55. Do You Make These 5 Dog Car Safety Mistakes?
  56. dobe friendly hotels in SD?
  57. Firenze turns one
  58. Playing tag.. no longer ok?
  59. Domina, 6.5 months old pics:)
  60. "What does she mean don't jump in the car?"
  61. Dobes... Unpopular?
  62. Aren't all Dobermans a bit "clingy"?
  63. Welcome home, Berlin!
  64. Proud of my boy
  65. Elza's on!
  66. Insulted at the dog park!
  67. hot dog?
  68. Mochas treat from the fair
  69. Best dog run design for hot weather state?
  70. Meet Tootsie Delilah!
  71. Hades vs giant roach
  72. Any Canadians get puppies from the U.S.? Any U.S. breeders send puppies to Canada?
  73. Staying in their territory
  74. The Q's escape adventure
  75. Darn hormones...
  76. A Diesel update, and some photos.
  77. Is there somewhere one can purchase an entire pedigree?
  78. Missing Demon/Do Urden Dog FOUND !!!!!!
  79. Hades is mad at me
  80. Omg not the hairhbrush!
  81. Sampson made me fly......
  82. Bark at the Park anyone?
  83. Sleepy dobies!
  84. Some Fun Spring/Summer Pix
  85. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar May Winner
  86. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar May Winner (Look Here for Next Month's Theme)
  87. Ooooh that is so the spot!
  88. Lots of questions about dobes
  89. Ring Sport clubs in Germany! Are there any??
  90. Is a doberman right for me?
  91. White patch of hair of toes? Does it mean more albino in the genes?
  92. Now this is a dogs life
  93. Bleach Humor
  94. Summertime boating kick-off
  95. Einstein e-collars?
  96. Hades long lost twin?
  97. A good read
  98. Introducing Our New Boy!
  99. I Wanna Draw Your Dogs
  100. New Parker Pictures
  101. Have you heard of this? Re: Red Dobes
  102. Gideon smiles big
  103. Photo request!!! your dogs in a sit
  104. Is a Doberman indeed right for me?
  105. Why the long face buddy?
  106. Backyard improvements.....aaaaand Hades
  107. If you had one suggestion ...
  108. Elka's 4th Birthday!
  109. Kades impression of Hades...
  110. trainer vent
  111. Bad Dober Mom
  112. Charlie and the Chickens.
  113. Dixie as a Puppy -- Reflecting back -- Jim
  114. Hades, did you chew up this sharpie?
  115. Look what I made at Clay Day!
  116. I take way too many pictures...
  117. Picking up this beautiful female on Saturday
  118. Can your Dobe go to work with you??
  119. Off leash threats
  120. Doberman Fun Day In Ontario this weekened
  121. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar May Top 10 - Vote Now!
  122. Sharing or teasing, I don't get it..
  123. Playing with my camera (pictures)
  124. Cali's 1st time at the beach.
  125. Logan Loves Weekends (Pics)
  126. So I tried letting Striker sleep in the bed
  127. Can someone explain this please?!?!?!
  128. Fun Jolly Ball by day.....but at night...scary creature!
  129. It may be Mother's Day, but...
  130. Trying some head shots
  131. Heavy or light sleeper?
  132. Rowan passed TT today!
  133. Hit a wall I thinks..
  134. Remington is 2 already
  135. Happy Birthday Lyla! 1 year old! She is beautiful inside and out. Her temperament j
  136. My big boy's turned one!
  137. Off leash hike!
  138. Wae
  139. You're having how many margaritas?!?!
  140. Hey Dad... Whatcha Eatin'
  141. 6 Ways To Properly Clean Dog Ears
  142. Doberman, or big baby.
  143. How short is too short? - Dog nails
  144. Removing tree sap from coat
  145. Tali turns 5!
  146. Doberman in Japanese CMs
  147. Dog in your beds?
  148. My dog is smart because...
  149. Outdoor Dog Run??
  150. Few Pics from Logans 2nd Birthday
  151. AM/CAN CH Baystars Get Smart " Maxwell
  152. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hello and congrats!
  153. Whining like a baby?
  154. Is it me or...
  155. Lucy Jumping Fences
  156. Hounds on the Sound- Forum Question about Fundraiser
  157. Cargo Liners - Recommendations?
  158. Ahh...this is nice!
  159. When was your doberman an "adult"?
  160. Chase wants to play a game with you!
  161. To boy or not to boy, that is the question!
  162. Happy 2nd Birthday to my furry 4 legged Baby Boy
  163. Shanoa and Richter and the saga of the kiddie pool
  164. Lowes is pet friendly
  165. Pooping in the Crate: What's goin on?
  166. Finley :]
  167. Beware of....Hades!
  168. Is a Doberman right for me?
  169. New Owner: A lot of small worries.
  170. May Madness?
  171. Brandy's Cinco de Mayo - Video!
  172. New owner
  173. *PICS* Beowulf
  174. Hades pouting
  175. Gentle Leader Harness and Kefir
  176. Goading or saying hello?
  177. Elka Loves Jesus (you asked for it, Meadowcat!)
  178. Luca Picture
  179. Hades, Snoop and Mr. A play date!
  180. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar May Entries - Puppies Only
  181. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar May Entries - Puppies Only
  182. May 25 and 26 workshop with Waine Singleton
  183. Hades hates his jolly ball :(
  184. Dog Exercise Without A Dog Park or Private Yard
  185. Good Grief - People's IQs
  186. So apparently I have a cat disguised as a Dobe!!
  187. Chuck head shot...edited by Flo!
  188. I'm dying...
  189. Dog humiliation photo thread
  190. Random leaking...
  191. Advice on Adding Another to the Household
  192. Reaction to Cropped Ears?
  193. Dog Shaming
  194. I got into a verbal fight with someone
  195. We are having some terrible thunder
  196. Elza wears muzzle!
  197. Today Show segment about bad breeders
  198. What to expect when you are expecting...and have a 90Lb Doberman
  199. Hades and Snoop's day at the park
  200. Doberman Torture...I know..its terrible..but sometimes you can't help yourself
  201. Fire Hydrant 5k-Dog Friendly Race and Dog Expo
  202. Harness suggestions?
  203. May Day demonstration
  204. Which to get first?
  205. Adding puppy!
  206. I'm three!
  207. Spring Fever
  208. Bark for Life
  209. I am all for a close up....
  210. Clickles (Chloe) and her "art" project!
  211. That Protective / Guarding Moment...
  212. Any "petite" dobes out there?
  213. Hades, what is that?!
  214. Huge photo dump of Chase Adventures
  215. In the search for similar Collars to these
  216. Good girl, Lucy!!!
  217. Buddy here
  218. Life is so much better with two! Except for one minor problem
  219. Am I handsome?
  220. Sunday Funday-Caesar @ 27 months
  221. Free to a good home
  222. Richter's adventure at the park (huge photo dump!)
  223. Sometimes it's the simple toy that entertains!
  224. Lasker's pleasant surprise!
  225. Stolen DT photos on facebook
  226. Posing by the pool
  227. Luna has a new best friend
  228. Our trip to the UK
  229. Happy 12th Birthday Mama Rage!!!
  230. Koi catcher or at least stalker
  231. Hades, leggo my eggo!
  232. My BIGGG baby :-)
  233. Jolly ball love, jolly egg...meh
  234. Dobergoat strikes again...
  235. OMG look at this CL ad
  236. As Queen, I demand....
  237. Drunk again?!
  238. Please protest against Georgia's new rescue policy (spread the word)
  239. People of Ontario, need your input on Holter
  240. How to introduce a dobe to a pool?
  241. I'm getting to be a Doberman
  242. Venus pic updates
  243. Rudy and Dixie new Pictures
  244. Roxy was a star
  245. What to do with all the stuffing...
  246. A few photos of Zeus
  247. Names just for fun?
  248. Does anyone do SAR tracking with their Dobe?
  249. Finding Housing with a Dobe
  250. Paisley needs your help please