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  1. Couldn't resist this pic of Suede in the yard!
  2. Photos
  3. How do I handle this???
  4. When to contact a breeder?
  5. couple pics from a trip to the creek
  6. Mystery of the hole in wall
  7. Dobes needs a JOB
  8. Barking At Windows - Method Not Working
  9. Mud and Dobies ...
  10. A year ago today...
  11. Photo Collage of Splash
  12. Random pictures of Roz
  13. Homemade treats
  14. Can you give me some ideas or suggestions please?
  15. Juno 11 months
  16. Ruffwear K9-Overcoat and Cloud Chaser
  17. Any other 4-6ish month old pups in the Twin Cities area?
  18. When is it best to introduce a puppy to agility, rally, etc?
  19. Need Advice
  20. Zeus Brag
  21. Puppy in AZ
  22. Dobes AND\\\\
  23. Gemma the Elf...
  24. 2012 SS/elves PHOTOS & comments reveal
  25. Ryan Lochte and His Dobe Carter
  26. Look Out World.....I'm ONE today! Rudy Pics!
  27. Update on me and Gunner
  28. Does your Dobe sleep in a wire crate?
  29. 2013 Dobermantalk Calendar November Winner
  30. Rupert and Tobey's holiday
  31. Jumbo Bully Sticks 25% Off thru 11/16!
  32. New dog owner really interested in doberman
  33. New Fence
  34. Experiment in Atalanta for burglars/dogs
  35. Spock & Eva Update & Photo Dump
  36. Polite Beggars - Photo
  37. Sudden Agression?
  38. Perrin, the gentleman. (and a small secret santa hint!)
  39. Dober-art, seen any? post it here...
  40. Fireworks
  41. We're back!
  42. Is our family right for a Doberman?
  43. Diesel isn't aware of his size (pictures)
  44. We rescued our second Doberman
  45. Is your Dobe good with other small animals?
  46. Just some random mabel
  47. Indestrutuable dober toys?
  48. Super Dobe!
  49. Lesson to be learned for all please read!
  50. Jumping disaster and a perfect example of dobes being 'stupidly obedient'
  51. How to make a 12 year old Birthday Girl into a Doberman Burrito!
  52. Just a picture of my Doberman
  53. So proud of my boy!
  54. Carpet Eater
  55. Questions about coat colors
  56. My New Dobergirl
  57. Zeusy Photodump
  58. Jammies for Wheeler & Lola -- THANK YOU Meadowcat!
  59. Jack and the Smoke Detector
  60. Should I, or should I not? Did you?
  61. 2013 Dobermantalk Calendar November Top 10 - Vote Now
  62. from DPCA: NYC Veterans Day Parade
  63. Announcement: 2013 Dobermantalk Calendar November Top 10 - Vote Now
  64. A thought on large breed
  65. MeadowCat's comfy PJ's, Rat kisses, and The Royal Winter Fair *pics*
  66. Second Doberman puppy - Advice needed
  67. Bringing a New Dobie into Our Pack- Need advice!
  68. dog nightmare remedies?
  69. Happy Belated Gotcha Day, Saph!
  70. In Memory of Meadowcat's "Simon"..
  71. Dobes do like cats...
  72. Should my dogs ribs have sprung?
  73. cool vid of working dog memorial
  74. Toby is 2 years old today. whoop whoop
  75. Doesn't Like Belly Rubs
  76. I can't pick, need your help
  77. Shout Out, from Whisper
  78. Mabel is from a bad breeder....
  79. Rams vs. the Wasp
  80. Oh no! NOT the clicks!
  81. new vet, new experiences for Q
  82. How can you have more than one Doberman in a household and survive?
  83. I don't know what to do
  84. MeadowCat Fleece is Out of This World!
  85. road working video
  86. Well this explains the last few days of rancid gas...
  87. Odin's 2012 Fall pics
  88. Dobe coat... Necessity or no?
  89. I need your advice
  90. Skinneezz toy deal @ petco
  91. Kids throwing rocks at Judah- I am Furious
  92. Skin, Coat issues... need input
  93. Kids and Dobermans
  94. doberman club
  95. Nice news about a Doberman. :)
  96. Help with calendar submission, please!
  97. Just curious, how much food does your dobe eat?
  98. Any Halloween SkeleDobes?
  99. Eruo Female On Toronto Craigslist
  100. First Road trip!
  101. Rowan passed the TDI eval....Therapy Dog, here we come!
  102. What do YOU do with YOUR dog(s)?
  103. Possession/obsession/aggression ??
  104. Willow Ears
  105. "30 Years of Dobermann" facebook group
  106. dobermann info
  107. Mabel wants to say hello!
  108. To neuter or not to neuter... that is the question.
  109. dobie-napper
  110. Blue coat thinning issue seems resolved for Amore
  111. Does it ever get easier??
  112. I caught Chuck................
  113. Bootie suggestions
  114. EzyDog Collars
  115. Hello Looking into...
  116. Announcement: 2013 Dobermantalk Calendar November Entries - Your Favorite Head Shot
  117. 2013 Dobermantalk Calendar November Entries - Your Favorite Head Shot
  118. Talking in sleep
  119. New member of the family! ...temporarily
  120. Official... Secret Santa Torture.... I mean hint thread
  121. Brandy the Witch
  122. is it wise???
  123. Doberman Friendly Apartments near Alameda CA
  124. The 12 Years Of Lily - 12 Day Photo/Video Countdown! Happy 12th Birthday Lily!
  125. Happy Halloween
  126. 2nd Dobie?
  127. Cato Update.
  128. Poor Luca he can't decide on a costume
  129. Need Advice
  130. Now that's a tennis ball!
  131. Could always use security on the red carpet
  132. The A-Team: Formal Edition
  133. Not sure what is going on.
  134. Our Jammies
  135. Is that a dog?!
  136. Is that a coonhound??
  137. Video of Major today - first day of snow
  138. It Looks Cheap.. Because it Was!
  139. Please help... any more suggestions??
  140. Deacon's coat from Meadow Cat
  141. Check out the newest fashion in doberman beds!
  142. How to get him to pee in the rain?
  143. An open letter to...
  144. Saph and Sully Pics and Questions
  145. Haven't posted a pic in a while...
  146. Bigger teeth
  147. Doberman party
  148. ziggy piggy
  149. Calling all harnesses!
  150. Halloween costume
  151. What is your dogs favorite "non-toy" toy?
  152. Doberman pumpkins!
  153. Don't we look comfy?
  154. Just some recent pictures
  155. How many cups of food your adult doberman eat daily?
  156. Cool morning, MeadowCat Fleece mini photo dump
  157. Simon/Shanoa video (with some great body language lessons!)
  158. 48 degrees in Houston
  159. Rambo graduated!
  160. Fearful dog/brain damage?
  161. Rupert Autumn pictures
  162. A MeadowCat Masterpiece for one sick pup
  163. Construction has started...
  164. IS this dog standing in water in NC? $250
  165. Happy 11th Birthday Boo-Butt
  166. Dobermans can fly
  167. Search and Rescue dog Chuck?
  168. Extra fleece = tug toys! (pics)
  169. What does your dog wear?
  170. Have any of you had a Dobie with a new baby?
  171. Why is she SO FUNNY! (Share your stories too!)
  172. Quick update for Juno and I!
  173. Skin care, walking, ears and everything else.
  174. Is he being possessive of MY BED? How to correct?
  175. How cold is too cold?
  176. My Doberman might not...
  177. New Pictures! (photo heavy)
  178. Denton, TX AKC CAT Trial Nov. 11th & 12th
  179. Prime and his Posse
  180. Natural Sprinter or Illness?
  181. A trip to the country (w/ lots of pics)
  182. I need pictures of your dogs tongues. :)
  183. Redders October 2012 :)
  184. Hai DT Check out my new Jammies!
  185. Any other serious droolers out there?
  186. Whitby/Oshawa walk suggestions?
  187. My Dobe doesn't like....
  188. My favorite Nina and Halley picture
  189. Is a dog a mind reader?
  190. Pics for Zelda
  191. Do you have Pop-up Dobes?
  192. Best Smaller Breed That Can Keep Up With The Dobes? Corgi? Whippet?
  193. BarkBox: The Mystery Turned Majestic.
  194. Just something disgusting to look at....
  195. Spock & Eva Are Models!
  196. Doberman in a movie
  197. A chilly fall run (lots of pictures)
  198. What are your dogs doing right now? :)
  199. BooHoo....Chuck is not a REAL Doberman.
  200. Tank-osaurus Rex
  201. Buddy's new coat by Meadow Cat
  202. Feedback on potential new coat design (with pics!)
  203. Natures Agility Course! :)
  204. "Official" On what planet is that comfortable? Photo thread
  205. Leg tremors?
  206. What's Better Than Goose Poo?
  207. Sure shot??
  208. Vegas' third annual backpacking trip!
  209. Pups and Huge Pumkins (pics)
  210. Dobermans and Backpacking
  211. Cleo vs Jehova Witness
  212. Costume help?? Resident Evil
  213. The Anteater pet me move...
  214. Announcement: 2013 Dobermantalk Calendar October Winner
  215. 2013 Dobermantalk Calendar October Winner - Look Here for Next Month's Theme!
  216. He keeps asking for a raise too....
  217. HELP ASAP, ends 10/22/2012
  218. Slappy Paws - behavior issue
  219. Do you lay on your dog?
  220. Does anyone know whos incharge of the dobe booth @ Meet the Breeds NYC?
  221. In desperate need of help...
  222. Dobes as Hellhounds
  223. I've been using the wrong command all along
  224. Grumpy DoberMEN!
  225. Favorite growling Doberman videos
  226. Looking for Dog Toy Tester
  227. pics
  228. omg plz help me ship my baby :(
  229. Dobe rescues in or around South Carolina?
  230. More Jammies by AHalvorsen
  231. I felt Elza talked(lol)
  232. The rescue of Ayten Hope (graphic)
  233. Bruce the painted Doberman!
  234. Another Meadowcat Masterpiece!
  235. Do you guys think Chuck might be calming down..................
  236. Picture of rough coated dobe??
  237. After 3 yrs...
  238. A present for NOX &KWhite30
  239. Viking Dobermans
  240. Now that he's tall enough he surfs!
  241. Step on it, driver!
  242. Male on male aggression (long post)
  243. There's a MONSTA in the house
  244. Would YOU adopt an albino dobe?
  245. How NOT to play with your doberman...
  246. Griffin goes hiking
  247. Need quick opinions (before tonight)
  248. Announcement: 2013 Dobermantalk Calendar October Top 10 - Vote Now!
  249. 2013 Dobermantalk Calendar October Top 10 - Vote Now!
  250. What is an intelligent dog to you and frankly I have questions...discussion...