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  1. adolescent doberman vs dominant jack Russell
  2. The "flying hug" and a piggy back ride!
  3. Where is a good balance: bones/teeth/toys
  4. A pair of Pula photos.
  5. Sparky just blew three farts in less than an hour...
  6. "What do you feed him?"
  7. Announcement: 2013 Dobermantalk Calendar July Top 10 - Vote Now!
  8. 2013 Dobermantalk Calendar July Top 10 - Vote Now!
  9. Jeebus, red boys grow FAST
  10. Ear Posting Question
  11. Redders Pics/Videos - Up North at the Lake
  12. Diesel and the doorstop
  13. Can someone please play with Charlie?
  14. Introducing Trooper
  15. doberswimming
  16. Mickelson 10 mos 75 lbs vs. the big noisy ball
  18. OMG... "Blueberman" puppies
  19. I'm on a BOAT! - Rowan goes "swimming" (Pics/Vid)
  20. Summer FUN
  21. Nadsr
  22. Calendar idea
  23. what does this behavior mean?
  24. lazy tired of dealing with it
  25. Having trouble deciding....
  26. Pre-birthday Photos.
  27. Pics from Signal Point on Signal Mtn, TN
  28. Breeding License Does What
  29. Your worst doberman moment...
  30. Help me pick my macro!
  31. Photo project for dt dobes!
  32. Dog on dog aggression
  33. Dobermans the Feature Breed for Canadian Dog Fancier July issue!
  34. Doberman love
  35. DoberDictionary for newbies to the breed!
  36. What Crate To Look For? Help!
  37. Prime..the big wussy
  38. Ocala to west palm Florida
  39. Chase needs your help!
  40. Over the years I've probably spent hundreds of dollars on toys...
  41. Male Dobermann domenance
  42. Chuckleberry Hound Update!
  43. Geri Richman
  44. Birthday Party ideas?!?!
  45. Cooling mats, beds in Canada?
  46. Romeo cooling off (pics)
  47. YAY Odin!!!
  48. Found it
  49. Happy Birthday D'Va
  50. Chicago doberman owners :)
  51. Photo Fun Gone Crazy
  52. Would these be Macro shots?
  53. Scared dobe
  54. Remy's July 2012 road trip (pictures)
  55. Odd behavior, Magnum IGNORED someone.
  56. Northglenn Co member help
  57. That poor leopard never stood a chance...
  58. 10 month old female under growth?
  59. Odin photo dump (B-day and puppy)
  60. Need Information!!!!
  61. 2012 PNW Regional IPO Championship
  62. Looking for SoCal apartments that do not have breed restrictions
  63. The "defend his territory" got me thinking....
  64. bought an akc doberman
  65. Our camping trip photos
  66. Happy 1st Birthday Odin
  67. Urgent behavior issues
  68. Calgary Doberfest and Centennial BBQ at the Doberman Specialty
  69. here to vent... grr
  70. Happy Birthday Indy
  71. Keep your pets safe tonight!!!
  72. Which one for the calendar entry?
  73. help with macro dobe
  74. My fluffy pillow
  75. Kahlua after doggy daycare!
  76. Help me pick!
  77. Photo dump from an Incredible Sunday with an extra dose of Cowboy
  78. Urgent! Need travel advice asap
  79. Announcement: 2013 Dobermantalk Calendar July Entries: Macro Dobes
  80. Trick Video!
  81. 2013 Dobermantalk Calendar July Entries - Macro Dobes
  82. Bumping uglies with spayed female?
  83. HELP! Issues!
  84. The heat is making me WAY less interesting...
  85. Dobe versus Rottie
  86. Some photos from this weekend
  87. Bloody spot just above his eyes
  88. Some Training Pictures!!
  89. Bad Mom! Happy Late birthday, Whiskey!
  90. WOW he's a YEAR! and other pictures
  91. Fear aggressive dog
  92. Simon has claimed his territory
  93. Frozen treat ideas
  94. Just few pics Rush's Birthday
  95. Hey Facebook Users....
  96. Q nose
  97. Looking to foster or adopt
  98. Daaymn :-(
  99. Ack! Eli is a dangerous dog...
  100. suckling
  101. Worth a read and some consideration.
  102. Dobes and kids.
  103. Intact males and females in heat
  104. Happy Birthday Rush
  105. This Doberman LOVES the forest.
  106. Rudy and Dixie Pictures
  107. Dog booties? Backpacking.
  108. 2 Males in 1 House?
  109. Isabella/fawn terminology
  110. Kijiji!
  111. Yay for poop!
  112. Trifexis?
  113. Summer Pictures Photo Dump!
  114. Wants to be a Mommy?
  115. N.O. Family Doberman shot defending his home
  116. What should I do?
  117. Nationals 2012
  118. i-consider-him-a-rescue
  119. Ow, ow, OW!
  120. I had to share I'm just so excited!
  121. Say hi to Lexi
  122. from 6 weeks to 8 months- hades
  123. Sasha' s weekend fun (Pics)
  124. Top Ten Signs of Stress in Your Dog
  125. Axel and me
  126. De Nutting day is set. :)
  127. Gunner is at the vet today
  128. Future Dobe owner questions
  129. Beautiful Bella (photos)
  130. Hey I Just Met You. And This Is Crazy...
  131. jackets, socks...
  132. Stress during a move...
  133. Dog Doors?
  134. Briska's Adam
  135. Head shots of my girls!
  136. New lens = new pictures!
  137. Rocket Photos - lure coursing & portraits
  138. I was bored, so I decided to annoy my dogs for a change. (Photo Dump!)
  139. CGC test
  140. Just a few new pictures...
  141. if ONE more person...
  142. Any one do auto food delivery?
  143. Maui's 1st Birthday
  144. Wire Crate Covers
  145. I Would LOVE to Know Who Knows What!
  146. Im an Hour Late, But, Happy Birthday Saph!
  147. bone structure
  148. It may not look graceful....
  149. Suede, Notty and the rest of the family update(warning pictures!)
  150. Smile pictures, funny stories?
  151. Arkus & Nissa (Photo Dump) Say Hello!
  152. Thanks
  153. Trash eater!
  154. Guess which Princess is really, really good looking and has tons of new photos?
  155. No, he's NOT for sell!
  156. Need help!!!! Colorado Springs area
  157. Who or What was your Dobie in a past life?
  158. Silly Dobie! :)
  159. Dober Fart Zone
  160. Charlie Smiles!!!
  161. Maiya woke up the neighborhood. A Bedtime Story.
  162. I'm to sexy for my.....leg bands?
  163. Wheeler, Lola and my Granddaughter.....
  164. HGTV- Posh Pets
  165. Dont forget to lock your gates.
  166. The collars have arrived!!!
  167. ugh craigslist
  168. Tank listened, Im so proud
  169. A Milestone to Celebrate?
  170. Any cute Dobie videos?
  171. OK Dad, I'm Pee'ing
  172. Flirt Pole
  173. Just a few pictures
  174. dominance
  175. Khaleesi Celebrates First Birthday (Riverdog Photos)
  176. I will not be ignored
  177. Wow, Gunner's judge of character...
  178. Does your dobe have his/her own blog or Tumblr page?
  179. Over 3 weeks with Chuck now!
  180. Los Angeles Doberman Meetup
  181. When will my male doberman defend his territory?
  182. leash questions
  183. Wrong impression
  184. The most smart @ss Doberman comment...
  185. Experience with Ex Pens???
  186. Donations (Personal Items) - DE / MD / PA?
  187. I need cookie
  188. OMG - the Cookie Lady...
  189. Dogs and Frogs? Eww.
  190. Stryker will be 3 yrs old tomorrow
  191. sale on bully sticks etc
  192. Won't eat dinner from his bowl anymore
  193. URGENT: 3yr old male Doberman growling/showing teeth at 10mo old baby
  194. Advertisements!
  195. Are Two Better Than One???
  196. Who is going to the WAE in Galt, CA this weekend??
  197. What type of Petsmart/Petco shopper are you with your dog?
  198. What is a title
  199. New behaviour - advice/views appreciated
  200. Luke and Leia.. Fun Weekend!
  201. Thank you Zupas
  202. Guilt...
  203. Our Dobie never leaves our side! lol
  204. Epic Drool
  205. Oatmeal Covered Rawhides
  206. When did society become sheep?
  207. Water dogs: Titan and Bailey in the lake (Photo Dump)
  208. Hudson Valley?
  209. Sasha's first Holter and Echo
  210. How often does your dog suckle?
  211. Flaires first time at the beach (video)!
  212. The Life of a Princess (Photo Dump)
  213. Rosie: World's laziest Dobie (Photodump)
  214. Texting with Nubis
  215. Phaedra's Fun Day
  216. Sasha's new Collar has arrived
  217. Nox's new hot pink leopard collar!
  218. Java is 6 Months Old Today
  219. Doberman Rescue Recognition...need some help from our dober friends!
  220. Zac and the birds hanging out
  221. Closest to North American Lines
  222. It's been a while.
  223. Me thinks he likes it
  224. Announcement: 2013 Dobermantalk Calendar June Winner
  225. Funny Gopher Story.
  226. 2013 Dobermantalk Calendar June Winner (Look here for next month's theme!)
  227. So I had a conversation today..
  228. Considerations in getting a doberman
  229. Alfred and Audrey in NATURE - photo dump
  230. Gus does Summertime
  231. What are your dogs favorite puzzle/ treat toys?
  232. Having a bad day?
  233. URGENT:Sweet Dobie needs a tumor removed
  234. How long did it take to potty train your Dobe?
  235. Some Odin video's
  236. Griffin has a green thumb
  237. A day and night out ( photo heavy )
  238. Charlie's Chicks! :)
  239. Professional photos by PawPrintz :)
  240. What to do with a new onset of growling?
  241. Shanoa at play
  242. What have Prime & Friends Been Up To? (huge photo dump)
  243. ** AMMO Giveaway Contest ***
  244. Thanks!
  245. Beach trip
  246. What do you wish you'd know about Dobies before you got one?
  247. Can Your Dobie See Ghosts?
  248. Something Fuzzy This Way Comes...
  249. Tiny Dragons?
  250. Death to all stuffies