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  1. need advice on household "frenemys"
  2. Virginia - Youth summer IPO Camp
  3. Thinking of getting this dobie but...
  4. Saddest Doberman ever
  5. more EPAD
  6. Kratos and Lokis Day at the Beach
  7. Luca 1 year pic
  8. Resource guarding question....
  9. Jaina's taking her CGC test!!
  10. Walk for the Animals Photo Dump
  11. RECOVERING TRE/ B prepared for cute overload
  12. Hello new here please help
  13. The Boys are feeling neglected!
  14. They want my puppy back!!!
  15. You decided now what do you expect?
  16. What is a Doberman?
  17. I wrote an Elka "article" for!
  18. Beautiful day in the snow pics
  19. lipomas
  20. Some pictures from Texas
  21. I have some new favorites (pictures!)
  22. I'm in love with this boy (pictures)
  23. Update on Duberre
  24. Doberman yawning
  25. Leash Reactivity?
  26. Reactions to a Cropped& Docked Dobe (UK)
  27. To adopt this sweet girl or not; please assist me with my Pros and Cons T-chart
  28. Sasha has settled in.. so this calls for an update!
  29. Spooning, really??
  30. Busted!
  31. Help!! Doberman, Mini Pin, or something else!
  32. They are just too stinkin' cute! (Rowan & Monroe photo dump)
  33. If looks could kill
  34. Why is it... (Random Rhetorical Question Thread)
  35. Does anyone else's Dobe do this?...
  36. Should i carry on taping ears?
  37. Flea problems
  38. Elza, Happy Birthday!! (4 yrs old)
  39. I go CRAZY for the dog park
  40. Doberman and Tiger playing
  41. Just stopping in....
  42. I had to share this amazing Logo Uta made me!!!
  43. Little Sister for my Female Vizsla
  44. Does my dog have doberman in him ?
  45. Insatiable Appetite
  46. Sweet Doberman Wood
  47. Ain't I Pretty!
  48. The ears of Chuck. :)
  49. Pics and permission for Doberman colors
  50. No more dog parks for me
  51. CGN Wahey!
  52. Boarding...ehhhh
  53. Want to get a female doberman, is it a right choice?
  54. Info on WZ registration for albino gene needed.
  55. infamous injury white hairs
  56. Help me solve a debate :)
  57. Cadence turns 1 !!! (+ party)
  58. Do you think a full moon affects animal behavior?
  59. Frauke's first B-Day!
  60. Doberman owners in KY?
  61. Do you think I have a hot body?
  62. Q pics
  63. Suede's Portrait
  64. This is so touching. Just had to share.
  65. Commissioning a painting
  66. "Medical" ID tags
  67. Martingale collars that look more delicate?
  68. WTF! Kid beating on my car barking at dogs
  69. Better door than a window -_-
  70. New behavior...
  71. OMG Man tries to get Calamity to attack him!
  72. My heart Just dropped
  73. And now for your Hades picture of the day...
  74. Louise is 8 today!
  75. This is why......
  76. What??? I'm just trying to get warm...pic
  77. Digital portrait painted of my Dober girl
  78. Happy 5th Birthday Max!
  79. Some Aspen pics
  80. Leaving 13 month old doberman alone while at work
  81. Mmm, tasty goose poop!
  82. Belated Asha's 2nd birthday
  83. Zeus and Apollo
  84. Glory Hounds...military dogs in Afganistan
  85. Nynaeve's Canine Trinkets coats (not really just for Dobes...)
  86. New fence sign...Hades approved
  87. Help!!!
  88. Anyone use Primo Pads? Kuranda beds in crate?
  89. Leaving my baby boy for the first time...
  90. The Phoenix Rises
  91. Gino is officially 4 years old
  92. baby steps
  93. The perfect hiding place
  94. Diesel goes to work! (pictures)
  95. Brinks Predicted a Seizure Today!
  96. Pet Photographer + Dobie Pup = Overshare
  97. Opinions on my Dobe
  98. My 18 month old Doberman "Happy" :)
  99. decided to keep Lady
  100. Cleaning a silk brocade collar?
  101. I looks very official now...
  102. Making progress...
  103. second guessing
  104. IMPORTANT! Check your fences!!!!
  105. Diezel say's thanks Rouleaux
  106. Huge congrats to MACH Spirit and Carol Witt
  107. Dean and Tyler Harness = LOVE!
  108. Ahhhh Sucess!!!
  109. My Boo is Two today!
  110. Colt The Rescue Dog's New life...
  111. Second Doberman?
  112. Dog bit sister. Parents want to get rid of him?
  113. Kong Crazies! A photo Thread
  114. 1 Year old Doberman ears not standing
  115. Is your baby a ham?
  116. What does one do after a long hike?
  117. That awkward moment when...
  118. "Come to Jesus" meeting?
  119. Pula photos
  120. Eating Poop ;(
  121. Another bite- Need some advice
  122. Doberman Snuggy
  123. Doberman Pup lashed at CHILD please HELP
  124. Bugs says she has no idea....
  125. Anyone ever had this?
  126. Skoll Update Pictures~
  127. How Did You Train Stack to Your Active Dobe?
  128. OUCH! I just got bit!
  129. IDC Story
  130. Oooh Canadian Winters - How I Mentally/Physically Stimulate my Dog
  131. Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My
  132. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar February Winner
  133. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar February Winner! (Look here for next month's Theme!)
  134. Skoll has an Ouchie
  135. Have not posted on here in a while!
  136. I don't want FOP, dammit...
  137. Texas people
  138. What a difference (before and after pic)
  139. Happy Vday....from Hades
  140. Dobie featured on Supernatural (TV)
  141. new doberman owner and questions
  142. Eli!! He doesn't want us to drink coffee...
  143. Bruno's Shame (pic)
  144. Looks like I'll be keeping him so far.
  145. Ares Has a Valentine's Day Request...
  146. Happy Seventh Birthday Mensa
  147. Dober girl and Companion on CL in Chi town!
  148. Happy Valentine's Day!
  149. Were back
  150. Juno has a Valentine.
  151. She did it..she finally did it
  152. I'm going to rip her legs off!!!
  153. Happy 3rd Birthday Pula!
  154. Jasmine Antics (pics)!
  155. My mother-in-law hates my dog
  156. If you really knew me today, you would know
  157. Fifi, Vegas Odds, WKC....Good for breed?
  158. Logan's Snow Day
  159. I love my boys! (pic)
  160. How would you defend your dog from a staff/pitbull attack
  161. Guess who's 2 in this zoo?! ROWAN!
  162. How often/ how far do you walk?
  163. To rescue or not to rescue, that is the question.
  164. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar February Top 10 - Vote Now!
  165. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar February Top 10 - Vote Now!
  166. Loud, screaming children and lots of dogs
  167. Heartworm meds (need help)
  168. Dobes and their chasing instincts
  169. Ready to adopt...
  170. Elka in the Snow
  171. First Argument
  172. Eli catches the ball on the
  173. Crow & Raven update
  174. An 'eye' exercise. :)
  175. Finally a doberman owner!
  176. The Dobies Have Won....
  177. Happy to announce....
  178. LOVE the Doberman in the Tom Brady ads
  179. Cold weather and nose crusties
  180. Charlie.........lookin' at YOU! :)
  181. How to stop this behavior?
  182. Do you leave your dog uncrated?
  183. Muddy Noses, Flyball Hit It Board, Random, Random!
  184. Ugh!
  185. Is this one of them "rare white" dobermans? Nah...
  186. Diesels day out to our local country park.
  187. Dogs, goats and an old black horse
  188. Big dobermans???
  189. Rowan is a year old!!
  190. Dobermans and snow
  191. I don't remember...
  192. Hallmark Card Contest DOBE Photos NEEDED
  193. Rabbit registrated as a dobermann
  194. Need an alternative to Eco Easy Walker Harness
  195. Dogtra Training collar thoughts
  196. Dog or Human in the wrong?
  197. Do You Hug Your Dog?
  198. I need help!!
  199. New H&M ad with dobermans
  200. beckham video
  201. Brinks is 8 months old today!! With pics of course :)
  202. If you're gonna be in the way....
  203. My Silly Boy- Photoshare
  204. Doberman rears - are we going the way of the GSD?
  205. Deacon's 1st vacation
  206. Big dog in a little bed... (Photo thread)
  207. My first attempt at jammy making...
  208. Help - What do I need to do to protect paws from the snow?
  209. Crate training an older dog?
  210. The Brown Kids
  211. Registering my Dobie as a service dog
  212. One annoying thing your dogs does....
  213. That ONE thing...
  214. I am so proud of Chuckie!
  215. Shaking posts off every time!!!
  216. Busy weekend - Therapy/Club show/Bite work
  217. Best dobie toys
  218. Rou is 8 Months old tomorrow :D
  219. Crying Babies (human)
  220. Logan ate my sneakers :-(
  221. Question for experts
  222. Dogs on a log
  223. Playing Ball
  224. Do I qualifiy or not?
  225. Pictures & Happy 6 month birthday to Rogue (on the 5th)
  226. Wanted to share a cute picture with you guys
  227. Talent hounds: A documentary Chase auditioned for
  228. Which to enter?
  229. Has your Dobe ever lied to you?
  230. Leo rocked Mardi Gras
  231. Evander pics :D
  232. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar February Entries
  233. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar February Entries-Dobes & Friends (Human or Animal)
  234. Mixing water with dry food?
  235. Two Males
  236. How do I prevent a leg wrap from slipping?
  237. Insurance $1750 a year...for 2 dobes!
  238. Kraft Easy Cheese Cheddar
  239. Desk Calendar
  240. The dobie dance...
  241. Feeling Guilty
  242. The Random Photo Thread!
  243. Doberman Pinscher: the perception and the reality
  244. Pet store in St Charles or Chicago?
  245. Dobie seat belts
  246. She bit me, will AC take her???
  247. I started...
  248. Anyone ever had someone else use their dog in a therapy program?
  249. Allergies for potential new doberman owner
  250. Snow Derps