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  1. Toorc Photo Dump
  2. Doing a mini (Meet the breeds) need dober pictures
  3. If I can't see mom...
  4. Is this what his nails should look like?
  5. Dobie Group in Charlotte, NC
  6. Some pics from today.
  7. Doggie Daycare Questions
  8. Vicious Doberman!
  9. Two weeks with a dobertween
  10. The answer to why 1 Dobe and 3 Vizslas
  11. Scary Faces - Photo Thread
  12. I don't know if "regal" would be the best word.....
  13. Elza enjoyed morning walk to Starbucks
  14. Back with some pictures
  15. Driving me nuts!!! Advice pls
  16. Spring?
  17. How would you fatten up a female
  18. What size harness to get?
  19. Re: How protective is your dobe?
  20. Doing public education this weekend - Ethical breeders
  21. How to Stop Blanket Sucking?
  22. Byb?
  23. Stressed out!!!!!!!!......
  24. Ears Bleeding
  25. There's Something About A Doberman
  26. Thanks for the heads-up!
  27. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar March Winner
  28. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar March Winner! (Look Here for Next Month's Theme!)
  29. Kennel Owner Facing Cruelty to Animal Charges
  30. Docked Dogs
  31. Did you ever
  32. Separation Anxiety or Drama King?
  33. We're all settled in! (Pictures)
  34. LA County people
  35. Siri-Lure Coursing
  36. More Lure Coursing Photos
  37. Two new Doberman CAs! Pics!
  38. Logans first boarding
  39. No matter what.
  40. Sunday Is.........
  41. our first hike in a few weeks...
  42. Doberman and friends
  43. Chase had to work on St Paddys day (pics)
  44. Aspen in the snow pics
  45. just another Chuck head shot............
  46. is it a bird? is it a plane?
  47. Kyrah is such the
  48. OMG can someone please explain this?! It's freaking me out!
  49. Interesting Article
  50. Happy 2nd birthday Trooper.
  51. Don't bite my legs! Don't bite my legs!
  52. Teenagers!!
  53. Who are some of the Top Winning Doberman of all time in Canada?
  54. Chuck like Big Balls too!
  55. My fully automatic, double sided dishwasher
  56. doberteens?
  57. Hades, the black Doberman?
  58. Needing advice on building muscle
  59. Random assortment of photos and videos of the kids over the past couple weeks...
  60. Just a few Shanoa pics
  61. lady in the dark
  62. Dr. Bronners for Dobe washing?
  63. White Day today
  64. Primo Pads - Are they uncomfortable?
  65. A Day in the Life...
  66. That moment when you glance over...
  67. Would this be considered abuse?
  68. it Spring yet?? (pics)
  69. Medicine? BOOORRRING. I've got a Dobe.
  70. Favorite Toys
  71. Recent adoption-need help
  72. Living the good life...
  73. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar March Top 10 - Vote Now!
  74. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar March Top 10 - Vote Now
  75. Itsssssss BATDOG!!!
  76. Doberman stays with Deceased owner
  77. Doberman Protection...
  78. Pet Insurance
  79. "Moon(shine)" or "Scarlet".
  80. Free doberman? I wish
  81. For your's (and your dog's) enjoyment...
  82. No doctor, I don't know what could be causing my migraines....
  83. Trying to Ban Tail Docking in NY State
  84. Hello, DT!
  85. Hades vs Flower: the Flowers revenge...
  86. Rugrr did it!
  87. Need effective fly spray, non-toxic...
  88. New York to Ban Tail Docking
  89. Pictures of Liberty
  90. Since it was good
  91. I lied...
  92. Moonshine & Juno Updates. :)
  93. Will Jack be the same after he's neutered?
  94. Teaching the 'Spin'
  95. Jasmine would like to say...
  96. Hades vs. the Evil Duck *video*
  97. 7 month old dobe ears question
  98. Ear wont stand!!
  99. Happy 3rd birthday to our boy Dominick
  100. Happy (belated) Birthday Jones
  101. Possible New Dobe Owner
  102. Epic "Beware" Sign
  103. Hades the protection dog
  104. Just a daily dose of Rouleaux :D
  105. Winston turn 1
  106. pic'ies
  107. sun worshiping dogs photo dump
  108. Vader Lure Coursing
  109. Stories Like These
  110. fun beach day!
  111. Adams apple?
  112. If Kong Wubba was a Competitive Sport...
  113. Good Morning from Hades
  114. Parker
  115. If you go down to the woods today... *photo dump*
  116. Have been wodering about Monty
  117. Spock Turns 3 Today!
  118. Crate and Rotate
  119. How "strict" are you with our Dobe?
  120. Dobey does the HARLEM SHAKE
  121. Grrrrrr my cupcakes!!!
  122. Is there such a thing as too spoiled?
  123. Tank just got profiled
  124. Digging in one spot
  125. Who's a Happy dog?
  126. Bootie sizing
  127. Scared of the rain?
  128. looking for
  129. And so it has begun!
  130. Let sleeping dogs lie
  131. Indy's new pj's
  132. Fencing a rental property yard.
  133. Exactly how much excercise do Dobes need?
  134. SNOW DAY! (pics/videos)
  135. Before and Afters...
  136. Spa City Doberman Group
  137. Burn Barrel Destroyer
  138. Niko the rescuer!!
  139. New NO SOLICITING Sign
  140. Doggy Delivery
  141. European vs American
  142. Parker Pictures...maybe
  143. New doberman owner
  144. Cool Juno pic :)
  145. Albino rescue Doberman photo request
  146. Hades goes to South Beach
  147. Dober farts
  148. just a few pics to smile about
  149. I just want to scream!!!
  150. Odd pattern
  151. Thank you DT
  152. Help me pick... Calendar March Entries - Sleeping Dobes
  153. Bugs attacked our little dog. Don't know what to do.
  154. Help for a prospective owner?
  155. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar March Entries - Sleeping Dobes
  156. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar March Entries - Sleeping Dobes
  157. Panicking!!! Tell me I don't need to panic.
  158. "Houston...we have a problem"
  159. Howling
  160. Shanoa says Richter can be fun!
  161. Apollo's 9 month update with pictures
  162. Don't know if this a Dobe thing or not...
  163. Stryker video
  164. Thundershirts
  165. Turn her butt to me and looks at me
  166. Camping with your doberman
  167. Hades new title....hearing-ear dog?
  168. Brandy's Closet (Pics!)
  169. Introducing, Moon!
  170. Dobermans...really smart or just so darn cute?
  171. Spoiled Rotten Dog Photo Thread
  172. need advice on household "frenemys"
  173. Virginia - Youth summer IPO Camp
  174. Thinking of getting this dobie but...
  175. Saddest Doberman ever
  176. more EPAD
  177. Kratos and Lokis Day at the Beach
  178. Luca 1 year pic
  179. Resource guarding question....
  180. Jaina's taking her CGC test!!
  181. Walk for the Animals Photo Dump
  182. RECOVERING TRE/ B prepared for cute overload
  183. Hello new here please help
  184. The Boys are feeling neglected!
  185. They want my puppy back!!!
  186. You decided now what do you expect?
  187. What is a Doberman?
  188. I wrote an Elka "article" for!
  189. Beautiful day in the snow pics
  190. lipomas
  191. Some pictures from Texas
  192. I have some new favorites (pictures!)
  193. I'm in love with this boy (pictures)
  194. Update on Duberre
  195. Doberman yawning
  196. Leash Reactivity?
  197. Reactions to a Cropped& Docked Dobe (UK)
  198. To adopt this sweet girl or not; please assist me with my Pros and Cons T-chart
  199. Sasha has settled in.. so this calls for an update!
  200. Spooning, really??
  201. Busted!
  202. Help!! Doberman, Mini Pin, or something else!
  203. They are just too stinkin' cute! (Rowan & Monroe photo dump)
  204. If looks could kill
  205. Why is it... (Random Rhetorical Question Thread)
  206. Does anyone else's Dobe do this?...
  207. Should i carry on taping ears?
  208. Flea problems
  209. Elza, Happy Birthday!! (4 yrs old)
  210. I go CRAZY for the dog park
  211. Doberman and Tiger playing
  212. Just stopping in....
  213. I had to share this amazing Logo Uta made me!!!
  214. Little Sister for my Female Vizsla
  215. Does my dog have doberman in him ?
  216. Insatiable Appetite
  217. Sweet Doberman Wood
  218. Ain't I Pretty!
  219. The ears of Chuck. :)
  220. Pics and permission for Doberman colors
  221. No more dog parks for me
  222. CGN Wahey!
  223. Boarding...ehhhh
  224. Want to get a female doberman, is it a right choice?
  225. Info on WZ registration for albino gene needed.
  226. infamous injury white hairs
  227. Help me solve a debate :)
  228. Cadence turns 1 !!! (+ party)
  229. Do you think a full moon affects animal behavior?
  230. Frauke's first B-Day!
  231. Doberman owners in KY?
  232. Do you think I have a hot body?
  233. Q pics
  234. Suede's Portrait
  235. This is so touching. Just had to share.
  236. Commissioning a painting
  237. "Medical" ID tags
  238. Martingale collars that look more delicate?
  239. WTF! Kid beating on my car barking at dogs
  240. Better door than a window -_-
  241. New behavior...
  242. OMG Man tries to get Calamity to attack him!
  243. My heart Just dropped
  244. And now for your Hades picture of the day...
  245. Louise is 8 today!
  246. This is why......
  247. What??? I'm just trying to get warm...pic
  248. Digital portrait painted of my Dober girl
  249. Happy 5th Birthday Max!
  250. Some Aspen pics