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  1. Do we look official?
  2. The A-Team: Wedding Edition ... oh yes, yes we did.
  3. One year with my boy!
  4. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar January Winner
  5. 2014 Dobermantalk Calender January Winner - Look for Next Month's Theme Here
  6. Will it be too hard?
  8. Please "like" Otto, each like is a dollar to DAN
  9. Advice Please
  10. Too Much Estrogen?
  11. Happy Birthday Magnum!
  12. thought I got a Doberman, but I really got....
  13. Ginger on a happier note..and darn funny
  14. Albino Dobermans? Can someone please enlighten me?
  15. preparing 1yo doberman to meet newborn baby?
  16. To Tatoo Doberman or not?
  17. Bella CFF photos and update
  18. Yay Kratos in jammies (thanks a bunch Jonseys Mom)
  19. This is why I don't workout...(pic)
  20. TEXAS RESUCERS (el paso area)
  21. Rowan was transformed into a handsome Sharkman thanks to Meadowcat!
  22. Little miss Liberty, her BFF, and my not-so-puppy-looking puppy... (photo dump)
  23. more epad
  24. Wedding Collar
  25. Kratos out for a little afternoon play. (Photos)
  26. Lucy & Gidget Update
  27. What age to desex a female dobie?
  28. First Doberman Questions
  29. cant control urine?
  30. How silly is your doberman?
  31. Snow!
  32. Craigslist dog for sale
  33. Updated Willow "the rescue" photos (as of 1/15/13)
  34. Beach Pictures!!
  35. Anyone else's Dobes do this?
  36. My First Doberman
  37. Poop advice
  38. Any Las Vegas Apts allow Dobes?
  39. Our Rainy Day
  40. Best thing for a thin coat? (with non-related pictures!)
  41. RC is happy their dogs are old enough to
  42. Sebastian trying to get Eli to
  43. I shouldn't be allowed to have pets....
  44. Bully sticks
  45. while yours plays in the snow or cuddles by the fire.... mine
  46. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar January Top Ten - Vote Now
  47. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar January Top 10 - Vote Now!
  48. What does a doberman do when it is 18 degrees outside...pic
  49. All of my Dobermans together...
  50. Barkbox? Has anyone subscribed?
  51. Is it time to neuter?
  52. New Pictures of Rudy and Dixie
  53. ok here goes...(long)
  54. Ethan pics today @ 21 months old
  55. Really?? More bed and covers than me?
  56. :/ scared to ask Dobe question?
  57. Flirt says PLAY with me Envy
  58. Warm Bedding Advance
  59. Has Anyone Else Had This Problem?
  60. Ear sucking?
  61. Do Not understand
  62. 6 week old puppy already cropped.
  63. Memorial video
  64. Chuck head shot!
  65. Dobes and SA
  66. Magnum's Family Update and Question
  67. Am I Making Too Much of This? *long*
  68. Boy it was a
  69. Foster Help Needed
  70. Its been awhile
  71. My Boy Is Home
  72. Hunter's Traps - OMG!
  73. When you bring a new puppy home
  74. Humping like a college freshman, HELP!
  75. My Doberman is emotionally attached to his collar and needs a new one.
  76. Two Dobes, One Crate
  77. New camera, new photos!
  78. VOTE for Optimus Prime!!!!
  79. Thank You, MeadowCat!
  80. The strange snowman
  81. Wrist Licking & Fur "clipping" behavior
  82. Hello from MI. Get another girl?
  83. Things are finally falling into place for Juno..
  84. Do Dobes ever get over there clingyness and get a bit more independent?
  85. Doberman needs a home!
  86. Oh people *sigh*
  87. Weirdest Dobie ever!
  88. We're ready when you are, spring.
  89. Home made dog chew toy directions???
  90. Who knew Dobies love to Wii bowl?
  91. Dog Tattletales - Sibling Betrayal
  92. Looking for a good caption (photo)
  93. Happy Gotcha day Mabel!
  94. Rowan in the Snow! (PICS)
  95. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar January Entries
  96. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar January Entries - Dobes in Coats, Sweaters, Jammies, Etc.
  97. Toby is in the zone!
  98. Skoll vs Cities (pics)
  99. Problem with neighbor dogs attacking my doberman
  100. Snowdoberman!
  101. Blizzard Dog Photodump
  102. Gunner "bit" my husband...*eyeroll*
  103. Traveling with my dobie pup...any advice?!
  104. The other dogs are laughing
  105. Thinking of getting Doberman.
  106. Where does your Dobe stay when you aren't home?
  107. Is it mean to laugh? *Pics* (Small Update as well)
  108. Rise in Dobe AKC registrations
  109. New year and dog park
  110. Happy 2nd Birthday Hades!
  111. Doberman v. Snowman
  112. How does your dobie act when your are sick?
  113. Tessa turns 4 today!
  114. You know your Doberman outsmarted you when....
  115. Roxy helping college students
  116. MeadowCat coat owners - request
  117. Advice please!!!
  118. Flying Prime
  119. Just a couple of newbie questions
  120. Reviews of Food Toys/Puzzle Toys
  121. Greenish yellow slime !!!! Please assist!!!!!!
  122. Too many red flags
  123. Am I doing it right ? - dog barks and staring
  124. Rexy enjoyed Christmas in FL with Touzie and family
  125. Oy Vey, Fireworks Trouble
  126. Happy New Year from Gino and Asha!
  127. I think she's lost control of the relationship
  128. December 2012 Doberman Digest ad-Cheers, Wally and Jules
  129. First time Dobe owners, looking back- right breed choice?
  130. Finally posting Rambos PJs from MeadowCat!
  131. What is the best Microchips for reporting?
  132. Is my 1 yr dobie small?
  133. Say hello to Zeus, Apollo, and Moxie
  134. Ivan Enjoying the Snow
  135. Luca's favorite Spot
  136. Skoll in the Snow
  137. Question about AKC papers
  138. A few of Emma
  139. Niko and Luca Christmas gift
  140. Happy 9th Birthday Morgan!
  141. Happy "Gotcha" Day Baron
  142. Ever feel like your dog is laughing at you?
  143. Where's the doberman?
  144. This boy protects and loves his girls!
  145. Brodie's first snow!
  146. Happy New Year from Skye
  147. Louie
  148. Small dog with my Dobie
  149. Christmas Photos! (Lots)
  150. Richter and Shanoa in the snow
  151. Am I a Dobie mix?
  152. The right muzzle
  153. Longhaired Doberman, say what?!
  154. How do you survive being sick with your Dobe
  155. Look what I found today...
  156. What do you MEAN I'm not a lapdog?!
  157. Maddy got a Shultzy for Christmas!
  158. Would it be wrong to rename a rescued Doberman?
  159. Riko got his jammies
  160. Christmas Pics
  161. the best X-Mas present from my Dobie
  162. Finally! A Definitive Answer to the "Is the Doberman a Lapdog?" Conundrum
  163. Apartment life?
  164. Whose got a big head?
  165. Eli and Pippin sharing a bed by the fire...pic
  166. My Little Pony jammies?
  167. Barking at people from the house
  168. Rou's first REAL snow! (smallphotocluster)
  169. Another set of Meadowcat PJs!!!
  170. Richter's Christmas photos
  171. A couple of Gunner videos...
  172. Kratos' Christmas along w/ the other pets of the house. (Picture Heavy)
  173. Why do Dobe's.....
  174. How long did it take? (destruction of gifts)
  175. Amazing artwork
  176. Firenze had a Merry xmas! - Meadowcat does it again!!
  177. Baron's Christmas Morning
  178. A Richter and Shanoa Christmas pictorial
  179. Merry Christmas
  180. Merry Christmas from Odin
  181. Elza's photo diary: Thanks to Meadow Cat
  182. Soliciting my pup!
  183. *Sigh*...Dobie farts.....
  184. Dobequest
  185. Skoll wishes everyone a merry christmas
  186. Engagement Pics with Rowan (photo dump)
  187. Charlotte Dobermans...
  188. Happy 7th Birthday, Brandy!
  189. I finally caught it on camera
  190. Collapsible wire crate
  191. The amount of drool that ensued after the shot...
  192. Merry Christmas from Mickelson and me
  193. Hanging by the neck!
  194. Nala meets the baby
  195. Shanoa's taught Richter some lessons...
  196. Elke's New Coat from MeadowCat!
  197. Prime turns 3!
  198. Happy 3rd Birthday to Kiss
  199. Showing/feeling the love!
  200. Dobes in the snow!
  201. Nerds in the Snow
  202. Meet our newest foster...Rixon!
  203. Remove dew claws ?
  204. Doberman Ban in Germany?
  205. Bad ear cropping
  206. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar Winners (All Months)
  207. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar December Winner
  208. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar December Winner - Look Here for Next Month's Theme
  209. A day in the life...helper girl Flirt
  210. Just a couple of Shanoa/Richter videos
  211. Mister is coming today!
  212. Need a grooming table! Recommendations?
  213. Dancing Doberman!
  214. Happy Birthday Devon 12/21/2012
  215. Freezy Pees smell
  216. Someone thinks it is a little cold outside....
  217. Family fun for the holidays (not)
  218. Richter's photo with Santa
  219. Happy Birthday Starlaine 12!
  220. How could this have happened...
  221. Put in an application today for a rescue pup
  222. Help! Need dog toy x-mas gift ideas!
  223. Dealing with out of control dogs/owners
  224. anyone ever had an unbreakoball?? reviews/opinions??
  225. pictures
  226. I think he's starting to settle in just fine
  227. Nala got her first PJs!!
  228. It's a hard life...
  229. Climbing Out From Under the Rubbage
  230. Cropped my Puppy Myself!
  231. But mooooooooooooooooooooooommmmm
  232. Has anyone heard of...?
  233. 3.30am
  234. close call
  235. Can anyone help me pick a picture?
  236. They do remember ..
  237. More Calamity Huckleberry pics
  238. Now pics of Calamity's Huckleberry, her "seeing" eye dobie!
  239. As requested, pics of Huckleberry and Calamity
  240. ADA: Awkward Dobes Anonymous
  241. "Real Red" Dobies
  242. MeadowCat did it again
  243. Just a pic to make you smile
  244. Willow the Cowgirl
  245. What color is Keno???
  246. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar December Top 10 - Vote Now!
  247. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar December Top 10 - Vote Now
  248. Heeeee's hoooooome!
  249. Mini Doberman ~PSH!
  250. Being watched?