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  1. First time at dog beach- Huge photo dump
  2. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar April Winner
  3. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar April Winner (Look Here for Next Month's Theme)
  4. Doberman Fun Day - May 18th & 19th
  5. Is this really how dobermans play?
  6. Happy 8th, Griffin
  7. Travel restraints...need some input
  8. we need Grumpy Doberman
  9. For all you who cropp your dogs ears!
  10. Flower power
  11. Please Help USA Doberman Team go to World..
  12. Those Silly Dober-Boys
  13. Winky Blinky Dobes?
  14. Trouble accessing the DPCC?
  15. BSL on Dobs?
  16. Something Funny..
  17. Doberman Lovers - Facebook
  18. Rouleux went to an LAX game...
  19. The Infamous Dobe Grin
  20. Early 1st year bday present... too much?
  21. Bully or puppy?
  22. who wants to......
  23. Montana Trip Pictures!
  24. Pedigree Research Challenge!
  25. It's Coco's 4th birthday today!!
  26. photo update :)
  27. how long is it ok to drip blood after neutering
  28. Thor is turning 7 today
  29. Doberman Pinscher...or Wolverine?
  30. Dog Rooms
  31. Couples!
  32. New 6month old dobie won't eat from bowl
  33. Spring has come
  34. Becoming a dog owner
  35. Bark code
  36. Where do you put your dobe while at work?
  37. Dog title acronyms
  38. Custom dishes/tags
  39. Rules for DPCA Breeders?
  40. I'm not technically in the kitchen...
  41. It's Been awhile! I may be coming back!
  42. Kong filling mess??
  43. Im 3!!
  44. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar April Top 10 - Vote Now!
  45. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar April Top 10 - Vote Now!
  46. Agility (sort of)
  47. Differences between the Canadian and US breed standard
  48. DPCA editor needed...
  49. Limping after hard running normal?
  50. Hades you're such a flirt!
  51. Doberman Prey Drive?
  52. Birthday toy...hmm
  53. Busted!
  54. Canadian Dobes from the 80's & 90's.
  55. Kansas City Pet Expo!
  56. Breeder meet & greets
  57. Hades being good?
  58. So Kratos went for his very first swim today. (Pictures and Video)
  59. Jasper's family
  60. pic from today
  61. Just a few photos
  62. Few updates
  63. Your Daily Dose of Cute (1st Spring Photo Dump)
  64. Introducing....... Jynx!!!!
  65. Some new spring pictures of the crew
  66. "The Doberman Pinscher: History and Development of the breed (1939)"
  67. We finally heard it!
  68. Kong Stuffing
  69. What do strangers say about your puppy/dog?
  70. Flea and Tick Med Question
  71. Dobe related conversation
  72. I have a serious job.
  73. Best toys for a Pup?
  74. GSD bit Hades
  75. Do strangers argue about your dogs weight?
  76. The dogs ears. Why?
  77. "Mom! ........ MOM!!"
  78. Can I get some tips on associating my Doberman with people?
  79. Hartford Insurance
  80. Some pics!
  81. Sacramento mock show/rally/obedience and CGC testing
  82. 57lbs full of... STICK! [Photo Dump + Video + mini update]
  83. 20 weeks...only 33lbs?
  84. 80 degree day, dobes get
  85. I'm official now!
  86. Puppy Grading and Adult Photos
  87. My newest responses for "Your should neuter your dog"
  88. It's getting warmer outside *pics*
  89. Happy Birthday Riley
  90. Dobey Connection
  91. Why do people assume things about Dobermans instead of just asking!
  92. Mick meet Clementine the female horse
  93. how to people get dogs to cooperate
  94. Jolly Ball!
  95. Dogs keeping grandpa company
  96. Life Jackets for Dobermans
  97. Meet Max
  98. Man, I hate some people!!!
  99. Coco's Birthday!
  100. Hades, Snoop, Kiyan and Khaos play date
  101. A dog doesn't care if... (picture heavy)
  102. Dobe gets his own dinner! (warning!)
  103. Dreizehn & Ruthless' Spring Pictures (extremely photo heavy)
  104. Hades first trip to the lake...
  105. Oh the non-stop licking and now grooming
  106. Blood donation anyone?
  107. Which picture for the calendar
  108. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar April Entries - Funny Dobes
  109. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar April Entries - Funny Dobes
  110. Advice for Dealing with my Girl in HEAT
  111. Happy 9th Birthday, Moe!
  112. Road trip!
  113. Thinking of warm weather...
  114. Hello!
  115. Aggression after boarding :-/
  116. Happy Birthday, Avril!
  117. Do you think they should start recognizing working versus show lines?
  118. Finally Sam's Super LATE Xmas box is here!!!
  119. Guys lets help doberman breed in AKC..please read..
  120. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to......
  121. Relaxation Music for dogs?!
  122. The Nerds are three! Time goes by too fast...
  123. First try to post video - Elza
  124. You guys better watch out.........
  125. Hades first trip to Kentucky
  126. Blade (red male)...
  127. I have a "Summer Doberman"!!
  128. Round 2 of the #TheSlobbering16 starts tomorrow! Dobe and Husky people, get ready!
  129. Dobermanns seventh smartest...
  130. any one in the windsor area
  131. Whiskey and Tessie Photodump
  132. Sheldon & Pele
  133. SINISTER! I have YOU to blame for this...
  134. getting fixed, and other random questions
  135. I haz a box :)
  136. Chuck has changed a lot in 10 months!
  137. Must kill the rain
  138. Female Dobe and Female Min Pin
  139. Advice needed re: dog re-socialization
  140. Afternoon run & Fetch with Cali
  141. Getting a second dobie
  142. Morning hike with Whiskey & DH
  143. Completely lost, need some help
  144. meekas first birthday
  145. Shannon and a Westie on Easter
  146. moods?
  147. German Shepherd x Doberman Mix
  148. Easter photodump and Aspen update
  149. Tie a dobie to a pole in the backyard?
  150. lazy dobermans do exisit...hehe
  151. Easter Bunny
  152. What color is this?
  153. Happy Easter!
  154. Easter morning romp (*Pics*)
  155. Lets see your Bunny Dobes!
  156. UDC Nationals anyone?
  157. Joining male/female Dobermans?
  158. Odin's feeling patriotic!
  159. Breeders and DCM
  160. Rudy Birthday!
  161. My big brave Doberboy!
  162. Dogsitting and Mabel made a friend!!
  163. Introducing friends to the world of Training. Photos
  164. A study on doberman toy arranging
  165. Have you ever seen
  166. Doberman VS Piglet
  167. Who is this dog?
  168. Happy 6th Birthday Flirt
  169. I have been finding bird parts in the yard!
  170. So dragons DO exist.....
  171. Sadie
  172. Moon's first real collar!
  173. Aggression Question
  174. Spring has sprung! And we have been taking full advantage. (Pictures)
  175. Kazi's turned 1 year old today! (pic heavy)
  176. Goose Patrol (some videos and pics)
  177. Any adoptive parents available in Orange County CA?
  178. Glucosamine and Later Ear Posting
  179. do Euro Dobes ever nap alot/rest /calm down...
  180. It's weird how dogs know when you're sad....
  181. My silly yoga partner- couple of quick pics
  182. Help me pick a picture, please!! (yes, again)
  183. What do you get when a dog eats mud....
  184. What Can I Do To Best Prepare For a Future Doberman?
  185. Male or female?
  186. What Kind of Backpack do You Use/Recommend?
  187. Could anyone recommend a boarding kennel in the Surrey/Langley BC area
  188. New camera + playful dogs = too many pics!
  189. Miesha's mom/ Barush
  190. Large dog friendly hotels around Atlanta area....
  191. I want a doberman. Apartment lifestyle.
  192. Am I ready for a doberman?
  193. Poor coat and swallowing issues.
  194. Hades the hearing-ear dog.... (Video proof)
  195. So I became a Doberman.
  196. Hazel pictures
  197. How much does a visit to the vet cost you?
  198. Tali sings a campfire favorite
  199. Finally some Whiskey pics I can be proud of!
  200. help Zeldarules
  201. Nail trimming
  202. Siri-Dock Diving
  203. Doberman Art
  204. Doberman get-together
  205. Best thing ever!
  206. "For supervised play only"
  207. Need to find a 6 Mo old Pup
  208. Diesel Update! (pictures)
  209. Even Jasmine's not impressed...
  210. What is this? Crazy dobe?
  211. Danger, Squirrels!
  212. New Camera... couple of pics
  213. Be still my heart (pictures)
  214. And here I thought she was so well-behaved
  215. Fancy collars: for special occasions or every day?
  216. Stryker love
  217. Moonshine in Doggles.
  218. doberman beach towel !
  219. Shaking head??
  220. Another Hades before and after
  221. Names that start with C
  222. HELP! Suddenly hates dremeling nails
  223. Yikes! Hades vs. stray cat....Hades lost
  224. Macho bull
  225. Toorc Photo Dump
  226. Doing a mini (Meet the breeds) need dober pictures
  227. If I can't see mom...
  228. Is this what his nails should look like?
  229. Dobie Group in Charlotte, NC
  230. Some pics from today.
  231. Doggie Daycare Questions
  232. Vicious Doberman!
  233. Two weeks with a dobertween
  234. The answer to why 1 Dobe and 3 Vizslas
  235. Scary Faces - Photo Thread
  236. I don't know if "regal" would be the best word.....
  237. Elza enjoyed morning walk to Starbucks
  238. Back with some pictures
  239. Driving me nuts!!! Advice pls
  240. Spring?
  241. How would you fatten up a female
  242. What size harness to get?
  243. Re: How protective is your dobe?
  244. Doing public education this weekend - Ethical breeders
  245. How to Stop Blanket Sucking?
  246. Byb?
  247. Stressed out!!!!!!!!......
  248. Ears Bleeding
  249. There's Something About A Doberman
  250. Thanks for the heads-up!