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  1. WWYD - Issues with ear crop
  2. 8 Sizzling Summer Dog Travel Tips From The Experts
  3. New MeadowCat Collars (pics!)
  4. Remington
  5. A little Whiskey to start your morning off right.
  6. Looking For Old Friends
  7. Close call
  8. Did I do that?????
  9. Things on wheels
  10. Updates on Gino and Asha
  11. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar July Top 10 - Vote Now!
  12. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar July Top 10 - Vote Now!
  13. SFVDPC July 4th show pics :)
  14. My Girly gets a late birthday present(collar)
  15. Toby has an ouch!
  16. Kids and Dogs - a MUST read!
  17. Dog tripping - ninja assassin?
  18. Help! Serious question about my doby
  19. Where on a dog do they put microchips?
  20. Finding a euro dobie in the philippines or near
  21. Summertime fun= Jules learns to swim!
  22. Spouses With Different Views On Dog Care?
  23. Contest
  24. Doberman talk
  25. Celeb Dobe in AKC Family Dog Mag
  26. Canine Trinket!
  27. Likes to give, but sure doesn't like to receive
  28. Petco Foundation - Life Is Better Together Photo Contest
  29. How Much Does Your Dog Use Their Nose
  30. An update with my gang
  31. Funny thing happened with my doberboy today....
  32. "The Buzz About Doberman Pinschers ....
  33. Deciding to bring a Doberman home or not. Help!
  34. Ruger and Tootsiis D at the dog park
  35. Dog Beach- Would You Take Your Dog
  36. Birthday Girl
  37. How can you say no to this face ?
  38. My dobe has a superiority thingy
  39. Jasmine + Watergun = Hilarious
  40. Hades goes to a baseball game!
  41. Walking with a coupler
  42. The quiet command?
  43. The dog days of summer
  44. Mariano saved us tonight!
  45. Bowties are Cool!
  46. Guilford Lake
  47. Petco vs. Petsmart...
  48. Fun photos
  49. Stupid People...ugh
  50. The "quirky thing my dog does" thread
  51. How to avoid skin flaking after bath?
  52. New car, what are the best car restraints?
  53. Are these dobes mixes of some kind?
  54. Stolen Albino in Alabama
  55. Has anyone used Dr. Leigh Anne Robertson in Lantana for an ear crop?
  56. Dog friendly Tallahassee? Anyone there?
  57. Charlie and the Boat.
  58. 1 yr old Doberman ears dropped
  59. Remington and Rhea running free
  60. Speechless!
  61. Get Well Message
  62. Best age to get a second dog
  63. Is there anything more fun than a pack of Dobes? (Playdate Pictures!)
  64. My dobe and her male thing
  65. Help me pick!
  66. Do dogs know if other dogs are on offense or defense
  67. Happy Birthday Indy!
  68. Go leo!
  69. Happy Birthday America!!
  70. Whiskey turns 2
  71. Bed jumping
  72. Rocky, Jewels, & Juno!
  73. Methinks I Smell a RAT!!!
  74. Chee's pics :)
  75. July Bella & Boon photos
  76. Running pics
  77. Most terrifying thing happened today... need help or suggestions
  78. I think Richter has a future in therapy work!
  79. Home Made Custom Dobe Lounger Bed
  80. I found a Doberman Puppy on my local Kijiji
  81. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar July Entries - Dobes in Water
  82. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar July Entries - Dobes in Water
  83. Rescue Name?
  84. Mika has her own Facebook page!
  85. How Affectionate Is Your Dobe To You?
  86. It's been a while since I've updated DT. (Photos included!)
  87. i heard the craziest thing
  88. just a few cute pictures
  89. Lottie, Libby & Elsie
  90. Thoughts on a New Name
  91. Happy Birthday Merlin (3)!!!!!!
  92. Canada Day at the Beach! (photos)
  93. Need advice quickly- Scared Doberman
  94. Siri-Dock Diving!
  95. You know your doberman is spoilled when....
  96. Help - opinions/experiences
  97. I love my Serena...I sits on
  98. Dobie smiles....
  99. Thanks meadowcat!!
  100. Male puppy question...
  101. Never thought Id see it ..
  102. The Essence of Kaylee
  103. Three's a crowd?
  104. Is your dobe allowed to do this with your Kitty?
  105. Mika addicted to cigarette butt...
  106. Have I Lost My Mind?!?!
  107. Dog attack on child
  108. is a doberman right for me ?
  109. Free Icons!
  110. "Warlock" Dobermans
  111. Saffy the bird slayer
  112. dog booties
  113. Heartwarming Photo
  114. Frustrated Greeter
  115. A rod a back and A Dobe
  116. pictures. haven't shared in a while
  117. Someone asked about dobes and cats?
  118. Raleigh, NC Need Assistance
  119. Do Dobermanns lay on their back?
  120. A taste for something unusual
  121. I just love these dogs
  122. Chuck and a Bee.
  123. MMMmmm....Chicken feet....
  124. How Many Dobermans Is Right For You?
  125. Two Richter pics
  126. Doberman stays with Ownder Until Rescued
  127. just Chuck again.
  128. What To Expect When You Adopt A Dog
  129. Illinois Doberman Rescue Story
  130. Very Strong Opinion Of Me
  131. Evil Ball Intruder...BEWARE!
  132. "I got wet" zoomies...?
  133. Forest zoomies
  134. Family Dobe iPad app?
  135. Happy 6 months!
  136. Dog park craziness
  137. Idiot at the Vet
  138. Charlie get his feet wet!
  139. Sasha and I just stopping in to say hi to every with an update(pic heavy)
  140. We got a visit from animal control today
  141. What size crate?
  142. Buying from a somewhat crappy breeder
  143. Sonora is 6 months old already
  144. Female or Male
  145. Happy Birthday Ivan!
  146. Annie and her boy toy, Odie (photos)
  147. Ace Is Going Home
  148. Finners
  149. We Went for a Hike
  150. A fatal dose of cuteness...
  151. EPIC Group Photo
  152. A New Dog
  153. I didn't think it had been that hot today, but...
  154. Adopting
  155. My Boy and His Pool
  156. I feel like a dober-butler! (and i know it's my fault!)
  157. Seating suggestions for a Ford Mustang owner?
  158. Development between 12 and 24 months
  159. Bed Chewers
  160. Rollerblading
  161. Domina posing for me
  162. Red's new job
  163. Update on Sampson, the Rescue Dog/Question about Scooter/Motorcycle Aggression
  164. Happy 4th Birthday Stryker Boy!
  165. Smegma stains
  166. Charlie is for sale!
  167. Richter's Ruffwear Singletrack arrived!
  168. Doberman Pack Newsletter :)
  169. Explain your dogs name
  170. Quick hello, and question
  171. Chuck wrestling with his Rope...........
  172. Hades being good???
  173. I DO have a Surprise...
  174. My evening rant about "dirty dogs"
  175. Some recent photos of my Nika..
  176. Small update.
  177. Getting obsessive about toy?
  178. Happy Belated Adoption Day, Deac!
  179. Today is just one of those days
  180. Male Dobermans
  181. Dog and Human Compulsive Disorders (Article)
  182. 10 month old going into sneak mode than laying down
  183. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar June Winner
  184. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar June Winner (Look here for next month's theme)!
  185. A beautiful friendship
  186. To Kennel or Not to Kennel
  187. Elza's supposed to be a lady
  188. Do You Prefer Cropped Or Uncropped
  189. Aggression or Normal Behaviour??
  190. Had to show these off!
  191. Must watch (for me anyway)
  192. Dog friendly vacations???
  193. Playtime! (Dobe and Jack Russell video)
  194. Dobermans for the history books
  195. My dog sits in my place
  196. Richter and Calamity had a play date (photos)
  197. Odin got a girlfriend (Photos)
  198. What've you been sippin' on? Drunk Dog Thread...
  199. Mika chewed her dog house!
  200. How Friendly Is Your Doberman?
  201. feeding
  202. 101 Ways to Entertain a Bored Doberman
  203. Wish I Knew How To Help
  204. Doberman reunited with owner after 7 years
  205. Cant stop laughing...
  206. How Particular Are You About Your Dogs?
  207. Question about Kiyans pedigree
  208. Kool Coat
  209. Domina and her fur-brother pics
  210. Dog Insurance Pros and Cons
  211. New pictures of the canine crew
  212. Doberman doodle
  213. Pictures!
  214. Does anyone know if Wingate's Compulsion is still alive?
  215. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar June Top 10 - Vote Now!
  216. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar June Top 10 - Vote Now!
  217. Would I make a good Doberman owner?
  218. How much weight/height did your dobe gain between 1 and 2 years old?
  219. New Dremel
  220. New pics of Cali
  221. New Vacuum cleaner has it in for Capri
  222. Excuse me, while I kiss the sky.....
  223. Introducing Harlie
  224. White Doberman
  225. Beer Rant
  226. No cool title just pictures!!!
  227. Brandy at the Creek - Video!
  228. FOUND doberman in Tomahawk,WI
  229. Soter and Coco Relay for Life
  230. Remington and Rhea photo dump
  231. Doberman Fun, Rocky, Jewels, Riley
  232. Do dobies respond well to antibiotics?
  233. Hunting With Dobies?
  234. Roxy's Biker Britches
  235. Why do you breed Dobermans?
  236. Hades and Snoop at the park
  237. Rouleaux loving the water! (pictures :D)
  238. Lincoln Mega Thread (Pics of course)
  239. I flipped out on the babysitter...
  240. Now I understand the "aloof" trait
  241. Bee Sting Allergic Reaction
  242. The Doberman Sucky Club
  243. Aspen 6 month update
  244. Need your best doberteen stories...
  245. Considering a Doberman - sizes
  246. 7 Questions To Ask When Boarding A Dog
  247. What do you think of this article?
  248. Silas' new therapy gig
  249. You guys gotta see this
  250. Hey Toby..........