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  1. So there's this homeless deaf girl...
  2. I got to see my baby girl!
  3. I'm nervous: First time boarding
  4. Mika is treating her new toy in a weird way?!
  5. Summer Lake Trips! (pics)
  6. Buddy bald again
  7. Rudy
  8. Mean Mom...
  9. Just watched a show....just my thoughts not questions.
  10. Capri loves to help me with the forum
  11. My dogs are a-holes.
  12. Tamora/Getting Her Own Bed
  13. Rescue Reject
  14. new photos of Ace
  15. You Can Swipe Jasmine...
  16. No Bones!!!!!
  17. I think they are organized!
  18. Cold Weather- Does Anyone Put A Coat On Their Dobe?
  19. Cuddling Dobes for your viewing pleasure
  20. When did the long crop become popular?
  21. In the middle of an attack!
  22. Ohio Transport Help Needed!
  23. DT I need your help!
  24. Dobbie bit coworker without warning...
  25. How Long Did It Take You To Teach A Solid Recall
  26. Moniceai made me do it. Pictures of the Minneaux
  27. Dobes to the rescue.
  28. Lincoln's response to being banned from toilet water.
  29. Our New Friend
  30. Where's Elza?
  31. Say Hi to Rayne!
  32. Elza's A/W fashion: Thanx MeadowCat!
  33. A new method of control for dobermans LOL
  34. Not listening!!
  35. Dobie good fit?
  36. Exercise recommendations for city dogs??
  37. Agility dog Chuck in B&W!
  38. Don't ignore warnings.
  39. words you cannot say........
  40. A few pictures of Lexi
  41. Hod
  42. Stupid Stereotypes
  43. Ch Wyndem's Victory Quest v Hiddenacres WA
  44. 2013 Quaker City DPC WAE: Working Aptitude Evaluation 9/21/13
  45. Adult Doberman from reputable breeder?
  46. Happy 1st birthday pal 🎈
  47. Schutzhund...according to puppies
  48. Do You Compare Your Doberman To Others?
  49. "Subduing the Monsters" (a poem)
  50. Someone owns a good looking dog
  51. It's that time of year ...
  52. Loki the ladies man
  53. She is such a goof!
  54. The Mattress Chronicles
  55. My 18month Dobe attacked by another dog, advice really needed!
  56. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar August Winner
  57. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar August Winner - Look Here for Next Month's Theme!
  58. Help me find a cooling crate cover ASAP?
  59. What Are You Doing With Your Dog(s) This Weekend?
  60. Summer entertainment (video)
  61. Better Breeding Leads to Better Joints?
  62. To the MOON(shine) and back!
  63. My Baby girl is going white!
  64. The Honest Kitchen Starter Kit Contest
  65. Hero Frightens Ellyn
  66. Goes crazy in car!
  67. Elza (I) went to the police station and mini farm
  68. Missing my pups like crazy!
  69. Camping Trip!!!! (Lots of Photos ;)
  70. My Dog Mouths Himself
  71. Major has a boo-boo
  72. Therapy doberman?
  73. On Guard
  74. Failed to place leash behind ears
  75. Marley and attempting to unlurk!
  76. My Doberman is Suddenly Afraid to go Outside Today
  77. Elza showed her teeth
  78. I'm the Dobe Whisperer!
  79. No more cozy coats :(
  80. Happy 1st Birthday Tango!!
  81. Lucy all of a sudden scared of her bed
  82. First-time owner: adult rescue or puppy from a good breeder??
  83. good companion for a dobe
  84. Richter and Calamity at the park
  85. Movie night!
  86. Anybody tried a Kuran dog bed?
  87. How many names do you use?
  88. New here. Questions about flying with a Doberman.
  89. When to spay after first heat?
  90. My search for a puppy is over
  91. How often do your dogs bark?
  92. Mini Angus?
  93. The best of our breed
  94. Specialty Show and zoomies from Chase
  95. Butchers in Las Vegas?
  96. Can Feeding From a Bowl Be Disastrous?
  97. Hot hot hot!!!
  98. Oversized dobe thread.
  99. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar Top 10 - Vote Now!
  100. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar August Top 10 - Vote Now!
  101. This is how we roll...
  102. Chase or Prime...
  103. Hate to break it to you...
  104. Dexters Chin Rest
  105. My dog is almost here ....
  106. Doberman Sign
  107. Summertime girls
  108. My pack
  109. Duh-duh ... duh-duh ... duh-duh...
  110. Fetishes
  111. Dobe shirt
  112. male on male aggression..??
  113. Hot Tips on Sun Protection For Dogs
  114. Rant
  115. Gsd?
  116. La Diva's 4th " Gotcha-Versary"
  117. I Think I Made The Right Decision
  118. Without Further Ado...
  119. Luca's version of Shark Week
  120. Is Zilla a full breed Dobe?
  121. Wanna play some frisbee???
  122. Best bed for bed killers?
  123. Rowan is 18 months!
  124. Rituals
  125. Dog friendly housing in Houston??
  126. Antler chews
  127. Canadian Doberman Rescues?
  128. Laser pointer
  129. Dobe friendly hotels
  130. Harness Rubbing Off Fur
  131. Chuck goes Boating!
  132. Do You Exercise Your Dog Before Going To Work?
  133. Elza attempted to guard
  134. We just love this boy! (w/ pics)
  135. Khaleesi the Dock Diving Doberman!
  136. Barking at the Neighbors-Advice?
  137. How many dogs do you own?
  138. The craziest thing just happened!
  139. Soter's Birthday Continued
  140. Is Your Doberman Vocal?
  141. Happy 1st Birthday Rogue & Jett!!! (picture heavy)
  142. Frito Smell
  143. Calendar Pic Entry- Help Me Decide?
  144. Happy 1st Birthday Jett and Rogue
  145. Guilty got her CGC :)
  146. Brandy's Weekend Up North - Pics!
  147. I can't pick a picture....again
  148. Silly Sibbie
  149. Trying to win Rowan a 18 month bday present and would love your help!
  150. Hi, it's been awhile!
  151. Help me Decide Please!!
  152. Griffin is bilingual
  153. Zeus went to the vet
  154. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar August Entries - Favorite Head Shot
  155. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar August Entries - Favorite Head Shot
  156. Funny Face Bugs
  157. Introducing...
  158. I have such a talented boy!
  159. Summer Park Fun
  160. Hear Doggy! Martian Dog Toy Contest
  161. Pee...Pee...Pee...Pee...Do yours do this?
  162. Puppy Attempted to Chase a Jogger Aggression or Playfulness?
  163. Introducing Vera...
  164. Missing Doberman reunited with owner after 7 years!
  165. Transport for Doberman Needed from TN to MO
  166. Zeus got hold of a Poisonous Bufo toad ugh!
  167. Hi DT, Itz ma Birthday!
  168. Your dog isn't being friendly
  169. Extra wide dog collars?
  170. Running with a Doberman....advice
  171. Thoughts about "beware of dog" signs....
  172. How Often Do You Shop For Your Dog?
  173. Opinions Please
  174. Elevated Dog bowl??
  175. Application turned in for a rescue doberman!!!
  176. Brain swell.... Really?
  177. Most embarrassing moment with your dobe.
  178. Brinks the shade tree mechanic.....
  179. Want a Doberman... live in Manhattan... am I doomed?
  180. Looking for playmate for 9mo old doberman (Dover, DE)
  181. dobes with natural ears and tail
  182. Only one dog among 100 people
  183. Anyone else waiting... Dying...
  184. We went shopping today....
  185. Do You Think Cropping/Docking Is Cruel
  186. Feeding Honest Kitchen?
  187. Breeding in Standing Ears?
  188. Dog-friendly stores?
  189. If You Don't Like Swimming, Float!
  190. Easy walk harness cause rubbing wound on Mika!
  191. Rambo Dober-punched Dad really hard...
  192. Attacking his water bowl?
  193. New headshot of Jordan
  194. Join Q for a stick
  195. Members near Austin Texas
  196. What's your preferred crate style? Cage vs Carrier
  197. Christmas in July
  198. A new meaning to "Velcro Dog"
  199. 130lb Doberman
  200. HA HA Too Funny
  201. My Doberbeavers (Gino and Asha)
  202. Cupcakes
  203. Which labels for Silas' therapy harness?
  204. Lincoln is 6 months old today.
  205. More harness help, please?
  206. Haly and her new friend
  207. Oh's Calamity and Huckleberry!
  208. My Leia Has Grown a New Tail!
  209. Training and Rehoming Questions
  210. Doggy daycare
  211. Can I the Doberman?
  212. How can I tell if my dog has been shot?
  213. Richter has won Shanoa's heart (pics)
  214. Dog appears not to like people of Hispanic/Mexican origin
  215. I got it and I'm not letting go
  216. Random crap in the forest
  217. Doggy Daycare Thoughts- Have You Used Them?
  218. An update from Crow and Raven
  219. Is this what is called a soft mouth?
  220. TurfPro
  221. Same Sex aggression question
  222. New job as a florist
  223. It's a wonder Morgan Doesn't Trade Me In !!
  224. Male on male aggression, what happens
  225. Do You/Would You Take Your Dobe To Work With You?
  226. What go s around comes around !
  227. Adopted boy
  228. One year Gotcha Day Rambo!
  229. Wet Noses (cool poem)
  230. How do you let it roll off your shoulder?
  231. Elza in the dog park
  232. Got test results back + a little update
  233. 1/4 Dobe. 3/4 Sloth.
  234. Rowing machines don't go with......
  235. Disappointed in number of dobies entered in the PCKC show
  236. 7 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog This Summer
  237. Hades & his web of lies
  238. What's that, Elza?
  239. Do You Expect Your Dog To Accept Certain Behaviors From Kids?
  240. so which is it: sprinkler water is acid, or its not...
  241. One of Enzo's many attention seeking techniques
  242. A little advice
  243. Big SUV - Best way to keep dog safe in accident
  244. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar July Winner
  245. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar July Winner - Look Here for Next Month's Theme!
  246. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?!
  247. Caption This
  248. Play the Real Answers from Real Owners Game!
  249. My gal charmed the MIL
  250. Dog/stranger aggression