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  1. Quick hello, and question
  2. Chuck wrestling with his Rope...........
  3. Hades being good???
  4. I DO have a Surprise...
  5. My evening rant about "dirty dogs"
  6. Some recent photos of my Nika..
  7. Small update.
  8. Getting obsessive about toy?
  9. Happy Belated Adoption Day, Deac!
  10. Today is just one of those days
  11. Male Dobermans
  12. Dog and Human Compulsive Disorders (Article)
  13. 10 month old going into sneak mode than laying down
  14. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar June Winner
  15. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar June Winner (Look here for next month's theme)!
  16. A beautiful friendship
  17. To Kennel or Not to Kennel
  18. Elza's supposed to be a lady
  19. Do You Prefer Cropped Or Uncropped
  20. Aggression or Normal Behaviour??
  21. Had to show these off!
  22. Must watch (for me anyway)
  23. Dog friendly vacations???
  24. Playtime! (Dobe and Jack Russell video)
  25. Dobermans for the history books
  26. My dog sits in my place
  27. Richter and Calamity had a play date (photos)
  28. Odin got a girlfriend (Photos)
  29. What've you been sippin' on? Drunk Dog Thread...
  30. Mika chewed her dog house!
  31. How Friendly Is Your Doberman?
  32. feeding
  33. 101 Ways to Entertain a Bored Doberman
  34. Wish I Knew How To Help
  35. Doberman reunited with owner after 7 years
  36. Cant stop laughing...
  37. How Particular Are You About Your Dogs?
  38. Question about Kiyans pedigree
  39. Kool Coat
  40. Domina and her fur-brother pics
  41. Dog Insurance Pros and Cons
  42. New pictures of the canine crew
  43. Doberman doodle
  44. Pictures!
  45. Does anyone know if Wingate's Compulsion is still alive?
  46. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar June Top 10 - Vote Now!
  47. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar June Top 10 - Vote Now!
  48. Would I make a good Doberman owner?
  49. How much weight/height did your dobe gain between 1 and 2 years old?
  50. New Dremel
  51. New pics of Cali
  52. New Vacuum cleaner has it in for Capri
  53. Excuse me, while I kiss the sky.....
  54. Introducing Harlie
  55. White Doberman
  56. Beer Rant
  57. No cool title just pictures!!!
  58. Brandy at the Creek - Video!
  59. FOUND doberman in Tomahawk,WI
  60. Soter and Coco Relay for Life
  61. Remington and Rhea photo dump
  62. Doberman Fun, Rocky, Jewels, Riley
  63. Do dobies respond well to antibiotics?
  64. Hunting With Dobies?
  65. Roxy's Biker Britches
  66. Why do you breed Dobermans?
  67. Hades and Snoop at the park
  68. Rouleaux loving the water! (pictures :D)
  69. Lincoln Mega Thread (Pics of course)
  70. I flipped out on the babysitter...
  71. Now I understand the "aloof" trait
  72. Bee Sting Allergic Reaction
  73. The Doberman Sucky Club
  74. Aspen 6 month update
  75. Need your best doberteen stories...
  76. Considering a Doberman - sizes
  77. 7 Questions To Ask When Boarding A Dog
  78. What do you think of this article?
  79. Silas' new therapy gig
  80. You guys gotta see this
  81. Hey Toby..........
  82. GKar is 12
  83. Pictures of Thor, Cleo and Khaos modeling their new tags and possibly a frog
  84. Hemi at 3 years
  85. 8 month old dobergirl
  86. Anyone up for some CL flagging?
  87. Camping with your dobe: who does it? any tips?
  88. Some Elka Pictures!
  89. Nurse Mariano...
  90. Birthday girls
  91. When did your dog reach full maturity (aka WHEN DID THAT CHEST DROP?)
  92. We are finally getting our dobie :)
  93. Sasha likes her kong.
  94. super cute story about dobermann's and number "2"
  95. AKA Show
  96. Hades! I'm trying to do yoga!!
  97. Rouleaux turns 1 today!!! (Pictures!)
  98. Chuck comes close to stepping on Bear..........
  99. Is a dobie right for me?
  100. Dexter's first "run"
  101. grass killing thoughts
  102. Just a few more days...
  103. Logan chased off a robber
  104. Gunner VS. Carpet dude
  105. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar June Entries - Dobes in Nature
  106. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar June Entries - Dobes in Nature
  107. Microchip?
  108. the incredible gang!
  109. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful...Cover Girl
  110. More collar and maybe some noms?
  111. Gotcha!
  112. One thing...
  113. I just lost it.
  114. Summer Fun Ideas
  115. Spanish cabellero seeks love. (after being jilted)
  116. War Dogs of the Pacific
  117. Lotsa new photos (groups / Poison)
  118. Doberman/German Shepherd Mix?
  119. Meet Halcyon
  120. PICTURES of Temperament Test, puppies, playful dogs, and treats
  121. Happy 2nd birthday, Gunner! *pic heavy*
  122. Why is the doberman your breed?
  123. Maybe found a gem at local bookstore?
  124. Family Photo
  125. Green poop from raw broccoli?
  126. Biloxi AKC show
  127. She said YES!!
  128. Someone's a bit obsessed...
  129. A few mabel pics :)
  130. Looking For a new Companion Dobe
  131. Does your Dobe greet you at the door?
  132. Where oh where is Niz?
  133. Keep your dog safe at the pool, lake, etc.
  134. ladyballplayer
  135. Ripley, Keira and friends! [pictures]
  136. Thank you Meadowcat!!! (Pictures)
  137. 1 full year of Chuck!
  138. Strays in the neighborhood
  139. Attn those in Oakland/Macomb Co MI
  140. Mika has her doggie period! Advise?!
  141. Doberman being aggressive with other dogs?
  142. Does your dobe swim?
  143. Kaylee goes to School!
  144. HELP needed urgently!!8 month old puppy a nightmare!!
  145. Quick update
  146. Behaviour before and after altering
  147. Is it the weekend yet?
  148. American vs. European
  149. european vs american
  150. Hades goes to Ft. Lauderdale!
  151. 1st time seeing Cali go after someone...WOW
  152. You probably won't recognize Jackson
  153. Mocha at the farm
  154. Does your doberman use a dog bed?
  155. Neutered male breeding with unaltered female.
  156. Tomorrow is...
  157. A visit with Tuxedojack & Dobe Gifts
  158. So....Barb and I spent a night last week with a GSD.....
  159. My handsom Luca-pics
  160. It's been forever! Odin wants to say hello.
  161. Separation Anxiety
  162. People pushing white Dobes
  163. Elza fun day- Part 2
  164. Elza fun day- Part 2
  165. Elza had a fun day - Part 1
  166. kisses?
  167. Thank goodness for Hades
  168. Meet Cain!
  169. How to stop a possible dog fight??
  170. My dog walks himself! I am no longer necessary :D
  171. Dobe needs transport
  172. Recent Gunner pics
  173. Rocky our 1st Adopted Doberman is Home!
  174. Dobes really are the perfect breed....
  175. Brandy's First Taste of Raw!
  176. Blitz turns one!
  177. Good morning DT! I have some super adorable sleepy Dozer pics and a Video *Cute*
  178. Not what you call a party animal.
  179. Trying to find a painting or drawing of a doberman
  180. Cage sizes for a Full Grown Doberman/ Doberman Height?
  181. Silly Doibie Mix says - I trade toy for water? *Pics*
  182. Jasmine Updates and Pics
  183. Just checking in
  184. Kaylee vs. Poison
  185. Sign of Aggression in Rescue Doberman
  186. Finding an apartment with a doberman
  187. Holter Vest Practice
  188. Drunk Hades
  189. That moment when you know the dog is not where you think he/she is...
  190. Yeah, more photos...I can't stop
  191. Convincing unfit owners not to get a Dobie puppy
  192. Normal Play? Anything normal???
  193. Mum, mum are you okay? Don't worry mum, I'm here!
  194. Fleece dog toys
  195. Dober-Mom... I tried to help!!
  196. Put him in his kennel or socialize?
  197. waco animal control
  198. More Female dobe owners?
  199. Help Skye win 500.00 for homeless Dobermans
  200. Horrible cough / gagging and throwing up
  201. Do You Make These 5 Dog Car Safety Mistakes?
  202. dobe friendly hotels in SD?
  203. Firenze turns one
  204. Playing tag.. no longer ok?
  205. Domina, 6.5 months old pics:)
  206. "What does she mean don't jump in the car?"
  207. Dobes... Unpopular?
  208. Aren't all Dobermans a bit "clingy"?
  209. Welcome home, Berlin!
  210. Proud of my boy
  211. Elza's on!
  212. Insulted at the dog park!
  213. hot dog?
  214. Mochas treat from the fair
  215. Best dog run design for hot weather state?
  216. Meet Tootsie Delilah!
  217. Hades vs giant roach
  218. Any Canadians get puppies from the U.S.? Any U.S. breeders send puppies to Canada?
  219. Staying in their territory
  220. The Q's escape adventure
  221. Darn hormones...
  222. A Diesel update, and some photos.
  223. Is there somewhere one can purchase an entire pedigree?
  224. Missing Demon/Do Urden Dog FOUND !!!!!!
  225. Hades is mad at me
  226. Omg not the hairhbrush!
  227. Sampson made me fly......
  228. Bark at the Park anyone?
  229. Sleepy dobies!
  230. Some Fun Spring/Summer Pix
  231. Announcement: 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar May Winner
  232. 2014 Dobermantalk Calendar May Winner (Look Here for Next Month's Theme)
  233. Ooooh that is so the spot!
  234. Lots of questions about dobes
  235. Ring Sport clubs in Germany! Are there any??
  236. Is a doberman right for me?
  237. White patch of hair of toes? Does it mean more albino in the genes?
  238. Now this is a dogs life
  239. Bleach Humor
  240. Summertime boating kick-off
  241. Einstein e-collars?
  242. Hades long lost twin?
  243. A good read
  244. Introducing Our New Boy!
  245. I Wanna Draw Your Dogs
  246. New Parker Pictures
  247. Have you heard of this? Re: Red Dobes
  248. Gideon smiles big
  249. Photo request!!! your dogs in a sit
  250. Is a Doberman indeed right for me?